Chapter 374 - Void Spiritual Array

Chapter 374 - Void Spiritual Array

Xiao Yu struggled for quite a while before he finally realised that there was no point. The only thing he could do was widen his eyes and helplessly resign himself to his fate.

After Nie Li treated Xiao Yu’s back, he turned his friend over and leaned him on the tree.

What Nie Li caught sight of there stunned him.

Xiao Yu was extremely slim, and his chest was flat and smooth. Although there were several burn wounds, it wasn’t terribly serious. A huge portion of his pearly white skin could be seen.

There wasn’t the slightest injury on her chest and her pearly white chest were covered by a mysterious tattoo.

The design was extremely complex, as though it was crafted from high-level inscription patterns.

Even Nie Li couldn’t make any sense of it; however, he intuitively sensed that those inscription patterns were probably linked to Xiao Yu’s origins.

A strange ring with power over space-time, and a set of mysterious and profound inscription patterns. Nie Li guessed that Xiao Yu probably had a formidable background!

Since Nie Li was staring at his front, Xiao Yu turned red all the way down to his neck. He could only slightly tilt his head away slightly.

“We’re both guys, what’s there to be embarrassed about?” Nie Li shrugged.

Xiao Yu still appeared a little indignant at Nie Li’s words.

He began treating Xiao Yu’s front side. He slowly smeared the medicinal paste on his friend’s wounds and massaged it in. He was cautious with every wound.

Nie Li had a serious expression on his face as he looked down on Xiao Yu’s wounds. Xiao Yu was finally looking back at him with a less dazed expression. Tears flickered in his eyes. Who knew what he was trying to say?

“Could you not look me in the eye? You’re making my hair stand.” Nie Li said, a little disheartened. No. Xiao Yu wouldn’t happen to have a special hobby of being interested in men, right?

Either way, Nie Li continued treating Xiao Yu’s wounds, and only left a few private parts for Xiao Yu to do for himself.

Just as Nie Li prepared to unlock Xiao Yu’s meridians, his eyes fell back to the mysterious inscription pattern arrays on Xiao Yu’s chest.

He could faintly sense a mysterious ripple of energy spreading out from the design on Xiao Yu’s chest. It was as though the surrounding time and space had stopped.

When Nie Li’s eyes fell on the tattoo, he felt like he was being sucked in. He couldn’t look away.

Nie Li’s heart was filled with curiosity. Just what were these inscription pattern arrays?

He unconsciously extended his hand and touched Xiao Yu’s chest.

His body no longer listened to him, and was being pulled by the ungraspable energy.

“Wu…wu…wu…” Xiao Yu thrashed violently.

However, Nie Li couldn’t hear his friend’s protests. His right hand was already over the mysterious inscription patterns.


The mysterious energy surged violently. The inscription patterns on Xiao Yu’s chest began spinning rapidly. Mysterious inscription pattern chains snaked out in all direction and latched onto Nie Li.

A deep vortex sucked his mind inside.

Nie Li thoroughly lost consciousness.

After a long period of time, Nie Li entered a dark and endless space.

He quietly seated himself in the place without edges. It was a void that made one feel vulnerable and exposed from all directions.

“Where is this?” Nie Li furrowed his brows. Why did this happen when he touched the inscription pattern arrays on Xiao Yu’s chest?

He sensed a powerful intent permeating the surrounding space. His own intent was like a drop in the ocean compared to it.

A deep and hoarse voice sounded from the endless time-space. “This is the space within the Void Spiritual Array!”

“The Void Spiritual Array?” Nie Li knitted his brows. The information flowed into his mind as he recalled the Void Spiritual Array. Only someone who’d cultivated the [Heaven’s Divination] technique to a very high level could lay that kind of inscription pattern array.

[Heaven’s Divination] technique was a mysterious and forbidden technique.

Within the time-space controlled by the Sage Emperor, the [Heaven’s Divination] technique was something that absolutely should not be learned. Those who’d learned it would eventually be discovered, and then the Sage Emperor’s Deity Generals would pursue them to the ends of the earth. However, even if the [Heaven’s Divination] technique couldn’t be practiced, there were still many people with lofty ideals who preserved and passed it down. Therefore, there were still many who knew it.

It was said that the [Heaven’s Divination] technique could allow one to climb the Heavenly Dao and break the space-time seal placed by the Sage Emperor.

However, once those who’d cultivated the [Heaven’s Divination] technique reached a certain level, they’d be discovered by the Sage Emperor. After that, death was destined. Therefore, there were only a few throughout history who were powerful enough to lay down a Void Spiritual Array. All of them possessed great strength and had attained unimaginable heights. To some degree, all of them were strong enough to fight the Sage Emperor.

“Indeed. Before I died, I laid this Void Spiritual Array upon the body of my daughter. However, that was already several million years ago. My confrontation with the Sage Emperor ended with my fall. To protect my only daughter, I sent her through time and space with a secret technique, and she arrived in the present, several million years later. I chose this time because I sensed a powerful time-space aura from here. Someone has managed to cultivate the [Heaven’s Divination] technique to my level.”

“Your daughter?” Nie Li couldn’t help knitting his brows. Could this “daughter” be Xiao Yu?

Nie Li had suspected that Xiao Yu was a woman, but he couldn’t confirm it. He bitterly smiled as he thought about her flat chest. Back then, he’d thought that he’d confirmed that Xiao Yu was male!

The voice didn’t seem too bothered by what Nie Li was thinking, as it said, “I do not know where that expert is, but I sense a powerful space-time aura from you.”

Nie Li’s body contained a powerful time-space aura? Could it be from the two remnant pages of the Temporal Demon Spirit Book? Or was it something else?

Nie Li stared into the void and asked, “I’d like to ask Senior, what’s your motive for placing the Void Spiritual Array onto your daughter’s chest?”

The intent replied, “Through this Void Spiritual Array, my wife and I have sealed our lifetime’s worth of cultivation within our daughter’s bloodline. As time passes, our daughter’s bloodline will slowly awaken, and she will become an expert that surpasses even ourselves. However, she still won’t be strong enough to confront the Sage Emperor. We can only wait for that expert that have reached the pinnacle of the [Heaven’s Divination] technique!”

“I wonder… how can I help you?” Nie Li said after he considered the voice’s words. The Void Spiritual Array had sucked his consciousness inside; that expert must have intended it to happen. He must have a motive behind it.

“I do not know of your origins, but I can sense that you have a more than ordinary relationship with my daughter,” the voice said.

*Cough* *cough*

Nie Li couldn’t help feeling a little awkward. Just a little while ago, he didn’t even know that Xiao Yu was a woman. Now that he knew, he couldn’t help the awkwardness. He’d touched Xiao Yu’s entire body!

“Well… we’re just really close friends.” Nie Li awkwardly smiled.

“Since you’re her close friend, I’d like to entrust a matter to you,” the voice said.

“Senior, please speak. As long as it’s something I can accomplish, I’ll do my best!” Nie Li straightforwardly answered. After all, his relationship with Xiao Yu wasn’t that bad. Earlier, he’d been saved by Xiao Yu. He’d even touched her. If he couldn’t agree to her father’s request, then he’d be too cruel and shameless.