Chapter 239 - Lesson

Chapter 239 - Lesson

All the Demigod rank experts presumed that Nie Li’s strength was far above their own. However, in truth, Nie Li’s strength was actually much weaker than theirs. This was because as long as they remained inside the tomb, their laws would be restricted and would be prevented from brandishing their true strength.

Furthermore, Nie Li was not affected by the Law of Death!

Glancing at Nie Li, Xiao Yu whispered, “These are all Demigod rank experts from various powerful families of Nether City!”

At Xiao Yu’s words, Nie Li’s eyes lit up as he laughed, “All of you are being too polite. When I saw that you were all in danger, how could I not lend a hand?”

“Is there anything that the young master [1. the young master in this one isn’t the master & servant relationship but something more like a mister except in chinese term.] needs of us?”

“I do not have any requests.” Nie Li lightly smiled, then suddenly seemed to have remembered something and said, “Actually, I just recalled something. I had encountered some issues with the Wugui Family and the Dark Guild of Blackrock City, but I still have insufficient energy to deal with these matters…”

The Demigod expert of the Fiery Elf hurriedly said, “For such small matters, how could we possibly allow the young master to personally take action?”

“Indeed! Such small matters, you can leave them to us!” The other Demigod rank experts parroted.

They originally thought that Nie Li would make a big request of them. Instead, it turns out to be a couple small matters!

“Very well then...I’ll trouble all of you in these matters. Many thanks!” Nie Li openly laughed.

“The young master is being too polite!”

“Yeah, you’ve saved our lives! How could we ever repay you?” asked the Demigod rank experts.

As he watched Nie Li put on the act, Xiao Yu was amused. This Wugui Family and Dark Guild would probably suffer a huge calamity this time. With so many powerful families, wouldn’t they overturn the Wugui Family and the Dark Guild?

As they spoke, the tomb was rapidly collapsing. Outside this tomb, several Demigod rank experts had finally dealt with the huge skeleton. One Demigod rank expert had spent a tremendous effort to get his hands on the skeleton’s half Divine Spark; just as he was drowned in joy, the half of the Divine Spark in his hand shattered into pieces and disintegrated into powder.

“Damn! Got tricked!” That Demigod rank expert cursed. He turned his head and saw the tomb crumbling in the wind.

All of this seemed like an illusion!

“Damn, could this have been an apparition?”

All that wasted effort! The Demigod rank experts could only leave in irritation.

“Young master, if you’re free, you should visit our Dragonchant Family!”

“Same goes to my Fiery Elf clan!”

“Since you seem to have matters to finish here, we’ll bid our farewells now!” The Demigod rank experts who were saved by Nie Li all cupped their hands in salute and left.

Xiao Yu pondered for a moment, then glanced at Nie Li and said, “Brother Nie Li, we will also need to have our farewell!”

Nie Li hurriedly said, “Oh? Then have a safe trip!”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Xiao Yu felt a little annoyed. It could be said that Xiao Yu and Nie Li experienced life and death together, but now Nie Li looked as though he couldn’t wait for Xiao Yu to leave.

Certainly, it’s not that Nie Li couldn’t wait for Xiao Yu to leave, but in his heart, he still had his guard up around Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu was truly very strong and also had an unknown background. If Xiao Yu were to stay by their group, it would eventually lead to a disaster. Although he had saved Xiao Yu, who knows what kind of person Xiao Yu actually is? In his previous life, Nie Li had many experiences of people biting the hands that fed them.

“Brother Nie Li will partake in the Master of the Nether Realm’s disciple selection, right?” Xiao Yu lightly smiled.

“Yeah.” Nie Li nodded.

“Then, I believe we will meet again. Bring that golden scroll that I gave you guys and it should be possible for all of you to enter the final test. I will wait for the good news.” Xiao Yu laughed as he continued, “I won’t bid farewell to Ning’er and Ziyun. I’ll just wait for you guys over there!”

Xiao Yu quickly sprang up and left.

As he watched Xiao Yu’s figure disappear into the horizon, Nie Li lightly smiled. That guy had just gotten bashed by the Death God and was probably still feeling pretty miserable. Even the wounds on his face hadn’t healed yet. He probably didn’t have the courage to show his face around others, which is why he left in such a hurry.

Nie Li gave his wings a flap and noticed that the wings were filled with boundless energy. He then retracted his wings and armguard.

As long as he wish for it, the wings and armguard would grow out again at any time.

Nie Li took out the mysterious egg. In this battle, the egg seemed to have absorbed quite a large amount of the Law of Death.The cracks on its surface had become even more prominent, like a spider-web that spanned the egg’s shell. He could vaguely sense the energy inside whirling like a vortex, constantly absorbing the nearby Law Energy.

The creature inside the mysterious egg might break its shell and come out at anytime. However, the closer it was the hatching, the more Law Energy it requires. It required so much energy that even Nie Li didn’t dare to inject Law Energy into it, as he was worried that the mysterious egg would suck him dry.

Xiao Ning’er and Ye Ziyun were quietly waiting, but when they saw the tomb before their eyes disappearing without a trace, they couldn’t help worrying. What if Nie Li had encountered danger?

At this moment, they saw a figure slowly walking in their direction. Well, if that wasn’t Nie Li, then who else would it be?

“Nie Li, you’re back?” Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er approached him in joy.

“Yeah.” nodded Nie Li.

Ye Ziyun took a glance behind Nie Li and asked, “Where’s Xiao Yu?”

“That guy is probably embarrassed to see you guys, so he left early.” Nie Li chuckled.

At Nie Li’s words, Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er were both puzzled. Why would Xiao Yu be embarrassed to see them?

“Nie Li, just now we felt an extremely powerful energy suddenly rush into our soul realms. Did you rank up?” Ye Ziyun asked as she suddenly recalled something.

Nie Li smiled and said, “I’ve comprehended another type of Law Energy.” Nie Li quickly checked his own cultivation. Along the way, his cultivation had improved by leaps and bounds. Now, with the addition of the Law of Death that he had just gained, even if he were to encounter a Legend rank expert, he would still have the confidence to fight without losing.

However, Legend rank is only the beginning of cultivation. Nie Li was clearly aware of this fact. In the Draconic Ruins Realm, any expert off the street was capable of utterly crushing Legend and Demigod rank experts.

However, once a person started cultivating Heavenly Energy, he or she would be able to step into an extremely mysterious realm.

Places above Legend rank are collectively called the Heavenly Fate Realm. Once someone steps into the Heavenly Fate Realm, he or she won’t be restricted to only one life. One Fate, Two Fate, Three Fate…...Every time they enhance their rank, they would form another life soul in their soul realm. If they died, they would only lose a life soul instead of facing a true death.

Only at that point could it be called the real beginning of cultivation!

Since he already knew of the way to enter the Draconic Ruins Realm, all he had to do now was focus on reaching the Heavenly Fate Realm as fast as possible!

Nie Li constantly pushed the three types of Law Energies around within his body. Even as they walked, his cultivation constantly rose.

Nie Li, Ye Ziyun, and Xiao Ning’er continued their search through the first layer of the Nine-Layered Deathlands for the tracks of Duan Jian, Lu Piao, and the others.

At the same time, outside the Nine-Layered Deathlands.

At the place that the Wugui Family had their tent, suddenly, more than twenty Demigod rank experts appeared in the sky. Their vast and majestic auras pressed downwards, sending the entire Wugui Family into complete chaos.

This energy wasn’t something the Wugui Family’s ordinary experts could deal with.

Three of the Wugui Family’s Demigod rank experts flew into the sky. When the Patriarch of the Wugui Family saw the twenty Demigod experts, his eyelids immediately twitched and his face turned ghastly pale. Among these experts were many who were from extremely powerful families in Nether City.

Families as powerful as these weren’t people that the Wugui Family could bear to offend!

Wu Hun immediately felt depressed in his heart. Who could have brought such big trouble back to Wugui Family?

Faced with these families, how could Wu Hun still dare to be arrogant? He said in humble and respectful tone, “I am the Patriarch of the Wugui Family, Wu Hun. I wonder, what could I do for all of you? If we have caused any offence, I am here to express my sincerest apologies. If anyone in our family has offended you, I will definitely bring him out and show no mercy! We are vassals of the Northern Nether Family of Nether City. Therefore, I would like to request that you be lenient with us!”

At Wu Hun’s words, the Demigod rank experts maintained resolute expressions as they coldly stared at him.

“You think that by bringing out the name of the Northern Nether Family all of you would be safe? Even the Patriarch of the Northern Nether Family wouldn’t be able to stop us if we wanted to massacre the Wugui Family!”

“Hmph! Even if it’s the Northern Nether family, do you think that they could fight against so many families here?”

At their words, Wu Hun’s heart trembled. Were these Demigod rank experts going to massacre the Wugui Family?

“Please quell your anger. There is something I cannot understand. How has our Wugui Family offended all of you? If there is anything that we did not handle properly, we will immediately rectify it!” Wu Hun said in a very humble tone. As the Patriarch of the Wugui Family, he had his own status and position. But now, faced with the threat of so many Demigod rank experts, he had no choice but to lower his head.

“Hmph, hmph! Think carefully about who the Wugui Family has offended recently.” One of the Demigod rank expert coldly suggested.

Wu Hun pondered carefully, but still couldn’t figure out who the Wugui Family had offended. Even if the Wugui Family had offended someone, it shouldn’t have incited so many experts from so many families, right? How could they have possibly offended such a powerful figure without realising it?

Suddenly, a possibility appeared in Wu Hun’s mind. Could all of this be linked to Glory City?

What if Glory City was actually the personal property of some powerful expert?

The more Wu Hun thought about it, the more frightened he became. With so many powerful families of Nether City here, if they really intended to destroy the Wugui Family, the Wugui Family would definitely be wiped off the map.

Wu Hun immediately said, “We have realised our faults. Please quell your anger! We, the Wugui Family will definitely do our best to seek forgiveness from the Lord!” Wu Hun acted so humble that the only thing he didn’t do was kneel down. After all, the opposing side consisted of over twenty Demigod rank experts, representing many powerful families of Nether city!

The Demigod rank experts went silent for a brief moment.

“The young master only requested that we teach the Wugui Family a lesson. He did not ask us to exterminate the Wugui Family, right?”

“That should be the case. However, there is still the Dark Guild!”

“Since the Wugui Family knows their faults, how about we capture them and leave them to the young master to deal with the next time we see him?”

After all, they didn’t have the exact order from Nie Li; therefore, they didn’t dare take things into their own hands. Capturing the Wugui Family was the most fitting thing to do at this point.

Nie Li only wanted to teach the Wugui Family and the Dark Guild a lesson through the hands of the Demigod rank experts. He never imagined that the Demigod rank experts would weigh so much importance on a single sentence of his: to the point that they were entirely willing to destroy a family with multiple Demigod rank experts for him. Because Nie Li was not precise with his speech, the Demigod rank experts were at a loss.

If Nie Li wanted them to destroy the Wugui Family, they would definitely do it without any hesitation. But now, they didn’t dare take their own initiative on the matter!