Chapter 48 - Heavenly Sacred Border

Chapter 48 - Heavenly Sacred Border

In the institute's martial field, flags were swaying everywhere, drum rumbles were filling the skies.

The much anticipated year examination is about to officially begin. This, to every student, means a lot.

Every student from the Fighter Apprentice class, and Demon Spiritualist Apprentice class has gathered at the martial field. Even Nie Li and bunch who have gone missing for the past two months have appeared on the field, standing together with all the other students.

Seeing Nie Li's arrival, both Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning'er walked over.

Whether it's the boys from their class or the boys from other classes, seeing two great beauties standing together with Nie Li, filled them with jealousy.

Nie Li is too much, claiming so many resources alone.

Nie Li took a look towards Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning'er. Both of the girls became even more beautiful compared to the past. Only a fairy could be used to describe them. Both the [Wind Lightning Winged Dragon] and the [Nine Revolving Ice Phoenix] Technique are, without a doubt, powerful cultivation techniques. They can expel the impurities within the body out, causing the two girls to have a kind of fairy aura.

Recently, both Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning'er had their cultivation rise extremely fast, far surpassing their peers.

Whether it's Ye Ziyun or Xiao Ning'er, both are grateful towards Nie Li. Without his help, they wouldn't be able to have their cultivation rise to this extent.

Ye Ziyun seems to have noticed something. After talking to Nie Li for awhile, she left.

"Nie Li, I heard from my family members that the Heavenly Mark's business has been greatly pressured by the Sacred Family." Xiao Ning'er walked to the side of Nie Li and whispered.

"Just had business suppressed?" Nie Li asked.

"En!" Xiao Ning'er nodded her head. Even if the Sacred Family is powerful, they can only suppress other families, because Glory City forbids internal conflicts. If the Sacred Family were to wipe out the Heavenly Marks Family, both Legend rank Demon Spiritualist Lord Ye Mo and the City Lord wouldn't let the Sacred Family off.

"Then that's fine," Nie Li lightly said. Since the start of the sale of those pills, Nie Li's daily income is over millions. His daily income can match up to the Heavenly Marks' several years of income. Just having the family business suppressed is nothing much. When he finishes the exam and returns home, at that time, he will be able to completely change the whole situation within Heavenly Marks Family.

Although he isn't worried about what the Sacred Family will do, he has to be careful of the Dark Guild that is colluding with the Sacred Family. People from Dark Guild won't follow the rules of Glory City. Fortunately, Glory City is well under control. Therefore, the Dark Guild generally won't do anything within Glory City.

Just when they are busy chatting, a bunch of people walked over. It's Shen Fei, Shen Yue, and bunch. Seeing how well Nie Li is chit chatting with Xiao Ning'er, Shen Fei's eyes fiercely lit up. However, his fierce eyes were soon retracted.

Seeing as Shen Fei is walking over, Xiao Ning'er's face turned slightly pale, bit her lips and walked to the side. She isn't afraid of Shen Fei, because she has already decided to fight the Sacred Family to the end however, she is worried that she will bring trouble for Nie Li.

Noticing Xiao Ning'er's slightly flustered face, Nie Li grabbed onto Xiao Ning'er's arm, and lightly said, " Ning'er, where are you going?"

"Nie Li, release me quickly! Otherwise, I will bring trouble for you!" Xiao Ning'er whispered.

Nie Li shrugged his shoulders, and indifferently said, "Not as though it's the first time that I have offended the Sacred Family. What is there to be scared of?"

Although separated from a thin silk, Nie Li is still able to vaguely feel the creamy skin of Xiao Ning'er.

Xiao Ning'er's cheeks blushed shyly. That charming expression caused the surrounding boys stare in a daze. Xiao Ning'er felt touched and sweet in her heart. For her, Nie Li is willingly to completely fall out with the Sacred Family.

"Release your hands!" Seeing Xiao Ning'er's shy looks, Shen Fei couldn't help flaring with jealousy, and pushed a palm out towards Nie Li.

Nie Li and Xiao Ning'er's intimate looks is simply slapping Shen Fei's face in public. Almost everyone knows that Xiao Ning'er is the fiancée of Shen Fei. Xiao Ning'er’s reaction to Nie Li is simply putting a green hat on his head!

Feeling Shen Fei's palm coming, Nie Li moved and pulled with his right hand. He dodged Shen Fei's palm with Xiao Ning'er in his arms and at the same time, he pushed a hand out to shove Shen Fei away.

Shen Fei doesn't know exactly how Nie Li managed to dodge. The next moment, a palm strikes, causing him to take a few steps back. His eyes widened, staring at Nie Li. He suddenly realized that he had underestimated Nie Li. One must know that Shen Fei is already a 3-star Silver rank, and Nie Li is still able to dodge his attack, then retaliate with a palm.

The onlookers by the side were startled. Shen Fei is from the Genius class of the Holy Orchid Institute, and he actually suffered a loss under Nie Li. This is too shocking. Everyone is wondering just what is Nie Li's current level?

"You are Nie Li?" Shen Fei's eyes flickered, coldly staring at Nie Li.

"That's me, and you are?" asked Nie Li feigning ignorance with his right hand over Xiao Ning'er's waist. Nie Li purposely did such an ambiguous position. He purposely concentrated Shen Fei's focus and hatred onto himself, making Shen Fei think that he’s the one that is going after Xiao Ning'er. This way, Shen Fei would not bother Xiao Ning'er.

Although she had intimate behaviors with Nie Li before, being grabbed by the waist by Nie Li in front of so many people, caused Xiao Ning'er’s face to get hot.

The onlookers beside them showed looks of admiration on their faces. Nie Li is really cocky, publicly grabbing other people's fiancée's waist and not knowing who they were. They all noticed something, Xiao Ning'er did not resist Nie Li when he grabbed her waist. It seems that the relationship between the two is not so simple.

Hearing Nie Li's words, Shen Fei almost exploded in anger. Both of his eyes were wide open, veins on his neck were exposed. He fiercely glared at Nie Li and said, "Remember this well. My name is Shen Fei, the fiancé of Ning'er!"

" Ning'er's fiancé? Who? Ning'er, you have a fiancé?" Nie Li looked towards Xiao Ning'er and asked.

Not giving her a chance to reply, he smiled, looking at Shen Fei and said, "See, it's not true. Who are you? Putting a rose on cow dung. Wake up! How are you eligible to marry my Ning'er?"

[TLN: Well.. the original one was "A toad thirsting the the meat of swan" but I replaced it with "Putting a rose on a cow dung" since it's more understandable.]

Xiao Ning'er was dumbfounded. She did not even have the chance to reply.

The onlookers by the side were also dumbfounded. Nie Li is too outrageous, he did not even give Goddess Ning'er a chance to speak!

"He's not my fiancé, I've never recognized it!" declared Xiao Ning'er, looking at Shen Fei, her eyes filled with disgust. She clearly know what kind of person Shen Fei is. Sometime ago, Shen Fei played two commoner students and got someone as a scapegoat, escaping jail sentences. In the past she didn’t dare to refute it because of the pressure of the Sacred Family However, now she no longer wants to be submissive to the Sacred Family ever again.

Hearing Xiao Ning'er's words, Shen Fei's eyes went cold. He furiously laughed, "Xiao Ning'er, this is what you declared. Don't regret it! A small family like the Winged Dragon Family is trying to go against the Sacred family. It’s like trying to go against the heavens."

Listening the Shen Fei's words, Xiao Ning'er's face turned slightly pale. She understood, with the current strength of Winged Dragon Family, it's absolutely impossible to go against the Sacred Family. Later on, the Winged Dragon Family will most likely suffer from the pressure of the Sacred Family. However, what made Xiao Ning'er impossible to yield was that she knew if she were to be together with Shen Fei, she would feel disgusted with every moment.

Clearly hearing the conversation between Xiao Ning'er and Shen Fei, the surrounding onlookers understood. Shen Fei used the power of Sacred Family to force Xiao Ning'er to be married to him. Xiao Ning'er doesn't like Shen Fei a tiny bit!


"So the Sacred Family are this kind of bunch!"

"No wonder Xiao Ning'er, as the fiancée of Shen Fei, never willingly had any contact with Shen Fei. So this is the reason!"

The surround onlookers began discussing. At this moment, their looks towards Nie Li no longer had any hostility in it. In contrary, they had admiration for Nie Li. Other than Nie Li, who would dare to publicly offend the Sacred Family? Who would be brave enough to save Goddess Ning'er from the burning stake?

Hearing the discussion of the onlookers, Shen Fei's gloomy face became even more ugly. His cold eyes swept across the surrounding people. The surrounding people were immediately afraid and no longer spoke.

"If there is anything, come at me alone. Going against a woman, what kind of man you are? No matter how you want to play, I, Nie Li, will play with you any time!" declared Nie Li, pridefully looking at Shen Fei. A person like Shen Fei is destined to be a stepping stone for him.

"This is none of Nie Li's business, it's all my idea!" Xiao Ning'er's eyes firmly looked at Shen Fei and said, "Shen Fei, even if I die, I will not be together with you!"

Xiao Ning'er is someone that would rather die than disgrace herself. Although she seems weak, her character is firm. Otherwise, she wouldn't run into the Black Devil Forest before the wedding ceremony began.

The tragedy of his previous life, Nie Li will not let it happen again. From the start of healing Xiao Ning'er's illness till now, they were familiar with each other. Nie Li still has several good impressions about this beautiful, generous and strong girl, treating Xiao Ning'er as a sister of his own.

"Hmph, this decision doesn't fall on you!" Shen Fei coldly laughed.

"Shen Fei, I will enter the Heavenly Sacred Border. If I pass the test of the Heavenly Sacred Border, even if it's the Sacred Family, you can do nothing to me!" Xiao Ning'er proudly declared.

"Ha ha ha, Xiao Ning'er, you're thinking far too big. You think that you can pass through the test of Heavenly Sacred Border? Over several hundred years, and only three people managed to pass the Heavenly Sacred Border test!" Shen Fei mockingly said.

The Heavenly Sacred Border is a secret realm within the Holy Orchid Institute. Only absolute geniuses are qualified to enter the Heavenly Sacred Border. Once one has passed the test of the Heavenly Sacred Border, they will become Glory City's brightest talent. Even having the chance to become the disciple of Legend rank Demon Spiritualist Lord Ye Mo!

To enter the Heavenly Sacred Border, one must be below fifteen years old. In this criteria, Xiao Ning'er meets it. But Xiao Ning'er really thinks that her talents can reach to that extent?

Throughout the glorious history of Glory City, only three people managed to pass the test of the Heavenly Sacred Border. One of them is Legend rank Demon Spiritualist Lord Ye Mo, the other two have already died in battle. However, they all have reached the pinnacle of Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist, only a step away from Legend rank!

The Heavenly Sacred Border, is an extremely sacred location.

If Xiao Ning'er really managed to pass the Heavenly Sacred Border test, the Sacred Family wouldn't be able to do anything to the Winged Dragon Family.