Chapter 324 - A good show

Chapter 324 - A good show

“If you wholeheartedly follow Li Yufeng, everyone else will heed you!” the third elder growled, slightly enraged by Li Xingyun.

“If you want my loyalty towards the family, consider it done. But if you want me to become Li Yufeng’s dog, he’s not qualified! In the recent years, only one Dragon Bloodline God Level growth rate demon spirit has appeared in the Ashen Flames Family. Speak from your hearts. Back then, was my talent any inferior to Li Yufeng’s? That demon spirit was originally meant for me, but just because he was the son of the previous Patriarch, he used an underhand method to merge with that demon spirit. I’ll admit, in these last few years, my strength can’t be compared to his, but I’m not resigned to it!” Li Xingyun’s voice carried traces of indignation.

For someone in Li Xingyun’s position, he shouldn’t be saying those words. However, with a character like his, it was impossible for him to endure the injustice.

The third elder’s face was sullen. “Li Xingyun, you’ve still not resigned from that matter? Back then, your talent was indeed inferior to Li Yufeng’s. Everything is just a misunderstanding.”

“Regardless of whether it really is a misunderstanding, I don’t want to pursue this any further. Even for elders like you, don’t you have your own forces? Why should I let Li Yufeng have my brothers?” Li Xingyun looked at the other elder and said, “Fifth elder, why don’t you tell me the reason. Is there such a rule in our Ashen Flames Family?’

“Li Xingyun, this is the decision of the family. The forces that you wield are definitely a danger to the future of the Ashen Flames Family!” The fifth elder said with his brows scrunched up.

“Haha, you’ve finally said the words in your heart. Although that kid, Li Yufeng, is indeed stronger than I am, he couldn’t capture the hearts of the people and no one is willing to heed his orders. You guys are worried that as my brothers grow, I’ll start competing with him; therefore, you guys are trying to nip the problem in the bud, right?” Li Xingyun coldly laughed. “You guys have indeed put in a lot of effort to give Li Yufeng that position!”

The two elders furrowed their brows. Li Xingyun was being too arrogant and unyielding. Trying to force Li Xingyun to agree would probably be very hard. After all, there was still an elder who stood behind him, so it wasn’t good for them to do things too harsh.

However, Li Xingyun was indeed a cause for the family’s uneasiness, especially since he’d recently acquired a huge quantity of demon spirits and had greatly enhanced the strength of his underlings. The danger towards their future had grown larger.

Nie Li heard the conversation from outside the hall and lightly smiled. So that was the situation. According to Nie Li’s previous life, Li Xingyun had eventually broken away from the family, probably because he’d been pressured to his limits. However, that wouldn’t happen anytime soon, since Li Yufeng hadn’t become Patriarch yet. Li Xingyun would only break away after that happened.

Nie Li rather admired Li Xingyun. He highly values loyalty and that’s also why Li Xingyun had been able to assemble such an unyielding following of brothers. Often, when a group of people follows a leader, it’s not because their leader is stronger, but because their leader is reliable and would never do them injustice!

“Two elders, I must ask you to leave. No matter what, asking me to give away my brothers’ loyalty and become Li Xingyun’s dog — that’s absolutely impossible!” Li Xingyun coldly snorted.

“Li Xingyun, don’t ‘refuse a toast and have wine shoved down your throat’!” said the third elder, enraged.

“I, Li Xingyun, have not violated any family rules. Third elder, fifth elder, do you two want to pressure me with your strength?” A chill of light flashed through Li Xingyun’s eye. “In that case, go look for my Uncle!”

Li Xingyun’s uncle was the second elder of the Ashen Flames Family, an existence right beneath the Patriarch.

“Hmph, there’ll definitely be a day when you regret this!” The third and fifth elder stood up in anger and left the premises.

After the third and fifth elder left, Nie Li and his group walked in.

“Brother Nie Li, I never thought that you guys would come!” Li Xingyun showed a smile.

“And you can still smile.” Nie Li smiled in reply.

“Why can’t I? Should I be crying then? It seems like you guys overheard from outside. However, it’s nothing much even if you guys hear it. It’s just a family spat. It must have been a joke to you guys.” Li Xingyun shrugged as he continued, “I wonder what Brother Nie Li is here for? I’ve already prepared a hundred thousand spiritual stones!” Li Xingyun threw an interspatial ring towards Nie Li.

Nie Li caught the interspatial ring and quickly swept an eye inside and noted that there were indeed a hundred thousand spiritual stones inside. He lightly smiled and said, “You’re not afraid that I’d go back on my word upon receiving the money?”

“Hilarious. I, Li Xingyun, have no other talent except for using my eyes to see the truth in people. I believe in Brother Nie Li!” Li Xingyun straightforwardly laughed.

“I’ve already gotten the thing that you wanted!” With a flick of his right hand, Nie Li threw a demon spirit stone over to Li Xingyun.

“So fast?” Li Xingyun was stunned for a moment upon receiving it in his hands. Originally, he thought that Nie Li would need at least half a month to get a demon spirit of this level! Li Xingyun quickly checked the contents of the stone in his hand and saw the Gold-Scarlet Blood Jiao-dragon inside. It really did have a God Level growth rate.

“Furthermore, it’s also a mutated one. I guarantee that it’s much stronger than the one that Li Yufeng’s integrated with!” Nie Li lightly smiled.

Li Xingyun clenched his right fist and gave Nie Li a deep look. After a few moments of silence, he finally opened his mouth and said, “I wouldn’t say any thankful words, if there’s anything that you need from me, Brother Nie Li can just say the word!”

“Actually, I do need some help from you this time around. This friend of mine was killed by one of Hua Ling’s underlings in the outside world and I want to borrow some men from you to annihilate them!” Nie Li said as he looked at Li Xingyun.

Li Xingyun looked at Nie Li as he said straightforwardly, “Friends of Brother Nie Li are also my friends. How many men do you need? When do you need them?”

“At least two hundred. It’s best if there are several Heavenly Star Realm experts. I’ll need them the day after tomorrow,” said Nie Li.

“Rest assured, leave it to me. I’ll send several Heavenly Axis Realm brothers as well!” Li Xingyun said with his brows slightly twitched.

Indeed, Hua Ling’s forces were simply incomparable to Li Xingyun’s.

“Thanks!” Nie Li lightly smiled.

“Is there really a need to thank me? If so, how many thanks should I say to Brother Nie Li?” Li Xingyun smiled. Nie Li had done him a huge favor. Li Xingyun wasn’t terribly strong only because he’d been stuck with an Extraordinary Level growth rate demon spirit. It was a rather depressing fact for him. But now, he’d finally got ahold of a God Level one!

There would come a day when he’d prove to all his clansmen in the Ashen Flames Family that he, Li Xingyun, definitely wasn’t inferior to Li Yufeng. He wanted to crush that despicable man beneath his feet!

Nie Li’s group conversed with Li Xingyun for a while before leaving his place.

Now that Xiao Ning’er knew that Nie Li was making use of Li Xingyun’s forces, she felt much more at ease. Since Nie Li was only a 1-fate, it was too dangerous for him to head outside by himself. After all, frightening demon beasts occasionally appeared that even a Heavenly Axix Realm or even more powerful experts falling prey to them.

“Nie Li, are you going out as well?” Xiao Ning’er asked in concern.

“That’s for sure, but don’t worry about it. In two days time, I’ll reach 2-fate, since I reached the pinnacle of 1-fate just recently. And by using a certain method as a catalyst, it won’t take more than a few hours for me to break through to 2-fate!” Nie Li lightly smiled. After merging with the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, Nie Li sensed that his strength had undergone an obvious rise. With just a little more time, he’d be able to make a breakthrough. And all he had to do was spend a few hours inside the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting to cultivate.

At Nie Li’s words, Xiao Ning’er lightly smiled and felt more assured. As long as Nie Li reached 2-fate, even if anything happened in the outside world, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. At most, he’d only a drop a stage in cultivation.

Xiao Yu felt touched in the heart. Nie Li was out to seek justice for him. However, after he saw the smooth dynamic between Nie Li and Xiao Ning’er, his heart became tangled.

After Nie Li and his group returned to the yard, they saw Gu Bei anxiously waiting for them. When he saw Nie Li and his group return, Gu Bei’s brows loosened.

“I’ve been waiting for you guys for a long time!” Gu Bei said excitedly.

Nie Li looked at Gu Bei and asked, “Is there a problem for you to be waiting for us here?”

“I’ll bring you guys to see a good show!” Gu Bei mysteriously smiled as he continued, “Quick, follow me!”

Although they had no idea what Gu Bei was talking about, they still followed him.

“I’ve already sent someone to finish the matter you asked of me, so rest assured. I’ll definitely finish the task beautifully! Something’s going to happen tonight!” Gu Bei revealed a meaningful smile as his eyes flashed across a chilling trace.

Hearing Gu Bei’s words, Nie Li gained a vague sense of understanding as the three of them followed behind Gu Bei.

Skysoul Institute, Martial Field.

Tens of thousands of people were gathered in an arena that were all lit up. Roughly fifty to sixty battles were happening simultaneously, each surrounded by their own little crowds. A sea of heads bobbed around. This was the sparring gathering between the three major sects.

“Over here!” Gu Bei smiled.

Nie Li turned to look. He saw Gu Lan sitting on a chair with a blanket covering her legs. Her face was no longer the ashen white that she’d had previously, and there were also several touches of pink that made her look more energetic.

The party walked to Gu Lan’s side.

“Big Sister Gu Lan’s colour seems much better!” Nie Li lightly smiled.

“I have to thank this good sir for bestowing that to me!” Gu Lan lightly nodded as her gaze fell onto Xiao Yu and Xiao Ning’er who were standing behind Nie Li and lightly smiled with a nod at them.

Nie Li looked out towards the front of the arena and noticed that everyone was paying close attention to the stage, where some people were sparring. People were yelling and cheering from the sidelines. The brother-sister duo of Gu Bei and Gu Lan were here. Were they planning something? Nie Li couldn’t help smiling as he thought inwardly.

“More than ninety percent of the people of the Gu Clan are here and there are also a few elders present. Right now, it’s the battle between the newcomers of the Gu Clan.” Gu Bei said in a soft voice.

“Oh.” Nie Li nodded as he glanced into the distance. Watching from the front was Gu Heng who was smiling and chatting with several seniors who sat beside him. Those seniors should be the elders of the Gu Clan.