Chapter 84 - Playing something small

Chapter 84 - Playing something small

Nie Li wasn’t aware that Ye Ziyun also came and was sitting among the audience. Nie Li returned back to the Heavenly Marks Family’s area after he won his match. The second match was about to begin.

At this moment, Shen Ming threw a glance towards a few underlings and asked, “What is the result of the bet?” Shen Ming thought to himself, although his bet with Nie Li had lost fifty million demon spirit coins, the public bet where the Sacred Family was the banker, majority of the people had bet on Shen Fei to win. Therefore, they should still get some of the money back.

The underling reported, “The total bet amount was a hundred and sixty million demon spirit coins. Payout of more than a hundred and sixty million demon spirit coins. We made a loss of more than six million demon spirit coins!”

“How could this be? We actually lost again?” Shen Ming furiously said. He originally thought that their publicly opened bet would grant them some of the money back. However, he never imagined that he would have lost more than six million demon spirit coins. Although it wasn’t much, it’s still enough to make him furious.

“Damn!” Shen Ming angrily cursed. Ever since the day that he has taken the position of Main Affairs Elder, he had never made such a huge mistake. Losing fifty six million demon spirit coins in one go, and the Patriarch is meant to return soon. Even if he used his past contributions to cancel off the blunder he made, he still doesn’t feel good about it.

At this moment, over on the Heavenly Marks Family’s side, Nie Hai, Nie En, and bunch were extremely happy. Although they weren’t the ones winning the money, but it was Nie Li. However, to be able to get such a big chunk of meat from the Sacred Family still made them feel good about it. In the past, they were pressured by the Sacred Family miserably. And now, they are able to vent it all out.

“Little brother Nie Li, I thought you’re a decent person. Never thought that you would be so cunning. Seems like big sister Yang Xin have to be careful.” Yang Xin looked at Nie Li and teasingly said. Both her arms hugged her chest, slightly squeezing her spot, making it more alluring.

Nie Li bitterly smiled and said, “Big sister Yang, you misunderstood. I am indeed a decent person. Except that, there are extreme methods for extreme times.”

After hearing Nie Li’s words, Yang Xin, Nie Hai, Nie En, and bunch all looked at Nie Li with a smile yet not a smile expression, their eyes seemed to be saying “Who’ll believe that?!”

Nie Li shrugged. Even if he tried to explain, it wouldn’t be of use anyway. He looked at Nie En and asked, “How much did we win in total?”

“Our personal bet got us fifty million demon spirit coins. Furthermore, our bet in the public part got us more than seventy million demon spirit coins!” Nie Hai smiled and said. In just a blink of an eye, another hundred twenty million came in. Nie Li is earning money at a really fast speed!

“Okay!” Nie Li nodded. A hundred twenty million demon spirit coins doesn’t mean much towards him, however, for the Sacred Family, it’s absolutely not a small amount.

At this moment, Shen Ming also couldn’t contain himself and walked towards to the Heavenly Marks Family.

“Main Affairs Elder Shen Ming, how is young master Shen Fei doing? It seems that Nie Li had used a little heavy hand. Do please forgive!” Nie Hai cupped his hands and said towards Shen Ming. As the Patriarch of the Heavenly Marks Family, he still has to show some elegance on the outside. However, within his heart, he laughed.

Shen Ming’s face slightly twitched. Anyone could tell that Shen Fei wouldn’t be able to get off his bed for the next half month. Shen Ming still doesn’t know of the exact injuries of Shen Fei, he wasn’t aware that Shen Fei wouldn’t be able to commit the humane way anymore in the future. If he were to know, he would be even more furious. However, Shen Ming still gave orders to Shen Ning, to mess Nie Li to death.

In Shen Ming’s view, that Fanged Panda of Nie Li’s couldn’t possible win against Shen Ning. An ordinary Fanged Panda is only a bronze rank demon spirit. Even if Nie Li’s Fanged Panda is a little special, and somehow reached Silver rank, it’s already its limit. Right now, Shen Ning is a 5-star Silver rank Demon Spiritualist. Aside from that, he had integrated with the Sacred Scarlet Bear, a Gold rank demon spirit. Although Shen Fei’s Scarlet Black Tiger has the talent to become a Black Gold rank demon spirit, as of now, it only has the strength of a Silver rank. And as for Shen Ning’s demon spirit, has already reached Gold rank.

[T/N: I double checked it, it said that Shen Fei’s Scarlet Black Tiger is already a 1-star Black Gold rank :/]

If they were to still lose, than they would really have some issues!

“Three rounds of bets, this is only the first round. Don’t be too happy so quickly. Next up, let’s begin our second bet!” Shen Ming looked at Nie Hai and bunch, coldly snorted and said.

“This…” Nie Hai couldn’t help looking towards Nie Li. He wasn’t sure of Nie Li’s strength. The Sacred Family losing the first round, the second one going up will definitely not be so simple.

Shen Ming also followed, and set his gaze on Nie Li. When his gaze fell on Nie Li, his eyes flashed with a hint of cold within.

Nie Li lightly coughed and said, “It’s a little wrong for Sacred Family to be like this. I just fought one round, the exertion of my soul force is very severe. Soon fighting the second round, isn’t it a meaningless to win if you fight me like this? How about this: The second round will be dragged to two months later. Wait until my soul force recovered, then I’ll come and fight again.”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Yang Xin, Nie Hai, and Nie En were stunned as they looked at Nie Li.

Severe depletion of his soul force? In the previous battle, Nie Li only merged with his demon spirit for a moment. Although he gave Shen Fei a few slaps, and also stepped on him, there wasn’t any fierce fighting. His words were a little too fake, right?

Shen Ming’s face sullened, coldly snorted and said, “It can’t be that the Heavenly Marks Family is trying to run after winning some money, right? If that’s the case, then my Sacred Family is also not vegetarians.” Shen Ming threw a glance at Yang Xin, snorted and said, “The Heavenly Marks Family is going against their promise. The Alchemist Association isn’t going to continue protecting the Heavenly Marks Family, right? If this is the case, then I will have our Patriarch have a little talk with the President!”

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Yang Xin’s cheeks slightly turned red. Although she stood by Nie Li’s side, she still doesn’t have the cheeks to say it. For Nie Li to run after winning some money is indeed, a little wrong.

“Since the Main Affairs Elder Shen Ming said so, then I can only fight. Even if the Sacred Family wins underhandedly, I believe that no one would dare to speak ill of the Sacred Family.” Nie Li looked at the furious Shen Ming while slightly smiling within his heart. He had already thoroughly angered Shen Ming.

“Who dares to speak ill of my Sacred Family!” Shen Ming coldly snorted. He suddenly realised he let something slip. He practically admitted that they would win underhandedly? His lungs were simply going to explode.

Nie Hai, Nie En, and bunch had admiring expressions on their faces.

“The Sacred Family is indeed good at pressuring people!” Nie Li lightly said. Yang Xin finally realised Nie Li’s motive. Nie Li is trying to make Shen Ming furious, and slowly step into his trap. However, can Nie Li really defeat the genius of the Sacred Family? If Nie Li could not defeat the genius of the Sacred Family, then everything he had done would all be in vain.

“So what?” Shen Ming is extremely furious. He looked at Nie Hai, Nie Li, and bunch and said, “How much is the Heavenly Marks Family prepared to bet this round?”

Nie Li lightly said, “In my view, we should at least play two-three hundred million demon spirit coins. Otherwise, it would be meaningless!”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Shen Ming’s head suddenly cleared up. Although he was angered by Nie Li. But to bet two hundred million demon spirit coins, if any problems occurred, the consequences wouldn’t be of something that he could handle! Even with all his past contributions to the Sacred Family, if he were to lose two hundred million in one go, his good days will come to an end.

For Nie Li to actually daring to accept this bet proves that he definitely has some confidence. In the previous battle against Shen Fei, Nie Li’s true strength wasn’t revealed at all. Therefore, Shen Ming doesn’t dare to be rash.

Shen Ming went silent for a moment and said, “Since there is one more round, we’ll just play a hundred demon spirit coins this round!”

Looking at Shen Ming’s expression, Nie Li understood that Shen Ming, as the Main Affairs Elder of the Sacred Family, has a limited authority. So he was not daring enough to play too big. If he were to keep pushing, Shen Ming will get suspicious of it.

“Since the Sacred Family doesn’t have any guts, then we’ll just play a hundred million demon spirit coins,” Nie Li said, lightly laughed.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Shen Ming’s face turned green. Nie Li has been speaking about the Sacred Family being this and that, degrading the Sacred Family. This caused Shen Ming to be extremely furious.