Chapter 455 - Fiance

Chapter 455 - Fiancée

Xiu Ming was stunned for a long time.

Never in his wildest imagination did he expect this to be the outcome.

That was a fragment of the Myriad Ancestor Sword!

Even though there wasn’t any practical uses to the Myriad Ancestor Sword’s fragment, it was still a symbol of importance.

There were seven fragments, which were held by the seven major sects. They had been passed down for thousands of years and Nangong Xianyin was actually going to exchange it?

What was that elixir? It was actually something that Nangong Xianyin would exchange her fragment of the Myriad Ancestor Sword with?

This matter was something that made others puzzled.

The most crucial point was Nangong Xianyin’s change in attitude. She no longer had her bearings as the Heavenly Note Sect’s Sect Master, but as an unscrupulous merchant as she bargained with Nie Li and even tried to bluff him. This behavior made the eyes of others swim all over the place.

“Please reconsider, Sect Master!”

“Please reconsider again, Sect Master! Although there isn’t any practical usage of the Myriad Ancestor Sword’s fragment, it’s still something that can’t be easily exchanged for anything.”

When several Protectors of the sect heard Nangong Xianyin’s words, they immediately tried to persuade her to reconsider her words.

They thought that something wast wrong with Nanging Xianyin’s brain, since she agreed to exchange with Nie Li.

Did they have no idea what those five elixirs that their Sect Master actually agreed to exchange with?

“Are you guys questioning my decision?” Nangong Xianyin frowned as she cast her glance at the few Protectors.

When the Protectors sensed Nangong Xianyin’s concealed anger, they immediately bowed.

“Your subordinate doesn’t dare.”


Nangong Xianyin waved her hand, “No need to speak any further. I’m well aware of what I’m doing.”

“Yes!” the Protectors didn’t dare to speak any further.

The elixirs that she received previously were given to several Elders of the Heavenly Note Sect to enjoy. All of the Protectors had not tasted the elixirs; therefore, they didn’t know how powerful the elixirs were.

Nangong Xianyin was well aware of what those five elixirs meant. Therefore, Nangong Xianyin had to get her hands on them. Even if it meant exchanging her fragment of the Myriad Ancestor Sword.

“Sect Master Nangong, I hope our cooperation will go well!” Nie Li said as he lightly smiled.

Suddenly, a charming figure appeared at the entrance of the main hall.

“Nie Li!” that voice was high-spirited as a familiar voice resounded.

Nie Li turned his head as he looked towards the origin of the voice. A smile was revealed on his mouth, it was Xiao Ning’er. Xiao Ning’er looked more mature, compared to before, and her body was also more curvy, compared to before. Her curvaceous figure was extremely charming.

When Xiao Ning’er saw Nie Li, a faint blush rose on her face. Seeing Nie Li again, she was extremely stirred in her heart.

The goddess that doesn’t usually smile suddenly revealed her smile. It was as though the spring breeze was blowing and the entire heavens and earth turned pale in comparison to her smile. Xiu Ming blanked out for a moment before recovering.

Compared to Xiao Ning’er, all the ladies that could be considered as beauties had suddenly turned ordinary.

Xiao Ning’er came to Nie Li’s side as she stared at him. After a brief moment, grief rose in her heart.

After such a long time, Xiao Ning’er felt that she was almost forgotten.

“Ning’er seems to have grown taller and also more beautiful!” Nie Li compared his height with Xiao Ning’er as he stroked her cheek. It was smooth and her figure also seemed to have turned more ample, compared to before.

This period of time was the growing period for youths. Nie Li also grew taller by a head, compared to before; so, naturally, Xiao Ning’er did as well as she turned slender and elegant.

Nie Li’s gaze fell onto Xiao Ning’er’s chest, Xiao Ning’er truly did become more ample, compared to before. He vaguely recalled that ambiguous moment when he treated Ning’er.

Sensing Nie Li’s blazing gaze, Xiao Ning’er was a little happy in her heart and, at the same time, she also feeling bashful. There was a bizarre feeling on the places that Nie Li had swept his glaze at. Similarly to Nie Li, she also recalled the time when Nie Li first treated her illness and she couldn’t help feeling a burning sensation on her cheeks.

When Xuan Yue saw this scene, she instantly understood what was going on. She would definitely not believe there’s nothing between Xiao Ning’er and Nie Li.

Xiao Ning’er acted like a noble and virtuous goddess during the usual days, but behind everyone’s back, wasn’t she so passionate with other guys?

Xuan Yue couldn’t help snorting as she cursed inwardly in her heart, Bastard couple!

Although she cursed in her heart, she still revealed a passionate smile on her face, “Junior Sister Ning’er, who is this excellent youth? Why don’t you introduce me?”

Hearing her sharp voice, Nie Li’s gaze shifted towards her as he slightly frowned his brows. Although Xuan Yue wore a smile on her face, with Nie Li’s keen vision, he could tell that Xuan Yue was a hypocrite!

“Sect Master of the Divine Feathers Sect, Nie Li. I wonder how I should address this Senior Sister?” Nie Li lightly smiled as he asked Xuan Yue.

“Sect…Master of the Divine Feathers Sect.” Xuan Yue’s voice slightly paused. She wanted to speak, but she swallowed the words that reached her throat.

Who could have thought that this brat was actually the Sect Master of the Divine Feathers Sect? With her status, she didn’t even have the qualifications to speak with Nie Li.

After all, the Divine Feathers Sect was a powerhouse sect that was not in any way weaker than the Heavenly Note Sect!

On the other hand, she was just an ordinary disciple under the sixty-third generation of the Heavenly Note Sect!

*Cough* *Cough* “Greetings, Sect Master Nie.” Xuan Yue was in a slightly awkward position.

“Xuan Yue, how can you be so rude? Didn’t you see that Sect Master is speaking with Sect Master Nie? Why are you still not stepping down?!” a Protector said solemnly from the side.

“Yes, Protector Lei.” Xuan Yue immediately backed off to a side.

If it was during normal times, she would be rather casual. However, with the Sect Master of two sects discussing matters, it wasn’t appropriate for her to intrude.

“Sect Master Nie, you were saying that Ye Ziyun is your fiancée?” Nangong Xianyin enquired as she looked at Nie Li.

Xiu Ming’s gaze also instantly fell onto Nie Li. He heard of Ye Ziyun before. Rumors had it that Ye Ziyun’s beauty was in no way inferior to Xiao Ning’er. Furthermore, she also had the strongest talent amongst the younger generation of the Heavenly Note Sect. Her cultivation progressed rapidly and could be called a genius that’s hard to come by even in a thousand years. Rumors also stated that Nangong Xianyin had intentions to groom Ye Ziyun to be the next Sect Master of the Heavenly Note Sect.

Nie Li actually claimed that Ye Ziyun was his fiancée? Xiu Ming refused to believe it.

“That's right!” Nie Li nodded his head.

But after hearing Nie Li’s certain reply, Xiu Ming frowned his brows for a brief moment. At the current moment, Nie Li was replying this question with his status as the Sect Master of the Divine Feathers Sect so naturally, there couldn’t be any falseness in his words!

Xiu Ming couldn’t help feeling jealous in his heart. Ladies like Ye Ziyun were something that even he didn’t dare to think of.

“Then, your relationship with Xiao Ning’er…” Nangong Xianyin’s gaze fell onto Xiao Ning’er, who was by Nie Li’s side. From Nie Li and Xiao Ning’er’s flirting actions, even a fool could tell that the relationship between them wasn’t so simple.