Chapter 319 - Hierarch Skycloud

Chapter 319 - Hierarch Skycloud

Nie Li continued conversing with Xiao Ning’er and even talked about Ye Ziyun’s recent developments.

Apparently, Ye Ziyun had compatible bloodline, so she’d been chosen to enter the Heavenly Note Sect’s secret training grounds. Her current cultivation was even stronger than Xiao Ning’er’s.

Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er both had frightening talents. They’d come to be known as the Twin Star of the younger generation and had received a great deal of attention.

Nie Li felt assured, now that he knew Ziyun and Ning’er were living quite well. As for the power struggles, Nie Li didn’t want them to get wrapped up in it.

Through the screen, Xiao Ning’er saw a hazy and familiar figure. However, every time she saw him, she felt at peace. Even if she were to gave herself to Nie Li, she would have no complaints.

“Nie Li, are you prepared to head for the outside world?” asked Xiao Ning’er.

“That’s for sure.” Nie Li’s vision drifted into the distance, but he smiled as he continued, “Right now, I’ve just stepped into the Heavenly Fate Realm. I’ll need to be at least 2-fate to head for the outside world. Otherwise, I won’t even know how I died!”

“En.” Xiao Ning’er nodded as she agreed. She wasn’t worried about Nie Li, since he always has his own plans and actions. He had a kind of power that could ease people’s hearts.

Nie Li continued refining the demon spirits. Luckily, Gu Bei had acquired a sufficient amount of demon spirits; therefore, Nie Li could constantly refine them.

He was refining the second God Level growth rate Dragon Bloodline demon spirit. Ever since he tried to use Heavenly Energy to force the merge of demon spirits back then, whenever he started refine a God Level growth rate Dragon Bloodline demon spirit, he’d use the Heavenly Energy within his body to suppress it.

The second refinement also succeeded. However, this one wasn’t of the Lightning Wind attribute, but a purely Lighting attributed Divine Scarlet Thunderbird. Furthermore, it was a mutated one; therefore, it was still a pretty good match for Ning’er.

The Abyss Winged Draconic Falcon that he’d refined earlier could be given to Xiao Xue. However, Nie Li still needed to refine one more for Ye Ziyun and have Xiao Ning’er deliver it to her.

After a brief moment, Xiao Ning’er stepped out of the wooden tub and wrapped herself with a brocade before walking out.

Nie Li raised his head, glanced at Xiao Ning’er, and was slightly stunned. Her hair was still dripping wet and droplets of water fell from the clear and slightly reddened skin that the brocade couldn’t cover. Her voluptuous figure could be vaguely seen. That exquisite shoulder looked fragile and her slender long legs made Nie Li unable to shift his gaze.

Eventually, after seeing Xiao Ning’er, Nie Li awkwardly shifted his gaze.

Xiao Ning’er’s face was also slightly red as she tried to open her mouth to say something, but after a long while, she shyly pushed it back down. Then, she put on her white training clothes and lightly sighed. Looking at Nie Li, she couldn’t gather her courage.

Nie Li shifted the topic to ease the awkwardness. “Ning’er, I’ve already got a God Level growth rate Dragon Bloodline demon spirit for you. You should integrate with it first.”

“Okay.” Xiao Ning’er walked to Nie Li’s side, even though her face was still boiling.

After receiving the demon spirit from Nie Li, she shut her eyes and started the integration process. She sensed the Dragon Bloodline demon spirit within the demon spirit stone.

Looking at Xiao Ning’er with her white slim-fit training clothes looking pure and charming. How could Nie Li not know what Xiao Ning’er was thinking? But now was not the time. Not yet.

Xiao Ning’er batted her eyelashes in unease when she sensed Nie Li’s gaze. A brief moment later, she opened her eyes to look at Nie Li with her clear pupils and said in a shy voice, “Nie Li, if you keep staring at me like that, I won’t be able to calm myself enough to integrate with this demon spirit!”

Nie Li shrugged as he smiled, “I was enticed earlier on. Can’t I get a few looks?”

At Nie Li’s words, Xiao Ning’er was so embarrassed that she almost hid her face in her chest. Even though she knew that Nie Li was only teasing her, she couldn’t help pouting. Nie Li was too bad.

Seeing Xiao Ning’er’s expression, Nie Li couldn’t help smiling, “You can continue integrating with the demon spirit.”

As Xiao Ning’er began integrating with the Divine Scarlet Thunderbird, Nie Li started refining a demon spirit for Ye Ziyun.

The night gradually darkened.

Skycloud Hall of the Divine Feathers Sect

An elder with ashened hair quietly sat there. He had a thin figure, filled with a sage-like appearance. Around him revolved five coloured lights as he emitted a gentle energy like the morning dawn.

“Master,” Venerable Redsoul slightly bowed his body towards the elder.

That elder was Venerable Redsoul’s Master and one of the five major figures of the Divine Feathers Sect, Hierarch Skycloud. What was different about Hierarch Skycloud was that he rarely participated in the Divine Feathers Sect’s internal struggles, and had always maintained a neutral position. He was only loyal to the Sect Master and would always support whoever obtained that seat. Hierarch Skycloud himself didn’t possess any forces; he only had thirty-six disciples. Even so, no one dared to underestimate him.

Hierarch Skycloud opened his eyes, looked at Venerable Redsoul, and asked, “Disciple, why have you come looking for me?”

Venerable Redsoul bitterly smiled. “Nothing of importance. Recently, among the new students, there were several with fairly good talent. One of them possesses an 8-grade Heaven Spiritual Root and has such an extraordinary talent that even I couldn’t tell what his cultivation technique is.”

“Oh?” That aroused Hierarch Skycloud’s interest by a bit.

“Aside from that, there was an incident involving him during the recent gathering of the three major sects’ disciples. One segment of the event featured a display of Dao by injecting your Dao intent into one of the four arts. Yan Yang of the Skyblaze Sect, Mingyue Wushuang of the Heavenly Note Sect, and Long Tianming of our Divine Feathers Sect all displayed their skills. That student also went up to display his skills after them and had wrote a word. That word was actually quite profound. All the other geniuses in the side chamber, including Long Tianming, couldn’t comprehend the profound within that word and thought it was only ordinary calligraphy. Only Yan Yang and Mingyue Wushuang could comprehend it and had admitted defeat.”

Hierarch Skycloud’s thoughts were slightly moved by Venerable Redsoul’s news. What word could this student have written to make Yan Yang and Mingyue Wushuang admit defeat?

Yan Yang and Mingyue Wushuang both possessed strength and talent which Hierarch Skycloud was fully aware of. The two of them were well-known figures among the younger generations of the Skyblaze Sect and the Heavenly Note Sect, especially Yan Yang. He was the greatest talented that the Skyblaze Sect had seen in the recent hundred years.

“Which family of the Divine Feathers Sect is he from?” asked Hierarch Skycloud. Hierarch Skycloud didn’t get involved in the Divine Feathers Sect’s internal matters because the dispute within was too serious. Both the Gu Clan and the Dragonseal Family wanted to control the sect, causing a great commotion while they were at it. As for the Ashen Flames Family, although they had remained silent, they also had their own plans. Hierarch Skycloud could only watch as the Divine Feathers Sect declined; there was nothing he could do, and his heart was ashened. Regardless of which family Nie Li belonged to, he would be caught in the center of the struggle.

“That youth comes from the Tiny World and hasn’t joined any forces, even now. Furthermore, he has also announced that before he graduates from the Skysoul Institute, he won’t join any forces. However, I have no idea how long he can maintain that.” Venerable Redsoul said. He was well aware of Hierarch Skycloud’s temper; therefore, he told him everything about Nie Li. As Hierarch Skycloud took special care of geniuses who hadn’t joined families.

“Oh? The Tiny World?” Hierarch Skycloud’s heart shook. The moment he heard of the Tiny World, he was reminded of someone. After a brief moment of silence, he spoke again. “Since he’s unwilling to join a family, he would definitely suffer quite a bit of pressure. Send greetings to the three major families and tell them that I have my eyes on this child from now on. Tell them not to disturb him! As for how this child will progress, I’ll have to observe him!”

“Yes!” Venerable Redsoul said respectfully.

Although Hierarch Skycloud hadn’t participated in the disputes for many years, he was still one of the five major figures of the Divine Feathers Sect. Furthermore, since he remained in a neutral position, the three major families had to give face to him. After all, none of them were willing to provoke such an authoritative figure.

Just as Venerable Redsoul was about to bid his farewell, Hierarch Skycloud’s voice sounded. “Also, go and get a word from him. I’ll take a look and see just how profound that word of his really is!”

Even Hierarch Skycloud was interested in Nie Li?

Venerable Redsoul was a little astonished in his heart. After all, Hierarch Skycloud was a Martial Ancestor Realm expert. For him to be so curious about Nie Li’s word to the point that would request a copy...

“Yes, Lord Master.” Venerable Redsoul respectfully said before he bowed and left.

A night passed quickly and dawn gradually arrived.

Nie Li and Xiao Ning’er exited their room. Xiao Ning’er had already finished integrating with her demon spirit and sensed the new power within that demon spirit. A God Level growth rate Dragon Bloodline demon spirit was, without a doubt, extremely powerful.

Lu Piao had also appeared from his room. When he saw Nie Li, he ran over with a face full of excitement as his voice filled with thrills. “Nie Li, Xiao Xue, she…”

“What’s wrong with Xiao Xue?” Nie Li looked at Lu Piao as he asked. He noticed that Lu Piao’s face was bruised and, although it’d been smeared with medicine, the bruise still didn’t look quite healed.

“Xiao Xue let me touch…” Lu Piao looked extremely excited.

At Lu Piao’s face, Xiao Ning’er’s face was slightly red.

“Touch what, if you’ve touched, then you’ve touched!” Nie Li bitterly smiled. Was there really a need to be so excited from a touch?

Lu Piao appeared to be a little shy as a blessed look appeared on his face. “She finally allowed me to touch her hands!”

At Lu Piao’s words, Nie Li’s eyes were widened as he stared at Lu Piao. Lu Piao ran over so excitedly just to tell him that Xiao Xue had allowed him to touch her hands? Nie Li slapped Lu Piao over the head and scolded, “Dumbass, what’s there to be excited about? It’s just a hand!”

Xiao Ning’er couldn’t help covering her mouth and smiling at Nie Li’s words.

Nie Li hooked an arm around Lu Piao’s neck over and whispered into his ears.

“Really?” Lu Piao’s eyes widened as he stared at Nie Li. “Don’t bluff me!”

Nie Li seriously nodded. “Of course I wouldn’t lie to you.”

Lu Piao hesitated for a moment as his expression turned serious. He had an expression as though he was walking to his death as he walked back to his own room, where Xiao Xue was still resting.