Chapter 382 - Following

Chapter 382 - Following

“Stop!” Long Tianming halted his underlings as they were about to charge forward. He landed in front of them.

Long Tianming lightly cupped his hands towards Nie Li’s group of three. “It seems that there was a misunderstanding earlier. Please do forgive us! Since the three of you haven’t suffered any injuries, how about we just end things here?”

Wu Yazi’s brows twitched at Long Tianming’s words and snorted, “So it looks like you’re the one in charge. When I arrived, one of your underlings told me to ‘get lost’. Who the hell does he think he is?”

Long Tianming frowned for a moment, then said, “So it seems that one of my subordinates has been rude to you! However, you’ve also killed nine of my men. Weren’t you being a little too heavy with your attacks?”

Long Tianming didn’t want to provoke any trouble, but if Wu Yazi was going to be insistent, then he wouldn’t back down. He was already angry over the fact that nine of his underlings had been killed.

Wu Yazi snorted at Long Tianming’s words. “Being too heavy? That was only light punishment! If we weren’t that strong, would you be acting so polite right now? You would’ve already killed the three of us! Those nine underlings of yours only got what was coming!”

Nie Li lightly smiled at that. Wu Yazi really had a fiery temper. The harder Long Tianming was on him, the more stubborn he got.

“You…” Long Tianming’s breathing accelerated. However, he reconsidered and decided to endure it. He was searching for the entrance to the Void Illusionary Divine Palace right now. He didn’t have time to argue with Wu Yazi. “Friend, it doesn’t matter who’s right or wrong. Your party hasn’t suffered any losses, and I don’t wish to pursue this matter any longer. Let’s leave it here. What do you say?”

Wu Yazi shrugged and said, “Whatever you want. Either way, this place is already mine. I’ll let it go, if you guys get lost!”

Long Tianming’s lungs nearly exploded.

His fists were tightly clenched. A vein popped from his arm.

“Young Master, we’ll slaughter those arrogant fools!”

“He really thinks that we’re afraid of him?”

Long Tianming’s underlings had been riled up, and they rashly prepared to attack Wu Yazi again.

Wu Yazi arrogantly replied, “I’m the least afraid of fighting. If you guys want to bring it, then I’ll destroy every last one of you!” He was from the Raccoon Clan, with a Primordial Bloodline; he had the qualifications to be arrogant.

Long Tianming couldn’t gauge Wu Yazi’s strength. Although he had a Dragon Bloodline God Level demon spirit, and, therefore, had a certain level of confidence, he didn’t dare to take the risk.

However, if he ran with his tail between his legs, then even he, Long Tianming, would find it hard to face his subordinates anymore.

Nie Li looked at Long Tianming and his group. “Yeah, you guys get lost!”

He’d been observing Long Tianming this entire time. Indeed, that guy had much more patience than the descendants of the other families. However, it’d also be hard for Long Tianming to agree to Wu Yazi’s overbearing request.

Long Tianming’s face was ashen at Nie Li’s words. Since when could a Heavenly Fate Realm reprimand him like that?

Long Tianming deeply looked at Wu Yazi. Nie Li had absolute confidence in this guy’s cultivation; that’s why Nie Li dared to be so arrogant. Wu Yazi was from the Raccoon clan, and he possessed many powerful secret techniques. If a fight broke out, even Long Tianming wasn’t confident that he’d win.

Long Tianming coldly snorted as he turned around. “Let’s go!”

Long Tianming’s Heavenly Axis Realm experts all turned red from the pent-up anger. They’d lose face if they were to leave like that! However, they didn’t dare to disobey Long Tianming’s orders. They felt wronged and shamed, but they still followed him.

Following Long Tianming, they turned and left, relocating to another spot a few miles away.

Nie Li stared at Long Tianming’s back with a deep expression. He never expected Long Tianming to accept such an unreasonable demand. He really wasn’t a simple guy! That man was definitely harder to deal with than Nie Li had imagined!

Wu Yazi spat towards Long Tianming’s silhouette. “I never expected them to actually run away. Humans really are cowards!”

He turned around and saw Xiao Yu glaring at him with fury and Nie Li smiling, yet not smiling. He laughed awkwardly. “I didn’t mean you guys!”

In terms of strength, Wu Yazi was much stronger than Long Tianming; however, he wasn’t a deep schemer. Nie Li didn’t consider Wu Yazi much of an opponent at all, especially since he knew that Wu Yazi would try to deal with them upon exiting the Void Illusionary Divine Palace. Long Tianming, on the other hand, gave Nie Li a strong sense of danger.

“Alright! This place is ours now!” Wu Yazi looked around him. “Are you sure the entrance is around here?”

“I’ll look for it!” Nie Li said, “We still have time!”

A spot far away, Long Tianming and his group of people.

One of Long Tianming’s subordinates indignantly said, “Young Master, I still cannot accept this. That demon was truly strong, and we might not be his match, but why did we have to run with our tails between our legs?”

Long Tianming coldly swept an eye over that subordinate. “Long Liu, do you have an opinion on my decision?”

“No, I dare not.” Long Liu immediately trembled with fear.

“That demon is from the Raccoon Clan. I’m not sure if it’s the Nine Nether or the Divine Blooded Raccoon bloodline, but either way, if we were to engage in battle, the outcome is very unpredictable. Don’t forget our goal in coming here!” A chill flashed through Long Tianming’s eyes as he continued, “That kid was an arrogant brat and stepped all over us, but there really isn’t a need to fight him head-on. He’s also searching for the entrance to the Void Illusionary Divine Palace. It’s highly possible that he’s realised something, and that’s why he snatched our position. If they’ve really found the entrance to the Void Illusionary Divine Palace...anyways, just keep a close eye on them!”

The eyes of his subordinates lit up when they heard Long Tianming’s words.

“The Young Master is wise!”

Nie Li looked into the distance and saw Long Tianming and his group. Even though they’d given up this location, they’d only moved a few miles away, and were still watching from a distance. A thought flashed through Nie Li’s head, and the corner of his mouth turned upwards. He’d already figured out Long Tianming’s motives.

Long Tianming was quite a troublesome schemer.

It was a pity that he’d encountered Nie Li!

If Long Tianming walked off like this, then Nie Li would’ve let it go. However, Long Tianming had stayed behind to plot against them then he would fall sooner or later.

Time passed, bit by bit. Nie Li continued studying the seven-coloured barrier that surrounded the Void Illusionary Divine Palace.

“How is it?” Wu Yazi asked, looking a little anxious.

Nie Li smiled and said, “Don’t worry. I’ve already found the entrance to the Thousand Illusionary Array!” The truth was, there were hundreds of entrances to the Thousand Illusionary Array. Entering was simple. The problem was whether or not they could leave the array afterwards.

Wu Yazi’s face filled with excitement when he heard Nie Li’s words. “Can we enter right now?”

“Follow me!” Nie Li said as he flew towards the Thousand Illusionary Array.

Outside, within Long Tianming’s group.

“Young Master, they’ve started to move. They’re preparing to enter!” Long Liu said with excitement.

A chilly ray flashed through Long Tianming’s eyes. “Everyone, follow closely.”