Chapter 471 - An Imperial Order to Flirt

Chapter 471 - An Imperial Order to Flirt

Since the Big Five of the Divine Feathers Sect had all agreed on this matter, there would practically be no problem in pushing it.

The entire Divine Feathers Sect was bustling with everyone gathered on the Martial Field. All those summoned over were male disciples.

“I wonder what it is about for the Vice-Sect Master to gather all of us here.”

“Yeah, even specifying to have the single disciples of the Sect gather. Can it be that the Sect Master is going to play matchmaker?”

Everyone was discussing amongst themselves, since they did not know what was going on.

When Nie Li had just become the Sect Master of the Divine Feathers Sect, many disciples were unconvinced in their hearts. The reason was simple, Nie Li had just joined the Divine Feathers Sect for a short time and his qualifications were too shallow. Even his strength had not reached the Martial Ancestor Realm.

But as time passed, they did not mind about that matter anymore. On the contrary, they even revered Nie Li.

The reason for it was simple, which Sect Master could raise the strength of the entire Sect so swiftly? Ever since Nie Li had ascended to the position, he had given all of their cultivations a huge rise. Some who had outstanding talents even had several increases in their cultivations.

In the hearts of those disciples, Nie Li’s heart was incomparably majestic.

Li Xingyun swept a glance at the Martial Field. There were tens of thousands of people gathered on the Martial Field, looking like bobble heads at first glance. All sorts of commotions rang out, with everyone discussing amongst themselves. No one was paying attention to Li Xingyun’s words.

Li Xingyun coughed, his voice was transmitted to everyone’s ears as he solemnly said, “Ever since the Sect Master has gone to the Heavenly Note Sect, I have assumed the Vice-Sect Master of the Divine Feathers Sect. This is the first order that the Sect Master has sent back to us. All of you, listen carefully.”

After hearing that it was the order of the Sect Master, the entire Martial Field instantly turned quiet and everyone looked at Li Xingyun.

The sudden silence made Li Xingyun slightly stunned, since he wasn’t used to it.

He never thought that Nie Li’s order would be so effective to these disciples.

Li Xingyun coughed, covering his embarrassment, and said, “The Sect Master got me to gather all of you to prepare to send you to the Heavenly Note Sect!”

“Vice-Sect Master, is there any important task for Sect Master to want us over? Is it to have us protect the Sect Master?” One of the disciples asked in a loud voice.

Everyone looked at Li Xingyun, “Can it be that the Sect Master has encountered trouble? Since the Sect Master gathered all of us, not even ten thousand deaths can stop us.”

Li Xingyun immediately waved his hand. “The Sect Master has not encountered any trouble. Sending you guys over this time is not to protect the Sect Master.”

Everyone exchanged looks as they puzzled over a question in their heart. Then, what is it for?

“There’s indeed an important mission in sending all of you over this time. It is to protect the Heavenly Note Sect.” Li Xingyun lightly smiled.

“Protect the Heavenly Note Sect? Why are we protecting the Heavenly Note Sect?” Several disciples asked in puzzlement.

“Some time ago, the Heavenly Note Sect suffered the assault of the Demon God’s Sect, thus suffered some heavy damage. But, after that, the enemies from the Demon God’s Sect were intimidated by our Sect Master and retreated. However, the Heavenly Note Sect is still one of our Six Righteous Sects, so we have the responsibility to protect them from being harmed by the demonic forces,” said Li Xingyun.

“We understand. Vice-Sect Master, leave this matter to us, we will definitely complete this task!”

“We will definitely do our best in protecting the Heavenly Note Sect!” Every disciple yelled out one after another.

Li Xingyun suddenly revealed a mysterious smile. “Aside from protecting the Heavenly Note Sect, the Sect Master still gave you guys an even more important mission. That is to… bring some back.”

“Bring some back? What are you implying, Vice-Sect Master?” Every disciple looked at each other.

Li Xingyun laughed, “You need me to make myself even clearer? That is, after reaching the Heavenly Note Sect, flirt with all your strength. Think about it, the girls in the Heavenly Note Sect have stayed in the Heavenly Note Sect to cultivate for all this time, how many man have they seen in their lives?”

Every disciple was stunned for a long while, since they never thought that the Sect Master would give them such an… order.

Seeing all the disciples stunned, Li Xingyun pointed to everyone as he continued, “You guys still don’t understand? The Sect Master meant that you guys are given an imperial order to flirt. The Sect Master said that if not even a single one could bring back a girl after your trip to the Heavenly Note Sect, it would be simply embarrass my Divine Feathers Sect and you will be expelled from the Sect, never to be recruited back. If you guys manage to bring one back, you will be rewarded 10 Sacred Elixirs, 30 if you guys bring back two. Understand?!”

“Understood!” All the disciples of the Divine Feathers Sect let out an earth-shaking roar.

All of them were radiating with delight. They never thought that their Sect Master would gather them and send them to the Heavenly Note Sect to let them flit. Having such a Sect Master was simply… awesome!

“Only you guys know of this, so do it discreetly. Don’t let anyone of the Heavenly Note Sect know about this, understand?” Li Xingyun spoke out in a loud voice.

“Understood!” All the disciples yelled out in response.

Li Xingyun lightly smiled with his head nodding. Although his face was a little red, since he never thought that Nie Li would actually have him announce such a shameless thing, he couldn’t help feeling an itch in his heart when he saw the delighted expressions on those fellows.

Rumours had it that all the girls in the Heavenly Note Sect were stunning beauties.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he had a wife at home, and that also a tigress at that, he might want to go to the Heavenly Note Sect to stroll as well.

Nie Lie, that fellow, was too shameless!

Very quickly, the experts of the Divine Feathers Sect had packed their luggage and moved out. The bachelors of the Divine Feathers Sect couldn’t endure their loneliness anymore.

The gathered experts all moved out to the Heavenly Note Sect, bearing the extremely difficult task in this trip. Because the Sect Master said that if they couldn’t even bring a girl back, they would be expelled from the Sect and never to be recruited again. Just this alone would be the greatest shame in their lives!

At this moment, in a room in the Heavenly Note Sect

Nie Li slowly stored the letter with a light smile.

“Li Xingyun has sent out 70,000 people over, it’s more than enough to protect the Heavenly Note Sect.” Nie Li said with a smile lifting on the corner of his lips.

Xiao Ning’er took a glance at the letter and asked in puzzlement, “I’m very curious about one thing, why did Nie Li specify on having bachelors over, can’t other people protect the Heavenly Note Sect?”

Xiao Ning’er blinked her eyes, looking innocent, which caused Nie Li to blush a little with shame.

Am I a little too shameless? Nie Li inwardly thought in his heart, but then he thought again, This is all for the best of the Heavenly Note Sect. As long as those bachelors do their best, the Heavenly Note Sect will be fine with their protection.