Chapter 438 - Contest (1/2)

Chapter 438 - Contest (1/2)

Several days later

It was soon time to select the Acting Sect Master. The elders and deacons who’d been stationed to the various corners of the Divine Feathers Sect had all rushed home. The Divine Feathers Sect had become particularly lively.

Those with ability to fight for the Acting Sect Master’s position had all become more active.

An Acting Sect Master would possess solid authority. As long as they made no major mistakes while sitting in that seat, they had a ninety percent chance of becoming the next Sect Master.

Lu Piao, Gu Bei, Li Xingyun and the rest were all gathered, looking worried. Nie Li still hadn’t regained consciousness and Long Yuyin hadn’t taken a single step away from her vigil at his side. She also wasn’t going to take part in the contest. Who else was left who could fight for the Acting Sect Master’s position? The remaining ones definitely weren’t a match for Long Tianming.

“What should we do now? Nie Li still hasn’t regained consciousness. Are we going to watch Long Tianming ascend to the Acting Sect Master’s position?” Lu Piao anguished. “If things turn out like that, then won’t all of Nie Li’s preparations have been in vain?”

“Then what can we do?” Gu Bei bitterly smiled.

Li Xingyun’s brows were tightly knit together. He was also thinking about how they should handle the current situation.

Gu Bei thought for a bit, then said, “Even if we can’t compete for the Acting Sect Master’s position, we still can’t allow Long Tianming to have his way. Why don’t we support Situ Beiyan instead! Letting Situ Beiyan take the seat is still better than letting Long Tianming have it.”

“Alright, let’s do that!” Li Xingyun nodded after thinking about it.

Center of the Divine Feathers Sect

Various experts of the sect rose into the air.

The sky above the Divine Feathers Sect was filled with hundreds of bobbing heads.

After all, the Divine Feathers Sect was one of the supreme major sects. Therefore, they still held rather amazing strength. Aside from the inner sector, there were also more than three hundred sixty outer sectors who’d sent members to take part in the sacred ceremony.

At the peak of the sky, five massive figures appeared. The five Martial Ancestor Realms of the Divine Feathers Sect; three men, and two women with seven-coloured lights circulating their bodies. You couldn’t clearly see their faces, but you could tell that they were dignified beings.

These were the five Hierarchs of the Divine Feathers Sect.

Their leader was the current Sect Master, Hierarch Martialsky. The others were Hierarch Linglong, Skycloud, Crimsonblood, and Dragonblaze.

These five Hierarchs held the majestic status as the pillars of the Divine Feathers Sect. Even though there were many grand elders within the sect, those experts usually didn’t leave their seclusion. Therefore, most of the decisions were usually left to the five Hierarchs.

Hierarch Martialsky’s voice resounded throughout the Divine Feathers Sect. “I believe everyone knows why we’ve gathered the disciples of the sect here, today. In the past few days, my cultivation reached the 7-stage of Martial Ancestor Realm. I’m required to go into seclusion to aim for a higher cultivation. Matters in the sect will be left to the Acting Sect Master. Today, we choose this Acting Sect Master!”

“Sect Master, please reveal!”

The voices in Divine Feathers Sect were standardised.

“The Acting Sect Master must be chosen from the members of the sect. Who do you think is fitting?” Hierarch Martialsky’s burning gaze swept over the crowd.

Hierarch Linglong and Hierarch Skycloud seemed to be conversing on something.

“Skycloud, why hasn’t that Nie Li, who you’ve spoken of, arrived?”

“I’m not sure, either. I’m afraid that you should know more than me, right?”

“Why is that?” Hierarch Linglong was rather curious.

“Doesn’t Hierarch Linglong know? That Long Yuyin girl has a strong affection for Nie Li. It’s said that Long Yuyin’s mother even wants to marry them. If this marriage succeeds, that kid would become Hierarch Linglong’s grandson-in-law.” Hierarch Skycloud lightly smiled.

“So there was something like that going on? It looks like I’ll have to pay attention to this Nie Li!” Hierarch Linglong’s voice was filled with a sort of charm and allure. If Nie Li heard it, he’d be most curious. Hierarch Linglong’s voice was simply too similar to Long Yuyin’s mother’s.

The four Hierarchs conversed. Only Hierarch Martialsky stayed aside, making arrangements for various affairs.

“The selection for the Acting Sect Master begins. The elders will state their nominations. Those who’ve been named by at least ten elders qualify to compete for the Acting Sect Master’s position,” Hierarch Martialsky declared.

There were a little over two hundred elders in the entirety of the Divine Feathers Sect. Therefore, earning those qualifications was actually rather simple.

But what surprised everyone was the fact that the only ones who’d actually earned the qualifications were Long Tianming and Situ Beiyan. Sixty-one elders had nominated Long Tianming, while another fifty-three nominated Situ Beiyan.

True, those two were the only ones who were truly qualified to compete for the Acting Sect Master’s position. The majority of the other contenders had backed out awkwardly. Regardless of whether it was prestige, personal strength, or forces, no one else could compete against those two.

“So, we have two candidates for the Acting Sect Master. Let’s wait to see if there might be any more. Otherwise, we shall proceed according to past rituals. Long Tianming and Situ Beiyan are to battle with their forces!” Hierarch Maritalsky declared solemnly.

Hierarch Skycloud swept his eyes through the crowd, but couldn’t find Nie Li. He was rather curious. Recently, Hierarch Skycloud had been spreading out the base for Nie Li, and he’d received quite a bit of support already. The other Hierarchs were still considering. But now that it was time to select the Acting Sect Master, Nie Li wasn’t here. Hierarch Skycloud had no idea what Nie Li might be doing.

However, he wasn’t worried. Since Long Tianming and Situ Beiyan were fighting for the position of the Acting Sect Master, they’d have to battle. And that would require at least several years before a conclusion could be drawn.

“Very well. Now, it’s time to examine your forces and leadership qualities. The two of you may begin!” Hierarch Martialsky smiled and waved his hand.

The various experts of the Divine Feathers Sect backed off to make space in the center.

Long Tianming and Situ Beiyan brought their men and lined up on two sides. Each side had at least tens of thousands of experts.

In order to become the Acting Sect Master of the Divine Feathers Sect, not only did you need personal strength, you also had to lead the finest forces. The only way to gain the Acting Sect Master’s seat was to establish your own forces and be capable of leading tens of thousands of soldiers. That’s why no one else had bothered to fight Long Tianming or Situ Beiyan. The only one who’d succeed the Acting Sect Master’s position was the one who’d win that fight and the support of at least three of the five Hierarchs.

There weren’t many in the younger generations of the Divine Feathers Sect who could lead tens of thousands of soldiers.

Long Tianming was a direct descendent of one of the three major families, the Dragonseal Family. He was fully qualified for the position; meanwhile, Situ Beiyan was the son of the current Sect Master. Anyone who dared to go against those two was simply overestimating themselves.

Everyone had foreseen this ultimate battle between Long Tianming and Situ Beiyan, long before this sacred ceremony even started!

Long Tianming stood high up in the sky, his clothes fluttering in the wind. His grand appearance and slender figure were truly outstanding. But, of course, Situ Beiyan wasn’t inferior in the slightest. He, too, stood proudly in his green robes.

Fighting intent soared up there in the sky. A huge battle will soon unfold.