Chapter 193 - Towards the Black Spring?

Chapter 193 - Towards the Black Spring?

5-star Gold rank Fighter. For a Fighter, Xiao Lang's strength is pretty good; however, that’s only limited to Fighters.

Nie Li furiously roared, his body quickly underwent a transformation as he quickly integrated with his Fanged Panda demon spirit. His sturdy body instantly surpassed Xiao Lang’s.

“Good heavens, this kid has integrated with a demon spirit!” few of them exclaimed.

Seeing this scene, Xiao Lang’s heart madly jumped; however, his huge hammer was already half swung, making it practically impossible to retract them.

In the entire Heavenly Fate Plateau, the amount of Demon Spiritualists is extremely few in number. Because they have no combat skills in their techniques, in Nie Li’s view, these people were no different from barbarians.

Gravity field!

Seeing Xiao Lang pouncing at his direction, Nie Li suddenly utilized a combat ability.

The original weight of the hammer that Xiao Lang was swinging had suddenly increased several folds, making it even more frightening than it originally was. Xiao Lang suddenly felt the horrible weight, and his veins were popping out all over his face as he forcefully lifted the hammer up, without letting it smash to the ground.

Is this the Demon Spiritualist’s combat ability? It is indeed strong; however, he won’t admit defeat so easily. The stronger Nie Li is, the more of Xiao Lang’s bloodthirsty nature was drawn out. He lifted the hammer and threw it towards Nie Li.

Even though the huge hammer came whistling towards him, Nie Li did not retreat. He waved his palm over and struck the iron hammer.

Thunder Strike!


A huge terrifying explosion was heard. The Fanged Panda’s palm smacked Xiao Lang’s iron hammer, making it fly dozens of meters away before it fell to the ground with a *Boom!*, creating a deep crater from the impact.

Xiao Lang’s right hand trembled, the webbing[1. the edge of the skin between the fingers of the hand] between his thumb and forefinger was torn apart, blood was flowing out from the wound. He never thought that this Fanged Panda would have such frightening strength, and would actually surpass a 5-star Gold rank Fighter like him.

The surrounding men were dumbfounded upon witnessing this scene. None of them thought that Nie Li would have such powerful strength at such a young age. One must know that Xiao Yang is already the third strongest expert in the Heavenly Fate Plateau. If you add his extraordinary strength, even the chief would have to give him face.

None of them ever thought that Nie Li would smack the iron hammer away with only a single strike.

They all glanced at each other, then simultaneously pounced towards Nie Li.

Nie Li looked at the surrounding area. Even though he was facing so many people at once, he wasn’t even a little frantic. After he reached 3-star Gold rank, he was just about to find someone to test his strength on. Although the physique of the Fanged Panda is a little chubby and somewhat simple, his movements weren’t slow at all.

Feeling a palm attacking coming towards him, Nie Li turned sideways and slightly moved back, dodging the attack and then threw out a counterattack palm.


A figure was sent flying.

“Don’t go head on head with him, attack his lower body and make him fall!” Xiao Lang furiously barked, waving his huge hammer as he headed towards Nie Li again. When he went face to face against him, he realized that Nie Li’s strength is too frightening; therefore, he could only use the methods he would usually use when hunting demon beasts.

Just when the skinny monkey pounced towards Nie Li’s lower body, Nie Li suddenly bent down and jabbed his knees against the face of the skinny monkey. *Peng* Blood madly spurted from his nose as he flew away.

Nie Li’s movements are very agile as he used all of his limbs. He sent seven people flying with only a few moves.

“Die!” While Nie Li was attacking someone else, Xiao Lang leaped up and mercilessly swung his hammer towards Nie Li.

Seeing the beast-like ferocity of Xiao Lang’s eyes, a chilling ray flashed across Nie Li’s eyes. This Xiao Lang has done all kinds of evils in the past and now, he wants to kill him for his fortune. Even death cannot wipe away his crimes.

Nie Li roared, and spat out a black sphere and a white sphere.

The black sphere and white sphere danced around each other as they flew towards Xiao Lang.

When he saw the black sphere and white sphere flying towards his direction, Xiao Lang became stunned. At such a close distance, not to mention that he’s still in mid-air, he’s unable to dodge it. Furthermore, with the huge hammer in both hands, he had a huge difficulty of shifting his direction.


The Yin Yang Blast exploded once they spheres made contact with Xiao Land’s chest. That terrifying impact instantly sent Xiao Lang flying, incessantly spinning in the air. He collided with a huge tree after flying for dozens of meters and then fell to the ground.


The one left over hammer flew about five to six meters before it fell to the ground and made another deep hole in the ground.

Seeing this scene, the remaining men were dumbfounded. The explosion earlier was too frightening! Although they were seven to eight meters away, they could feel the frightening force of the impact. Just what combat skill is this? It’s too terrifying!

Their Boss, Xiao Lang, is a 5-star Gold rank Fighter, he even has extraordinary strength! However, the outcome was having one of his hammers blown away from the first attack and he, himself, was sent flying with the second attack. Furthermore, the might of that explosion was too frightening. After suffering from that attack, he probably wouldn’t be able to survive anymore.

“With such little ability, you dared to try to rob me?” Nie Li shrugged. In his view, although Xiao Lang is a 5-star Gold rank Fighter, he was no different from a barbarian. Nie Li did not even get the chance to use his whole strength at all.

Two moves killed a 5-star Gold rank Fighter, just how horrifying is this Demon Spiritualist?

The remaining seven felt their knees go soft. They had just realised that they provoked the wrong person!

The seven of them immediately wanted to turn around and escape. Although they had suffered some injuries from the fight with Nie Li earlier, at this moment, those wounds couldn’t stop them from running for their lives. How can they still be bothered about the wounds on their body, when their lives were on the line?

Suddenly, all of them felt their weight increase by several fold, and a wave of killing intent extended to them, scaring them stiff.

“You guys can try to escape and we’ll see how many of you will die in the process.”

To them, Nie Li’s calm voice sounded as though it had come from hell.

The seven men immediately turned back around and knelt down before him.

“Hero, spare my life!”

“Lord Demon Spiritualist, please spare my life!”

“We’re not provoking you on purpose, my lord. It was all Xiao Lang, he prompted us to do so! We didn’t want to do it! He forced us and we had no choice, but to do as he said!” The seven of them were crying in a mess of mucus and tears flowing down their faces, making them look very miserable.

If Xiao Lang was still alive, they definitely wouldn’t dare to speak like this. However, now that he is dead, they will naturally pour the dirty water on him.

Nie Li snorted, as if he’d believe these people’s nonsense. The seven of them have done all kinds of evil, they deserved to die; however, he left them alive, since they have their own uses. He said, “All of you, get up. I’ll spare you lives today, but you have to go to a place with me.”

Hearing what Nie Li just said, the seven of them thought they had been pardoned, and immediately kowtowed in gratitude.

“Thanks you, hero!”

“Thank you, Lord Demon Spiritualist!”

“I wonder, where is the place that Lord wants us to follow?”

Nie Li lightly glanced at them and coldly smiling, “The Black Spring!”

The seven of them had their faces turn ghastly pale from his words. Never, in their wildest imaginations, would they have thought that Nie Li would want to visit such a dangerous place.

“Lord, that place is absolutely unvisitable!”

“That place is too dangerous, there is only death in that route!”

Nie Li calmly said, “This is my decision, it’s not something that you can choose!”

“I’m not going, I’m not going to that place!” the skinny monkey looked as though he had went crazy as he ran out.

Nie Li coldly snorted and unleashed his Gravity Field, causing the skinny monkey’s speed to be stunted a little as he quickly showed up beside him and gave him a Thunder Strike.

The skinny monkey was sent flying dozens of meters before he heavily fell to the ground, no longer moving.

“What about you guys?” Nie Li coldly swept his gaze at the remaining six.

The six of them felt the terrifying killing intent from Nie Li as a chill went down their spines. Nie Li’s meaning was clear. If they don’t go to the Black Spring, only death awaits them. If they do go to the Black Spring, then they will be able to die later.

Although they were breaking into cold sweats from the thought of the Black Spring, they do not have any other option now.

“Milord, we will go!” the six of them cried. Their intestines greened from regret. If they knew that such a thing would happen, they wouldn’t have come to try to kill and rob him. In the end, they weren’t able to rob him and were suffering for it. Not to mention that they have to go to that frightening Black Spring. This time, they will definitely die.

The six of them took the lead with Nie Li following behind them. When they reached a fork in the road, the six of them walked on the left path.

“Go right! You guys were walking the wrong way. If you guys want to die, just say so!” Nie Li’s cold voice came from their backs as his killing intent enveloped them.

“We’re wrong!”

“Please, forgive us, milord!”

The six of them immediately turned around and wondered how Nie Li knew the way to the Black Spring.

One of the men cried, “Since milord knows where the Black Spring is, why do you still need us to lead you?”

“Since I got you guys to lead the way, you will lead the way. Don’t speak so much nonsense!” Nie Li coldly snorted. Since he was facing this bunch of guys, Nie Li would naturally not be polite.

The six of them felt their knees go soft. In their eyes, Nie Li was like a death god that came from hell, scaring them to the point that their hearts were trembling.

The group of seven walked deeper and deeper, eventually entering into the depths of the forest.

After a long time, a group of people arrived at the location that Nie Li, Xiao Lang and his bunch fought at. The one leading the group was a white haired old man, that has a well built body. Xiao Kuang and a few others were following behind this old man.

This group of people stopped in their tracks as they surveyed the surrounding area. There were two corpses on the ground and signs of a battle.

Seeing this scenario, the old man frowned.

“A fight seems to have broken out here.” Xiao Kuang walked to one of the corpses and said in shock, “Father, this is Xiao Lang!”

Xiao Lang is one of the tyrannical people in the Heavenly Fate Plateau, with his strength having reached 5-star Gold Obsidian rank. Even Xiao Kuang’s father, Xiao Wu wouldn’t be able to do anything to him. Xiao Lang had extraordinary strength and was dauntless, having done nothing less than killing and robbing, creating a notorious name for himself.

They never thought that Xiao Lang would actually be killed.

After surveying the surrounding area, a deep shock appeared in Xiao Wu’s eyes as he said, “Xiao Lang’s steps were very heavy. From here to here, there are signs of attacks and then a collision around here. There isn’t any footprints from his opponent here; therefore, he should be standing on this rock. After reaching here, Xiao Lang’s footsteps suddenly went heavier, should be from the signs of having his strength pushed to the limit. However, there isn’t anymore footprints here, so we can tell they he should have jumped. Although there are also footprints at other locations, there isn’t any signs of battling. Therefore, Xiao Lang should have been killed in just one or two moves!”