Chapter 68 - Unrivalled Treasure

Chapter 68 - Unrivalled Treasure

The elixirs that Nie Li casually gave off, were comparable to the wealth of a noble family.

Nie Li had provided so many elixir formulas to the Alchemist Association. Therefore, in terms of elixirs, the Alchemist Association will definitely do their best in providing Nie Li with everything he will need. The amount that they provided to Nie Li can be comparable to one-fifth of Alchemist Association's total elixir amount. It can be said that other than the Alchemist Association, Nie Li has the most amount of elixirs on hand.

"Aside from Soul Nurturing Pills, Soul Concentrating Pills and Soul Tempering Pills, I still have the Scarlet Body Enhancing Pills and the Nine Transformation Pills......" Nie Li purposely paused his words.

Nie Li even has the rumoured Scarlet Body Enhancing Pills and the Nine Transformation Pills?! Nie Hai and Nie En's gazes were burning with awe.

"As for these two precious pills, Patriarch, you can't possibly expect me to freely contribute them to the family, right?" The meaning within Nie Li's words meant that if Nie Hai wanted those two pills from his hands, he'll have to put up a good performance, and give some favourable conditions in exchange.

"Of course of course. The personal assets of the clan members are protected by the family," Nie Hai hurriedly said. He was a little distressed, wondering what he can give to Nie Li in exchange.

Nie En suddenly thought of something and said, "That’s right. Patriarch, our family has been passed down for a long time. We should have some treasures that have been passed down since ancient times. Since Xiao Li has been accepted into the Genius class by Holy Orchid Institute, as a form of reward, shouldn't we let Xiao Li into our treasury and chose an item?"

‘The Heavenly Marks Family's treasury?’ Nie Li's heart slightly trembled. In his previous life, he never entered the Heavenly Marks Family treasury. As descendents of one of the ten lords of the Snow Wind Empire, they were a family that has been passed down for a long time. There should be some good items within the Heavenly Marks Family's treasury.

Much of the treasure that has been passed down since ancient times would be useless to Nie Hai and bunch, since they might not know of their uses. However, it's a different case for Nie Li. He has identified countless amounts of treasures in the past. Generally, the good items wouldn't be able to escape Nie Li's eyes.

"Grand Elder Nie En, you can take this Scarlet Body Enhancing Pill. Consume it when you get back. It has a great effect towards strengthening a Fighter's physical body." Nie Li passed one Scarlet Body Enhancing Pill over to Nie En and said.

"Thank you Xiao Li!" Nie En, at this moment, was a little emotional. The price of the Scarlet Body Enhancing Pills were raised wildly like a fierce fire. Rumour has it that the price of one Scarlet Body Enhancing Pill is above one million demon spirit coins.

At this moment, Nie Hai's eyes were a little red. The Scarlet Body Enhancing Pill is not only useful for Fighters, it also has a great effect towards Demon Spiritualists.

"Xiao Li, the Heavenly Marks Family is your family and therefore, the treasury of the Heavenly Marks Family is also your treasury. If there is anything you like in there, you can take all you want!" Nie Hai immediately cooperated with Nie En and said. The items that were left in the treasury were items that they could not use. He even wished for Nie Li to go in and take even more of the items from within the treasury. Those elixirs that Nie Li gave to the family, was already worth more than the entire Heavenly Marks Family.

"I’m surprised that Patriarch is so generous. It seems that I have misunderstood Patriarch all along. This is one Scarlet Body Enhancing Pill, my gift to the Patriarch. After I go to the treasury and have my pick, I'll contribute a hundred Scarlet Body Enhancing Pills and a hundred Nine Transformation Pills to the family." Nie Li lightly said. Since he has so many elixirs on hand, giving a little out isn't much.

Hearing Nie Li's words, Nie Hai's eyes lit up, and couldn't wait to go back.

The auction is still ongoing. The auctioning of the elixirs has already ended.

Lei Zhuo and Jiang Ming threw a glance towards Nie Hai's direction.

"Nie Hai must be pretending to be rich. After spending two million demon spirit coins, he bought a lot of item and was now left with no money to bid with for the elixirs." Lei Zhuo chuckled.

Jiang Ming supported, "Although the Gold rank suit is useful, only one person can use it. Not to mention that it can only be used in battle. It’s not as practical as buying elixirs. Nie Hai probably regrets it to the point that his intestines have turned green!"

What they didn't know is that Nie Hai got a lot of elixirs from Nie Li. How could he still be interested in those elixirs that were in the auction?

Just when they were talking, Nie Li began bidding like crazy. He continuously bought items worth over five-six hundred thousand demon spirit coins. As long as he is a little interested in the item, he'll bid. Since he has so much money to the point that he can't spend it all, having so many demon crystal cards in the interspatial ring will just eat up space. Why not change them into items which are more practical?

'So it wasn't that the Heavenly Marks Family ran out of money, they were simply not interested in the elixirs!'

Lei Zhuo and Jiang Ming both felt their faces burning. Damn, since when did the Heavenly Marks Family become so rich? At this moment, they both felt extremely depressed.

After half an hour of auctioning, Nie Li bought over a dozen item. However, there hasn't been an item that would make Nie Li excited. This caused him to feel a little bored.

At this moment, the auctioneer lady suddenly raised her voice, speaking as though she was holding an extremely dark secret, "This round's auction will soon come to an end. However, we will immediately have an unrivalled treasure auction starting soon!"

Just when the auctioneer's voice fell, over twenty people entered the auction house. They were guided by some beautiful ladies towards the staircase and onwards to the third floor of the auction hall.

The whole hall started started a commotion.

"I know that person. It's an elder of the Feng Ming Family of the noble family!"

"That's an elder from the Winged Dragon Family!"

"That's an elder from the Sacred Family!"


"Why would they be here?"

"I heard that the Hong Yue Family obtained an unrivalled treasure from the depths of the Dark Ruins, and, therefore, hosted this auction. They also invited representatives from the three Major families and the six Noble families to join this auction!"

Those items that were being auctioned earlier on, could not grab the interest of these super powers. After all, they can get these items from another auction. The only reason that they are here is for that so called unrivalled treasure by the Hong Yue Family.

"Found from the depths of the Dark Ruins. My god, they actually dared to enter the Dark Ruins?”

Dark Ruins? Nie Li recalled that place. In his previous life, he did not enter into that place. He only heard about it from other people. The Dark Ruins is a place comparable to a nightmare. Only Black Gold rank experts and above dared to enter that place. After all, there was a large amount of horrifying demon beasts that accumulated there.

It’s rumoured that before the Age of Darkness, a Legend rank Demon Spiritualist lived there. That Demon Spiritualist integrated with an extremely horrifying demon spirit. After his death, that place was occupied by nightmare demon spirits.

Nightmare demon spirits are an extremely mysterious and terrifying type of demon spirits. They had many mysterious powers that even Nie Li knows partially about. Furthermore, the nightmare demon spirits are one of the most difficult demon spirits to capture.

No one was sure what item the Hong Yue Family obtained from the Dark Ruins.

Nie Li started feeling anticipation for it. Wondering what item will the Hong Yue Family auction.

Representatives from the three Major families and the six noble families began taking their seats respectively. The whole atmosphere within the auction house froze. Everyone was looking forward to what the Hong Yue Family will bring out.