Chapter 226 - Enemies on a Narrow Path

Chapter 226 - Enemies on a Narrow Path

Zombie Jiao-dragons were that powerful?! No wonder why everyone was utterly shocked by its appearance. Furthermore, this zombie Jiao-dragon seemed to be a little different from the other demon beasts, with a crimson pearl growing on its forehead that would attract the gaze of everyone in sight.

*Woosh!* *Woosh!* *Woosh!*

Six figures pierced through the surface of the lake and charged towards the zombie Jiao-dragon.

The longer a zombie Jiao-dragon lived, the smaller its body becomes. Even Nie Li couldn’t tell how old this zombie Jiao-dragon was; however, based on an analysis of its strength, it shouldn’t be Demigod rank, yet. Otherwise, those six would already be dead.

The six who charged into the lake were all well-known members of Nether Realm’s super families’ younger generations. They were extremely conceited in their own strength and thus, felt not even an ounce of fear when faced with the zombie Jiao-dragon.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

The six engaged the zombie Jiao-dragon as a pack, as the others on the shore prepared themselves to snatch the red pearl on its forehead.

Nie Li’s heart was slightly stirred at the sight of the red pearl. He wasn’t sure about the pearl’s true nature, but based on the energy he could sense being released from it, he was certain that it was a very important treasure.

“Nie Li, what is that red jewel?” Ye Ziyun asked, her heart filled with curiosity.

“I have no idea,” Nie Li replied as he shook his head.

A trace of astonishment flashed across Ye Ziyun’s eyes. A treasure that even Nie Li doesn’t know about? In her eyes, he was all-knowing.

Seeing Ye Ziyun’s expression, Nie Li naturally knew what she was thinking. He stretched out his hands and gave a bitter smile. He wasn’t omniscient. In this world alone, there are many things that he is still unaware of.

Suddenly, the zombie Jiao-dragon roared towards the sky and ejected globes of water from its mouth. These balls that were shot around the entire area exploded, causing complete chaos among the mass of people on the shore. When the liquid came into contact with someone’s skin, their bodies instantly began to emit white smoke as their skin corroded away.

“Arghhh!” Some of the people that were splashed by the attack immediately issued mournful shrieks.

One of the acid orbs flew towards Nie Li and Ye Ziyun’s direction.

“Careful!” Nie Li yelled in an urgent tone as he pushed Ye Ziyun away. With a move of his left hand, he crushed a Divine Guardian Stone between his fingers.


The acid ball exploded where Nie Li and Ye Ziyun were moments before and proceeded to melt holes into the ground. Some of the acid had splashed onto the shield and flowed down in rivulets.

Had the attack landed on them directly, the terrifying liquid might have made it through the shield. However, the shield was able to protect them from the splash.

Nie Li and Ye Ziyun tumbled into a nearby hole. The scent of a girl’s body was transmitted to him. His hands came across something soft and he subconsciously gave it a knead. A kind of softness spread across his palm.

The smell of Ye Ziyun’s hair made him feel relaxed.

Before Ye Ziyun could react to their fall, she was knocked into a daze by Nie Li, who had accidentally fallen on top of her. The pressure from his body made her feel a little suffocated. When she felt a peculiar sensation coming from her chest, her face instantly flushed red.

“You…...get off!”

Before, she thought that the only way she could repay Nie Li’s favor of saving her father was by giving herself to him. But now that it was about to happen, she realized that she was still filled with apprehension.

At her shy expression, Nie Li immediately removed himself and climbed up. He ran a hand through his hair as he chuckled in embarrassment, “Accident, accident.”

Ye Ziyun sat up with her face still red and softly replied, “Oh. Okay.”

Observing Ye Ziyun’s shy movements, Nie Li’s heart was filled with tenderness. He extended a hand to pull her up and said, “Be careful, the acid spat by the zombie Jiao-dragon has an extremely powerful corrosive effect.”

Ye Ziyun gave a glance around. Indeed, the places where the acid balls had landed had already corroded into huge craters. She couldn’t help the chill in her heart.

Nie Li raised his head towards the ongoing situation. Cang Ming, Mu Ye, and the other four were engaged in an intense battle with the zombie Jiao-dragon that even caused the sky to darken.


Cang Ming bombarded the zombie Jiao-dragon with several blood palms, resulting in several mournful shrieks. In its wrath, the zombie Jiao-dragon lashed its tail and ruthlessly struck a young warrior, causing him to spit blood as he flew backwards.

Cang Ming only afforded a cursory glance towards the young expert. Although they were cooperating for now, in actuality, they were still competition opponents. Therefore, Cang Ming couldn’t be bothered over their deaths.

Hearing the mournful shriek from the zombie Jiao-dragon, Nie Li thought to himself, ‘This zombie Jiao-dragon probably can’t take it anymore. The Zombie Jiao-dragon may be powerful, but it’s still no match for so many Legend rank warriors.’


The scarlet pearl on the Zombie Jiao-dragon’s forehead radiated a blinding light and transformed the Zombie Jiao-dragon, covering its body in a new layer of red scales. Two long feelers grew from the corners of its mouth.

*Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!*

Its tail struck two more young warriors and sent them flying out of the fray.

Cang Ming and Mu Ye couldn’t help taking a few steps back.

“Who would have thought that the red pearl would actually have an ability that allows the zombie Jiao-dragon’s strength to increase by a level? It seems like they’re on equal grounds now.”

Nie Li was not preparing to take any actions. Although the red pearl was indeed a valuable treasure, if he failed, then he would definitely lose his life. He decided not to try his hand at it.

Suddenly, he felt a familiar aura. Scanning the crowd, a familiar face entered his vision.

Wasn’t that Ye Han?

Ye Han stood together with some of the Wugui Family’s members and watched the battle from afar.

Sensing Nie Li’s peculiar gaze, Ye Ziyun followed his line of sight. When she saw Ye Han, she was instantly filled with anger. It was Ye han’s fault that she had almost lost her father; towards him, she could only feel anger and hatred.

After sensing their strange gazes, Ye Han looked towards their direction. When he saw Nie Li and Ye Ziyun, his pupils shrank and became filled with a cold look. It really is Nie Li and Ye Ziyun! It’s a small world after all. Because of Nie Li, Ye Han lost his position as the City Lord’s successor and was forced to leave Glory City, and had to drift around like a stray dog. Now that he saw Nie Li and Ye Ziyun together, his heart ignited with flames of hatred.

“If you guys are looking to die here, don’t blame me for taking the initiative!” Ye Han’s fists were clenched so tight that crackling sounds could be heard.

There were a little over twenty members of the Wugui Family with him. The leader was a sturdily built youth who wore a set of silver armor and carried the huge Heavenly Silver Sword in his hands. A terrifyingly ferocious aura emanated from his body.

Ye Han whispered in the youth’s ear, “Young Master Wu Yu, those two are from Glory City!”

Wu Yu took a glance at Nie Li and Ye Ziyun and narrowed his eyes, especially towards Ye Ziyun. His eyes couldn’t help lighting up upon seeing her. Among the various races, human women were definitely the most beautiful. Although Ye Ziyun was still young, she has already matured into a slender and elegant lady.

“Came from Glory City? How strong are they?” Wu Yu asked Ye Han.

“Young Master Wu Yu, according to my memory, the two of them should have reached Gold rank.” Ye Han said after he pondered for a moment. When he left, Nie Li and Ye Ziyun’s strengths were only at Gold rank.

“Bullshit. If they were only Gold rank, why would they dare to enter the Nine-Layered Deathlands?” Wu Yu scolded.

At Wu Yu’s words, Ye Han’s face went blank. Indeed, why would two Gold ranks dare enter the Nine-Layered Deathlands? Could it be that the two of them were already above Gold rank? That was impossible. Even with a high cultivation rate, it shouldn't be that fast. Such a rate shouldn't even be possible.

“It’s possible that someone stronger brought them in, but then these two strayed off.” Ye Han said after pondering awhile. He was unwilling to believe that Nie Li and Ye Ziyun had left him in the dust in terms of cultivation.

Wu Yu pondered for brief moment, then waved his hand, sending his mens in Nie Li and Ye Ziyun’s direction.

“Nie Li, they’re coming.” Ye Ziyun’s concentrated and her right hand tightly grasped the Blizzard Spiritual Gem in preparation for battle. The Blizzard Spiritual Gem was a very powerful treasure. At her current level, she could fully utilize it to burst forth power that was several folds more than her original strength.

On the contrary, Nie Li appeared very calm and walked towards the Wugui Family’s warriors. He wasn’t afraid of Ye Han. Rather, Nie Li was afraid that Ye Han would turn tail and run. If that happened, then trying to find Ye Han again would really be a pain.

Seeing Nie Li’s actions, Wu Yu’s eyes slightly narrowed as he sensed the Black Gold rank aura coming from him. Even still, what could a Black Gold rank do before so many people? Just where did he get his confidence from?

“Ye Han, I never thought that you would dare to show yourself before me. Today, I won’t let you go before I settle the score!” Nie Li glared at Ye Han. A traitor of Glory City, such a rebel must be taken care of personally by him!

“Nie Li, you’re too arrogant. Just who do you think you are? This is the Nether Realm, not Glory City! Who did you say won’t let the other party escape?” Ye Han coldly snorted at Nie Li.

Wu Yu crossed his arms over his chest as he stared at Nie Li, “Kiddo, you’re gutsy! In front of me, Wu Yu, you still dare to be so arrogant. If lower your head to me, perhaps I will consider letting you join me. But if you still won’t acknowledge your place, then don’t blame me for being merciless!”

Nie Li’s gaze swept past Wu Yu and his henchmen. He gave a cold smile and said, “If you guys hand Ye Han over, then this matter will be done with. Otherwise, don’t blame me for my actions!”

Wu Yu saw something in Nie Li’s eyes that annoyed him immensely.

Nie Li probably has a loose screw in his head to say such bold words. Everyone in their group was Black Gold rank, two were even Legend rank. With only two people, how could Nie Li still act so arrogantly?