Chapter 82 - Fanged Panda’s first battle

Chapter 82 - Fanged Panda’s first battle

Everyone’s attention shifted from the various families, towards the bet between the Sacred Family and the Heavenly Marks Family.

Many Patriarchs were looking with the mood of watching a show.

“Heard that the Heavenly Marks Family had a fifty million demon spirit coin bet with the Sacred Family.”

“Fifty million demon spirit coins, such an amount is truly something only the Sacred Family and the Alchemist Association can afford to play. The small Heavenly Marks Family can definitely not afford it! Without the shelter of the Alchemist Association, the Heavenly Marks Family probably doesn’t even dare to play!”

The bet between the two families somewhat caused the whole arena to be heated up.

Aside from their personal bet with Nie Li, the Sacred Family also opened the bet to the public. Nie Li winning would be 1:1.5, Shen Fei would be 1:1.3, those betting on Shen Fei taking Nie Li down in a move would be 1:1.9.

Nie Li took a glance at the bets. There was a bet on Nie Li winning against Shen Fei in one move. The rate reached to a 1:11.

‘Pity that you can only make a bet of 6 million at a time. If there wasn’t a limit, I’d bet till the whole Sacred Family becomes poor!’ Nie Li hiddenly thought to himself. First round I’ll just casually play around with you guys, in the next few round, I’ll play big.

Nie Li had Nie Hai and bunch to secretly send someone to place the bet. Some of the bets were spread out a little, so as to not attract much attention. Placing roughly around thirty million demon spirit coins onto Nie Li. One portion of the bet is for Nie Li beating Shen Fei within twenty moves. The betting payout is 1:3.

Under the powerful cheering from the crowd, both sides were preparing to enter the arena.

Heavenly Marks Family’s Nie Hai, Nie En and bunch all had expressions of excitement on their faces.

Yang Xin looked at Nie Li, the corner of her mouth slightly curled into a smile. She had a feeling that Shen Fei will definitely lose miserably.

Shen Ming and bunch returned to the view area for the Sacred Family, threw a glance at Shen Fei and said, “The tournament doesn’t allow items like battle armour. However, elixirs are allowed. Take two Demon Spirit Strengthening Pills with you, in case you’ll need it!”

The Demon Spirit Strengthening Pill is a kind of pill that are provided to the Major families from the Alchemist Association. Usually, they would only be used in battle against demon beasts. Who would use such expensive elixirs at a tournament? However, because of the bet with Nie Li, a pill of the Demon Spirit Strengthening Pill cost more than one million, it’ll be worth it.

The Demon Spirit Strengthening Pill can greatly enhance the demon spirit’s strength. However, it also has a certain amount of side effects, causing long term damage towards the Demon Spirit. However, it doesn’t cause any damage towards the cultivator. For the Sacred Family, this is nothing. Even if Shen Fei’s demon spirit is damaged, the Sacred Family can immediately switch it out for a stronger one.

“Furthermore, you have to beat Nie Li after twenty moves. With that, we can truly win!” Shen Ming said, looking at Shen Fei.

“You actually want me to beat him after twenty moves? He’s really having it easy!” Shen Fei’s gaze flashed a hint of viciousness.

“Young master Shen Fei, you definitely mustn't underestimate your opponent!” Shen Ming informed Shen Fei.

“I understand!” Shen Fei nodded. Although he did not say anything else, he felt a little disdain in his mind.

The various Patriarchs have finished placing their bets. The majority bet that Shen Fei will win against Nie Li. Many bet that Shen Fei will defeat Nie Li within twenty moves. Those who bet on Nie Li to win is quite a few. After all, the Alchemist Association wouldn’t gift fifty million over to the Sacred Family if they don’t have the confidence to win. The whole audience was getting heated, and cheered fiercely, as they watched Nie Li and Shen Fei enter the arena.

“Young master Shen Fei, beat that Heavenly Marks Family’s Nie Li!”

“Young master Shen Fei, good luck!”

“Nie Li good luck! Defeat the Sacred Family! You can do it!”

The cheering on the field was getting louder and louder. If Shen Fei defeats Nie Li, the Sacred Family would win a lot of money.

Under thousands of gazes, Nie Li and Shen Fei stood at their respective positions in the arena.

“I will make you lose miserably. Furthermore, I wouldn’t let you off so easily.” Shen Fei’s face held a vicious smile. He definitely has to make Nie Li lose miserably, for daring to touch his woman!

“Young Master Shen Fei’s words are simply praise to me. Wait till I go back, I will definitely tell this to Ning'er!” Nie Li laughingly said.

Looking at Nie Li, Shen Fei almost exploded. However, he forcefully suppressed his anger. He remembered Shen Ming’s words, he must only win against Nie Li after twenty moves.

Shen Fei let out an angry snort, as he emitted a strong fighting intent from his body. Shen Fei raised his hands and threw them towards Nie Li. Facing an opponent like Nie Li, Shen Fei wasn’t going to use his demon spirit at the start. Once he uses his demon spirit, Nie Li probably wouldn’t be able to handle his attacks. Not to mention beating Nie Li after twenty moves.

Seeing this scene, the corner of Nie Li’s mouth curled. He predicted that this idiot wouldn’t use his demon spirit. ‘Then I’ll destroy this guy in one move!’

‘I’m really speechless. Originally I wanted to act a little bit, pretend to barely win over you. Seems like I no longer have the need for it anymore!’ Nie Li hiddenly thought to himself. His soul realm suddenly activated, “Lets go! Fanged Panda!”

A huge Fanged Panda appeared out of the thin air, then merged with Nie Li causing the muscles on Nie Li’s body to be strengthened.

Shen Fei continued to punch towards Nie Li. He originally thought that Nie Li would fight him with strength alone for a while. He never thought that Nie Li would summon his demon spirit without any indication. Furthermore, Nie Li’s speed of calling out his demon spirit is extremely fast. In just a blink of an eye Nie Li had already finished merging with his demon spirit. This caused Shen Fei unable to respond in time. Even if he wanted to call out his demon spirit, it was already too late.

Such a low level demon spirit like the Fanged Panda, what’s the use of calling it out? Shen Fei has absolute confidence in his own strength. At most, after exchanging a blow with Nie Li’s Fanged Panda form, he’ll immediately retreat and call out his own demon spirit.

There is actually someone stupid enough to integrate with such a low level demon spirit like the Fanged Panda. Such a rubbish demon spirit like the Fanged Panda, Shen Fei doesn’t even consider it a threat.


‘Even if you called out your demon spirit, so what? Such a rubbish demon spirit like the Fanged Panda can absolutely not be my opponent.’ The corner of Shen Fei’s mouth revealed a chilling smile. He wants to beat Nie Li down to the ground.

Then mercilessly step on Nie Li. All of this is in order to relieve the hatred in his heart.

Seeing Shen Fei’s fist was almost upon him. At this moment, the Fanged Panda merged with Nie Li. He lightly smiled and threw a palm towards Shen Fei’s head.



Nie Li’s Fanged Panda slapped Shen Fei’s face, and heavily slammed him into the ground. Cracks surfaced upon the ground. Suffering such a slap, it’s definitely not a good feeling.

Such a heavy strike!

Shen Fei never imagined that the strength of a palm from Nie Li would actually have such frightening strength in it!

Although Nie Li merged with a Fanged Panda, that Fanged Panda isn’t an ordinary demon spirit. It’s a Fighting-type demon spirit with a God level growth rate. It has frightening strength in contrast to its outer, docile, looks.

Shen Fei had probably been slapped silly. On one hand, Nie Li is too cunning. He actually merged with his demon spirit while facing someone that hasn’t merged with his own spirit. On another hand, no one thought that the Fanged Panda Nie Li summoned had such frightening strength.

Shen Fei’s ears were ringing. He had his head slammed heavily into the ground. Although his own cultivation is considered quite good, after suffering this one attack, its definitely not a good feeling. His head feels like it’s about to explode.

The whole arena was in an uproar.

“Damn. It couldn’t be that young master Shen Fei is letting himself get defeated on purpose right? He’s not using his demon spirit in battle.”

“That Nie Li is too shameless. He was about to merge with a demon spirit without any indication. And, young master Shen Fei did not summon his demon spirit! This is simply too shameless!” Those that betted on Shen Fei shouted.

In their view, it wasn’t that Shen Fei underestimated his opponent. It was Nie Li calling out his demon spirit without any indication. If Shen Fei knew beforehand, he definitely wouldn’t suffer such a loss.

In that exchange of attacks earlier, Shen Fei suffered a loss. This caused the people of the Sacred Family to almost explode.


“The Heavenly Marks Family is too despicable!” Sacred Family’s side yelled.

As for those that bet on Nie Li, they naturally stood on Nie Li’s side. When they saw Nie Li slam Shen Fei onto the ground with just a slap, they were overjoyed. For him to gain an upper hand at the start of the battle, seems like it’s not impossible for Nie Li to win against Shen Fei.

“What has Nie Li done wrong? There can never be too much deception in war! It’s the stupidity of young master Shen Fei! Actually underestimating his enemy and not using his demon spirit. Who is to blame but himself?”

Over on the Heavenly Marks Family’s side. Although Nie Hai, Nie En, and bunch felt that Nie Li is a little too despicable, they wouldn’t weaken their own momentum.

“You Sacred Family’s people only have eyes on the top. For a Demon Spiritualist to not summon out their demon spirit and facing an opponent without one, isn’t that stupid?”

All kinds of voices sounded here and there.

After the brief, heated arguments, the arena finally quieted down. They realized that they have just reacted to an unexpected situation.

“Damn, what did I just see?”

“That’s actually a Fanged Panda? There’s actually someone using such a garbage demon spirit like the Fanged Panda?”

“Is the Heavenly Marks Family poor? Are they only able to get a Fanged Panda for it’s younger generation?

“What can a Fanged Panda do? When facing other demon spirits, isn’t it nothing more than vegetable material?”

“Young master Shen Fei was probably taken advantage of in just that moment. Wait until after he merges with his demon spirit. We’ll see how he badly he’ll slaughter that kid!” Those that bet on Shen Fei were all heated up.

“F**k, he actually brought out a Fanged Panda to throw faces. F**k this runt!”

“F**k! Kill him!”

Nie Hai, Nie En, and everyone else from the Heavenly Marks Family were dumbfounded. Especially Nie Hai and Nie En. They have been going around acquiring large amounts of demon spirits these days. There are lots of other demon spirits stronger than the Fanged Panda, so why would Nie Li choose a pet like Fanged Panda? There doesn’t make any sense!

Not only the Heavenly Marks Family, Yang Xin was also surprised. She clearly knows exactly how much money Nie Li has. With Nie Li’s wealth, buying an extraordinary demon spirit is simple, but Nie Li actually chose a Fanged Panda. This made everyone unable to understand his actions.

However, what they don’t know is that, Nie Li’s Fanged Panda is not an ordinary Fanged Panda. It’s a demon spirit with the growth rate of God level.

Although Nie Li had taken the advantage at the first exchange, the whole arena still doesn’t think that Nie Li will win. Everyone widened their eyes, prepared to see Shen Fei merge with his demon spirit and beat Nie Li!