Chapter 385 - Illusion

Chapter 385 - Illusion

Both Wu Yazi and Xiao Yu’s hearts trembled at Nie Li’s words.

Nie Li’s expression was graver than ever before. His mood affected Wu Yazi and Xiao Yu, making them serious as well, as they scrutinised their surroundings.

Nie Li stood in the center of the thick pillars and saw a faint sheen light up the space before him. It was a transparent wall that loomed before them, preventing them from taking another step forward. Nie Li quickly wrote down a few inscription patterns, which glowed brilliantly before forming a large inscription pattern array that projected itself onto the unseen barrier.


The inscription pattern array exploded and a majestic energy swept over them. The five pillars that surrounded them shook violently, and began cracking.

The earth trembled with the force of earthquakes.

A visible hole shattered through the invisible wall.

The Void Illusionary Divine Palace’s protection barrier had been torn down!

“Follow me!” Nie Li ordered as he leapt into the hole.

*Wooshh!* *Woooosh!*

Wu Yazi and Xiao Yu followed him in.

The ground shook intensely and the five pillars collapsed to the ground. A few mountains outside the Void Illusionary Divine Palace also crumbled.

The Thousand Illusionary Array outside was collapsing.

The experts from the various sects, who’d had gathered outside the Thousand Illusionary Array, were dumbfounded at the sight.

“What happened?”

“What’s going on?”

Nothing like this had ever happened before. They looked out into the distance, where the Thousand Illusionary Array was crumbling.

The experts of the Demon God’s Sect showed pure joy on their faces as they watched the Thousand Illusionary Array crumble away.

“The Thousand Illusionary Array has been destroyed! Everyone get ready! We’re charging in!”

“Send a few messengers back, to inform the ancestors. The Thousand Illusionary Array that surrounds the Void Illusionary Divine Palace has crumbled. Tell them to send reinforcements!”

Experts from the various divine sects, including the Divine Feathers and Skyblaze Sects, couldn’t help showing the same expression.

Before, the Thousand Illusionary Array had prevented them from approaching the Void Illusionary Divine Palace; but now, they had a chance to enter, since it’d been destroyed.

Legends told of a great treasure that a supreme expert had hidden behind in the Void Illusionary Palace.

The first to enter would definitely be able to obtain many priceless treasures!

The moment the Thousand Illusionary Array crumbled, countless people turned themselves into streaks of light that charged towards the Void Illusionary Divine Palace. Rays of light rained toward it from all directions, as everyone wanted to be the first inside the Void Illusionary Divine Palace.

Suddenly, the sounds of clashing resounded.

Those streaks of light had hit an invisible barrier.


“What’s that?”

A lot of people hadn’t noticed the invisible barrier before they’d charged; therefore, they’d run head-on into it. Quite a few of them had suffered injuries that left them in bloody and miserable states.

So there was actually another barrier around the Void Illusionary Divine Palace! This barrier was extremely solid. Not even a Heavenly Star or Axis Realm expert could break through.

The only way to enter the Void Illusionary Divine Palace was by breaking this barrier!

Tens of thousands of people had been blocked out by the barrier, and were left with despair. At first, they’d believed that they could enter, since the outer barrier was gone. None of them had expected another barrier.

They began pondering over ways to break the new barrier.

Long Tianming and Long Liu stood outside the barrier. Long Tianming’s brows were tightly knit. He never expected the Thousand Illusionary Array to actually break! He recalled Wu Yazi’s group of three travelling back and forth within the Thousand Illusionary Array with ease. It was highly likely that those three were connected to this situation!

Could Wu Yazi’s group of three really have broken the Thousand Illusionary Array?

Long Tianming deeply stared at the invisible barrier that surrounded the Void Illusionary Divine Palace.

Wu Yazi’s group might’ve already entered the Void Illusionary Divine Palace!

The truth was exactly as Long Tianming had imagined. Earlier, Nie Li had used a special inscription pattern array to open a hole in the protection barrier. The three of them had already entered.

Outer Hall of the Void Illusionary Divine Palace.


Massive beasts lunged towards Nie Li’s group of three from all directions, as their majestic auras washed over them.

“Not good!” Wu Yazi cried. “Those are Thunder Beasts! I can’t deal with them! We have to leave, quickly!”

Thunder Beasts were Dao of Dragon Realm creatures, at the very least! Even Wu Yazi would hit a dead end if he tried to take on so many at once.

Xiao Yu’s face ashened as she sensed their auras and realised that they weren’t creatures that she could confront.

However, Nie Li only smiled. “Keep a calm mind and maintain your emotions. Don’t worry about the beasts!”

“Those beasts are already snapping at us. How are you not anxious?” Wu Yazi replied. “Are you trying to die?”

“They’re just illusions!” Nie Li replied as he continued walking forward.

Wu Yazi was surprised by Nie Li’s words, but quickly reclaimed his calm mind. Were they really just illusions?


A Thunder Beast passed through Nie Li’s body without causing any damage.

Wu Yazi and Xiao Yu calmed their minds and passed through after Nie Li.

It was true! They were only illusions!

“Those Thunder Beasts were so lifelike! How could you tell the difference?” Wu Yazi asked. He was curious as to how Nie Li could always see the truth behind the illusions.

Nie Li smiled and said, “It’s called the Identifying Technique. But you wouldn’t understand, even if I told you about it. So let’s just leave it at that.”

Wu Yazi’s heart was filled with curiosity as he chased after the question. “Even if I won’t be able to understand it, at least it’ll be better than not knowing!”

“I’ll tell you after we exit the Void Illusionary Divine Palace. Right now, we still have some important things to do!” Nie Li said as he turned to face forward and continued flying further in.

Wu Yazi opened his mouth, but said nothing and bitterly smiled to himself. He still planned to kill Nie Li and Xiao Yu after they left the Void Illusionary Divine Palace.

The more they progressed on this adventure, the more Wu Yazi was amazed and mystified by Nie Li.

A trace of hesitation made its way into Wu Yazi’s heart. Should he really kill Nie Li after they left the Illusionary Divine Palace? If he didn’t, then the matter regarding the Demon Blood Sacrifice might get out. But it didn’t seem worth it to offend someone like Nie Li, either.

Wu Yazi felt extremely contradicted.

Nie Li had already caught all the slightly changes in Wu Yazi’s expression. The corner of his mouth lifted into a light smile, but he said nothing as he kept flying.

They flew along for a little more, before Nie Li landed at the entrance to a side chamber and walked up to it without a second pause. Even though he was still standing outside, he could already sense the rich Heavenly Energy that filled the chamber’s interior.

There must be some kind of treasure concealed within!