Chapter 473 - Mark

Chapter 473 - Mark

Xiao Ning’er shut her eyes as her blushed face blossomed like an Hai Tang Flower.

Her clothes gradually dropped from her shoulders, revealing her smooth and fair skin. Her soft skin made Nie Li involuntarily gulp a mouthful of saliva.

Anyone that saw Xiao Ning’er’s bashful looks would probably not be able to control themselves.

In the places that fingers streaked across came an exquisite feeling from her tender skin.

At this moment, she only wore undergarments, which displayed her curvaceous figure before Nie Li.

Her figure lightly trembled as she felt Nie Li’s fingertips streaking across her skin. She felt an indescribable sensation and her entire body felt numb. Along with the bashfulness in her heart, her mind was empty.

Looking at Xiao Ning’er’s state, Nie Li’s heart was filled with tenderness, since he knew that Xiao Ning’er was already prepared to hand herself to him.

Nie Li gradually moved to Xiao Ning’er’s back and saw that her collarbone was sparkling like crystals with a pink mark below it.

“Just as I thought.” Nie Li’s eyes flickered with tears and his right hand gently touched that mark.

In his previous life, Xiao Ning also had such a mark on her back.

Nie Li’s heart was filled with doubts. In the past, when Xiao Ning’er entered the Black Devil Forest, there was no news of her. Thus, Nie Li was filled with doubts as to why she would appear in the identity of Xiao Ning in the Draconic Ruins Realm.

Nie Li’s heart was filled with remorse for her. If it wasn’t for him, Xiao Ning wouldn’t have died. Furthermore, when Xiao Ning died, the relief and pity before her death made Nie Li feel a knife-stabbing pain in his heart every time he recalled it.

“Hmm.” Xiao Ning’er groaned as if she felt pain from it.

“Ning’er, is this a birthmark you’ve had since you’re born?” Nie Li asked in doubt.

Xiao Ning’er opened her eyes and shook her head. “No.”

“Then, where did this birthmark come from?” Nie Li couldn’t help asking.

“Before my grandfather passed away, he sealed a temporal page in the mark,” said Xiao Ning’er.

“Temporal page?” Nie Li was stunned, “What temporal page? Is it similar to this?”

Nie Li took a remnant page of the Temporal Demon Spirit Book out from his chest as he looked at Xiao Ning’er and asked.

Xiao Ning’er turned around. She was briefly stunned, before she nodded her head. “It’s this. But it’s sealed in this mark. My grandfather said this before that I will have a great tribulation. And the page is my opportunity that can save my life.”

“So that’s the case…” Nie Li suddenly understood something in his heart and yet felt more puzzled at the same time.

In the previous life, when Xiao Ning’er entered the Black Devil Forest, it was the mark, the remnant page of the Temporal Demon Spirit Book, that saved her life. But also, because of that tribulation, she was disfigured and had to wear a mask, changed her name to Xiao Ning and entered the Draconic Ruins Realm, where she met Nie Li.

It was the remnant page of the Temporal Demon Spirit Book that was sealed in her mark. Thus, she would occasionally have memories pertaining to the previous life after Nie Li’s rebirth.

Looking at Xiao Ning’er, who was before him, Nie Li’s heart was filled with complicated emotions.

Tenderness, cherishing, regret, guilt, heartache, all sorts of complex emotions rose up his heart.

Regardless of anything, Nie Li couldn’t let Ning’er down in this life.

“Ning’er…” Nie Li turned Xiao Ning’er around as he embraced her.

In the previous life, Nie Li had let too many people down. Ziyun, Xiao Ning, his master… There were some that died for him, while some died because of him.

In this life, he wanted to change the life of everyone.

Sensing the warmth in Nie Li’s embrace and a peculiar feeling, Xiao Ning’er suddenly felt an unprecedented peace in her heart. Quietly, she felt Nie Li’s aura.

Reminiscing the first time they had met in the forest, Xiao Ning’er vaguely felt that it was the work of karma.

As if every karma had changed with the appearance of Nie Li. Nie Li was the person that changed her fate, and from that moment on, she knew that she had to tightly grasp Nie Li.

“Nie Li, you know what this mark is?” Xiao Ning’er couldn’t help asking.

“Your grandfather was a wise man. We have to quickly make a trip back to the Tiny World as unimaginable secrets are hidden there.” Nie Li said as he continued, “Right now, my Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword can break the seal of the Tiny World.”

“Hmm.” Xiao Ning’er nodded her head, “Then, when are we moving out?”

“I have to make some slight arrangements to the matters here. We’ll move out a few days from now.” Nie Li said solemnly.

“Then, what should we do right now?” Xiao Ning’er asked timidly. It was only at this moment that she recalled she was only in her undergarments, thus she couldn’t help feeling shy in her heart.

“Since that’s the case, then let us do something extremely important.” Nie Li suddenly smiled.

Xiao Ning’er suddenly felt a grope which made her even more bashful.

“Nie Li, it’s… it’s still daytime… en…” A deep groan came from Xiao Ning’er’s throat.

“It’s fine, since we have such a chance…” Nie Li smiled as he took a step further.

Suddenly, the door opened with a creaking noise and Ye Ziyun walked in. Seeing the scene before her, Ye Ziyun was suddenly stunned.

“Nie Li, Ning’er… you guys…” Ye Ziyun’s face turned red, since she didn’t expect Nie Li and Ning’er to do such shameful acts during the daytime. Thus, she couldn’t help feeling awkward and just stood there, not knowing what to do.

Nie Li was completely dumbfounded, since he did not expect Ye Ziyun to barge in at this time. It was an extremely awkward situation and Xiao Ning’er couldn’t help wanting to find a hole and hide herself in.

“You guys can continue, I’ll excuse myself.” Ye Ziyun swiftly said as her face grew even redder. She couldn’t help stomping her feet before swiftly retreating.

Although Ye Ziyun had already accepted this matter that they had to depend on each other in this world, Ning’er and her were already like a family. But Nie Li was too impatient to even do such a thing in daytime…

“Ziyun, wait.” Nie Li called out.

“I’ll wait for you guys outside. I have an important matter to tell you guys.” Ye Ziyun retreated as she closed the door and stood outside.

Nie Li bitterly smiled. Although Ye Ziyun didn’t seem to be angry from her tone, his actions today were still a little too impulsive.