Chapter 431 - Leaving

Chapter 431 - Leaving

Nie Li never expected this to happen. His eyes widened.

Long Yuyin was like a goddess who’d descended from the Ninth Heaven[1. In Chinese mythology, there are nine layers to heaven (yes, that’s heaven, not hell, unlike Dante’s Inferno). The Ninth Heaven is considered the most sacred land, where the Jade Emperor (the king of gods) resides.]. Not a single thread had been left on her body. Her fully and perfect curves radiated such an appeal that it was nearly impossible to look away.

Formidable energy poured into Long Yuyin’s body through her shenmen on her head.

Long Yuyin clenched her teeth and endured the intense pain. She tried her best to open her eyes, only to see such a situation and Nie Li’s gaze. She instantly flushed red. “You…! Stop looking!”

Nie Li smiled and shifted his line of sight. After all, Nie Li had lived two lives. Even though he’d seen all of Long Yuyin, he still remained calm and collected.

It was a while before Long Yuyin’s consciousness cleared enough for her to be astonished at the strength she’d gained.

Her cultivation had gone from the Heavenly Axis Realm straight to the Dao of Dragon Realm. On top of that, she was at least at the sixth stage. The energy still coursed through her body, yet to be absorbed. After things settled down, her cultivation might rise by another several levels. In fact, it might even be possible for her to step into the Martial Ancestor Realm!

However, Emperor Tian Yuan had bestowed her something else, aside from her rise in cultivation. Lines of a profound chant floated through her mind. It must be the cultivation technique that Emperor Tian Yuan himself had practised!

Long Yuyin immediately put on a fresh set of clothes, all the while looking embarrassed to death.

“I have completely changed your fate to the Divine Pulse. From now on, your cultivation will leap soars and bounds!” Emperor Tian Yuan laughed and spoke again. “I’ve never taken in a disciple before; I suppose we can consider you my first!”

Experts like Emperor Tian Yuan have long seen through the foolishness of worldly affairs; of course he wouldn’t mind. Besides, he was only the trace of an intent.

Long Yuyin glanced at Nie Li with a red face. Earlier, Nie Li had seen everything. No matter what, she had to hold Nie Li responsible for this matter!

Nie Li turned around and saw Long Yuyin’s bashful expression. Those scenes from earlier couldn’t help replaying themselves in his head. He had to admit that Long Yuyin had quite a sexy figure. Given a few more years, she’d be on par with her mother.

Right now, Long Yuyin wore a set of pale pink clothing. Her shy manner was timid and charming.

Nie Li thought his eyesight must be going bad. Was this really the same tyrannosaurus Long Yuyin?

“Ahem.” Nie Li gave a dry cough, then he cupped his hands towards the empty air. “Many thanks to Senior Tian Yuan!”

“Thank you, Master!” Long Yuyin gratefully echoed. After all, Emperor Tian Yuan had helped her raise her cultivation to such heights.

Emperor Tian Yuan laughed, “I have done what I can do. From this day onwards, you two must depend on yourselves!”

If the Sage Emperor resurrected, the entirety of time and space would be refined. If that came to pass, then regardless of whether it was the Human Clan or the Demon Clan, everyone would be turned into ashes. Utter annihilation. Therefore, defeating the Sage Emperor was a must.

“Those people have already left, so I’ll send you out now. My Myriad Spiritual Sword Array is a supreme treasure passed down through generations of the Sky Origin Divine Clan. Being in its presence is the same as being in the presence of my own person. If those Sky Origin Divine Clan brats refuse to obey you, all you have to do is bring out this Myriad Spiritual Sword Array!” Emperor Tian Yuan laughed. And with that, a surge of energy swept Nie Li and Long Yuyin back into physical reality.

Emperor Tian Yuan’s voice resounded from far away, “Brat, I’ll wait for the day you defeat the Sage Emperor. You must not let me down!”

Then, Emperor Tian Yuan’s voice vanished without a trace.

When Nie Li and Long Yuyin opened their eyes, they were already outside.

Long Yuyin suddenly recalled the two elders who’d sacrificed their lives for her, and grief filled her face once again.

Nie Li saw her expression, then said to her, “Where are those elders of yours? Take me there. I might be able to revive them. I can store the remnants of their souls inside my Soul Mirror. When my cultivation breaks through the Martial Ancestor Realm and reaches the Deity Realm, I might be able to revive them!”

“Really?” Long Yuyin’s eyes widened. Before today, she would’ve never believed in the existence of a “Deity Realm”. However, after her encounter with Emperor Tian Yuan, she was totally willing to believe it.

A Martial Ancestor Realm already possessed ability of great caliber. As for a Deity Realm… what kind of unimaginable power would lie in that realm?

Long Yuyin led Nie Li around, until they found the bodies of the two elders. Nie Li brought out his Soul Mirror and stored the remaining pieces of their souls inside.

Nie Li looked at the Soul Mirror inside. Aside from the two remnant souls that he’d just added, there was also the remains of Ye Zong’s soul. Nie Li wondered whether he’d be able to revive him.

Nie Li clenched his fist. He still wasn’t strong enough!

“Thank you, Nie Li!” Long Yuyin cried when she saw the two remnant souls enter the Soul Mirror. Her vision grew hazy and she threw herself into Nie Li’s chest.

A surge of feminine fragrance wafted up from his chest. Nie Li was dazed for a brief moment. Then he laughed and patted Long Yuyin on the shoulder.

After a long while, Nie Li bitterly smiled and asked, “Are you done? I’m being squeezed to the point that I can’t breathe!”

When Long Yuyin heard that, she immediately flushed red and released Nie Li. She stomped her foot and flew away.

“Hey Miss! I won’t be able to follow you if you run so fast. Don’t you know that your current cultivation is much higher than mine?” Nie Li shouted as he took his time to fly.

Long Yuyin slightly slowed her steps.

The two rays of light flashed through the sky and disappeared into the horizon.

Skysoul Institute

The news of Nie Li and Long Yuyin’s return soon spread throughout the Skysoul Institute. Not only were the Demon, Heavenly Path, and Profound Note Leagues aware of it, even Long Tianming’s camp knew. An even larger storm was brewing.

At a valley in the Skysoul Institute

Ying Yueru’s pretty face was hidden under a cloak. She sat in an array, incessantly pinching and rubbing her fingers. Her eyes were fixed on a spot right in front of her. Finally, she sighed and said, “It’s about time, isn’t it? Shall I go and meet him?

“Forget it! It’d be better not to!”

After all, those were events that’d happened in the previous lifetime.

Ying Yueru still couldn’t accept the fact that a stranger had suddenly stepped into her world and became her disciple.

However, everything that’d happened in that previous life was real.

“You will soon step into the Heavenly Axis Realm and the Sage Emperor will come. If I don’t leave, then the entire Divine Feathers Sect won’t be able to escape this misfortune!” Ying Yueru fixed her gaze before her, “Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er, Du Ze, and Lu Piao...since I’m well aware of your fates, why don’t I give you some advice. Considered it my last favor to you!”

Wish a *Woosh!*, Ying Yueru turned into a strand of smoke and disappeared.

Like nothing had ever happened.

Ying Yueru had always lived by herself. If no one came to visit, then it’d be a while before anyone noticed that she was gone.