Chapter 247 - Soul Seal

Chapter 247 - Soul Seal

Nie Li raised his head towards the Celestial Qilin and slightly narrowed his eyes.

This Celestial Qilin was just too cunning. With the control that Celestial Qilins have over their strength, there was no way that it would make such a small mistake. It was definitely trying to lure them in by using the basin as bait.

“Isn’t this easy to solve?” Lu Piao took out a whip and coiled it around the basin that contained the demon blood, trying to pull it over.

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning descended and the whip burst into bits.

The corner of the Celestial Qilin’s mouth turned in an almost unnoticeably cold smile. As it feigned innocence, it said, “So everything within three meters of me is guarded with a chain prison! Even I was unaware of that!”

Everything within five meters was under the Celestial Qilin’s control, so why should it let Nie Li and his party have an easy time of getting the demon blood?

“Nie Li, this Celestial Qilin is doing this on purpose.” Yu Yan reminded beside Nie Li’s ears.

“I’m aware.” Nie Li nodded. How could he not know that all of this was only a little game that the Celestial Qilin was playing?

Nie Li glanced at the Celestial Qilin before him and lightly smiled, “If that’s the case, then I guess I’ll have to get it myself!”

He slowly moved towards the Celestial Qilin.

“Nie Li, be careful!” Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er couldn’t help worrying about him. Approaching the Celestial Qilin is an extremely dangerous thing to do.

“Rest assured, Nie Li knows what he’s doing!” Du Ze smiled from the side. He understood Nie Li too well. How could Nie Li possibly fall for such a small trick?

Nie Li slowly moved towards the Celestial Qilin. Seven meters, six meters…

As the Celestial Qilin watched Nie Li, who was about to enter its domain, a kind of uncontrollable delight filled its heart.

After a brief moment, Nie Li stopped right at the five meter mark and not a step closer. He looked at the Celestial Qilin.

The Celestial Qilin’s pupils shrank. Nie Li’s actions were obvious; he was telling the creature not to try anything funny because he had already seen through its intentions.

The Celestial Qilin inwardly snorted. So what if you’ve seen through it, I still refuse to believe that you can obtain the basin of my demon blood!

Suddenly, Nie Li rapidly transformed into the Fanged Panda, opened his mouth, and spat a black sphere and a white sphere towards the Celestial Qilin.

“Hmph! You have no other option but to use force to snatch my demon blood? So what?” The Celestial Qilin snorted and spat a bolt of lightning towards the Yin-Yang Blast. Even if it is imprisoned, its strength still isn’t something that could be withstood by an ordinary Demigod rank!


The lightning landed on Nie Li’s Yin-Yang Blast and it instantly exploded. A huge shock wave swept outwards.

The moment the Yin-Yang Blast exploded, Nie Li tossed a Draconic Bomb and rapidly switched to the Shadow Devil and charged towards the demon blood.

“Trying to snatch my demon blood? Fat chance! Since you’ve entered my range, don’t think about leaving!” The Celestial Qilin snorted. It widened its mouth, and spat out a lightning ball.

Ye Ziyun and the others watched in suspense and proceeded to release their own techniques.

An icicle and a wind blade flew towards the Celestial Qilin to distract it.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

The attacks landed on the Celestial Qilin but they were no different from a tickle, inflicting no harm to it whatsoever. The Celestial Qilin’s physical body was simply too powerful!

“Roar!” The Celestial Qilin raged and began spitting out lightning bolts.

Suddenly, a Draconic Bomb landed inside its mouth and an explosion sounded as the bomb exploded. However, due to the powerful physique of the Celestial Qilin, it was only pushed back a few steps, still uninjured.

Nie Li moved as fast as lightning, swept down with his right hand, grabbed the basin of demon blood, and threw it towards Du Ze and the rest.

When it saw this, the Celestial Qilin roared in rage and aimed a countless amount condensed bolts of lightning at Nie Li. Although Nie Li managed to toss the demon blood out of range, he himself could only dream of escaping!

Nie Li watched the storm of lightning bolts that was almost upon him and sensed the energy that wanted to tear him to shreds.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

The devastating lightning rained down and devoured Nie Li’s figure.

“Hmph, hmph! That kid is definitely down!” The Celestial Qilin believed that it was impossible for Nie Li to have escaped from that situation!

As everyone else watched, their hearts were held with the utmost anticipation. With Nie Li’s current cultivation, such a terrifying thunderstorm wasn’t something he could withstand.

The Celestial Qilin didn’t intend to kill Nie Li. The thunderstorm was only meant to make him lose consciousness. Nie Li was obviously the leader of the group. If the Celestial Qilin could hold Nie Li hostage, then the others would naturally follow.

The frantic shower of lightning finally calmed down.

However, when the Celestial Qilin looked, that area was empty.

“How is this possible?!” The Celestial Qilin tossed its head in rage and stomped heavily. Bursts of lightning bolts bombed indiscriminately as it searched for Nie Li’s location. However, it was unable to sense Nie Li’s location.

A brief moment later, Nie Li’s figure gradually materialised on a spot seven meters away.

Earlier, when the Celestial Qilin attacked him, Nie Li executed the void ability and entered void-form. Therefore, the Celestial Qilin’s attacks didn’t land on him.

“How did you manage to escape?” The Celestial Qilin eyed Nie Li as its heart became filled with an unwilling sense of defeat.

“You don’t have to know that.” Nie Li lightly laughed. The Shadow Devil demon spirit was an extremely rare demon spirit that was rarely encountered. Many of its combat abilities were unknown to others. Although this Celestial Qilin has lived for a long time, its knowledge of other demon spirits didn’t appear to be very wide. At the very least, it didn’t know of the Shadow Devil demon spirit.

“Nie Li, we have the basin of demon blood. What are we going to do with it?” Lu Piao asked as he held up the basin.

“Pass it to me,” said Nie Li as he lightly smiled. He took the basin of demon blood from Lu Piao and started drawing some inscription patterns.

Mysterious designs began to fill the ground.

The Celestial Qilin observed the inscription patterns and shifted impatiently as it looked at Nie Li and said, “You won’t go back on your word, right?”

Could it be that Nie Li didn’t plan on letting the Celestial Qilin go even after he obtained its blood and was trying to kill it instead?

“Naturally, I keep my word, unlike you. If we use your demon blood to lay the inscription pattern array, we will be able to restrain you if you try to hurt us. I will also use your demon blood to draw a Soul Array connecting you and Du Ze. From today onwards, your physical body will transform and be merged with Du Ze’s soul realm. However, don’t even think about hurting him. The Soul Array can only be removed by Du Ze. In order to grant you your freedom, from today onwards, you must guard him faithfully!” said Nie Li. For the sake of Du Ze’s safety, Nie Li had to take precautions.

“What if he dies of natural causes?” The Celestial Qilin questioned irritably.

Nie Li shrugged and said, “Then, I’m not sure what’ll happen. Anyway, that’s the situation.”

The Celestial Qilin was depressed. However, as a tiger trapped and bullied by hounds, what else could it do? It could only accept its fate. However, Nie Li’s terms were still quite generous. After all, a human’s lifespan wasn’t that long. After Du Ze dies, it would regain its freedom, right? After all, a death is like a candle being extinguished. As long as it didn’t offend De Ze, then Du Ze should have no reason not to release it upon his death.

“Very well then. We have a deal. I will do my best to protect him. However, when his lifespan comes to an end, he has to release me!” The Celestial Qilin demanded, after a brief moment. Compared to being trapped in the tower and slaughtered after its core was formed, it was much better to lower its head and follow a human for a hundred years.

Du Ze proudly stood and seriously said, “I, Du Ze, have always kept my words. If you follow me for fifty years, when the time comes, no matter what happens, I will release you!”

“Okay!” Upon hearing this, the Celestial Qilin agreed straightforwardly. In comparison, he felt that Du Ze was easier to deal with than Nie Li. He could see that Du Ze was a rather honest person.

As he watched the Celestial Qilin lower its head, Nie Li was finally assured. Once Du Ze integrated with the Celestial Qilin, he would definitely be able to accomplish astonishing feats. Even if it was only for fifty years, it would be enough for Du Ze. After all, the cultivation technique that Nie Li gave him was the powerful [Heavenly Qilin] cultivation technique.

Inside the Tiny World and among the Legend ranks, Nie Li was able to take care of the majority of issues that arose. However, if they intended on travelling to Draconic Ruins Realm, then the situation would become far more dangerous. Even if they all reach the Heavenly Fate Realm and gather many fate souls, it would still be all too easy for them to lose their lives.

When that time comes, it’s entirely possible that Nie Li won’t be able to protect all of them. Therefore, Nie Li hopes to help Du Ze and the others raise their strength as high as possible to prepare for such dangers in the future.

Nie Li’s enemy is the powerful Sage Emperor!

Faced with that kind of enemy, Nie Li didn’t dare to allow the slightest negligence. From the very beginning, he had to work on perfecting his plan to fight the Sage Emperor. In this life, Nie Li couldn’t walk his old path anymore. Although he possessed astonishing strength in the past, that was him alone. In this life, he must have his friends grow as well.

The inscription patterns on the floor issued a dazzling light and formed into inscription pattern chains that bound the Celestial Qilin demon beast until it was unable to move an inch. Nie Li walked to the side of the Celestial Qilin and used the demon blood to draw the rest of the Soul Array on its body.

He then dipped some demon blood and dotted it on Du Ze’s forehead. A dazzling light suddenly emitted from it.

The demon blood on the Celestial Qilin’s body also glowed and covered its entire body. The creature’s physical form slowly faded to a translucent form before becoming transparent. Towards the very end, it turned into a streak of light and shot into Du Ze’s forehead.

Du Ze’s eyes immediately glowed with two divine lights that contained the concepts of both lightning and flame.

“All done.” Nie Li lightly smiled. Now that Du Ze has subdued the Celestial Qilin, his strength will definitely experience a huge surge.