Chapter 364 - Five Years

Chapter 364 - Five Years

Nie Li was extremely depressed. It didn’t matter whether they made a good match or not. You should still get peoples’ opinions before you try to marry them off. Was she even aware of the saying “unwillingness cannot produce desired results”?

Nie Li’s thoughts whirled. How could he deal with Long Yuyin’s forceful old lady?

Nie Li felt extremely depressed under the threat of the cold dagger. He’d heard that Long Yuyin had wasted her own fiancé, Hu Yong, twice. Had she learned that from her mother?

Long Shuyun stared at Nie Li as she coldly said, “So, will you?”

The chilling aura made Nie Li shiver.

Nie Li immediately opened his mouth. “Wait! I have several questions. Why do you and Long Yuyin have the same surname, Long?”

At Nie Li’s words, Long Shuyun blankly stared at him for a moment. This subject was a bit too much of a leap. After a brief moment, she said, “We belong to the Dragonseal Family; therefore, we are surnamed Long. If you’re married with my daughter, your surname will, of course, have to be Long as well!”

So it turned out that he’d have to go and live with his “wife’s” family[1. In China, the woman usually joins her husband’s family. However, in various circumstances (for example, if the wife’s family has extraordinary wealth or is a prominent family), then the husband might join the wife’s family and adopt her surname.]!

“Having the chance to take on the surname Long. You should feel proud!” Long Shuyun said, as if it was a natural thing.

“That’s impossible!” Nie Li shook his head. “My surname was bestowed by my ancestors. Forget about being wasted. Even if I was killed, I won’t change my surname. This is disrespect towards my ancestors!”

Long Shuyun shrugged. “Alright then. If you’re unwilling to take the surname Long, then I won’t force you to. It’ll be fine as long as the first child you have with my daughter bears the surnamed Long!”

Nie Li dumbfoundedly looked at Long Shuyun. She compromised so quickly? Didn’t she have principles?!

“Before you marry my daughter, go ahead and voice any requests you have. As long as they aren’t too unreasonable, I’ll agree to them!” Shunyun looked at Nie Li and said in a meaningful tone, “I know your ambitions are quite large, and the foundations that you’ve laid out are quite solid. However, if you really want a chance at the Sect Master’s position, it won't be enough with just Hierarch Skycloud’s support. If you marry Long Yuyin, you’d be able to gain the support of another big five. At that point of time, even Sect Master Situ would have to consider you carefully as your chances of winning are too high! Furthermore, our Dragonseal Family will do our best to help you win the position! But whether you'll be our ally or our enemy, that’s your decision to make!”

Hearing Long Shuyun’s words, Nie Li was depressed in his heart. That was a naked, straightforward threat! Was there anyone like her, marrying her daughter off in this manner? These people of the Dragonseal Family... how were their brains wired?

Nie Li was depressed; however, he understood Long Shuyun’s thoughts. With Long Yuyin’s strength alone, the chances that she’d win the Dragonseal Family’s Patriarch seat were rather small. However, if Nie Li married Long Yuyin, then the outcome would definitely be different.

Two members of younger generation who’d integrated with a Dragon Bloodline God Level demon spirit. And one of them had a mutated one at that. Surely, the resources of the Dragonseal Family would lean towards Nie Li and Long Yuyin’s side.

“Speaking of which, I still have to thank you. No matter how I tried to persuade her, that daughter of mine wasn’t willing to fight for the Patriarch’s position. I never thought that after following you, she’d actually change her mind about that. In this world, there are many things that require you to compete before they can belong to you! I can tell that this daughter of mine is fond of you. Since that’s the case, then as her mother, I definitely have to help her. Nie Li, if you betray Yin’er’s hopes... Hmph! Don’t preach to me about the rules of Divine Feathers Sect. I’ve never cared about those rules, anyways!” Long Shuyun said with a domineering attitude.

Nie Li felt a headache from just how much Long Shuyun loved her daughter. He’d been trying the change the subject, but she still drove on.

“Aunty, this doesn’t seem like a good idea. After all, both Long Yuyin and I are still young. Marrying right now doesn’t seem too good of an idea. Why don’t we wait five years? By then, if Long Yuyin still likes me, then I’ll marry her!” Nie Li said after pondering for a brief moment. Who knows what things would be like in five years? By then, even if Nie Li was going to shamelessly claim ignorance of the matter, there’d be nothing that Long Shuyun could do to him.

Long Shuyin briefly considered Nie Li’s words, then said, “It’s not too good of an idea? There are many people who get married at your age! But alright. I can wait five years for the wedding. But you’ll have to go ahead and get engaged and have your first child. I’m very free anyways, I’ll take care of the grandchildren for you!”

Nie Li blankly stared at Long Shuyun. He was dumbfounded.


She’s truly unparalleled! Nie Li didn’t know how to reply to her at all.

“Aunty, marriage is such a big matter! Shouldn’t we consult our parents first? My parents live in the Tiny World, but the door to the Tiny World only opens every five years.” Nie Li quickly replied. Even he couldn't help being convinced by his own quick-witted reply.

Long Shuyun hesitated for a moment, but then sharply glared at Nie Li, and said, “Are you trying to stall?”

“Why would I dare to stall Aunty?!” Nie Li immediately followed. “My parents really are still in the Tiny World!”

“You don’t have to bother about that. You can just let your parents know in five years. After your child is born, of course.” Long Shuyin said firmly.

“I can’t do that! Without my parents’ approval, how could I dare to commit such an unfilial act[2. Chinese culture is all about “filial piety”, or absolute obedience towards your parents.]?!” Nie Li righteously replied on the spot.

Long Shuyun was so enraged that her chest was heaving up and down. “I get it. You don’t want to marry my daughter. If that’s the case, then don’t blame me for being ruthless! Let’s see how long you can hold out for!” She raised the dagger and brought it down towards Nie Li’s crotch.

Nie Li sensed that chill in his crotch, but firmly replied, “I’ve put my words on the table. It’s not that I’m unwilling to marry Long Yuyin. But before I do, I have to seek my parents’ approval! Otherwise, I definitely won’t yield, regardless of what Aunty does to me!”

Just as her dagger was just about to cut into Nie Li, she stopped. Long Shuyun had been caught in a rather awkward position. After all, Nie Li hadn’t thoroughly refused her. And if she went ahead and actually wasted this boy, Long Yuyin might get angry with her. However this kid was too crafty. Who knew if he was actually delaying on purpose?

Just as Long Shuyun hesitated, the door to Nie Li’s room suddenly opened and Xiao Yu walked in. Xiao Yu was stunned on the spot.

“You guys…” Xiao Yu dumbfoundedly looked upon the scene. He’d heard a female voice when he passed by Nie Li’s room. When he thought that it was Long Yuyin again, he became enraged, so he pushed the door open and witnessed the scene before him instead.

Nie Li was suspended in mid-air with his limbs splayed in all four directions, looking extremely ambiguous. Who knew what this mature and fiery woman was doing to him?

“Who are you?” Xiao Yu stared at Long Shuyun as he tried to guess her identity. After all, it was weird that there was a stranger in Nie Li’s room.

Long Shuyun patted Nie Li and chuckled. “Nie Li, how was it? Has Big Sister served you well?”

She glanced at Nie Li as her charming eyes flashed with a chilling light.

Seeing Long Shuyun’s eyes, Nie Li felt depressed in his heart. This woman seriously wanted his life[2. Not literally. Something more like a pain in the ass, or annoying him to death.]! But he knew that if he didn’t cooperate with her, then the consequences would be extremely heavy.