Chapter 211 - Demon Spirit Devouring Technique

Chapter 211 - Demon Spirit Devouring Technique

Nie Li lightly smiled as he nodded his head.

Lu Piao took the initiative to ask insensitively, “Sister Yu Yan, how big is the size of your original body?”

Pictures were emerging in his mind. A goddess that has lived for tens of thousands of years with the figure as large as a mountain, wearing a sexy dress and having countless people worshipping her. Raising their heads after worshipping, her slender and beautiful leg and…..the bottom skirt of that goddess……

After reading the thoughts in Lu Piao’s mind, Yu Yan’s face turned tundra cold. However, with so many people watching her, she calmly said, “My body is the same as your own, except that it slowly turned into a divine body.”

So her body is the same as a human’s. All of the imagination in Lu Piao’s head came to nothing.

Nie Li patted Lu Piao’s shoulders again, smiled and said, “Goddess Yu Yan is a Spiritual God and can read people’s minds.”

“Ah?” Hearing Nie Li’s words, Lu Piao gave a glance at Yu Yan and saw her coldly staring at him with terrifyingly cold eyes. He was simply about to cry. Since the goddess can read his mind, doesn’t that mean that his earlier thoughts were seen by Yu Yan?

What a mistake in making friends. Why didn’t Nie Li tell him that before?! If he knew earlier, he wouldn’t have even dared to think something so profane.

“Okay, we have something to do. Lu Piao, Du Ze, you five will visit all of the auction houses and stores, and buy as many demon spirits as you can. If there’s an issue with money, go find Sister Yang to get some more,” said Nie Li.

“Okay.” Although they don’t know what Nie Li is planning to do, since Nie Li’s expression turned serious, Lu Piao, Du Ze and the rest felt that what Nie Li wants to do should be very important.

“The remaining people will search for other materials that we need. I will make a list of everything we need to buy,” said Nie Li. Since the great battle will soon arrive, he has to quickly make his preparations.

Regardless if they are needed in this battle, they still have to be fully prepared.

“Okay.” Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er and the rest nodded their heads respectively.

Very quickly, everyone got busy with the tasks they were assigned.

Yu Yan curiously looked at Nie Li and asked, “Why do you want them to collect demon spirits?”

“Sister Yu Yan, have you heard of the Demon Spirit Devouring Technique before?” Nie Li asked.

“The Demon Spirit Devouring Technique?” Yu Yan knitted her brows and pondered. She vaguely heard someone mention it before; however, after experiencing long years of isolation, she can’t recall anything about it anymore. It could possibly be an ancient secret technique.

“The Demon Spirit Devouring Technique is a technique that allows you to devour demon spirits to train your soul force. It’s a sinister technique that defies the heaven Dao. I didn’t want to use it if possible, since it would cause harm to one’s future cultivation, but now that Glory City is facing danger, I have no other choice but to use this secret technique.” Nie Li’s gaze fell into the distance as a sense of firmness flashed through his eyes. No matter what price he has to pay, he must protect Glory City! The matters in the future can only be left to the future to think about.

If the Dark Guild comes to violate Glory City, he’ll destroy the Dark Guild. If the Wugui Family comes to violate Glory City, he’ll destroy the Wugui Family. After his rebirth, he decided that he absolutely cannot let anyone touch Glory City!

“Since you have already decided, I will not obstruct you. The people of Glory City are also considered members of my human race, if there is really an enemy coming to violate them, I will also do my best to protect them.” Yu Yan said seriously.

“Thank you, sister Yu Yan.” Nie Li nodded. With these words from Yu Yan, Nie Li felt a lot more at ease.

Aside from having Ye Ziyun and the rest gather materials and demon spirits, Nie Li thought of another method and took out a Dragon’s Soul Stone. Although the Dragon’s Soul Stone is used to forge weapons, Nie Li thought of a different usage for it.

A Dragon’s Soul Stone is an extremely tough item and can seal energy inside it. Unless it suffers a great impact, it won’t shatter.

Nie Li used some special methods to refine the Dragon’s Soul Stone and gradually forged it into a fist-sized object. The modeling of this item is very unusual. It is empty on the inside with a thin barrier in the center, creating two independent spaces.

“What are you forging?” Yu Yan curiously asked while looking at Nie Li.

“I have my own brilliant uses for this.” Nie Li lightly smiled. After he finished forging these, he merged with the Fanged Panda, making his body grow large.

After Nie Li transformed into the Fanged Panda, he opened his mouth and quickly gathered the Law of Darkness and sealed it into one of the spaces inside the Dragon’s Soul Stone. Thereafter, he did the same with the Law of Light and sealed it in the other space.

When he finished sealing them, Nie Li said, “My Fanged Panda has merged with the Law of Darkness and Light; hence, the might of the Yin-Yang Blast is very shocking. Even Legend rank experts couldn’t withstand an explosion from my Yin-Yang Blast.”

“However, the flying speed of the Yin-Yang Blast is too slow. An ordinary Legend rank expert would be able to easily dodge it. I forged the Dragon’s Soul Stones into weapons that have separate spaces inside and sealed the Law of Darkness and Light inside each space respectively. Once I control the two powers of law, they will quickly merge and generate a powerful energy that will instantly reach their limits. Since the space in the Dragon’s Soul Stone is small, the might from the explosion will be even ten times stronger than the Yin-Yang Blast I normally launch myself.”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Goddess Yu Yan couldn’t help feeling her scalp tingling. She can easily imagine the results if such an item exploded beside an opponent. Even a Legend rank expert would suffer from it.

Yu Yan really wished to pry open Nie Li’s head and see how the growth of his brain. How can he have so many sly ideas?

Nie Li placed the Law of Darkness and Light into the Dragon’s Soul Stone’s vessel while forging it and then sealed it up. He then carved some mysterious inscription patterns on the surface and they quickly concealed themselves inside the Dragon’s Soul Stone.

In the view of an ordinary person, this is just an ordinary Dragon’s Soul Stone!

‘Let’s give it a name, let’s call it Draconic Bomb.’ Nie Li thought, then continued to forge more Draconic Bombs and placed them into his interspatial ring.

After making over sixty Draconic Bombs, Nie Li stopped since he ran out of Dragon’s Soul Stones.

If he didn’t continue to replenish his soul force with large amounts of elixirs and constantly absorbing the surrounding powers of law, with Nie Li’s currently cultivation, he wouldn’t be able to forge so many Draconic Bombs in such a short amount of time. Even so, Nie Li was exhausted to the point he nearly collapsed.

Within two days, Lu Piao, Du Ze and the rest gathered hundreds of thousands of different demon spirits. Some time ago, Glory City had just survived the demon beast horde. If you add large amount of demon beasts being cleared out in the surrounding mountains after the horde, the amount of demon spirits was ample. Aside from that, Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er and the rest also brought the other required materials.

Nie Li began laying down an array in an empty area in the yard and filled the ground with all sorts of inscription patterns.

These inscription patterns were so ancient that even Goddess Yu Yan was shocked by them. She could only roughly understand them.

There were all sorts of inscription patterns filling the ground with eleven empty spaces. Nie Li looked at Duan Jian, Lu Piao, Du Ze, Xiao Yu and the other six and said, giving them directions, “You guys sit in the blank areas and wait for me to start the Demon Spirit Devouring Technique. Once I start, my Fanged Panda will start devouring demon spirits. Every time it devours one, my Fanged Panda will grow stronger; however, at the same time, there will also be a large amount of soul force or powers of law being released out. No matter how much is released, they will be restricted within the inscription pattern array. You guys must try your best to absorb the soul force and powers of law.”

When Nie Li uses the Demon Spirit Devouring Technique, it will do harm to himself; however it’s still within the range of his endurance. The releaseded power will be very vast and must not be wasted. It’ll be enough for the ten of them to absorb it all.

Nie Li stood at the center of the inscription pattern array, while the rest of them respectively sat around the array.

Xiao Ning’er’s, Ye Ziyun’s and everyone else’s expressions were a little heavy. This array laid down by Nie Li seems to be very powerful. If any accident occurs, will it cause any serious backlashes?

However, since they know that Glory City is in danger, they couldn’t give it a second thought. Glory City is their home, with the skin gone, what can the hair attach itself to? If Glory City is destroyed, what path should they take next?

Even if they use some side door secret technique, as long as they can raise their strength, it’s normal to take some risks.

Nie Li walked to the central area and let out a low growl as he quickly operated the inscription pattern array. Rays of dazzling light shot into the sky and surrounded everyone within.

The inscription patterns on the floor quickly rotated and formed into complicated patterns with mysterious and boundless auras that frantically rushed around them, as though they came from the boundless sky.

At this moment, Yu Yan was floating in the air with her eyes glued to Nie Li and the rest. Her heart was astounded when she quietly felt the energy. She never thought that Nie Li would be able to mobilize such a vast amount of energy. This energy looked as though it came from the boundless sky, which even benefited Yu Yan. She began to frantically absorb the Law of Fire that gathered in the air.

Nie Li emitted a low howl and transformed into the Fanged Panda. Waves of power converged towards the Fanged Panda’s direction and the size of the Fanged Panda suddenly grew to the height of five to six meters. At this moment, a demon spirit floated up.

The Fanged Panda furiously roared, raised its palm, grabbed the demon spirit and devoured it.

As the demon spirits continued to appear, they were instantly devoured by the Fanged Panda. Every time the Fanged Panda devoured a demon spirit, the fur on its body became even more lustrous and the aura it released would become even more tremendous.

Waves of soul force and powers of law were gathering within the array and was moving towards the direction of Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er and the other eight. They all summoned their demon spirits and operated their soul realms to frantically absorb the energies.

Nie Li also did the same as he operated his soul realm and absorbed the energy.

Very quickly, his soul realm was filled to the brim with soul force and even a purer energy, the power of law. However, Nie Li continued to absorb more. Gradually, his soul realm couldn’t contain such majestic energy and started to expand bit by bit.

The terrifying pain caused Nie Li’s face to turn pale; however, he did not stop and continued to absorb even more.

After laying this array with huge difficulty, he must endure through this trial!