Chapter 401 - Secret Path

Chapter 401 - Secret Path

“If we die, we die together!” Xiao Yu replied, firm and determined.

Nie Li looked back at Xiao Yu. Even though she was wearing a man’s outfit, her facial features were touching.

A red blush smeared itself over Xiao Yu’s face. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Nie Li laughed, “Haha, no reason.”

While all eyes were glued on Nie Li, he approached one of the statues.

Wu Yazi shifted his eyes between Nie Li and Xiao Yu with a doubtful expression. Why did he get the feeling that there was something wrong between those two? What are those two men doing?

The moment Nie Li approached the statue, an enraged snarl echoed through the hall.

“These thirty-six statues form my secret array. Those who touch it will be killed!”

The intent of the Void Illusionary Divine Palace sent forth a formless wave of energy that swept towards Nie Li.

The Holy Son Li Huo twitched his brows. With a flick of his wrist, a scarlet flame shield appeared ten meters away from Nie Li.


The formless wave hit the flame shield and exploded into sparks.

The attack didn’t affect Nie Li in the least as he set to breaking the inscription pattern array. He knew that before he broke the inscription pattern array, the Holy Son Li Huo would definitely protect him.

The intent could control the entire Void Illusionary Divine Palace, but it couldn’t touch the experts inside. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have needed the Ganges Crystals to make the experts kill each other.

Nie Li continued writing down inscription patterns, which spun and sank into the statue.

The Holy Son Li Huo watched from the side as astonishment flashed through his eyes. He couldn’t understand most of what Nie Li was doing.

It was clear that Nie Li knew much more about inscription patterns than he did!

His heart slightly shook. He never expected Nie Li to have such ability, because he was only a Heavenly Fate Realm! And Nie Li was together with Wu Yazi. Was he one of Wu Yazi’s clansmen or servants? He was certainly lucky to have Nie Li as a subordinate!

Nie Li was completely unaware that the Holy Son Li Huo was making plans on him.

Nie Li focused on breaking the inscription patterns. One design after another sank into the statue.

The intent of the Void Illusionary Divine Palace grew even more anxious as it launched more attacks towards Nie Li. However, the Holy Son Li Huo and the others managed to block them all.


The moment the last inscription pattern sank into the statue, the entire array of statues began rumbling and shifting. A dark entrance appeared before them.

A flight of stairs led down into the unknown.

Everyone’s eyes lit up at the sight of it.

They’d already searched more than eighty percent of the Void Illusionary Divine Palace. They’d managed to find a few treasures, but nothing much. This tunnel probably led to the vault of the real treasures.

Yan Yang and Venerable Godthunder brought their men into the room.

The three of them exchanged glances. A cunning light flashed through Venerable Godthunder’s eyes. “I wonder if there’re any hidden traps? Two Holy Sons, it’d be impossible for either of you to reach the treasures alone. Why don’t we join forces and split them three ways?”

Yan Yang went silent for a moment. Righteousness and evil cannot coexist. If he cooperated with Venerable Godthunder and the Holy Son Li Huo, he’d be dirtying his reputation. However, he wasn’t so thick-headed that he didn’t understand his own circumstances.

“Very well,” he replied.

Holy Son Li Huo waved his hand, “Sure.”

Nie Li hurried up to them. “Not three ways, but four!”

The subordinates of all three parties were dumbfounded. This guy was too daring! A Heavenly Fate Realm was actually bargaining with three experts close to the Dao of Dragon Realm? And he wanted an equal share? They wondered whether Nie Li’s brain was soggy.

Curiosity flickered through Venerable Godthunder’s eyes. He’d never met a Heavenly Fate Realm who’d dare to say such things in front of him!

The Holy Son Li Huo waved his hand. “If there are treasures, we’ll split with him! If it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t have been able to open this inscription patterns array!”

On the inside, he thought: there’s no way this Heavenly Fate Realm would make such a request if he couldn’t back it up.

If Nie Li was capable, then there was no harm in giving him a share. Who knows, maybe he could even take in Nie Li as a subordinate!

Nie Li was proficient with inscription pattern arrays. There were also lots of hidden areas in the Draconic Ruins Realm. Mountains of treasures could come at the twitch of a finger. Talents were truly more valuable than treasures!

Yan Yang spoke up. “I agree as well.”

From his point of view, a third wasn’t that much more than a fourth.

However, Nie Li didn’t believe them in the least. If there really turned out to be any treasures, then those three would fight it out!

In reality, Nie Li had made the request to test their characters. It was also designed to make them place more importance on himself as a bargaining chip. The Holy Son Li Huo and Venerable Godthunder truly had good judgement; they knew Nie Li was necessary, if they wanted their treasures!

In the meantime, Nie Li had other plans for Yan Yang.

Venerable Godthunder looked down through the tunnel, then at the other two and asked, “Who’s first?”

The Holy Son Li Huo made a decisive decision. “Each of us will send ten people down!”

“Sounds good!” Venerable Godthunder and Yan Yang agreed.

Thirty people quickly entered the path.

A brief moment later, a series of miserable screams floated through the tunnel. Three people climbed back out, all covered with injuries.

One subordinate cupped his hands and reported to Li Huo. “Report to the Holy Son! There are many traps inside. Almost all of us died after proceeding for five hundred meters!”

Li Huo replied, “Send another thirty men to investigate!”

To these major sects, lives weren’t even worth money. Were they trying to fill the traps with bodies?

Nie Li was absolutely certain that he could break the traps; however, he didn’t say so. First, he had to use up all of Li Huo’s and Godthunder’s forces!

Wave after wave descended into the tunnel. At last, someone returned to report that they’d discovered a massive underground palace filled with treasures concealed in there.

“Let’s go!” Li Huo barked as he led a group of people and charged in.

Nie Li lifted himself up and landed on the secret path as well.

Xiao Yu followed without the slightest hesitation. Wu Yazi followed behind them.