Chapter 230 - Disturbed Peace of Mind

Chapter 230 - Disturbed Peace of Mind

As she listened to the conversation between Nie LI and Xiao Yu, Ye Ziyun fell into deep thought and realized something.

They’d just met Xiao Yu, so even Ye Ziyun was cautious towards him. To suddenly have a stranger follow them around in a place like the Nine-Layered Deathlands was indeed rather ill-advised.

“Since there aren’t any prejudices, then why is brother Nie Li chasing me away? If brother Nie Li is planning on doing something, I won’t disturb you,” Xiao Yu’s eyes narrowed slightly as he smiled towards Nie Li.

At Xiao Yu’s words, Nie Li felt a shiver in his heart. Xiao Yu’s aura hinted at a deep and immeasurable strength. Nie Li was worried that if he tries to forcefully chase Xiao Yu away, Xiao Yu might suddenly turn hostile. It seems that this guy was planning to shamelessly cling to them, without any intentions of leaving.

“If brother Xiao Yu wishes to stay, it’s fine. However, if we happen upon an unfortunate situation, you’ll have to take care of yourself,” Nie Li went silent for a moment. It seems like he’ll have to think of other methods to chase Xiao Yu away. Furthermore, they have to find Yu Yan and the others as soon as possible. With just the three of them might not be able to deal with Xiao Yu safely.

“Brother Nie Li can be rest assured. There isn’t a single person in the Nether Realm who can lay a finger on me,” Xiao Yu said proudly.

Nie Li gave Xiao Yu a glance. Was he being confident or just arrogant? To think he actually said that there wasn’t anyone in the Nether Realm who could touch him.

Xiao Yu is a mysterious person. For now, Nie Li could only conceal his suspicions deep inside his heart.

Xiao Ning’er glanced at Nie Li and then at Xiao Yu. Although she believes that Xiao Yu is a good guy, Nie Li must have his own reasons for his actions. Within her heart, she holds absolute trust for Nie Li. However, Xiao Yu had left a good impression on her. Therefore, Xiao Ning’er was a little conflicted.

The four of them walked together along the lake, searching for the others.

“Is that the Spiritual Origin Fruit?” Nie Li’s gaze was directed towards an area in the forest beside the lake. There, the group saw a fruit resting on its stem, sparkling like a crystal.

Nie Li walked towards the Spiritual Origin Fruit. He gave Xiao Yu a sideways glance and asked, “Is brother Xiao interested in this Spiritual Origin Fruit?”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Xiao Yu shook his head and said, “I have a special physique. Therefore, these Spiritual Origin Fruits are useless to me. You guys can have it.”

Such a precious item like the Spiritual Origin Fruit and yet, Xiao Yu doesn’t show any intention of snatching it. Just what is he planning? Nie Li went silent for a brief moment, then bent down beside the Spiritual Origin Fruit and slowly plucked it, and stored it inside his interspatial ring.

If he consumed it now, he would need to spend some time to process and digest its energy. Furthermore, a single Spiritual Origin Fruit was nowhere near enough to share with everyone. Therefore, he decided to store the first one and continue searching other places. Who knows, there might be more Spiritual Origin Fruits elsewhere.

“Brother Nie Li, in this world, men die for fortune, while birds die for food. One man snatches, while another seizes. In the end, those who die, stay dead and those who are injured, stay injured. Where’s the meaning in that?” Xiao Yu smiled lightly. From his perspective, Nie Li was also a person greedy for fortune.

Hearing Xiao Yu’s words, Nie Li shot him a few more glances. He never expected such ideology from Xiao Yu, so he smiled and said, “As we live in this world, there are seven emotions and six desires, all accompanied with endless distress. According to your words, wouldn’t we be better off dead? However, if a person dies, it would be the same as the flame of a candle being extinguished, leaving nothing behind. Whereas the world where ‘one man snatches, while another seizes’ seems much more interesting and lively.”

At Nie Li’s words, Xiao Yu laughed involuntarily. But after he carefully thought it over, he realized the philosophic theory in it. If one didn’t fight for anything, what meaning would there be in living?

He never expected Nie Li to share his own opinion. Xiao Yu smiled and thought that he was certainly an interesting guy.

“I’m a little interested in you now. Why are you so proficient in inscription patterns? Senior Inscriptionist, now that’s something!” Seeing that Xiao Ning’er and Ye Ziyun were far off, chatting with each other, Xiao Yu crossed his arms and smiled.

Hearing what Xiao Yu said, Nie Li felt shocked. How did Xiao Yu know that he was a Senior Inscriptionist? The more Nie Li thought about it, the more uncomfortable he felt. Just who was Xiao Yu? This guy was actually able to investigate him so thoroughly. The fact that he had gotten close to Ning’er was probably some part of his plan.

Nie Li clenched his fist tightly as he walked up to Xiao Yu and said in a soft voice, “I don’t know where you came from, or how you managed to investigate me so thoroughly. But if you dare to harm anyone close to me, I will make you taste regret!”

When he sensed that Nie Li was moving closer, Xiao Yu fell back a step, putting some distance between them. He looked up and said, “Brother Nie Li must be joking. I’m merely curious about you and have no intention to harm anyone near you.”

“That’s good.” Nie Li went silent for a brief moment. He has no idea if Xiao Yu was speaking the truth. It was hard for him to let down his guard around him.

“You still haven’t answered my question.” Xiao Yu lightly smiled.

Nie Li pondered for a while before answering. He naturally wouldn’t tell anyone about his rebirth.

“Inscription patterns are another kind of law. Once you’re familiar with the law, you would naturally know where the profound is.”

“Law?” The moment Xiao Yu heard the word, his bright eyes narrowed. He turned to ask, “Has brother Nie Li already comprehended the profound of the Law Energy?”

Xiao Yu’s words shocked Nie Li. This person even knew about the profound of Law Energy! Just where exactly is he from? The pale blue of his eyes were like the blue luster of sapphires. They were unreasonably beautiful.

For just that brief moment, Nie Li was stunned, but he immediately recovered.

“No comment. However, if you were to tell me of your origins, I might tell you.” said Nie Li.

Xiao Yu lightly smiled and said, “Actually, brother Nie Li doesn’t need to say anything. I already know that you’ve not only comprehended the profound of Law Energy, you’ve even comprehended two types of Law Energy. For two types of Law Energy to appear in a single person’s body, that was an eye opener.”

Nie Li felt a headache at Xiao Yu’s words. Just what exactly was going on? Xiao Yu even knew about that!

In front of Xiao Yu, Nie Li felt as if he’d been stripped naked, his every secret exposed.

However, since he no longer had any more secrets, his speech became more direct. If Xiao Yu really had any ill intentions, he should’ve taken action a while back. So Nie Li said, “I’ve no idea who you are or how you found out these things. But since you already know, why still ask?”

“I just wanted to see if you were willing to speak the truth.” Xiao Yu said with the corner of his lips rising.

Nie Li dumbfoundedly stared at Xiao Yu. Asking all these questions just to see if he was willing to tell the truth? So what if he was willing or unwilling? This was simply meaningless! Nie Li couldn’t understand Xiao Yu’s train of thought at all.

“In additional to that, I’m also a little interested in sister Ning’er. Therefore, I asked to come along,” Xiao Yu said as he lightly smiled.

Nie Li’s gaze turned cold and said, “If you have any ill intentions towards Ning’er, then I might get a little impolite!”

“Ill intentions? Brother Nie Li is being too serious. How could I have any crooked thoughts about sister Ning’er? She’s so sincere and kindhearted, I’m not willing to hurt her. A sweet and graceful lady should be matched with a gentleman. Since you’re unwilling to be with her, then there shouldn’t be a reason for brother Nie Li to prevent anyone else from going after her, right?” Xiao Yu flashed a broad smile as he spoke. Then, he turned around and walked in Xiao Ning’er’s direction.

Hearing Xiao Yu’s words, Nie Li was suddenly stunned. If Xiao Yu was being serious, what excuse did Nie Li have to stop him? At the same time, after hearing Xiao Yu’s words, why did he feel so unhappy? It felt as though someone was trying to snatch away something that belonged to him.

He recalled all the times they had shared, starting with the moment he had helped Ning’er cure her illness. Perhaps Nie Li didn’t with to admit that she had already become an indispensable part of his life.

Xiao Yu seemed as though he could see through anything. He definitely did that on purpose.

But, what was Nie Li supposed to do next?

After his rebirth, Nie Li wanted to guard everything and not let any harm come to his family and friends. Although he controlled a certain amount authority, sometimes his actions were still forced by circumstance. Occasionally, he would also feel helpless.

Guarding in silence could also be considered a form of companionship and camaraderie. Perhaps this was what Ning’er thought too.

Nie Li always felt that Xiao Yu was a mysterious person that didn’t have any good intentions.

‘Anyways, if Xiao Yu intends on touching Ning’er, then he’ll have go through me!’ Nie Li snorted inwardly.

After his rebirth, the fact that so many of his cards have been exposed to an outsider made Nie Li feel extremely threatened. If he couldn’t even keep Xiao Yu under control, then he’s wasted living for so long.

Xiao Ning’er and Ye Ziyun quietly stood by the lake. The lakewater reflected with clear luster that made both of them look as though they were fairies in a painting, beautiful to the extent of being impossible to replicate.

Suddenly, the peace of the lake exploded as Cang Ming and a Zombie Jiao-dragon brought their battle to the surface, creating raging waves on the lakewater.

“Careful!” Nie Li quickly rushed over.

Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er retreated out of the range of the energy ripples.

“The battle here has disturbed my peace of mind,” Xiao Yu unenthusiastically complained. A long jade hairpin appeared in his hand and shot towards the Zombie Jiao-dragon and Cang Ming with a *whoosh*.

The streak of light was as graceful as a dancer.

With a *ding*, the hairpin knocked the lightning spear out of Cang Ming’s hands.

Just as Cang Ming was about to swing his lightning spear and kill the Zombie Jiao-dragon, he felt a majestic and mighty power hit his lightning spear. Instantly, his lightning spear was knocked out his hands and flew far away. His entire arm couldn’t stop trembling and his right palm was filled with traces of blood.

He glared at Nie Li and his group while a deep fear flashed through his eyes. Now what? What kind of terrifying expert has he encountered now?! Since this expert had only knocked his lightning spear away, it was definitely just a warning.

Cang Ming decided that he no longer wanted to stay around and quickly backed off, retrieving his lighting spear before flying off.

Astonishment appeared in Nie Li’s eyes as he watched Xiao Yu. It seems that he had underestimated Xiao Yu’s strength by a long stretch.