Chapter 6 - Xiao Ning'er

Chapter 6 - Xiao Ning'er

“That Nie Li, he actually told me to be the bait. Simply outrageous!” Lu Piao looking at the Horned Sheep that was charging towards him. This scared the crap out of him, making him stumble as he ran backwards.

Meanwhile, Du Ze and Nie Li were hiding in the bush. They were holding crossbows in their hands.

“My goodness! This Horned Sheep is so scary! Shoot, shoot it!” Lu Piao yelled. When he saw the Horned Sheep getting closer, he ran nonstop.

“This Lu Piao, didn’t we agree to have him stay still and not move? The Horned Sheep would have surely fallen for the trap. However, once he ran, the sheep deviated from the trap’s direction,” Nie Li frowned. The trap is actually a small, two finger pit and once the Horned Sheep carelessly stepped into the trap, it would have definitely fractured its leg. Firing bolts at it, once that happened, would have caused the result to be much better.

Seeing Lu Piao run in a panic, Du Ze also got nervous and continuously pulled the trigger at the sheep. *shu shu shu* Three crossbow bolts shot out from the crossbow.

That Horned Sheep is a demon-ized creature. it hasn’t been injured so the reaction of the Horned Sheep is extremely fast. When it sensed the three bolts that were being shot at its direction, with its fast reflexes, it immediately made a few jumps and caused the three crossbow bolts to graze passed the sheep, hence, dodging the bolt.

“What? Missed?”

Lu Piao was perplexed as the Horned Sheep’s horn closed in on him. Thinking that Nie Li and Du Ze actually made this kind of mistake; he almost bursted into tears in his heart. He began to think that he made a mistake in making friends. If the sharp horn reaches him, it will instantly be able to make his ass flowering.

When he saw the Horned Sheep dodge the crossbow bolts, and continued its charge at Lu Piao, made Du Ze’s hands covered in sweat. If he tried to load another bolt onto the crossbow, he would be too late. He could imagine the scene of Lu Piao’s butt being stabbed by the Horned Sheep’s horn in his head.

“Nie Li, what should we do….” Du Ze immediately went silent after speaking halfway. He was afraid to disturb Nie Li.

Nie Li half squatted. His left arm was straightened with the crossbow over his left arm. His right hand was clenching the trigger. His eyes were glued to the sight and the crossbow was so stable it was as though it was placed onto a holder.

Du Ze had an indescribable feeling. Nie Li had yet to fire a bolt, but Du Ze had a feeling that the bolt will surely hit the Horned Sheep. Nie Li, at this moment, was like a cheetah crouching in the bushes, waiting for his prey. He was releasing an awe-inspiring aura.

Although his physique is weak and he was not even a Bronze rank Fighter yet, the rich experience from his previous life was still there. The experience was accumulated with every bloody battle Nie Li went through. Some were even near death experiences. No matter what kind of weapon, be it swords, crossbows, or even a piece of metal. In the hands of Nie Li, they would all become deadly weapons. Even though Nie Li wasn’t a Bronze rank Fighter yet, he had countless methods to kill a Bronze rank or even a Silver rank Fighter.

The surrounding area seemed to have only one person there. The look Nie Li had in his eyes was like a hawk waiting to catch its prey.

Nie Li’s slightly significant tender cheeks, firm look, and gestures would give others a feeling of a ‘Lake without depth.’


Nie Li pulled the trigger and a crossbow bolt was unleashed. The bolt that left turned into a silvery light and gracefully flew quickly. The angle that Nie Li targeted was in the blind spot of the Horned Sheep’s sight.

“It hit!”

Seeing the bolt fly passed, Du Ze’s heart was surprised. Nie Li gave him a weird feeling. It was as though he was a veteran shooter.

The Horned Sheep didn’t manage to dodge in time.


The bolt hit the back leg of the horned sheep.


The horned sheep fell onto the ground wailing, landed in front of Lu Piao and raised dust all around it.

Lu Piao was gasping for air. He was extremely nervous. When he saw the Horned Sheep wailing nonstop, couldn’t help thinking, ‘My god, that was too exciting! My goodness, my butt was spared.’

If Nie Li’s bolt was slightly slower, he would have been hit by that Horned Sheep!

If the bolt was an ordinary bolt, this kind of injury wouldn’t even affect a demonized Horned Sheep and it would have definitely gotten up again. However, the bolt that they were using wasn’t an ordinary bolt. It was smeared with the drug mixed from Black Pool Grass and Zoysia Grass. It simply became the nemesis of Horned Sheeps.

The drug swiftly went along with the blood vessels and reached the heart of the Horned Sheep. Soon, the wailing sound of the Horned Sheep was getting softer and softer.

“So fast!” Du Ze was surprised. He never thought that the drug that Nie Li mixed would have such a strong effect. After a moment, the robust sheep completely lost its resistance.

Lu Piao was also surprised. He fully understood the strength of these sheep, which was the strength of two Bronze rank Fighters combined. It usually required a long time to defeat one, but this Horned Sheep was defeated with just a small bolt.

“That was too thrilling!”

Whenever Lu Piao thought of the scene from earlier, it would bring back the fear that was lingering within him.

“If you hadn’t run, that Horned Sheep wouldn’t have been a threat to you!” Nie Li faintly laughed.

“Okay,” muttered Lu Piao, with his face turning red. He didn’t act according to the plan, and immediately panicked when he saw the Horned Sheep charging in his direction.

Seeing the fallen Horned Sheep, Lu Piao felt as if he was still living in a dream. Nie Li’s look and action from earlier till now was deeply engraved within his mind, leaving him with deep admiration. Ever since he was young, this was the first time Lu Piao had truly admired someone. Nie Li’s shooting skill was simply at the master level. Even if an ordinary person were to train for ten years, he still wouldn’t able to reach Nie Li’s level.

“Hurry up and clean up. We do not want anything other than the horns, the fur on the neck, the demon crystal, and the demon spirit!” Nie Li quickly ordered. A Horned Sheep’s demon crystal and demon spirit are located in the brain area. Demon crystals are thumb-sized crystals and most demon beasts had a demon crystal. As for the demon spirit, only one or two would appear within tens of thousands of Horned Sheep. The shape of the demon spirit is like a candle’s flame.

A Horned Sheep with a demon spirit would generally be stronger than the other Horned Sheeps.

Horned Sheeps are relatively low level, only 1-star Bronze rank demon beasts. The materials from them are relatively cheap. A pair of horns could be sold for five demon spirit coins, and the fur on it’s neck could be sold for three demon spirit coins. As for the demon crystal, it can be sold for five demon spirit coins.

Counting it this way, even if there is no demon spirit in it, it can still fetch a price of thirteen demon spirit coins.

They only took, at most, five minutes to kill the Horned Sheep. If it only takes this long, wouldn’t the three of them get thousands of demon spirit coins in one day?

Du Ze couldn’t help feeling excited. His family is very poor and their income would only be two to three thousand demon spirit coins annually. In order to let him enter the Holy Orchid Institute, Du Ze’s family had to borrow a lot of money from relatives and friends. Du Ze is the hope of their family! If he hunts horned sheep together with Nie Li, he would be able to pay for his own school fees in the future!

Nie Li smiled and said, “We have to be a little bit faster. There will be no rest tonight!”

“Okay!” Du Ze excitedly replied. Although they have yet to enter 1-star Bronze rank, their bodies are extremely strong. Staying up all night is nothing.

Lu Piao couldn’t help but wail as these two guys are simply misers. They would forsake rest for the sake of money! Although he’s sad, he doesn’t have much of a choice. Who asked him to get on this pirate ship?

The three of them worked closely together and continuously hunted Horned sheep. After killing dozens of them, Lu Piao would transport the materials out to have it sold.

In one night’s time, Nie Li’s group of three hunted a total of about one hundred and twenty horned sheep, which was sold for about one thousand, two hundred demon spirit coins. Splitting it equally, they each received about four hundred demon spirit coins.

This amount of money is simply amazing for someone that has yet to enter 1-star Bronze rank. Even for a Bronze rank Fighter, getting twenty to thirty demon spirit coins a day is already considered a lot.

Seven consecutive days was spent attending lessons during the day, while at night the three of them would come to the training grounds to kill Horned Sheep. Their money has now reached to more than ten thousand demon spirit coins, which can be considered a huge amount of wealth for them.

The students in the Holy Orchid Institute were all wondering why the amount of Horned Sheep in the training grounds suddenly dropped. In the past, they would just casually walk around and easily find Horned Sheep in groups. However, now one has to look around for a long time in order to find one. Could it be that there are beasts like tigers coming in and hunting these Horned Sheeps? The Holy Orchid Institute even specially dispatched instructors to investigate the cause, but found nothing.

On the eighth consecutive evening, Nie Li’s group of three was in the dark hunting Horned Sheep. The sky was dark and it was already midnight.

Lu Piao yawned and said, “Nie Li, I can’t take it anymore. I’m taking a short nap on top of the tree.”

Seven consecutive days of nonstop Horned Sheep hunting caused him to be so tired that he couldn’t continue anymore.

Not only Lu Piao, even Du Ze couldn’t take it anymore.

“Nie Li, I also have to sleep first,” Du Ze said. His eyelids have been fighting to stay awake for a whole seven days. Even a man of steel wouldn’t be able to endure it.

“You guys sleep first. We’ll pause the hunting tomorrow night. I have other plans,” Nie Li said. He had already accumulated more than sixteen thousand demon spirit coins. This is their first bucket of gold. With that, they can do a lot of stuff. It was no longer necessary to hunt Horned Sheep.

Lu Piao and Du Ze climbed up a towering tree, lied down on a branch and fell asleep immediately. Both of their childish faces were full of exhaustion. Although they both belonged to the premature-type, in the end they’re still just two teenagers.

Nie Li sped through the woods. A round moon hung in the sky. The sounds of various insects would be heard from time to time, causing the surrounding area to be increasingly quiet.

There’s no large sized demon beast around, so it’s extremely safe.

Suddenly, Nie Li heard an abnormal sound from the distant jungle. There seems to be someone else here.

“Who is still in the training grounds at this time?”

Nie Lie’s brows frowned and ran towards that direction. He hid in the woods while looking at the field that’s covered in moonlight. Using the moonlight to see, he saw a slender and slim figure standing in the middle of the moonlight. She had shoulder length hair, was wearing a leather jacket, and was exuding a faint blue light.

This is the light of soul force! Although it hadn’t step into Bronze rank, it should be entering Bronze rank soon.

Using the light from the soul force, Nie Lie’s eyes landed on her face. Her eyes were shut, her long eyelashes slightly trembled, and slender eyebrows. She had flawless, white skin glowing a healthy pink, and rich, delicate lips. She and Ye Ziyun possessed two different kinds of beauty. Ye Ziyun possessed a silent elegance, like a beautiful violet flower. While she was charming, with a  seductive and glamorous look, like a rose with thorns.

“Xiao Ning'er, never would have thought it was her,” said Nie Li, slightly surprised for a moment. Xiao Ning'er was more hard working than he imagined. She was still training her soul force at this time of night. He estimates that she’ll soon enter into Bronze rank.

Thinking of his previous life, when Xiao Ning'er entered 1-star Bronze rank, she fell sick for more than two years and her cultivation regressed a lot. Although she had to re-trained herself from scratch, it’s said that since then she had been pain ridden. Although she had been ill, in the eyes of others, she had been like a dazzling star. She was a strong woman!

Thinking about how Xiao Ning'er was training here in the middle of the night, Nie Li suddenly understood a lot. Although Xiao Ning'er is very hard working, she is treating her life as joke.

After thinking awhile, Nie Li walked towards Xiao Ning'er.

“Who!?” Xiao Ning'er suddenly opens her eyes, and frailly shouted, while retrieving a short dagger. She warily looked at Nie Li. Her facial expression was chilling cold. Through the moonlight, those deeply alert eyes had an indescribable charm in them.

Although she was only thirteen years old, the current her can definitely be considered a beautiful teen. The leather jacket’s front chest area was slightly bulging. At this age, she can definitely be proud of it.

“I’m Nie Li!” Nie Li said. Although he has never talked with Xiao Ning'er, they can still be considered classmates and were somewhat familiar with each other.

Xiao Ning'er put down her short dagger, but still kept her guard up as she looked at Nie Li and said, “What are you doing here?”

Nie Li faintly smiled, “What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to train my soul force,” Xiao Ning'er said, looking at Nie Li through the moonlight. Nie Li’s eyebrows were sharp. He had a bit of handsomeness, not like some people who looked terrifying from the first look.

Nie Li shrugged his shoulders and said, “I hang out around here.”

“You’re lying. Don’t think I don’t know. During these last few days, you guys have been the ones killing those Horned Sheep,” Xiao Ning'er said. She had already seen Nie Li’s group of three, but she didn’t take any initiative to greet them. What Xiao Ning'er was curious about was something that Nie Lie’s group smeared onto the bolts that was able to take down a Horned Sheep with one bolt, but she wouldn’t take the initiative to ask other people’s secrets.

“So you knew since long ago,” Nie Li said, looking at Xiao Ning'er. When she pouts her mouth, her rich delicate lips had an indescribable charm to them. But he already had Ye Ziyun in his heart, so his feelings for Xiao Ning'er’s beauty is simply appreciation. He appreciates her beauty and how hard-working she is. With Xiao Ning'er’s appearance alone, she can stand at a very high position, yet she still relied on her own strength to change other people’s view towards her. It’s a pity that she’s using the wrong method.