Chapter 440 - Joining the Fray

Chapter 440 - Joining the Fray

Long Tianming proudly looked down at Situ Beiyan. “It doesn’t matter whether or not you give up. You weren’t my match since long ago! Furthermore, your forces are far inferior than mine!”

“Get lost!” Long Tianming furiously barked as his Dark Saint Dragon transformation threw a palm towards the Celestial Saint Dragon, sending the latter flying.

Situ Beiyan was sent back a few hundred meters, before he returned to his original shape. He clutched his chest and vomited blood. Even still, he was unresigned and wanted to continue the battle. However, a broad voice sounded from above them. “Beiyan, you’ve lost. There’s no need to fight, anymore!”

Situ Beiyan was extremely depressed. In the end, he still couldn’t be Long Tianming’s match!

What was going to happen to the future of the Divine Feathers Sect?

Hierarch Martialsky gazed at Situ Beiyan with a sigh. Then, he swept his eyes over the other disciples of the Divine Feathers Sect. “Long Tianming has won this battle!”

At Hierarch Martialsky’s words, Long Tianming showed a pleased expression. He’d won.

He’d soon become the Acting Sect Master of the Divine Feathers Sect. He couldn’t help the burning excitement in his heart.

The crowd waited for Hierarch Martialsky to declare the final results. As the last one standing, Long Tianming would take unparalleled glory.

All of Long Tianming’s followers had joy written all over their faces. From this moment onwards, they’d be riding on Long Tianming’s success. Once Long Tianming ascended to the Acting Sect Master’s position, they’d be able to walk horizontally straight through the middle of Divine Feathers Sect.

Hierarch Martialsky searched the crowd. Nie Li still didn’t shown up. If that’s the case, then the Acting Sect Master’s position would default to Long Tianming. Just as he was about to announce the results, a group flew over to him.

As far as he could tell, the young man leading them should be Nie Li.

The words paused at the tip of Hierarch Martialsky’s tongue.

Long Tianming started growing anxious. Even though he’d clearly won, Hierarch Martialsky was delaying the announcement for some reason.

Was Hierarch Martialsky going to go against his words?

Suddenly, a loud cry was heard. “Wait! I still haven’t participated. Why is it ending already?”

Everyone’s eyes settled on that person.

“It’s Nie Li!”

“Haha! Nie Li has arrived!”

Upon seeing Nie Li, Lu Piao, Gu Bei, Li Xingyun and the rest all flared up. The entire Demon League also flared up.

Nie Li had finally regained consciousness!

Long Yuyin’s eyes turned red and misty as she thought about it.

They couldn’t wait any longer.

Nie Li landed a few hundred meters in front of Long Tianming with a light smile. “My Demon League still hasn’t joined this battle. How could it end before then?”

Long Tianming noticed Nie Li’s confidence and had a dark premonition. “Your Demon League didn’t even participate in the primary selections. What makes you qualified to participate in this one?”

The other disciples heard Long Tianming’s words and began spiritedly discussing amongst themselves.

Before the discussions ceased, Long Tianming spoke again. “Not to mention that you only joined the Divine Feathers Sect a little while ago. Furthermore, your origins are unknown. Who knows if you’re a spy from the Demon God’s Sect? You’re fine as an ordinary disciple, but you don’t qualify to fight for the seat of the Acting Sect Master!”

The discussions increased. Indeed, Nie Li’s origins were unknown and no one knew where he’d come from. Such a person was unsuitable to become the Acting Sect Master.

“Get lost!”

“You don’t have the qualifications!” Long Tianming’s underlings hissed.

Nie Li, however, lightly smiled. “As to whether if I possess the qualifications, you don’t get to decide that. You should ask the five Hierarchs whether or not I possess the qualifications.”

At those words, Long Tianming cupped his hands towards Hierarch Martialsky and the others. “Sect Master and esteemed Hierarchs, Nie Li’s origins are unknown and we must be cautious of that. Furthermore, the Demon League has not participated in the primary selections. Therefore, they do not possess the qualifications to join the final battle. I plead for the Hierarchs’ wisdom!”

As Long Tianming finished those words, a cold smile showed itself at the corner of his mouth. Even if Nie Li was capable, it’d be impossible for the Hierarchs to feel at ease with a person like Nie Li. Victory was already in his hands!

Then, Hiearch Martialsky faintly smiled. “I can guarantee Nie Li’s character. There is no problem. I permit the Demon League to participate in the final battle! However, this decision isn’t mine, alone. We must hear the opinions of the other Hierarchs!”

Long Tianming’s expression turned dark at Hierarch Martialsky’s words. Hierarch Martialsky was the Sect Master and Situ Beiyan’s father. He was probably doing this because he was unhappy with the fact that Situ Beiyan had lost. That’s why he was pushing Nie Li up. After all, Nie Li would be much easier to control.

Now, they had to listen to opinions of the other Hierarchs.

Nie Li, however, held a bright smile in his heart. These Hierarchs had accepted his gift. The gifts that could allow a Martial Ancestor Realm expert’s strength grow by leaps and bounds. Forget about the position of Acting Sect Master. With so many elixirs, he could probably buy the entire Divine Feathers Sect, if he wanted to. How could Hierarch Martialsky possibly say no?

A moment later, Hierarch Linglong spoke up. “I agree and allow the Demon League to participate in the final battle!”

Everyone was dazed at Hierarch LinglongLinglong’s words. Hierarch LinglongLinglong was from the Dragonseal Family. Long Tianming was a direct descendent of that family. So why would she stand on Nie Li’s side?

Everyone started getting a vague feeling that the situation might see an unexpected reversal.

“I agree as well!”

“So do I!”

The three other Hierarchs also firmly expressed their thoughts.

This outcome shocked all the disciples present. They directed their eyes at Nie Li with bewilderment. How did Nie Li manage to gain the support of all five Hierarchs? Regardless of whether or not Nie Li won the battle and took the seat of the Acting Sect Master, after today, no one would ever look at him the same again.

Nie Li was the only one who’d obtained the acknowledgment of all five Hierarchs! Didn’t that carry much more meaning than the seat of the Acting Sect Master?

Nie Li smiled as he looked at Long Tianming. “Since all five Hierarchs have agreed, then can we, the Demon League, participate in this battle?”

Long Tianming was furious. He didn’t know what methods Nie Li might’ve used to convince the five Hierarchs. By right, Nie Li’s identity should’ve made it impossible to even see the faces of those five Hierarchs. However, this impossibility had become the reality and there was nothing that Long Tianming could do about it!

Long Tianming coldly snorted, “Hmph! Since the five Hierarchs have agreed, then I have nothing to say. But, even though your Demon League has joined the battle, I will make sure you lose miserably!”