Chapter 414 - Betrayal right before the battle!

Chapter 414 - Betrayal right before the battle!

The Eighth Elder spoke solemnly. “It’s true that Gu Bei has gone too far in destroying the Deity’s Lakes.”

The corner of Gu Heng’s mouth slightly rose at those words. The Eighth Elder had always been one of his supports.

“However!” The course of Gu Bai’s speech suddenly changed, “There’s a reason he’s done so. A reason that I believe the elders of the Gu Clan are well aware of. We’ve observed Gu Heng’s actions for years. Conflicts, naturally, have their own endings. I have always stood by Gu Heng, but today, even I cannot stand with him!”

Everyone was dumbfounded by Gu Bai’s words.

Gu Bai had a close relationship with Gu Heng — the entire clan knew that. Gu Bai was definitely one of the few elders who’d join hands to impeach Gu Bei. So why’d he change directions so suddenly?

Gu Heng was enraged by Gu Bai’s words and he furiously glared. He never expected Gu Bai to act so extremely, to have attacked him, instead.

The Third Elder Gu Tianyun frowned his brows for a brief moment. What’s wrong with Gu Bai? Why did he suddenly choose to help Gu Bei?

Just after Gu Bai’s words landed, the Ninth Elder couldn’t hold himself back anymore. He thought to himself,: Gu Bai truly picked the right time. He clearly wants more benefits, so that’s why he jumped out so quickly!

Gu Feng also stood up and said, “I agree with Gu Bai’s words. This entire time, Gu Heng has gone too far. It’s true that Gu Bei also overdid it with his vengeance, but he has shown the brave and unyielding qualities of our Gu Clan’s members. He’s definitely the most suitable candidate to be the Gu Clan’s successor!”

Gu Feng snorted in disdain,. “Furthermore, the acts of fighting and killing each other in the outside world has been approved by the entire Divine Feathers Sect. Just because he suffered a little, he chose to run home crying. What does that say about the Gu Clan?”

Gu Heng was so enraged by their words that he wanted to vomit blood. “Elder Gu Feng, aren’t you supposed to be trying to impeach Gu Bei? You two-faced rat!”

He’d taken great pains to build relationships with those two elders. But, for some unknown reason, they’d both turned their backs on him!

The Third Elder knitted his brows briefly. He never expected GuU Bai and Gu Feng to join the other side at the last minute. It looked like Gu Heng was done for. The Third Elder was Gu Heng’s master, so he was obligated to back Gu Heng. At the same time, he was well aware of Gu Heng’s bad reputation within the clan. Now that the elders who’d been supporting him had deserted, Gu Heng had lost all fighting chance for the Patriarch’s position.

Gu Feng’s face went cold. “Gu Heng, watch your words. It’s true that I initially planned to impeach Gu Bei for his mistakes. But if I compare his mistakes to yours, they pale in their insignificance!”

Gu Heng was so angry that his lungs nearly exploded.

“I support Gu Bai and Gu Feng.”

“Same goes for me!”

The elders who were supposedly there to impeach Gu Bei all declared their positions. There were several elders who Gu Bei hadn’t paid visits to, but after seeing the situation, they also moved to his side. They’d seen Gu Bei’s disposition, and seen the fact that he’d swayed even the Eighth and Ninth elders. The Patriarchy was solidly in his grasp. They knew exactly how to judge the hour.

Everyone was kicking Gu Heng while he was down.

Gu Heng’s relationship with those elders had been established through money. Since Gu Bei had offered a high price, of course they’d stir.

Gu Tianlong, Gu Ya, and the other elders all exchanged looks. No one needed to say a word. Their actions were already equivalent to waving flags and shouting battle cries. Each one had an expression of gratified on their face. It looked like Gu Bei had secretly made preparations to get so many elders on his side. It was enough to prove that Gu Bei possessed the power to control the clan!

As for the still neutral elders, of course they’d choose Gu Bei over Gu Heng.

Even though Gu Bei had destroyed someone else’s Deity’s Lake, at least he was doing it in the light. He was completely unlike Gu Heng, who’d poisoned another simply to reduce the competition! Gu Lan was Gu Bei’s sister; of course Gu Bei would harbor such hatred towards Gu Heng!

But even under such circumstances, Gu Heng hadn’t expected this to go this way and felt quite dazed. How did things turn out like this?!

He’d been planning for so many years, and he thought that the Patriarch’s position was already in his grasp. He never imagined such an outcome!

“Since the matter has gotten here, then I’ll go ahead and declare punishment!” Gu Tianlong announced. “Gu Bei was indeed being inappropriate for destroying Gu Heng’s Deity’s Lakes. However, that’s pardonable and I will exempt you from punishment. However, you must reimburse the Divine Feathers Sect with five hundred thousand spiritual stones, and the Gu Clan with one million spiritual stones. You must repay the sum within three years; delays are not permitted. As for Gu Heng, you didn’t repent your wrongs, but dared to be the first to cry thief. You are sentenced to thirty years facing the wall[1. Sort of like an extended time-out in the corner, but with a Chinese “meditate and reflect” connotation. Wuxia version of house arrest.]!”

“Patriarch, wait…” The Third Elder opened his mouth to say something, but was interrupted by Gu Tianlong.

“I’ve already made my decision. If anyone wishes to stand out for him, consider the consequences!” Gu Tianlong announced.

Gu Heng’s expression showed that he was at a loss. He still couldn’t figure out why things had gone the way they did.

Gu Tianlong had fined Gu Bei quite a sum of spiritual stones. You could say it was to reimburse the Divine Feathers Sect. But Gu Tianlong also knew that Gu Bei was loaded. It was just an excuse to fill the clan’s treasury. But Gu Tianlong didn’t know exactly how rich Gu Bei was. Otherwise he wouldn’t have issued such a light fine.

A hundred and fifty thousand spiritual stones. To an ordinary person, that was indeed a shocking wealth!

True, Gu Bei had been fined a pretty sum of spiritual stones. However, that was light punishment as far as he was concerned. Meanwhile, Gu Heng had been sentenced to face the wall for thirty years. A cultivator’s most important time was their youth — thirty years of training and rank-ups. But instead, he had to face the wall. By the time Gu Heng’s punishment ended, his cultivation would be so far behind that he’d never be able to catch up to Gu Bei or the others!

Gu Heng was no longer a threat to Gu Bei. The majority of the elders already stood on Gu Bei’s side. What did Gu Heng have to compete against him?

In thirty years, when Gu Heng finished his sentence, Gu Bei will probably be sitting in the Patriarch’s seat!

But regardless, the transactions were done. Gu Heng had summoned so many elders to impeach Gu Bei, but his attempt had backfired and doomed himself instead. If instead, those elders had chosen to support Gu Heng, then even Gu Tianlong wouldn’t be able to do anything against him. But who would’ve expected all those elders to turn to Gu Bei?

Gu Heng had been too arrogant and overlooked things. He thought that his relationships with the elders, cultured over so many years, was something that would never crumble; the reality was outside of his expectations!

The Third Elder, Gu Yu, stood up, swept an eye at Gu Bei, and left the room.

Gu Bei watched Gu Yu’s retreating silhouette and his expression turned deep as he was thinking.