Chapter 327 - Successor’s Position

Chapter 327 - Successor’s Position

The Scarlet Titanic Flame Bear trembled with fear. It was immobilized by the terrifying pressure of the Dragon Bone Winged Tiger.

The Dragon Bone Winged Tiger lifted its huge palm and slammed the Scarlet Titanic Flame Bear, the wind whistling as it went by.


The terrifying energy slammed the Scarlet Titanic Flame bear into the ground. Its bulky legs constantly twitched.

This Scarlet Titanic Flame Bear was on par to a Dragon Bloodline Excellent Level growth rate demon spirit. Furthermore, both Gu Bing and his Scarlet Titanic Flame Bear were already at the 3-fate realm.

However, the Scarlet Titanic Flame Bear was smashed into the ground with just one strike from the Dragon Boned Winged Tiger.

At the sight of this, Gu Ya abruptly stood up. With his keen eyesight and his perception of auras, how could he not sense that Gu Bei’s Dragon Bloodline demon spirit had a God Level growth rate?

He couldn’t mask the astonishment in his heart. He understood exactly what having a Dragon Bloodline God Level growth rate demon spirit meant.

A Dragon Bloodline God Level growth rate demon spirit meant pinnacle pillar strength. Once Gu Bei grew up, he would definitely become an important existence within the Divine Feathers Sect.

Over the years, the Gu Clan had been constantly hunting demon beasts in the outside world and had only obtained two Dragon Bloodline God Level growth rate demon spirits. One of them had been given to Gu Lan, but since her meridians had been blocked, it was impossible to change the owner. As for the other one, it’d been given to Gu Heng. However, Gu Heng’s talent had always been inferior to Gu Lan’s.

But now, another Dragon Bloodline God Level growth rate demon spirit had appeared in the Gu Clan!

Where did Gu Bei get that demon spirit from?

Under normal circumstances, demon spirits of that level could only be found in the hands of some major family; they were simply too hard to find. You’d have to kill thousands or even tens of thousands of demon spirits to find one Extraordinary Level growth rate demon spirit with a Dragon Bloodline. As for God Level growth rates, those were entirely dependent on luck. Even with the entire family hunting nonstop, the Gu Clan would be lucky to find one after several years.

However, Gu Bei had actually got a Dragon Bloodline God Level growth rate demon spirit!

Although Gu Ya had no idea where Gu Bei might have gotten it from, he was certain of one thing. With such a powerful demon spirit, Gu Bei would definitely become second-in-line to the Gu Clan. Furthermore, the first successor’s position would also be reconsidered.

Dragon Bloodline God Level growth rate demon spirits were extremely rare. However, someone with heaven-defying luck might be able obtain one from hunting a Dragon Bloodline demon beast. After all, it was something of low probability. It didn’t matter where Gu Bei got it from. The important point was that another talented member of the younger generation had appeared within the Gu Clan!

This matter would shake the entire family!

Gu Heng was watching from the sidelines with unrestrained shock. Gu Bei actually got himself a Dragon Bloodline God Level growth rate demon spirit! Suddenly, Gu Heng felt his own position had become unstable.

All this time, Gu Heng had never placed Gu Bei with much importance; but now, Gu Bei had actually become a huge threat.

This brother and sister. One was crippled and still wasn’t resigned to the fact. Now the other wanted to come out and fight?

A vicious light flashed across Gu Heng’s eyes. Since Gu Bei appeared with the intention of fighting for position, then he should have a certain amount of confidence. ‘Since that’s the case, then I’ll play with you!’ Gu Heng knew that trying to poison Gu Bei definitely wouldn’t work again. First, Gu Bei would definitely have precautious. Second, if both sister and brother had their meridians clogged, it’d start smelling fishy. The family would investigate the matter to its end. If that happened, then Gu Heng would definitely be suspected and it’d affect his prestige within the family.

He had to think of another way to prevent Gu Bei from growing up!

If Gu Bei intendeds to fight for his position, then Gu Bei would definitely have to build his own force in the outside world. Out there, Gu Heng definitely wouldn’t give Gu Bei any trace of a chance.

Gu Lan, who was sitting on her chair, swept her gaze over Gu Heng. Her expression remained calm, no one knows what she was thinking about. Gu Heng would never expect that Gu Lan had already recovered fully. His opponent wasn’t Gu Bei alone; it was the two of them together!

Gu Bing, who was a 3-fate, had also lost. The bystanders all looked at Gu Ya, curious to see whether Gu Ya would send anyone else to test Gu Bei.

Gu Ya waved his hand as he laughed, “Gu Bei’s test will end here! We will host an urgent meeting of the elders now. All clansmen of the Gu Clan, listen up! Gu Bei will become one of the successor candidates to the Gu Clan. As to the line-up of the successors, we’ll decide that later!”

Gu Heng stood up as he laughed, “Congratulations to Younger Cousin Gu Bei for obtaining a Dragon Bloodline God Level growth rate demon spirit and becoming one of the successors as well. I never imagined that this would happen. Younger Cousin Gu Bei has indeed given us a huge shock!”

Hearing Gu Ya’s words, everyone couldn’t help discussing among themselves.

“Gu Bei’s Dragon Bone Winged Tiger is a God Level growth rate demon spirit?”

“Where did his Dragon Bloodline God Level growth rate demon spirit come from?”

“I never imagined that our Gu Clan would have another genius who’d integrated with a Dragon Bloodline God Level growth rate demon spirit! Although his cultivation can’t match up to the other successors’, with the Dragon Bloodline God Level growth rate demon spirit, he could probably become the second-in-line successor!”

“Second-in-line successor” was probably in Gu Bei’s gasp. After all, within the entire Gu Clan, there were only two people of the younger generation who’d integrated with a demon spirit of such a level!

Very quickly, the news spread. Gu Bei had integrated with a Dragon Bloodline God Level growth rate demon spirit and became one of the successors. The news spread so far that even the other families were also made aware. Some were depressed because the Gu Clan’s strength had grown again. Meanwhile others were happy that another genius had emerged in the Divine Feathers Sect.

Gu Bei and Gu Heng looked at each other as their fighting spirits started to burn in their eyes. Both of them would undoubtedly fight for the successor’s position of the Gu Clan.

Gu Clan.

Gu Ya and the other elders rushed back to the family grounds and soon launched an Elder’s meeting.

Dozens of elders sat in the hall of the Gu Clan.

The current Patriarch of the Gu Clan, Gu Tianlong, was seated at the front.

Gu Tianlong’s gaze swept past the elders as he asked, “Regarding this matter with Gu Bei, what are your opinions?”

“We have to thoroughly investigate how Gu Bei obtained his Dragon Bloodline God Level growth rate demon spirit.” The third elder spoke in a solemn voice as he continued, “Furthermore, he has violated the family rules by integrating with a Dragon Bloodline God Level growth rate demon spirit without notifying the clan. He should be disciplined. Otherwise, people will start following his lead and integrating with demon spirits as soon as they obtain them. Wouldn’t that ruin the family rules?!”

Gu Ya lightly smiled as a ray of brilliant light flashed in his eyes, “Third elder, you’re going to discipline a genius who has integrated with a Dragon Bloodline God Level growth rate demon spirit? Gu Lan’s meridians are already clogged. As her brother, he’s also suffered quite a bit. Furthermore, he’s been enduring and keeping a low profile. In the end, he amazed all of us with a single brilliant feat. Wouldn’t it be too sad to punish him further?”

“However, it’s a fact that Gu Bei violated a family rule!”

“There are many who’ve violated family rules!” Gu Ya looked at Gu Yu as a chill flashed through his eyes. “Gu Heng is also one of them!”

Gu Yu’s brows twitched as he asked, “What rule has Gu Heng violated?”

“Hmph, hmph! If you don’t want anyone to know, then don’t do it! Third elder, do you want me to continue speaking?” Gu Ya glanced at Gu Yu with slanted eyes.

Gu Yu opened his mouth, but remained silent in the end, feeling depressed in his heart. Could Gu Ya have found out the truth? That Gu Heng had poisoned Gu Lan?

All the elders began to discussing as Gu Tianlong remained silent and pondered for a long while.

Finally, one of the elders turned to Gu Tianlong and said, “Regarding this matter, why doesn’t the Patriarch make a decision? In my opinion, this child, Gu Bei, seems to be a good-for-nothing on the surface. But in reality, he’s been working hard behind the scenes. Add on the fact that he’s integrated with a Dragon Bloodline God Level growth rate demon spirit, he totally qualifies to be the second-in-line successor.”

“I agree!”

“I agree!”

Very quickly, more than half of the elders agreed for Gu Bei to become the second-in-line successor. Everyone looked at Gu Tianlong, since the final decision was still his.

Gu Tianlong said calmly with a deep voice, “I have decided to make Gu Bei the first-in-line successor. What are you opinions?”

Half of the elders were instantly stunned at those words. Making Gu Bei the second-in-line successor was already shocking enough; however, Gu Tianlong actually wanted to put Gu Bei as the first-in-line successor? What was going on?

“Patriarch, Gu Bei’s cultivation is still insufficient, nor has he established his own force in the outside world. If we were to set him as the first successor of the Gu Clan, doesn’t that seem a little too impetuous?” the third elder, Gu Yu immediately said as he stood up.

Gu Tianlong glanced Gu Yu. His voice contained a trace of sharpness as he replied, “Gu Heng’s character is dishonorable. Although his strength and talent are satisfactory, he still isn’t qualified to become the first-in-line successor. For the time being, he will be the second-in-line successor and we will observe him!”

After hearing Gu Tianlong’s words, Gu Yu no longer dared to dispute. He sat down, feeling dejected.

The other elders also discussed in soft voices. There should be a reason why the Patriarch made this decision. Gu Tianlong said that Gu Heng’s character was dishonorable, but they couldn’t see a problem in Gu Heng’s usual performance. However, linking it with Gu Lan’s meridians had been clogged and that Gu Bei had actually been hiding his talent for many years. It didn’t take them long to put two and two together.

“I agree with the Patriarch’s decision!”

“I agree with the Patriarch’s decision as well!”

In a moment, ninety percent of the elders agreed. Since Gu Bei’s current strength was still insufficient, he would be the first-in-line successor in name only. There was no harm in giving Gu Bei the title as it could also be considered some sort of compensation for his years of suffering.