Chapter 266 - Results of the Test

Chapter 266 - Results of the Test

Enforcer Gu immediately smoothed things over. “Young Master Hua Ling, although he tested as an 8-grade Man Spiritual Root, and is incomparable to the other disciples of the Little Heaven Realm, his talent is still acceptable. Why is Young Master Hua Ling so irritated?”

Hua Ling coldly glared at the youth with the 8-grade Man Spiritual Root. “We don’t need a Man Spiritual Root trash in my Little Heaven Realm. You should scram back home by yourself. Or do you want me to kick you back? Trash of the Man Spiritual Root level should be too humiliated to show themselves in the Skysoul Institute!”

Upon hearing Hua Ling condemning the youth, Guan Yi tightly clenched his fists. It was as if Hua Ling’s words were also directed at him. In the past, he had always been the one humiliating others; now, the positions were reversed. He felt so ashamed that he wanted to kill himself.

Aside from Guan Yi, the bystanders who tested as Man Spiritual Roots all felt too ashamed to look anyone else in the eye.

Nie Li patted Guan Yi on the shoulder and said, “Don’t take his words to heart. We are cultivators, destined to go against the heaven. If you don’t intend on trying to defy heaven, then there’s no point to cultivating!”

Guan Yi’s lost gaze slowly cleared, then turned firm and determined. He looked at Nie Li with an emotion-filled expression and said, “Nie Li, thank you! Before, I said such rude things, and yet you’re still encouraging me. I definitely won’t give up!”

Hua Ling, who stood to the side, cast a glance at Nie Li and Guan Yi and sneered, “Only trash would sympathise with each other. The strong definitely have no need of other people’s pity!”

After Hua Ling finished his verbal attacks on the youth with the 8-grade Man Spiritual Root, the youth walked away in silence.

“You, come and take your test!” Enforcer Gu pointed at Lu Piao.

Finally, it was his turn to take the test. Instantly, a look of bitter helplessness crossed Lu Piao’s face as he walked towards the crystal ball. Would it be fortune or misfortune? Even if it’s misfortune, it’s still impossible to avoid. Sooner or later, he’d have to take the test.

Just as Lu Piao was prepared to take his test, a commotion burst out from outside the testing grounds.

“Someone committed suicide!”

“It’s that guy with 8-grade Man Spiritual Root!”

“I heard that he tested out as an 8-grade Man Spiritual Root! Then, after being humiliated, he took it too hard and committed suicide!”

The students who were still waiting for their tests all shook their heads with sad expressions on their faces. Although an 8-grade Man Spiritual Root wasn’t exceptionally outstanding, it was still acceptable. There was no need for suicide!

At the commotion from outside, Nie Li knitted his brows for a brief moment. The youth probably suicided not because of the results of the test, but because he was unable to accept the humiliation of returning. He chose to die here, rather than go back. This was his pride!

Hua Ling coldly snorted, “He’d rather die than return. At least he had some backbone and wasn’t complete trash. There’s nothing worth pitying about his death!”

The others from the Little Heaven Realm who stood beside Hua Ling all appeared indifferent. Obviously, such incidents were common for them.

Upon hearing Hua Ling’s words, Xiao Yu’s face went cross with rage.

Lu Piao and the others also angrily glared at Hua Ling.

The surrounding bystanders also felt angry towards Hua Ling. However, this matter belonged to the Little Heaven Realm; therefore, no one interfered with it.

Everyone retracted their gazes and turned to Lu Piao, who was about to take his test. Hua Ling looked down at Lu Piao as the corner of his mouth curled in disdain. Based on how much Lu Piao was cowering, his talent definitely won’t be much.

Everyone’s attention was on Lu Piao, making him feel pressured. He muttered a prayer to himself that we wouldn’t be sent back. He slowly placed his hand on the crystal ball.

Just a short while ago, someone had committed suicide. Therefore, everyone now had their attention centered on the results of Lu Piao’s test.

Lu Piao injected his power into the crystal ball, making it turn brighter and brighter, glowing with a scarlet light. At the sight of it, Lu Piao immediately closed his eyes. ‘I’m doomed, I’m doomed! It’s red, it’s a Man Spiritual Root! Please don’t let it be below a 5-grade Man Spiritual Root!’

Everyone’s attention was glued to the crystal ball, watching the light shine brighter and brighter until it became dazzling to the eyes. The light was so piercing that they couldn’t help shielding their eyes with their hands. The colour inside slowly turned from pink to a deep red, before settling on a deep violet. The thread inside then split into five.

Lu Piao opened his eyes a crack, then immediately shut them again. He felt like crying. ‘Five, it’s actually five! I’m doomed, I’m definitely doomed! I’m going to be sent back. Why is my life so bitter!’

Enforcer Gu’s expression gradually morphed from calm to astonishment. Violet was the distinct colour of the Heaven Spiritual Root! Furthermore, it was the first time he’d ever seen such a deep violet colour, not to mention the fact that it had actually split into five. It was a 5-grade Heaven Spiritual Root! Enforcer Gu had tested so many people before, and even then, the best he’d seen were one 3-grade Heaven Spiritual Root, one 1-grade Heaven Spiritual Root, and one 2-grade Heaven Spiritual Root. Those individuals were already considered geniuses, but compared to this Lu Piao, they simply couldn’t compete.

Hua Ling’s expression turned from its former disdain into dumbfoundedness.

That’s impossible! This kid had actually reached the 5-grade Heaven Spiritual Root!

Never had he imagined that this mediocre-looking kid would actually have 5-grade Heaven Spiritual Root! Compared to those with Heaven Spiritual Roots, people with Earth Spiritual Roots were a bunch of mediocres! Out of humiliation, Hua Ling flew into a rage as he wondered if these people from the Tiny World were cheating!

The Draconic Ruins Realm had countless numbers of cities and smaller realms. Even then, the number of Heaven Spiritual Roots produced was exceedingly small. Now, the Tiny World had produced another Heaven Spiritual Root, not to mention that this time it was a 5-grade!

After a long period of time, Lu Piao couldn’t help opening his eyes. “Is the test over?”

He was still waiting for Enforcer Gu to say the two words to send him back. However, even after such a long period of time, there still weren’t any movements from him.

Upon opening his eyes, Lu Piao noticed that everyone was looking at him. The weird atmosphere made him scratch his head. Just what was going on? Did these people eat a dead fish or something? Why are their eyes so big?

Noticing that Lu Piao was looking at him, Enforcer Gu coughed and embarrassedly announced, “5-grade Heaven Spiritual Root, off to the West District.”

5-grade Heaven Spiritual Root? Wait. Who? Lu Piao looked around.

It took him a moment to recover his mental state. Then Lu Piao pointed to himself in shock, “Me? 5-grade Heaven Spiritual Root?”

Lu Piao looked down into the crystal ball, where there were only five glowing purple threads. So it turns out that he’s a Heaven Spiritual Root and not a Man Spiritual Root! That had certainly scared the hell out of him.

I never noticed it until now, but it turns out that I’m a genius!

In the past, I was a little too low-profiled.

Lu Piao felt like he was floating as he walked back to Nie Li and said with excitement, “Nie Li, it turns out that I’m a 5-grade Heaven Spiritual Root! You never told me that before! My leg nearly gave out earlier because I was so scared of the test.”

Nie Li rolled his eyes and said, “I don’t have a Heaven Spiritual Crystal with me. How would I know that you’re a 5-grade Heaven Spiritual Root?”

Lu Piao scratched his head. “Oh, so that’s why! Hehe.”

At last, he didn’t have to worry about being sent back.

Hua Ling tightly clenched his fists as he indignantly eyed Lu Piao. Hua Ling had always been a narrow-minded person and was unable to tolerate even a little dirt thrown on him. So of course he felt unhappy when he saw that Lu Piao had tested as a 5-grade Heaven Spiritual Root and was acting so proud of himself.

Hua Ling glanced at Enforcer Gu and said, “Enforcer Gu, let’s continue the test.”

Enforcer Gu bitterly smiled. Finding a Heaven Spiritual root in the bunch of geniuses from the Little Heaven Realm was going to be rather difficult. After all, there were simply too few Heaven Spiritual Roots.

The tests resumed.

The geniuses of the Little Heaven Realm finished their tests. The majority of them were Earth Spiritual Roots with only one being a 1-grade Heaven Spiritual Root. Although there was another Heaven Spiritual Root, it was still incomparable to Lu Piao.

Hua Ling felt indignation in his heart. Although he had more people on his side, none of them were worth showing off. No matter how many mediocres he had, they were still incomparable to a genius. That was reality. The life of a thousand Heavenly Fate Realm experts couldn’t weigh against a single Heavenly Star Realm one.

“Your turn. Please come up and take your test.” Enforcer Gu looked at Nie Li and spoke in a gentle tone. Lu Piao and Nie Li were obviously friends and Lu Piao had a 5-grade Heaven Spiritual Root. As long as he wasn’t like Xiao Yu, who remained stuck in the Earth Fate Realm, he would definitely achieve unimaginable heights in the future. Therefore, Enforcer Gu didn’t dare provoke someone with such a great future.

Nie Li walked up to the crystal ball. He was already aware that he was a 7-grade Earth Spiritual Root, so there was basically no need to take the test. However, he still wanted to take it in order to qualify for the West District.

Nie Li placed his right hand on the crystal ball and injected some of his power into it.

The crystal ball glowed with a red colour that gradually turned deeper and deeper, into deep violet. At the same time, it split into two, three, four…

There were no signs of stopping until it finally reached eight. Nie Li could tell that if he continued, the colour of the threads would darken from purple to black; therefore, he immediately retracted his hand.

The testing grounds were dead silent.

Everyone dumbfoundedly stared at the crystal ball.

Just a short while ago, they’d had a 5-grade Heaven Spiritual Root. Now, another one appeared with 8-grade Heaven Spiritual Root. What a shock!

Within the entire Skysoul Institute, aside from the unknown Central District, there probably weren’t more than five 8-grade Heaven Spiritual Roots! In the end, experts of the 8-grade Heaven Spiritual Root had all entered into the Central District.

Enforcer Gu felt a cold sweat run all over his body. He never imagined that there would be an 8-grade Heaven Spiritual Root expert in the test. A 5-grade Heaven Spiritual Root and an 8-grade Heaven Spiritual Root. What a mysterious place the Tiny World must be. For other realms, people from the outside would could enter and leave as they wished. The only exception was the Tiny World, a sealed place where outsiders were unable to enter.

Hua Ling’s eyes were fixed on the crystal ball. He really wanted to know if the thing was rigged! To think that another Heaven Spiritual Root has appeared on the Tiny World’s side, and this time, it’s actually a shocking 8-grade Heaven Spiritual Root!

This kind of genius was absolutely terrifying!

The fact that Xiao Yu had stayed in the Earth Fate Realm, unable to step into the Heavenly Fate Realm, already made Hua Ling uneasy. Now, there was an 8-grade Heaven Spiritual Root on top of that. If Nie Li’s cultivation proceeded unlike Xiao Yu’s, then his speed must be unimaginable.

The others were also utterly shocked, but Nie Li had his brows locked tightly. Just what was going on? In his previous, he had clearly tested as a 7-grade Earth Spiritual Root, but in this life, he was actually an 8-grade Heaven Spiritual Root. Could it be that in this life, his talent had changed?

Could the vine in his soul realm be the reason?