Chapter 20 - Purple Haze Grass

Chapter 20 - Purple Haze Grass

Holy Dark Grass is solely the Divine Family's. It has the effect of strengthening one's soul force based on the age of the grass, the older it is, the stronger it becomes. A single 5-year Holy Dark Grass is worth 50 thousand demon spirit coins, as for 10-year and 20-year Holy Dark Grasses, they are several or even dozen times more expensive.

"We'll listen to Young Master Chen!"

"Yeah, we'll listen to you!"

Chen Linjian looked around and counted the amount of people present saying "A total of 20 people, but we still need to find some more!"

Recently, there were a city ruins found. Most likely left behind during the Age of Darkness, quite a number of people went there to explore. Therefore, Chen Linjian was now finding more people to explore together.

Du Ze, Lu Piao, and the others looked towards the distant crowd.

"If we had Holy Dark Grass, Du Ze would definitely breakthrough into 1-star bronze rank!" Lu Piao murmured, but things like Holy Dark Grass wasn't something someone like them could afford.

If they had the money, they would be able to buy large amount of precious herbs and elixirs to assist in their training!

What Nie Li cared about wasn't money, but it was something else. In his previous life, a lot of experts went to explore the ancient ruins outside of Glory City but couldn't find anything. Who would have thought that Chen Linjian and his bunch found a secret passage, and eventually found a large amount of treasures.

Nie Li heard the entire detail of what happened in the exploration as Ye Ziyun also participated in that event. Shen Yue also found a Spiritual Lamp from the exploration which was auctioned for 1 million demon spirit coins.

It wouldn't be worth Nie Li's attention if it's only just 1 million demon spirit coins, but Nie Li knew the usage of that Spiritual Lamp. If he were to obtain that Spiritual Lamp, it will be of great help to his future.

That Spiritual Lamp, he must have it!

Nie Li got up and walked towards Chen Linjian's direction.

"I wish to join your team, wonder if Young Master Chen is willing?" When Nie Li looked at Chen Linjian, hint of memories floated in his head. Chen Linjian was very outstanding among the other members of nobility, he was one step from black gold rank demon spiritist in the previous life. He couldn't be considered good or bad as Nie Li doesn't know him too well, but in the final battle of Glory City, once Chen Linjian knew that Sacred Family ran away from the battle allowing the west gate to be broken through, he, in a rage, beheaded 6 members of Sacred Family.

He can be considered as someone who knows his grudges well!

Chen Linjian raised his head, looking at Nie Li for awhile and non-committally replied, "Who are you? Do you know what we are going to do?"

The people beside Chen Linjian looked towards Nie Li, showing hint of ridicule.

"Brat, have you reached bronze rank? If you haven't, then don't come here to join the fun."

Nie Li turned facing those that ridiculed him, saying, "Of course I know what you guys are intending on doing. You people are preparing to explore the Ancient Orchid City Ruins, right?"

Chen Linjian showed hint of astonishment on his face. ‘How did this guy know that we are going to explore the Ancient Orchid City Ruins? This matter has always been carried out in secret without telling anyone, if our families were to know of this matter, then we will certainly be prevented from going.’

"Who are you?" Chen Linjian slightly narrowed his eyes, within flashed a hint of dangerous light.

"Nie Li."

"Nie Li?" Chen Linjian suddenly remembered, recently Nie Li has been famous. It was said that he even damaged the Sacred Family's reputation over a matter of inscription pattern fraud, even Chen Linjian felt shame for them. "They say that you have read all sorts of ancient books?"

"Right,  I have read anything that can be found in the library." Nie Li slightly nodded, revealing strong sense of self-confidence.

"Ha ha, such big tone!"

"You have yet to undergo puberty, but dare to say that you've read all the ancient books in the library. How laughable. Even if you have been reading since you were in the womb, you couldn't have read so many books."

A few people by the side mocked.

‘Nie Li, this person is indeed interesting,’ Chen Linjian didn't doubt Nie Li's words, gently tapping his finger on the desk as he and said, "Since you have read so many books, do you know what era the Ancient Orchid City Ruins belong to?”

"According to the present clues found, Ancient Orchid City Ruins’ buildings are round, however the whole city is square, and with such construction there are only two compatible eras. One would be the Snow Wind Empire Era and the other would be the Sacred Empire Era. However taking into account murals, I heard that some people found a large lotus mural. Lotus murals were popular at the later period of the Sacred Empire, so I can be sure that the Ancient Orchid City Ruins belonged to the era between the later period of Sacred Empire to the Age of Darkness’s period....” Nie Li’s tone wasn’t gentle nor swift as analysing the origin of Ancient Orchid City Ruins.

Upon hearing Nie Li’s speech, Chen Linjian’s underlings were dumbfounded, they only half understood Nie Li’s speech.

“Good!” Chen Linjian suddenly got up. He never thought that Nie Li could easily determine the origin of Ancient Orchid City Ruins. Although the knowledge may seem simple but some of Glory City’s historians might not even be able to have such in depth investigations. He looked at Nie Li, revealing admiration through his eyes, “Follow me from now on, I’ll provide you with training and learning materials, how about it?”

Chen Linjian’s underlings were a little surprised, they did not expect Chen Linjian to value Nie Li like this.

Becoming Chen Linjian’s underling? Nie Li faintly laughed, saying “This time it’s cooperation, each takes what he needs. I believe no one understands the structure of Ancient Orchid City Ruins better than me. If there is treasure, I will first choose one item, the others will be yours. If that’s not possible then I will have to go by myself.”

“Choose one item first, who do you think you are?”

“Have not even step into bronze rank and dared to talk terms with our Young Master Chen?”

Chen Linjian looked at Nie Li. His body emitted a strong sense of self-confidence, causing him to be puzzled in his heart. Nie Li have not even reached bronze rank, where did he get his confidence from?

“I guarantee that there would be definitely be harvest if you bring me along!” Nie Li said proudly. He clearly knew of the location of the treasure in Ancient Orchid City Ruins, that’s precisely why he’s so confident.

Chen Linjian had a piece of Ancient Orchid City Ruins’ map, however it was incomplete. He was silent for a moment, could it be that Nie Li had a more completed treasure map in his hands?

“Okay, you got the deal! I’ll repeat myself, if you were to follow me, there wouldn’t be any lack of benefits, if you’re unwilling, I still believe that there will be chances to cooperate in the future.” Chen Linjian proudly laughed.

Chen Linjian’s underlings were surprised, he actually agreed to it?

“Hope that we can cooperate happily.” Nie Li calmly said then turned around and left.

“3 days from now at 6 o’clock in the morning, we’ll meet here!” Chen Linjian looked at the back of Nie Li who is currently walking away, and revealed a little playful smile on his face. ‘Nie Li, this guy, is quite interesting.’

“Exploring Ancient Orchid City Ruins? Seems that there is still some preparations that need to be done.” Nie Li murmured. He’d need to prepare as if going alone because going to Ancient Orchid City Ruins without reaching bronze rank was still quite dangerous.

Time slowly went by and afternoon arrived.

Glory City Alchemy Association.

The director of the Alchemy Association is a women called Yang Xin. Although she’s only 25 years old, she achieved success at young age. Yang Xin is only a gold rank demon spiritist,and, although it could not be considered outstanding, her achievements already surpassed some of the older guys in the Alchemy Association.

As she is very beautiful, when she just started as the Director of Alchemy Association the people in Alchemy Association all thought that she used her looks to get that position, But as  Yang Xin slowly revealed her talent, those who gossiped about her shut up quickly.

As usual, Yang Xin is collecting all the letters in the Alchemy Association’s mail box. lot of alchemist would write their experience they had when refining medicine in a  letter and then Alchemy Association would arrange those letters containing the experiences of these alchemist into a book which they would distribute to every alchemist.

With 90% of the ancient alchemy books being lost, although an alchemist is very important, due to the limited effects of the elixirs, alchemist became an embarrassing occupation in Glory City.

Yang Xin opened one letter after another. Some of the letters were love letters confessing their love for her, but those were thrown aside by her unhesitantly, and soon, one of the letter caught Yang Xin’s attention.

“Regarding Purple Haze Grass’s application on alchemy?” Yang Xin slightly frowned, doubt showing on her delicate white face.

What other effects are there for Purple Haze Grass other than burning it to repel insects?

Yang Xin continued reading  the letter which described the uses of Purple Haze Grass. When refining Soul Assembling Pill and Spiritual Enhancing Pill, by adding a little Purple Haze Grass in it could increase the effect of the pill by 30%. By combining Purple Haze Grass and 5 other herbs and taking a herbal bath with them, one could nourish the soul force and so on.

More than sixty uses of Purple Haze Grass were listed. Within those sixty uses, almost half of them were extremely valuable. If all of them were proven then the price of Purple Haze Grass would skyrocket several dozen times!

Yang Xin coldly sneered “Trying to borrow my hand to raise the price of Purple Haze Grass? You’ll at least have to come up with something more realistic! This person is definitely a liar!”

Yang Xin threw the letter aside as she couldn’t believe that an ordinary Purple Haze Grass would have this much effects!

Looking over the  other letters, Yang Xin had some hesitation. If Purple Haze Grass were to have so much uses then it would greatly affect the development of countless alchemist.

“Forget it, I’ll just give it a try! Come, pass me some Purple Haze Grass!” Yang Xin yelled. There are quite a few storage of herbs in Alchemy Association, so someone should be able to find some Purple Haze Grass for her.

Soon, someone brought over some Purple Haze Grass.

“Yang Director, our storage of Purple Haze Grass isn’t a lot, we only have 3 pounds of it.”

Yang Xin slightly frowned. Recently there had been a large acquisition of Purple Haze Grass by someone, as a Director of Alchemy Association how would she not know.

“Okay, I know!” Yang Xin nodded her head, started using Purple Haze Grass to refine Soul Assembling Pill and Spiritual Enhancing Pill.

Soul Assembling Pill and Spiritual Enhancing Pills’ formula has been passed down in Glory City for hundreds of years. No one dared to alter the formula for Soul Assembling Pill and Spiritual Enhancing Pill, after all the raw materials needed for these 2 pills were very expensive. Failing it once would cause the alchemist to feel heartache because of it, so who would still dare to casually add other materials?