Chapter 284 - Blocked

Chapter 284 - Blocked

The pain on Long Yuyin’s body was secondary; Nie Li’s words were like sharp blades that carved the pain straight onto her heart.

That was the greatest humiliation!

Was she really so vile in the eyes of others? Long Yuyin raised her head and looked at the nearby students, who immediately lowered their heads when they noticed her gaze.

So in the eyes of others, she was exactly that venomous woman Nie Li had described!

From Long Yuyin’s point of view, she only wanted to be stronger than anyone else.

So it turned out that she was the trash who attracted the loathing of others!

Her eyes are flickered with tears. Although she was overbearing, she didn’t easily beat or kill anyone. She never intended to kill Nie Li with her three lashes; in fact, it was impossible. She only wanted to teach him a lesson, so why did Nie Li call her a venomous person?

The third lash was the heaviest and most merciless. Nie Li said that he did it for his Master, but she didn’t even know who his Master was!

Long Yuyin’s heart was filled with grievances. She turned her head back towards him as her eyes flickered with tears, grounded her teeth, and said, “Nie Li, I hate you!”

Upon finishing her words, Long Yuyin wiped the tears from her eyes and quickly ran down the steps.

Nie Li furrowed his brows as he watched Long Yuyin’s figure disappear through the entrance of the Saint Soul Grounds. So it seems that Long Yuyin would definitely not leave the matter as it was. However, there was nothing he should be afraid of, regardless of what methods she came up with. After all, Long Yuyin had forced the death of his Master, so in this life, it could be considered serving justice.

If Long Yuyin left the matter as it was, then Nie Li decided that he would also forget it and cease pursuing the grudges from his previous life. However, if she still wanted to tangle with him, then he’d teach her another lesson.

Xiao Yu looked at Nie Li with a dazed expression. He kept sensing that the Nie Li of today was a little off. Although Long Yuyin was overbearing, it still wasn’t to the point that it warranted such a huge reaction from Nie Li. He should be someone who could contain his anger.

Furthermore, Nie Li had said that the third whip was for his Master. But who was this Master that Nie Li had spoken of? Could it be his foster father? But his foster father didn’t have any grudges with Long Yuyin!

Lu Piao also watched Long Yuyin run out, then pulled his gaze away and gave Nie Li a thumbs up. Watching Nie Li give that girl three lashes simply felt great for the rest of them! Even Lu Piao couldn’t stand that pride and arrogance of hers.

Now that the show had ended, they all decided to resume cultivating. Those ranked within the top ten could remain in the Saint Soul Grounds for three days; naturally, Nie Li wouldn’t waste such precious time. Thus, he focused on training and cultivating.

Dragonseal Family, Long Yuyin’s courtyard

Long Yuyin sat by her bed, holding a bottle of medicinal salve. She dipped into the medicine and slowly applied it to her wounds. There were clear wounds on her face, chest, and various other parts of her body. Although she possessed the Blood Dragon lineage, Nie Li’s lashes felt as though they could cut through her body, leaving her in burning pain.

By now, she’d already changed out of her torn clothes and put on a silk set that vaguely outlined her voluptuous figure. When she applied the medicine to her chest, she couldn’t help groaning in pain.

When she thought of the places where Nie Li’s whip had landed, she felt extremely humiliated. He was the first person who’d dared to do that to her!

Her right hand tightly gripped the whip as she recalled Nie Li’s loathing expression. It was as though her entire body were rotten, that even a single glance could be considered too much to bear. Such an expression of despise filled her heart with anger.

She clenched her teeth and wiped the tears from her face as she applied more medicinal salve down her back.

“En.” Long Yuyin couldn’t help letting out another groan from the piercing pain.

The medicinal salve permeated her wounds, and after a period of time had passed, she felt a little better. This kind of fiery hot pain was now engraved deep into her memories. No matter what, she’ll always remember that Nie Li was the first and only person who’d ever whipped her.

She took out a set of violet clothes and changed into them. Draped in a violet cloth, her mesmerizing figure and beautiful face would give others a charming temperament. Except that there was a wound on her face that had yet to fade.

She looked at the mirror that was set some distance away. Although she’d never paid much attention to her own appearance, she was undoubtedly very beautiful. If it hadn’t been for her overbearing character, there might’ve been quite a long line of young suitors asking for her hand.

However, the wound on her face couldn’t be covered.

She recalled the words that Nie Li had said earlier. No matter how beautiful the exterior was, it’d still be impossible to cover up the ugliness in her heart. She picked up an object and pegged it at the mirror. With a shattering sound, the mirror broke into pieces.

Long Yuyin felt so indignant that she wanted to cry. Since she was young, this was the first time that she’d been so wronged.

Soon after she’d finished changing, she left her room and Hu Yong rushed in.

Hu Yong was instantly enraged upon seeing the wound on her face. “Ying’er, what’s wrong with you? I heard that you were beaten? Who was it? I’ll exterminate his entire clan!”

At his words, Long Yuyin was stunned for a moment. Not long ago, such words sounded absolutely normal to her. Whoever dared to harm her would definitely have their entire clan exterminated by her. In the past, she’d believed such things to be absolutely normal.

But at that moment, Nie Li’s insults echoed in her ears. “...beating and killing as you wish, treating lives like grass....For a woman like you, calling you vicious is already considered light!”

Suddenly, deep loathing rose up in her at Hu Yong’s words.

“Hu Yong, mind your own business!” She threw a loatheful glance at Hu Yong as she continued, “I’m going back to cultivate. Get lost!”

“Ying’er, someone hit you and you’re not going to take revenge? I’ll help you take vengeance!” Hu Yong said immediately.

She threw a glance at Hu Yong as she coldly said, “Vengeance? Even I can’t match up as his opponent. How are you going to take revenge?”

Hu Yong said in a solemn voice, “I’ll send the experts from my family to take revenge for you!”

Long Yuyin threw him a furious glare. “Getting help from the experts of your family whenever you hit a wall. Are you trash? Your family aside, you’re just trash! Could it be that the problems that I, Long Yuyin, am unable to handle can be solved by a piece of trash like you?”

Hu Yong was choked by Long Yuyin’s words. He paused for a brief moment before saying in a weak voice, “Yin’er, could the other party’s family really be that powerful? Is it the Ashen Flames Family? Or the Gu Clan?”

As she looked at Hu Yong, a deep loathing rose in Long Yuyin’s heart. Now, she was beginning to understand why she’d been loathed by others. In others’ point of view, she was the member of a prominent family that had a bottomless supply of cultivating resources. The moment she gained an achievement in cultivation, she would mock the origins of others and serve beatings and killings as she wished.

In the eyes of others, her achievements today had all been gained by relying on her family’s cultivating resources. There was little link to herself.

“I don’t want to see you. Get lost!” Long Yuyin rebuked.

When he saw that Long Yuyin was about to flip out, Hu Yong cringed and he backed away.

Only after seeing Hu Yong take his leave did Long Yuyin’s heart slowly calm down again.

She thought about how Nie Li looked down at her from above. She thought about the things she’d done in the past. She’d always thought that such words were fitting and expected of her; that was, until Nie Li’s lashes whipped down on her. Now, she reflected on her words and actions.

“No matter what, I will definitely surpass you. The grievance I felt today, I’ll definitely return them to you!” Long Yuyin promptly sat down and began cultivating Heavenly Energy.

Surges of majestic Heavenly Energy entered her body. Long Yuyin sensed that somehow, her cultivating speed was now a lot faster than it was in the past.

“Virtuous like water, for water does not compete…” Long Yuyin recalled the words from the Foremaster Divination and finally gained a some insight into it.

Saint Soul Grounds

Nie Li continued to cultivate as he communicated with Heaven and Earth, now only a step away from fully forming his first Fate Soul.

One day, two days…

Two days later, Nie Li sensed that he’d already reached the doorstep of the Heavenly Fate Realm. However, breaking through to that realm still wasn’t that easy.

Lu Piao stood up, looked at Nie Li, and said, “Nie Li, I have to leave now.” He’d already used up all of his time and was no longer permitted to remain in the Saint Soul Grounds to cultivate.

“We’ll leave together, then,” Nie Li said. It was impossible for him to make a breakthrough in the short amount of time he had left. He could only take it easy while searching for any potentials for a breakthrough.

The two of them, and Xiao Yu, walked down the steps and headed towards the exit of the Saint Soul Grounds.

The surrounding students watched as the three of them left and couldn’t help sighing in their hearts. Those three monsters were finally leaving. Cultivating with them was simply too much of a blow to their confidence.

Outside the Saint Soul Grounds

The three of them had remained inside the grounds for such a long time that the people outside had already dispersed. Only a few people remained.

When Nie Li and his group exited the Saint Soul Grounds, a group of people immediately walked towards them and surrounded them.

Nie Li furrowed his brows for a brief moment and swept his eyes at the approaching individuals. There were a total of ten people, nine of whom had already stepped into the Heavenly Fate Realm. There was one who was approximately the same age as Nie Li.

“Who are you people?” Xiao Yu looked at them as he went on high alert and made preparations to engage in battle.

The youth walked over as his gaze fell onto Nie Li. “You’re Nie Li?’

Nie Li’s eyes narrowed. “Correct. Who are you people and why are you looking for me?” It seemed that the other party had approached because of him.

The youth closed in on Nie Li as he coldly snorted, “Brat, you must be tired of living. Someone from the Tiny World actually dared to be so impudent in the Skysoul Institute!”

Nie Li contemptuously curled his lips, “Long Yuyin sent you guys?”