Chapter 417 - Pursue

Chapter 417 - Pursue

Within the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting

Lu Piao and Gu Bei are still shocked at the powerful might of the Sky Dragon Nine-Blazing Secret Technique Array. Roars of those blazing dragons constantly resounded within their soul realms.

Nie Li used the power of the Demon Blood Sacrifice and a million spiritual stones power to lay down the Sky Dragon Nine-Blazing Secret Technique Array. This was used to open up Lu Piao’s and Gu Bei’s soul realms.

Time rapidly flowed and three days had passed quickly.

In the boundless outside world

Under the escort of his guards, Li Xingyun turned into a ray of light and was flying away.

Far behind them, a group of people were chasing after them. The one leading was the first successor of the Ashen Flames Family, Li Yufeng.

At this moment, Li Xingyun appeared in a sorry state, as his right arm was chopped off. It only had a simple bandaging and the armour on his body also had several cracked spots. Li Yufeng held some artifact that actually managed to crack his armour.

Li Xingyun was extremely sullen. The forces of Li Yufeng was obviously far beneath him. However, Li Yufeng suddenly gained a few hundred Heavenly Axis Realm experts this time, which caught Li Xingyun unprepared. The Heavenly Path League suddenly suffered such a huge blow. The two Deity’s Lakes that they had just taken down have also fallen into Li Yufeng’s hands.

Li Xingyun was extremely depressed.

One of Li Xingyun’s followers made a remark, “Young Master, they’ve suddenly gotten so many experts, there’s something fishy about this!”

“It’s indeed fishy. Previously, when we competed against Gu Heng, he also suddenly obtained several hundred Heavenly Axis Realm experts. Among the younger generations of the Divine Feathers Sect, only two people hold such strength. One would be Situ Beiyan and the other would be Long Tianming!” Li Xingyun murmured while he was flying.

“Then, which one does the young master feel to be the higher possibility?”

“Although Long Tianming is prideful, his relationship with Gu Heng and Li Yufeng isn’t that good and they would often have conflicts. It shouldn’t be Long Tianming that helped Gu Heng and Li Yufeng. As for Situ Beiyan, it doesn’t make any sense for him to deal with us!” Li Xingyun said with his brows frowned.

Li Xingyun couldn’t figure out who was helping Gu Heng and Li Yufeng. However, Long Tianming and Situ Beiyan were still targets of suspicion. Except right now, Li Xingyun still doesn’t have the evidence for such an inquiry.

There were only thirty people left with Li Xingyun at this moment, the rest have all been killed. Behind them, Li Yufeng and his group were pressing towards them.

Li Yufeng coldly laughed as his voice resounded from the distance, “Li Xingyun, you only had this little capability? Like a mouse fleeing in disarray? Just by you, yourself, also wants to become the Patriarch of the Ashen Flames Family?”

A hint of chill flashed through Li Xingyun’s eyes. In these last few days, he had definitely fallen into the hands of Li Yufeng. The Heavenly Path League was broken and in disorder to the point that only these last few remained. However, Li Yufeng was rejoicing too early, it’s just one defeat.

Li Xingyun understood that he wouldn’t be placed with importance in the family and was cast aside by others. This was to the point that even the only God level demon spirit in the family was snatched by someone else with inglorious methods.

However, Li Xingyun had never yielded before nor would he ever yield.

One fine day, he will get back what he wanted. Even if the Ashen Flames Family couldn’t accept him, he will still fight for his own world, relying on his own strength.

Thinking about the faces of those elders in the clan, Li Xingyun’s heart became extremely cold.

He can lose, but he will never yield.

“They’re catching up. Young Master, you must leave first. We’ll go and hinder them!”

*Woosh!* *Woosh!* *Woosh!*

Dozens of followers pounced at Li Yufeng’s group.

“Hmph, a bunch of ignorant ants. I’ll have you guys know that following Li Xingyun would be your greatest mistake in your lifetime!” A huge halberd appeared on Li Yufeng’s hand and swung it down before him.


A follower was chopped into two with unparalleled power.

Previously, Li Xingyun’s right arm was sliced by that weapon in Li Yufeng’s hand. That huge halberd in his hand should be an artifact of Grade 7 or Grade 8.

Li Yufeng’s state was violent as he killed another five or six in a row and his body became dyed with fresh blood.

Seeing his loyal brothers being killed by Li Yufeng, Li Xingyun’s eyes were blood-red. He truly has underestimated his enemy this time around, which caused his brothers to suffer so heavily. Looking afar, Li Yufeng’s underlings of the Heavenly Axis Realm experts rapidly surrounded them.

Li Xingyun stopped his steps.

“Young Master, it was our incompetence!”

At the sight of this, Li Xingyun’s followers couldn’t help having grief and indignation written all over their faces.

Li Xingyun laughed, “It’s not that you guys are incompetent. I was in the wrong. I never thought that Li Yufeng would have so many helpers. At most, it’s just a death. Ten days later, we’ll come out and fight again!”

“Yes!” Everyone’s fighting spirits were all blazing.

“Go all out! If we managed to kill one, it’ll break even. Killing two, we would have earned more!” Li Xingyun said as he charged forward, towards the direction of Li Yufeng and his men.

An intense battle broke out.

Relying on his armour, Li Xingyun took the lead and killed several Heavenly Axis Realm underlings of Li Yufeng.

“Hmph, you’re seeking death!” A trace of cold light flashed through Li Yufeng’s eyes. He originally wanted to take the armour on Li Xingyun’s body. However, Li Xingyun had entered into a berserk state. Trying to obtain the armour on Li Xingyun’s body was simply too difficult! Since he couldn’t obtain it, he would destroy it instead!

Li Yufeng waved the huge halberd as a grand berserk energy was sent towards Li Xingyun.


Li Xingyun’s other arm was chopped off by Li Yufeng after a single strike.

Li Yufeng’s eyes were flashing ferociously. His strength had obviously surpassed Li Xingyun’s, but the younger members of the Ashen Flames Family were all fond of Li Xingyun, whereas he became an outsider. Even the few closest brothers have all betrayed him to join Li Xingyun. This caused Li Yufeng to harbor extreme hatred towards him. To remove that thorn in his side, he wished he could dismember Li Xingyun into tens of thousands of pieces.

The hatred between them had already accumulated since long ago.

Although both of his arms were chopped, Li Xingyun still used his legs and managed to kill a Li Yufeng follower with a kick.

“Li Yufeng, I will get back whatever was stolen from me. Even if there’s someone protecting you, so what? With your strength, you think that you’d be able to control the Ashen Flames Family? Everything belonging to you was obtained through inglorious methods. Which of the younger members of the Ashen Flames Family would obey you?” Li Xingyun calmly stared at Li Yufeng as a smear of cold aura emitted from his body.

“A defeated opponent still dares to speak such conceited nonsense?! No matter what methods have I used, all of it belongs to me. From now on, if you dare to take a step out of the Divine Feathers Sect, I’ll destroy you, thoroughly! Now, die!” Li Yufeng brandished the huge halberd and carried with extreme wrath as he slashed towards Li Xingyun.


The huge halberd landed and a berserk energy devoured Li Xingyun.