Chapter 74 - Fanged Panda

Chapter 74 - Fanged Panda

For the next five days, Nie Li focused on refining demon spirits.

Nie Li was able to obtain sixty Extraordinary level demon spirits in that timeframe.

‘Sixty Extraordinary level growth rate Fighter-type demon spirits. They could, more or less, give me at least one God level growth rate Fighter-type demon spirit, right?’ Nie Li thought to himself, as he continued to refine.

Nie Li put ten Extraordinary level growth rate demon spirits inside, started the Nightmare Demon Pot and began the refining process.

A bright light flashed. Nie Li could see a colourful light flashing inside the demon pot. Every type of demon spirit has a slightly different colour. Those colours eventually, gradually, mixed together.

‘I wonder what the first succeeded Fighter-type demon spirit will be?’ Nie Li thought. His gaze was not moving from the Nightmare Demon Pot.

As time passed, suddenly, the group of demon spirits within the Nightmare Demon Pot were destroyed, dispersing away.

“Failed…..” Nie Li widened his mouth, feeling the heartfelt pain from the failure. One must know that a failure like this, is equivalent to tens of millions of demon spirit coins suddenly turned into nothing. Although Nie Li is rich, the chances of success is not very high.

There is only six chances and the first one failed, this is rather depressing.

Nie Li inhaled a breath of air, put in ten more Extraordinary level growth rate demon spirits into the Nightmare Demon Pot, and, once again, started the demon pot and began refining.

After roughly ten minutes, ‘Boom!’ A sound came from the Nightmare Demon Pot, another failure.

“Another failure……” Nie Li felt like vomiting blood. In just this short moment, another tens of millions were gone.

Is refining one God level growth rate demon spirit really that difficult? Although Nie Li felt depressed, he didn’t give up. Losing a little money is nothing, after all, what he has the most now is money.

Nie Li threw ten more Extraordinary level growth rate demon spirit in, and began the third refining process.

Ten demon spirits were at the bottom of the Nightmare Demon Pot, constantly changing, slowly merging, a blinding light kept flashing. Waves after waves of soul spirit fluctuation came from the Nightmare Demon Pot.

After feeling such majestic soul force, the pores all over Nie Li’s body began to open up. His soul realm was absorbing the soul force coming from the Nightmare Demon Pot. He felt his body getting comfortably warm.

Ten Extraordinary level demon spirits were constantly merging. Finally, they formed into a whole new demon spirit.

“Success!” Looking at the demon spirit laying down at the bottom of the Nightmare Demon Pot, Nie Li felt endless excitement. He slowly guided the demon spirit into a demon spirit stone and began to examine it.

God level growth rate demon spirit!

After examining the growth rate of the demon spirit with a soul crystal, Nie Li fell into ecstasy. After two consecutive failures, Nie Li finally got a god level growth rate demon spirit!

This demon spirit is an Abyss Tiger. It’s a Fighter-type, fluctuating with power. It has almost all the characteristics of an Abyss Tiger. The only difference is, it’s whole body had a metallic luster emitting from it. On it’s head, it had a pair of terrifying sharp horns, at the same time, it’s body was covered with spikes.

Is this still an Abyss Tiger?

Nie Li was shocked. This was the product of refining with ten different demon spirits, therefore, it’s characteristic would be different from ordinary demon spirits, much stronger than any ordinary demon spirit.

The Abyss Tiger belongs to a rather strong demon spirit within the Fighter-types. After having so many changes done to it, Nie Li doesn’t know what other special abilities it has.

Nie Li kept the Abyss Tiger and continued to refine demon spirits. Next, he’ll have three more chance left.

For the next three refinements, Nie Li’s luck was pretty good. Out of the three, two had succeeded. One was covered in scales. It was a winged Scarlet Demonic Leopard. The other one, is a Fanged Panda?

The third God level growth rate demon spirit is actually a Fanged Panda. Nie Li was dumbfounded as he looked at it. This Fanged Panda is chubby looking, covered with black and white fur all over it’s body. From the look of it, it seems harmless. Is it really a God level growth rate demon spirit?

Nie Li couldn’t believe it. Nie Li examined the growth rate of this demon spirit again. It was indeed, a God level growth rate.

The Fanged Panda is an extremely low-graded demon beast. It generally has no attacking capabilities. Therefore, those that choose to merge with this demon spirit is few in numbers. What makes Nie Li curious is, when the Nightmare Demon Pot begins its refinement, generally, the stronger demon spirit absorbs the weaker demon spirit and, therefore, forms into a more powerful demon spirit; like the Abyss Tiger and the Scarlet Demonic Leopard. These two are extremely powerful. How did this Fanged Panda manage to absorb all the other demon spirits and survive?

“Strange,” Nie Li can’t help pondering. He examined the Fanged Panda carefully. Whether if it’s the Abyss Tiger or the Scarlet Demonic Leopard, upon absorbing other demon spirits, they had special changes on their body. Like the horns and spikes of the Abyss Tiger, the scales and wings of the Scarlet Demonic Leopard. However, this Fanged Tooth Panda has no physical changes at all. It looks exactly the same as an ordinary Fanged Panda.

After falling into a brief silence, Nie Li thought of something. When the Nightmare Demon Pot is refining demon spirits, the demon spirits will always evolve to be stronger. Both the Abyss Tiger and the Scarlet Demonic Leopard had evolved. However, this Fanged Panda had no changes at all. Doesn’t that mean that this Fanged Panda is already at its strongest form?

Nie Li knows of all the characteristics for the majority of demon spirits. However, this Fanged Panda confused Nie Li. Fanged Pandas is a type of demon beast that is far too weak. Almost no one would integrate with a Fanged Panda.

‘Could it be that this Fanged Panda is not as simple as it looks!?’ Nie Li thought as he fell into silence. After carefully feeling this Fanged Panda demon spirit, he can feel that in this Fanged Panda, there are two different kinds of energy. These two completely different energies were complementing with one another, forming a wonderful balance between the two powers.

Yin-Yang balance! This is the most perfect form of nature.

There’s a hidden light within the Fanged Panda’s eyes, there seems to be a little bit of consciousness remaining. Another reason why this demon spirit is different from ordinary demon spirits. Normally, when a demon beast is killed, their consciousness would be gone.

“Really weird! I’ve decided! This shall be my second demon spirit!” Nie Li lightly smiled. He kept the Abyss Tiger and the Scarlet Demonic Leopard. Just having one Fighter-type demon beast is enough for one person. Having more than one would be wasteful.

‘Du Ze and Lu Piao are both suitable to integrate with Fighter-type demon spirits, I’ll just gift them these two God level growth rate demon spirits.’ Nie Li thought to himself. As for Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning'er and the rest, Nie Li is prepared to make some demon spirits that match their attributes. After all, Ye Ziyun is more suitable to integrate with a Snow Wind attribute demon spirit and Xiao Ning'er is more suitable for a Lightning attribute demon spirit.

Snow Wind attribute demon spirits and Lighting attribute demon spirits are much harder to get compared to the Fighter-type demon spirit. However, Nie Li has more than enough money now, therefore, he can slowly get them.

Cross-sitting, Nie Li began to integrate with the Fanged Panda.

Slowly guiding the demon spirit into this soul realm, Nie Li began to integrate with it.