Chapter 436 - Accident?

Chapter 436 - Accident?

Over the next few months, Nie Li continued nurturing the loyal disciples of his Demon League, as well as the experts whom he’d recruited from the Sky Origin Divine Clan.

During this time, Nie Li and his group didn’t stop expanding their forces. With such a large supply of divine medicine, and all kinds of other treasures, the Demon, Heavenly Path, and Profound Note Leagues expanded their strengths at extremely frightening paces.

Nie Li’s strength also continued to rise; he’d now reached the pinnacle of the Heavenly Axis Realm.

Even though Nie Li only had the cultivation of a pinnacle Heavenly Axis Realm, his true strength was on par with any 5-stage Dao of Dragon Realm.

The Heavenly God cultivation technique. The closer you were to its end, the harder it was to cultivate. But with every step your cultivation successfully made, your strength would be amplified ten or even dozens of times above that of any ordinary genius.

Gu Bei looked at Nie Li and said, “Nie Li, I will soon become the Skyway Hall’s Deacon. Even though Gu Heng that bratwas sentenced to meditation, his forces haven’t shown the slightest sign of backing off. He’s already taken in a lot of the people who’ve betrayed the Demon League!”

“Deacon of the Skyway Hall? What kind of position is that?” Nie Li couldn’t help asking.

“It’s like this. The successors of the Gu Clan don’t actually possess any authority. But the first-in-line successor qualifies to become the Skyway Hall’s Deacon. It’s not that big, with only a few hundred people, but it has a hand in all matters dealing with the clan. Once I gain a firm foothold in the Skyway Hall, I’ll be able to take over the clan!” Gu Bei lightly smiled.

“So? Is there any trouble with that?” Nie Li asked with a faint smile.

“Yes, I’d have some difficulty all by myself. However, I also have my sister.” Gu Bei replied with a smile.

The image of a stubborn, yet intelligent lady projected itself into Nie Li’s mind.

Nie Li couldn’t help asking, “How’s your sister?”

“With your divine medicine, my sister’s cultivation has soared by leaps and bounds. Right now, she’s already at the 2-stage Dao of Dragon Realm. Aside from guiding me in resolving family matters, she uses the rest of her time to cultivate. She’s trying to reach the Martial Ancestor Realm in a few years by relying on the power of your divine medicine!” Gu Bei said. He could only sigh at the speed of his sister’s cultivation.

“Your sister’s talent is shocking, indeed!” Nie Li couldn’t help sighing either.

“My sister often speaks of you. She says that you’re someone with a divine destiny, with the power to reverse fate! She asked me to assist you properly!” Gu Bei said with a smile.

Someone who possessed a divine destiny? Reversing fate?

Nie Li pondered those words. Gu Lan’s words were truly fitting; he was someone who’d come to reverse fate.

Nie Li turned his sights to the skyline and remembered the mighty Sage Emperor. A sense of intense urgency welled up in his heart.

Suddenly, Nie Li felt as though his mind was about to explode.

“Ah?” Nie Li bitterly howled. The terrible pain was something that even he couldn’t endure.

“Nie Li, what’s wrong?” Gu Bei immediately asked. He immediately panicked when he saw Nie Li holding his head and howling in pain.

Just what’s going on? Why is Nie Li suddenly in this state?

Long Yuyin, Gu Bei, Li Xingyun and the others heard Nie Li’s howls and quickly ran over.

“What’s wrong with Nie Li?

“Quick, help him up!”

Everyone helped to support Nie Li as they moved to lay him down on a bed.

Nie Li rolled and struggled.

Long Yuyin’s tears flowed at Nie Li’s pained expression. “What’s wrong with him?”

“What’s going on? Did his cultivation run amok?” Li Xingyun hadn’t seen anything like this before, either. The best he could do to help was restrain Nie Li as he struggled, then help take his pulse. Even though Li Xingyun wasn’t a famed doctor, or anything of the sort, he still had some limited medical knowledge.

Before, everyone had listened and taken instructions from Nie Li. Something like this had never happened before. This sudden turn of events left them panicked and at a loss.

“There’s nothing wrong with his pulse.”

“Something must have gone wrong with his soul realm!”

“If something went wrong with his soul realm, we can’t meddle recklessly!”

“Set up a barrier around here and get some Calm Inducing Incense for him!”

“Quick, fetch some good doctors too!”

Soon, one doctor after another hurried into Nie Li’s residence, the finest from each of the three major families. But after inspecting Nie Li’s condition, they all left while helplessly shaking their heads. They were powerless to help Nie Li.

A frightening energy kept exploding within Nie Li’s mind. The only thing he was aware of was the overwhelming pain. It felt like his entire soul realm was about to shatter.

A vague figure appeared in his mind. A pretty lady, and oh-so-familiar. Nie Li couldn’t help trying to catch up to it.

“Master!” Nie Li mumbled.

Long Yuyin, Li Xingyun and the rest had all been keeping a vigil at Nie Li’s side. They were extremely worried, since there hadn’t been any changes in Nie Li’s condition. They didn’t know why he was in such a condition, either.

Lu Piao was already in tears. “Nie Li, you better not die!”

The two of them had left Glory City and reached this Draconic Ruins Realm together. Nie Li was his best friend. He wanted them to return together as well!

Long Yuyin’s eyes also flickered with tears. In her heart, Nie Li wasn’t just a master. He was much more than that. She’d irrevocably fallen for him, since long ago. And Nie Li’s sudden turn really scared her. She clutched tightly to his hand.

The same went for Gu Bei and Li Xingyun. The two were restless, their eyes never straying away from Nie Li for long. Nie Li was a friend close to their hearts, and their greatest guide and leader. He was the one who’d guided them out from their terrifying quagmires! If anything happened to him, they’d blame themselves to the grave!

Nie Li painfully struggled while howling for over half an hour, before his voice slowly began to weaken. His struggles grew more feeble and his breathing calmed. He seemed to have fallen asleep.

Only after they saw that Nie Li had settled down, did everyone slowly let their guards down.

Gu Bei let out a sigh of relief. “I knew it! There’s nothing wrong. He probably just encountered a bottleneck in his cultivation. Who knows? When he wakes up, he might be a Dao of Dragon Realm! I knew Nie Li wasn’t so frail!”

Li Xingyun pondered for a bit, then said, “That wasn’t the reaction of someone who’s ascending in cultivation. If that was the case, then his pulse should be one beat strong, one beat weak. But either way, he should be fine!”

“Really?” Long Yuyin wiped the tears off her face as she asked Li Xingyun and the others. However, her heart still worried for Nie Li.

“Since he’s asleep, we’ll let him sleep for a while!” Li Xingyun replied with a smile.