Chapter 29 - One Punch

Chapter 29 - One Punch

Chu Yuan sneered, however, he did not refute Huyan Lanruo's words. Instead, his tone and manner speaks of his attitude.

Nie Li didn't have any reaction, no matter whether if it's Huyan Lanruo's praise or Chu Yuan's contempt. Their words were unable to affect him in the slightest. After his rebirth, Nie Li couldn't be bothered with a vile person like Chu Yuan, since Chu Yuan doesn't have the qualifications to talk to him.

"Chu Yuan, what's with your attitude?" snapped Huyan Lanruo, wrinkling her brows.

"I'm laughing because I don't know what bewitching soup this brat gave you and you actually think that he's a genius! Someone with only red soul realm, what achievements could he have in the future? This kind of garbage isn’t fit to be associating with us." Chu Yuan sneered.

His relation with Shen Yue's brother, Shen Fei isn't bad, moreover, he's been unhappy with Nie Li.

"You're too much!" exclaimed Ye Zi, Yun knitting her brows. Feeling indignant for Nie Li. Although Nie Li is a little annoying, she believes that Nie Li truly is the real thing. However, Nie Li is too low profile, therefore, a lot of people don’t know of Nie Li's talent.

Nie Li's gaze turned slightly cold. Although he did not put Chu Yuan in his eyes, which is why he's lazy to bother about Chu Yuan, that didn't mean that he will tolerate a clown to dance around in front of him.

"Chu Yuan, your talent doesn't seem to be any better. You're older than Nie Li by three years, however, you're only at 3-star Bronze rank and you still have the cheek to comment others." Huyan Lanruo laughed. There's a lot of peer nobilities that were already nearing silver rank, and Chu Yuan still remained at 3-star Bronze rank.

Hearing Huyan Lanruo's words, Chu Yuan felt a little embarrassed. Within his peers, his talent isn't considered the worst, however, he doesn't work hard. Soaking himself into women daily, naturally, he doesn't have the mood to practice which is why he remained as 3-star bronze rank.

"So what, at least I have a yellow soul realm. If I were to work hard a little, breaking through into silver rank isn't difficult. As for him, I estimate that he will remain in 1-star Bronze rank for his entire life!" Chu Yuan refuted while mocking Nie Li mercilessly.

Because of Nie Li's silence, Chu Yuan believes that he's definitely afraid. People like Nie Li only have good looks and flowery words to coax others. How could he have any talent?

Red soul realm are simply garbage!

Nie Li's sharp eyes swept across Chu Yuan and he indifferently chuckled, "Then, I'll challenge you here. Whoever loses will need to imitate a dog and crawl three rounds. How about it?"

Upon hearing Nie Li's words, Ye Ziyun anxiously pulled Nie Li.

What's wrong with Nie Li?  He actually wants to challenge Chu Yuan? Nie Li is not even 1-star Bronze yet and Chu Yuan is already 3-star Bronze rank! This kind of gap was like heaven and earth. It's simply impossible to break through.

Seeing Ye Ziyun's anxious look, Nie Li felt his heart warm since Ye Ziyun is still very concern about him.

After Huyan Lanruo felt stunned by Nie Li's speech, her eyes profoundly glanced at Nie Li, since Nie Li doesn't seem to be a rash person.

Hearing Nie Li's words, Chu Yuan froze on the spot for a moment, then frantically laughed, "What did I just hear? You actually want to challenge me? Haha, this is the funniest joke that I've heard. He’s barely a 1-star Bronze rank, yet he actually wants to challenge me. Such impudence!"

"Nie Li, don't be rash!" pleaded Ye Ziyun, thinking that Nie Li had irrationally challenged Chu Yuan after being enraged by Chu Yuan's mocking.

"Even if I do not use my soul force, with my physical strength alone, I can beat the crap out of you!" Chu Yuan arrogantly laughed. His physical strength alone is already 1-star bronze rank, "Brat, if you're afraid, it's not too late to take back your words!"

Nie Li moved his fingers, letting off an explosive sound of cracking of his finger joints. He indifferently looked at Chu Yuan and said, "If garbage like you keeps on dancing around in my face everyday, then I'll be busy! Since you do not have any eyes, I'll have to act to teach you guys that there are some people that you people can never offend!" After talking, Nie Li's gaze swept across Shen Yue and his bunch.

Chu Yuan's facial expression darkened. He fiercely stared at Nie Li and said, "You ask for it!"

Chen Linjian was also alarmed. Although Nie Li is very knowledgeable, his cultivation has not reached 1-star Bronze rank yet. How can he win against Chu Yuan? Just as Chu Yuan said, even if he doesn't use his soul force, he can easily crush Nie Li!

But Nie Li isn't the kind of rash person. Chen Linjian couldn't help to feel curious in his heart. He waved his hand at the surrounding bystanders to move a distance away.

"Rest assured, as your man, if I couldn't manage this kind of situation, then I might as well kill myself!" Nie Li laughed while seeing Ye Ziyun's anxious expression beside him.

"You..." Ye Ziyun's face suddenly flushed red. She stomped her feet onto the ground. Nie Li this guy is too annoying! She only showed her concern for him as a friend, but never expected that Nie Li would be this glib which caused her to be angry in her heart. Should just let Chu Yuan beat Nie Li up!

Seeing Ye Ziyun's indignant look, Huyan Lanruo faintly smiled at Nie Li. Nie Li isn't a boring piece of wood and seems to know how to provoke a girl's heart. But since just now, Nie Li has been cold towards her, is she not charming enough?! Because she feel, with her beauty, she could easily make a little boy like him go head over heels for her! Hence, she felt more interested towards Nie Li.

The surrounding people moved away, giving Nie Li and Chu Yuan some space.

Seeing this scene, Chu Yuan's eye shined with a chill. Nie Li actually dares to challenge him, he's simply seeking his own death. He spoke with Shen Fei a few times. If given the chance, he will definitely kill Nie Li! However, not knowing why, when he saw the assured look of Nie Li's, his heart felt uneasy.

Will Chu Yuan lose? That's simply an impossible thing. Everyone here knows that Chu Yuan's soul force has already reached 3-star Bronze rank.

Even though Nie Li's soul force is only 88 and his physical strength is only around 50, Nie Li has a deeper understanding towards soul force and physical strength.

Nie Li operated his soul force to strengthen his physical body. The muscles on his body began to pump up. Although the pumped muscle on Nie Li's body isn't obvious, they contained explosive power.

"I'll give you three moves, lest you say that I'm bullying the young," declared Chu Yuan, placing his arms behind his back. He proudly looked at Nie Li with his eyes showing hints of contempt.

"Okay!" said Nie Li as he suddenly accelerated. He charged towards Chen Yue, preparing to use an elbow strike on Chu Yuan's abdomen.

"This kind of kiddy punch, you think that we're playing family?" Chu Yuan mockingly laughed. Seeing Nie Li's elbow was about to strike onto his abdomen, he swept his hand and maintained a certain distance with Nie Li.

In Chu Yuan's view, Nie Li's elbow wouldn't even be able to land on his body. However, this moment, the corner of Nie Li's lips slightly raised.

Chu Yuan is being too conceited!

Nie Li suddenly accelerated, his elbow changed to a fist and, in a flash, he bombarded onto Chu Yuan's abdomen. As Chu Yuan is borne from a Noble Family, his steps were superficial. It's obvious that Chu Yuan doesn't have much fighting experience. Although his physical strength has reached 1-star bronze rank, it's obvious that they were obtained from consuming elixirs. Nie Li only needed to use a little fighting trick and he can easily overwhelm Chu Yuan!

Only at this level, isn't playing you to death simple?

‘And I even prepared so many backup methods too. But it turns out that they don't even need to be used on you.’

When he bombarded onto Chu Yuan's abdomen, the muscles in Nie Li's arm tightened. One can see how awful the burst of power from Nie Li's fist was.

The complacent look on Chu Yuan's face suddenly froze. He clutched his belly like a shrimp, arched his back while falling onto the ground. His body twitched non stop as vomiting sounds can be heard from him. The punch from Nie Li simply wanted to turn his intestines inside out!

Seeing this scene, the surrounding people were all dumbfounded.

Chu Yuan was a 3-star Bronze rank Demon Spiritist. Just his physical body alone has reached 1-star Bronze rank, but he actually got beat down from  Nie Li’s fist?

Did Chu Yuan underestimated his opponent too much? Allowing Nie Li to take the advantage?

"This isn't right. Based on physical strength alone, even if Nie Li's fist landed onto Chu Yuan's abdomen, he shouldn't have been able to cause any substantial damage to Chu Yuan. The gap in power is too wide. What is this sitaution? Chu Yuan actually got beaten down by a single punch?"

At this moment, everyone came to an understanding. Nie Li must be hiding his strength. His physical strength should have already reached 1-star Bronze rank, right?

What they don't know is that Nie Li actually hasn't stepped into 1-star Bronze rank yet, but his control of his strength isn't what others can imagine. When he used his fist, he focused all his strength into his fist. Furthermore, the place that he attacked was the weakest spot on Chu Yuan's waist. It's already merciful that the punch didn't cripple Chu Yuan.

In the terms of controlling power, Nie Li is definitely a master! Let alone Chu Yuan's 1-star Bronze rank physical body, even if a 5-star Bronze rank or even a Silver rank were to get a punch from the current Nie Li, they would also be rolling on the floor!

People who only know how to go head to head base on one's strength, in Nie Li's view, are no different from primitive man.

Ye Ziyun's clear eyes showed deep shock. Nie Li's punch brought Chu Yuan onto the ground. One can only imagine the ripples that were being caused in this young girl's mind. Nie Li is not even a 1-star bronze rank yet. How did he manage do it? Ye Ziyun now realised that she has always been underestimating Nie Li's strength.

Huyan Lanruo looked at Nie Li in an interesting manner. The strength that Nie Li has shown also caused her to be shocked, but at the same time, it also made her interest towards Nie Li to deepen.

"Interesting," muttered Chen Linjian, watching Nie Li with great interest.

Chu Yuan rolled on the ground for a long time, unable to get up. As a member of nobility, since when has he has ever been beaten so badly. He thought that his strength was far above Nie Li’s and he would contempt him completely, which is why he said he’d give Nie Li 3 moves. However, he never expected that after one punch, he'd already fall onto the ground, unable to get up.

His intestines were in a mess with an unimaginable pain. If he hadn't forcefully endure it, he’s afraid that he would have already fainted.

At this moment, Nie Li looked at the Chu Yuan on the ground, with a harmless look and said, "You said that you'll let me three moves. This is only the first move. There is still two more left."

Hearing Nie Li's words, the eyes of Chu Yuan, who is currently enduring the pain and was trying to stand up, turned black.

F*ck, does he have any humanity? That earlier move already took half of his life and Nie Li actually wants me to give him two more moves?!