Chapter 272 - Master Bei

Chapter 272 - Master Bei

After Venerable Redsoul left, a group of students stood up.

The girl clothed in light-blue walked towards Nie Li and Lu Piao’s direction.

Her proud gaze fell on Nie Li as she asked, “You’re from the Tiny World?”

Nie Li looked this girl in light-blue over as he nodded, “That’s right.”

As he studied Long Yuyin, he wondered, ‘Where is this girl from? Why does she seem so familiar? Could we have met in my previous life?’

“So you guys are the 8-grade Heaven Spiritual Root and the 5-grade Heaven Spiritual Root from the Tiny World?” the girl asked as she studied Nie Li and Lu Piao.

“You’re not intending to do what that Jin Yan guy did earlier right? Trying to get us to join you and all?” There’s nothing to be fussy on this girl’s appearance; however, the subtle way she looked down on them made Lu Piao very unhappy.

That girl clothed in light-blue shot a glance at Lu Piao and said, “Although your talents are rather decent, they’re still not enough to get an invitation from my Dragonseal Family. Talents can only affect cultivation to a certain degree. But even if it’s a useless person, as long as my Dragonseal Family wants to, we can still nurture them into a genius!”

The sarcasm in her words annoyed Lu Piao even more.

Nie Li’s sights landed on the girl before him and an almost unnoticeable chill flashed through his eyes. This girl in front of him was actually someone from the Dragonseal Family!

The Dragonseal Family is an extremely large family with a solid position in the Divine Feathers Sect. They are one of the three biggest families of the Divine Feathers Sect. In his previous life, when Nie Li was in the Draconic Ruins Realm, he was indebted to a certain teacher for taking care of him. However, that teacher was killed by an expert of the Dragonseal Family; therefore, Nie Li didn’t have a very good impression of them.

However in this life, that teacher of his should still be living. Therefore, Nie Li would absolutely not let anything like that happen again.

The girl didn’t even spare a second look at Lu Piao, but instead focused her eyes on Nie Li as the corner of her mouth curled into an arc. “Today while we were practising the Spiritual Flames, you piqued my interest. I hope you won’t disappoint me!”

Upon finishing her words, she turned and walked off, her beautiful back disappeared once she passed the entrance of the courtyard.

Lu Piao gave Nie Li a curious look and asked, “Nie Li, what did she mean? She walked over to us just to tell you that she had ‘interest’ in you? Could she be thinking of warming the bed for you?”

At Lu Piao’s words, Nie Li couldn’t help rolling his eyes at him. Was Lu Piao’s brain made of paste?

As Lu Piao finished, a youth with handsome features walked over, turned to Lu Piao, and said, “You’ve attracted Long Yuyin’s attention, but you two are simply being too wishful. Did you actually think that she’d be interested in your friend? Don’t you know how cold her personality is?”

“Cold personality?” Lu Piao suddenly nodded as he continued, “No wonder she has that expression all the time. So that’s why!”

“Have you guys never heard of Long Yuyin before? Tsk, tsk, those from the Tiny World are indeed ill-informed. That Long Yuyin is a powerful genius from the Dragonseal Family, and rumour has it that she possesses the Blood Dragon’s lineage. Her body is so tough that it’s impossible for a Grade 2 Artifact to harm her. Two years ago, she got engaged to someone, but in the end, she completely crippled her fiancé in a martial tournament. He can’t even live like a normal peasant anymore.” The youth shook his head as he sighed, “Long Yuyin’s fiancé was also from a powerful family. No one knows why, but he still endured it in the end. That girl is a female tyrannosaurus! It’s best not to provoke her!”

Upon hearing the words of this youth, Lu Piao couldn’t help cringing.

That girl in light-blue just now was Long Yuyin? Nie Li’s eyes abruptly narrowed. In his previous life, it was Long Yuyin who’d killed his teacher!

In his previous life, after Nie Li had reached the Draconic Ruins Realm, Long Yuyin looked like a young woman, although she was already over a century old by that time. Back then, she was already a 3-Stage Martial Ancestor Realm expert and an extremely tyrannical woman within the Divine Feathers Sect.

No wonder he found that girl familiar when he saw her. Nie Li still remembered that in the previous life, Long Yuyin was extremely tyrannical and took the law into her own hands, single-handedly fragmented the Divine Feathers Sect.

At that time, Long Yuyin looked like a young woman, but right now, she was still a young girl. Although there were some similar features, the two still looked quite different. That’s why Nie Li couldn’t recognize her instantly.

Although the grudge from his previous life wasn’t terribly deep, Nie Li still loathed the Dragonseal Family.

Lu Piao decided that he liked the youth who stood before him, and asked, “Hey, what’s your name?”

The youth lightly said as he smiled, “You can just call me Master Bei.”

“Master Bei?” Lu Piao rolled his eyes. This kid was too narcissistic, asking others to call him a Master. But after reaching the Draconic Ruins Realm, Lu Piao had became more well-behaved. If this kid happened to have some deep background, it wouldn’t be good to offend him. “Brother Bei, thanks for your warning today.”

Upon hearing the two words ‘Master Bei’, Nie Li recalled a certain person. He was a well-known loafer in the Divine Feathers Sect, who appeared and vanished unpredictably. His strength wasn’t any weaker than Long Yuyin’s, the only existence who was on par with her. Everyone addressed him as Master Bei, a direct descendent of the Gu Clan.

Long Yuyin possessed the bloodline of the Blood Dragon and her natural talent had been pushed to the peak. However, Master Bei completely relied on his insights in the way of swords.

“As for the two of you, I’m already aware of your names. Nie Li and Lu Piao,” Master Bei said as he lightly smiled towards Nie Li.

“You actually know the two of us?” Lu Piao stunned for a brief moment.

Gu Bei smiled. “Of course, the two of you are already quite well-known in the West District. The Divine Feathers Sect naturally sets its sights on geniuses who possess Heaven Spiritual roots, regardless of which city or realm they come from. Not to mention an 8-grade Heaven Spiritual Root and 5-grade Heaven Spiritual Root! You have no idea how many people have their eyes on the two of you.”

Nie Li had already expected something similar and it proceeded just as he’d expected. As long as they don’t join a faction, no one would do anything to them. First of all, geniuses of the Skysoul Institute were heavily protected. Secondly, no one was willing to offend a genius with such vast potential for no good reason.

“What about you?” Lu Piao immediately looked at Gu Bei with a guarded expression.

Gu Bei chuckled. “Me? Haha, I’m interested in that Long Yuyin chick and Long Yuyin is interested in the two of you. Therefore, I came over to see for myself what you guys are like!”

This was exactly Master Bei’s style: a loafer who would have his eyes lit up the moment he saw a pretty girl.

“So that’s the case.” Lu Piao suddenly saw the light. “So you’re interested in Long Yuyin!”

Lu Piao glanced at Gu Bei’s crotch. ‘Doesn’t he feel a chill in his crotch? Long Yuyin once crippled her own fiancé. Is Gu Bei a masochist?’

“Hey, hey, hey, just where are you looking?” Gu Bei said with discomfort as he continued, “I’m into Long Yuyin, but that doesn’t mean I’m also into masochism!”

“You’re sure you’re not a masochist?” Lu Piao asked as he glanced at Gu Bei.

“Of course not! Don’t you find women like Long Yuyin more exciting to conquer?” Gu Bei gave a lewd chuckle. “I like that type of woman the most. In fact, those kinds always have hearts blazing in flames!”

At Gu Bei’s words, Lu Piao also chuckled as he hooked an arm around Gu Bei’s shoulders and said, “Really? Then we should discuss it a little!”

“So we’re alike!” Gu Bei looked as though he’d suddenly found a new best friend. “Brother Lu, it’s a shame we didn’t meet earlier!”

When Nie Li saw the two of them chuckling lewdly, he couldn’t help smiling bitterly. He never thought that Lu Piao and Gu Bei would hit it off so well. He looked around and noticed that some people were looking in their direction and seemed to be talking about them in soft voices. One of them was Wang Yang, who’d come from the Little Heaven Realm. Wang Yang stood with five other students who’d gathered together.

Nie Li’s eyes narrowed as he said to Lu Piao and Gu Bei, “This isn’t the best place to talk, let's go!”

Gu Bei had obviously sensed something as he laughed, “Alright! That way, I can have a good chat with Brother Lu.”

The three of them walked out together.

When Wang Yang and his group saw the trio leave, they retracted their gaze back.

“They left with Gu Bei. A total of five places. Long Yuyin, Jin Yan, and Gu Bei will naturally take three. That means that those two with the 8-grade and 5-grade Heaven Spiritual Roots are our greatest competitors. Now that they’re together with Gu Bei, they’ll be probably even harder to deal with!” one of the youths said with his brows knitted.

In this group of six, the strongest among them was only a 5-grade heaven Spiritual Root. For the sake of mutual benefit, the six of them banded together. The leader was a youth named Han Jing.

Every year, there were only five places for promoting to the East District and the competition had already begun. In order to enter the East District, they would do everything they could to stop Nie Li and Lu Piao from becoming stronger. If Nie Li and Lu Piao were promoted to the East District, they would lose their chance and have to wait another year. That was something that they were unwilling to accept.

Although Nie Li and Lu Piao had 8-grade Heaven Spiritual Root and 5-grade Heaven Spiritual Roots respectively, their foundations were, after all, still shallow. Therefore, they would be easier to deal with, unlike Jin Yan, Long Yuyin, or Gu Bei. They wouldn’t dare to take any rash actions against those three.

“In order to raise their cultivations, they’ll definitely enter the training grounds. Once they have split with Gu Bei, that’ll be our chance!” Wang Yang said as the idea occurred to him.

Han Jing frowned his brows. “Indeed. Within the next three days, they’ll definitely enter a training ground. But there are three training grounds and we have no idea which one they’ll go to.”

“I’ll be responsible for gathering information. Once I know which training ground they’re heading to, I’ll let you guys know immediately,” Wang Yang said as his brows twitched. The men from Young Master Hua Ling’s faction would definitely watch over Nie Li and Lu Piao with the utmost attention.