Chapter 279 - Long Yuyin

Chapter 279 - Long Yuyin

Dragonseal Family

Long Yuyin also received news that Nie Li and Xiao Yu had both reached the sixteenth and eleventh rank on the Saint Soul Board, respectively.

She didn’t care much about Xiao Yu; instead, she was rather interested in Nie Li, who had come from the Tiny World without any background. Not to mention that his cultivating resources were limited. However, the fact that he’d risen to such a height on the Saint Soul Board made Long Yuyin feel an intense challenge.

Ever since she was young, she’d always been the most outstanding among her age group. She’d never felt challenged before.

She stood up and walked out. Back then, she didn’t hold Nie Li with much regard. It was only now that she genuinely placed him in high value.

Right now, she wore tight clothes that perfectly drew the outline of her impressive figure. On her slim waist hung a long sword. Her slender legs were filled with vigour. That cold expression of her’s would make others feel a suffocating pressure.

Although she had a face that could be said to be perfect, her name was sufficient to make all the boys of her age scared shitless.

A handsome youth that looked sixteen or seventeen walked over and asked her, “Ying’er, where are you going?”

“Hu Yong, do you want me to waste you again?” Long Yuyin snorted as her sharp expression swept over the youth.

The youth was frightened by her words and cringed. He couldn’t refrain from closing his legs tighter.

At the sight of this, Long Yuyin coldly said, “a piece of trash like you wants to marry me? If you want to marry me, beat me in a fight, first!”

Finishing her words, Long Yuyin walked off, and her figure disappeared through the entrance.

The youth could only helplessly watch Long Yuyin leave. Beat Long Yuyin? How was that possible? There was no one their age who could accomplish that!

The entrance of the Saint Soul Grounds was bustling with activity as heads moved about.

The most popular topic of discussion was the fact that Nie Li and Xiao Yu had recently raced onto the Saint Soul Board, to such high ranks. This fact astonished them. Lu Piao’s results could also have been considered outstanding, but comparatively, he’d been overshadowed by Nie Li and Xiao Yu.

“Ranked eleventh on the Saint Soul Board. Is Xiao Yu really trash? It’s unimaginable!”

“Could he have made his breakthrough to the Heavenly Fate Realm?’

“Where is this Nie Li from? Why haven’t we heard of this name before?!”

“Where did these people suddenly appear from?!”

As everyone talked amongst themselves, someone suddenly said, “Long Yuyin is here!”

At that, the crowd quickly parted in two as everyone turned to look in fear at a girl with a fiery figure and an icy face. Although Long Yuyin appeared extremely charming, everyone only gave her a stealthy glance before shifting their gazes immediately.

Is that a joke? No one wants to provoke such a frightening girl! She was someone who’d crippled her own fiancé!

Aside from her own cultivation strength, the her body was also extremely strong. She was of the Blood Dragon lineage, and the fact that she was from an unreachable family made Long Yuyin an existence that everyone could only admire from below. On the Saint Soul Board, she was the only one who’d ever entered the top ten as a newcomer.

Long Yuyin’s gaze fell on the Saint Soul Board and she narrowed her eyes before walking towards the Saint Soul Grounds.

“Long Yuyin has entered the Saint Soul Grounds!”

“I heard that Young Master Jin Yan has also entered!”

“Now, this will be interesting!”

When Han Jing, Wang Yang, and his group heard the news, they also rushed to the Saint Soul Grounds. They had never entered the Saint Soul Grounds before; therefore, they also followed the others who went inside.

Inside the Saint Soul Grounds, Nie Li sat on the one hundred twenty-first step as he communicated with the Heavenly Dao and gained insights on the mysteries of Heaven and Earth.

Above the one hundred twentieth step, he could sense a repelling energy. In every step he took, he felt an intense pressure on his Soul Realm. If he continued moving up, his Soul Realm might even explode; therefore, Nie Li didn’t dare to continue on.

The Soul Realm within his body revolved as Heavenly Energy entered.

Nie Li continuously absorbed the Heavenly Energy and allowed his body to saturate in it, refining it bit by bit to make it his own.

The Soul Realm within his body was like a vortex that sucked in the surrounding Heavenly Energy.

At the same time, in another part of the Skysoul Institute, several experts chatted as they sat around a stone table.

One of the grey-robed experts said with a light smile, “There are quite a few from this batch with decent talents. Take Long Yuyin of the Dragonseal Family for example. She has the Blood Dragon lineage, a 7-grade Heaven Spiritual Root, and ranks in the top ten at all three testing grounds.” This man’s name was Nanmen Tianhai, an Elder of the Skysoul Institute who was in charge of various affairs.

Another white-robed expert smiled as he said, “Long Yuyin is the number one genius of the Dragonseal Family, that’s for certain.” This man’s name was Huang Yu, also one of the elders. “That newcomer named Nie Li is also pretty decent. He’s already made it to the sixteenth position on the Saint Soul Board!”

Nanmen Tianhai casually smiled. “Indeed, the two from the Tiny World this year are pretty decent. Even Xiao Yu seems to have made a breakthrough.”

Huang Yu smiled. “The most impressive thing is that the youth named Nie Li made such a performance without any background or resources like the Dragonseal Family. It seems that the East District will gain a few more people this year!”

They were paying great attention to the situation within Skysoul Institution; therefore, they grasped the performances of all the geniuses. Nie Li and Lu Piao were undoubtedly among those geniuses. In their eyes, those two could definitely become part of the group that would be given extra attention and nurtured.

Within the Saint Soul Grounds

Xiao Yu, Nie Li, and Lu Piao were all deeply focused in their training. This spiritual well would greatly benefit their strength. Furthermore, they could only remain in the Saint Soul Grounds for a limited amount of time, so all the more reason to focus as hard as they could. Those who could make it into the top twenty could remain in the Saint Soul Grounds for up to three days a month, at most.

Below the altar, at the fifty-fifth step, Huang Ying looked to the distant Xiao Yu, her eyes dazzling.

“Indeed! I haven’t made a mistake in my judgement. Big brother Xiao Yu’s talent is the strongest!” A scarlet color brushed over her face. Instead of focusing on her cultivation, she directed all of her attention to Xiao Yu.

After looking at Xiao Yu and giving a furious glance at Huang ying, Yan Hao started moving up, step by step. However, when he reached the fifty-sixth step, he couldn’t move any further.

“How can I lose to that trash?!” Yan Hao was furious as he tried to force himself up another step. When his feet landed on the fifty-seventh step, a powerful backlash slammed into him.


He felt a strong impact against his Soul Realm, instantly spat a fresh mouthful of blood, flew backwards, and landed heavily on the ground some distance away.

This was the fate of those who had insufficient strength and yet still wanted to resist the Heavenly Dao!

Yan Hao tightly clenched his fist and heavily punched the ground. No matter how unresigned he was in his heart, there was nothing he could do.

When the bystanding disciples saw Yan Hao spit blood as he flew away, they couldn’t help looking at him with pity in their eyes. This was the result of trying to show off. If your talent is insufficient, then you should just obediently cultivate. Why try to force your way up?

“Look, that’s Jin Yan!”

“What? Even Long Yuyin, who is ranked in the top ten, has entered!”

Everyone’s attention was instantly focused on the entrance of the Saint Soul Grounds, attracted by Long Yuyin’s tight outfit. But a brief moment later, they immediately shifted their gazes, lowered their heads, and returned to their own cultivation for fear that they’d be noticed by Long Yuyin.

Long Yuyin ignored those around her and moved up the altar. Her eyes landed on Xiao Yu and Nie Li, who were cultivating. Since these two were actually challenging her position, she definitely wouldn’t give either of them a chance!

She wanted to tell both of them who the real genius was around here!

Jin Yan, who stood to the side, gave Long Yuyin a glance. He didn’t expect Long Yuyin to come too. As he recalled of her frightening talent, Jin Yan couldn’t help feeling a little helpless. He was confident that he’d be able to make Nie Li fall beneath him, but when he was faced the strong Long Yuyin, he didn’t stand a single chance.

Nie Li quietly cultivated as his communication with Heaven and Earth became more and more smooth. The vine in his Soul Realm was like a vortex as it constantly absorbed the Heavenly Energy.

At that moment, the two disciples seated not far from Nie Li couldn’t help knitting their brows together and opened their eyes.

As they cultivated beside Nie Li, they sensed that the surrounding Heavenly Energy was becoming thin and couldn’t help to looking at Nie Li in astonishment.

Just what was this guy cultivating? This was simply too abnormal! The surrounding Heavenly Energy had nearly been completely sucked dry by Nie Li!

If they were to continue their cultivation here, their speed would be greatly affected.

The two disciples stood up and moved away from him, so that they wouldn’t be affected by him.

Nie Li could sense that his cultivation was continuously rising. Currently, he was a 5-star Legend rank. After coming to the Draconic Ruins Realm, the speed of his cultivation increased by several dozen folds compared to what it was inside the Tiny World! After continuing for a month, he might be able to form his first Fate Soul and make a breakthrough into the Heavenly Fate Realm!

As his Soul Realm continued to revolve, Nie Li suddenly sensed a trace of a tyrannical aura. He raised his head and saw Long Yuyin walking in his direction. Her beautiful face was like an ice sculpture that wouldn’t melt even after ten thousand years. Her eyes were filled with a dense aura.

Why did this girl come here? As he thought of how his Master had been killed by Long Yuyin and few others, his heart turned dull as enmity flashed across his eyes. However, in this life, he definitely wouldn’t let such things happen again.

As for this woman, Long Yuyin, he would leave her far behind and forget her, so that she would no longer be capable of causing the slightest ripple in his new life.

Nie Li would follow what his Master had told him in his previous life: do not seek vengeance against Long Yuyin. However, he also wasn’t going to give Long Yuyin another chance. Nie Li would cultivate himself and become powerful, to a height that she would never be able to reach. After that, he’d make sure that Long Yuyin packed up and left for somewhere far away.