Chapter 186 - Spiritual Constellation Technique?

Chapter 186 - Spiritual Constellation Technique?

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The mountain-like shadowy images bombarded Gui Sha to the ground. Gui Sha could feel that each attack became several times stronger than the one before it.

This terrible power isn’t something that Gui Sha can withstand with his physique.

Even though he has the devil’s physique, the power gradually reached the limit to what he could handle. Gui Sha can feel that the muscles in his arm were constantly being torn apart. If this continues, his body would crumble under the power.

This is the power of the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array!

A powerful array made with ten thousand Black Gold rank demon spirits!

Nie Li is only using a tenth of its power and it’s already enough to kill Gui Sha.

Seeing this scene, Shen Hong was scared out of his wits. He turned into a streak of light and tried to escape. At this moment, he only wants to escape and leave Glory City!

How could Ye Zong overlook Shen Hong? Seeing Shen Hong running away miserably, he sighed. if he has to be like this now, then why did he make that decision before? The sword in his hand turned into a streak of light and shot towards the escaping Shen Hong.

“Since you chose to betray us, we can’t contain you anymore!”

Ye Zong, who is a Legend rank existence now, isn’t what Shen Hong can withstand.


The sword pierced through Shen Hong’s chest.

Shen Hong unbelievably looked at the sword that pierced through his chest. He never expected that he would have such an ending. His great ambition and everything else vanished into thin air like a puff of smoke. It turns out that all of this was nothing more than a dream. He died, the centuries old Sacred Family has fallen in his hands.

Shen Hong sighed, slowly closing his eyes. Could it be that all of his actions were wrong? Perhaps this is his ending. The energy gradually left his body as it fell from the sky.

The other Patriarchs witnessed Shen Hong’s fall.

Only Gui Sha was left, painfully enduring the attack. He tried to break the mountain-like shadowy images that were suppressing his body; however, no matter how much he tried, the mountain-like shadowy images were filled with an unparalleled power, making him unable to move a single step.

By killing Gui Sha, Glory City will be safer!

Nie Li coldly snorted as he increased the power of the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array.

Once this power crashes down, Gui Sha will definitely die.

Suddenly, a boom was heard, the mountain-like shadowy images shattered. A figure quickly flew towards Gui Sha, grabbed him and soared into the sky.

He’s actually able to break the Thousand Layer Mountain of the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array? This guy probably has, at least, the strength of a Legend rank!

Nie Li focused his eyes and saw a man wearing shallow white robes. It’s a very handsome youth. Within the Dark Guild, there are only two people with the strength above Gui Sha!

He never thought that another one would appear!

When Gui Sha was about to be saved, Ye Zong coldly snorted, “Trying to leave? That won’t be so easy!” He quickly merged with the Snow Wind Great Ape demon spirit, and created an inexhaustible blizzard that rolled towards the youth. At the same time, the Snow Wind Spiritual God, who has been on standby, also furiously roared and made a grab for the white clothed youth.

When Gui Sha opened his dazed eyes, he saw the white clothed youth and let out a breath of relief, “Long Sha, why have you come……”

The white clothed youth did not answer, but had his deep eyes staring at the center of the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array. The corner of his mouth leaked a profound smile, “Aside from Ye Mo, there’s another interesting guy. I believe that the Demon Lord will definitely be interested this person.”

Seeing Ye Zong and the Snow Wind Spiritual God charging up, the white clothed youth swept his sleeve and two mysterious rocks fell out. The two mysterious rocks created a formless energy and suddenly exploded. The shockwave threw the Snow Wind Spiritual God a few steps back, making its body sway to keep balance. Ye Zong, however, was sent flying, and was spitting a mouthful of blood.

No one knew what this two stones were, but they have such powerful energy.

The white clothed youth remained calm as he looked at Nie Li’s direction and asked, “I wonder, what’s your name? How many times have you undergone Spiritual Constellation? In my experience, there is no need to cling to this battle. If you’re interested, you can make a trip to my Dark Guild and meet the Demon Lord with me. We will look forward to your visit.”

Hearing the words “Spiritual Constellation”, Nie Li, who is standing in the center of Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array, had his eyelids twitched. The Spiritual Constellation technique is a very sinister secret technique. In order for it to work, an innumerable amount of children are needed as sacrifices so you can implant your own soul into the body of a single child, gaining new life. As long as the soul doesn’t get destroyed, they can live for several lifetimes. Of course, there’s lots of side effects in using it. The soul will suffer from the burning pain, and the new body will be damaged very quickly.

Since a kid like Nie Li possesses unimaginable knowledge and is able to lay down such a huge array like the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array, in the views of this white clothed youth, he must have definitely used the Spiritual Constellation technique; otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to achieve so much. However, what he doesn’t know is that Nie Li came back to life because of the Temporal Demon Spirit Book, not because of the Spiritual Constellation secret technique.

The Spiritual Constellation technique is very mysterious. Aside from the few who have heard of it, there is basically no one else that knows of its existence.

After a human reaches the pinnacle of Legend rank, they would find it very hard for their cultivation to progress any further. Their body would start to deteriorate and would often reach a state where they are unable to do anymore breakthroughs. Countless experts have died with this regret. As a result, one extraordinary genius thought of a method to surpass this limit, which is the Spiritual Constellation technique, to retain the soul and occupy a new body. Thereafter, he’ll be able to cultivate from the start.

Every time he reaches the pinnacle of Legend rank, and finds out he’s unable to make anymore breakthroughs, and his body started to deteriorate, he would use the Spiritual Constellation technique to try again. That way, he’ll be able to get closer and closer to the breakthrough.

The successive Dark Guild’s leaders have self proclaimed to be the Demon Lord. Could it be that this Demon Lord also used the Spiritual Constellation technique?

This white clothed youth should be the number two of the Dark Guild, Long Sha!

Nie Li definitely can’t let this fella get away; otherwise, there will be no end to trouble! The strength of this white clothed youth should have reached at least Legend rank.

“Want to have a chat with me? Sure! However, you have to handle one of my strikes to see if you’re qualified!” Nie Li calmly said as he rapidly started the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array. He wasn’t in a rush this time, so he’s going to push the power of the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array to the maximum.

The Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array quickly rotated, and tens of thousands of Black Gold rank demon spirits appeared in the sky. Their energies quickly gathered to one point.

“Haha, sure! An apex expert speaks with his strength.” the white clothed youth proudly smiled, concentrating his attention to the sky. He has absolute confidence in his strength, he will soon reach the pinnacle of Legend rank, why would he be afraid of this array?

The white clothed youth proudly stood his ground, his clothes fluttering in the wind. If one paid close attention, his face is fair, his black eyes have a deep luster, those thick brows, tall nose and delicate lips were showing his elegance and grace.

If no one knew about his identity and based him on his looks alone, it’d be enough to charm countless girls.

Nie Li coldly stared at him. If he saw him in some streets in Glory city, he would definitely not link this man to the Long Sha that causes the expressions of others to change just by hearing his name!

If this Long Sha wants to run, although Nie Li can use the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array to stop him, it wouldn’t be very effective. Since the opposite party is so confident, Nie Li won’t be polite, he’ll use all of the strength of the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array.

Tens of thousands of Black Gold rank demon spirits quickly converged into a terrifying energy, turning into a scarlet gold giant palm and headed towards Long Sha.

“Long Sha, careful! Don’t underestimate this Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array!” Gui Sha quickly reminded him.

Long sha coldly snorted and said, “I don’t believe that this array will be able to do anything to me!” he will soon step into the pinnacle of Legend rank. He has a pure dragon blood body and has all kinds of treasures to protect him. Why would he be afraid of this array? He just wants to test the power of this Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array.

Everyone that stepped into Legend rank would feel that they stepped into the pinnacle of this world. In their view, Legend rank is equivalent to a god. At least in the level of humanity, they have become a supreme existence. This kind of confidence of standing in the pinnacle isn’t something that can be shaken by the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array.

Nie Li understands the thoughts of these Legend rank experts, when facing a powerful opponent, they would want to try and have a test to verify their strength.

Seeing Long Sha’s unparalleled power under the sky’s gaze, the corner of Nie Li’s lips formed into a smile. This Long Sha is the same as he was when he reached Legend rank. At that time, he disdained everything under the sky, feeling that he was an unparalleled existence and caused trouble everywhere. However, he never imagined that he would be chased by several demon beasts, run all over the world, and unintentionally enter into the space in the Temporal Demon Spirit Book. After that incident, he understood the meaning that knowledge is infinite, there is always someone stronger than himself.

“Since that’s the case, then taste my strike!” Nie Li’s eyes burst forth with light, controlling the array and pushed his palm out with a low growl.

This palm contained all of the strength of the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array. Pushing the palm forward, the sky went into chaos and the land became shrouded in darkness, covering the sun and moon. That terrifying pressure was like a wave that was heading for Long Sha.

Sensing this terrifying power, Long Sha’s brows slightly twitched. This is the most powerful energy he has ever faced since reaching Legend rank.

“Glad you’ve come!” Long Sha still didn’t have any fear, and gathered all of the energy in his body. The muscles on his body bulged, making his size grow by several times, a huge tail grew out from his back, his shoulder blades were torn apart as a pair of flesh wings grew from his back and he pushed a palm forward. As a Legend rank expert, if he had to shrink back because the opponent is powerful, then he wouldn’t be able to improve his cultivation in his entire life anymore.

The demon spirit Long Sha integrated with is a Golden Winged Dragon demon spirit, a creature from the genuine dragon lineage, much stronger than Ye Zong’s Black Scaled Earth Dragon.

“I’ll take a look at how powerful your Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array really is!” said Long Sha. He has a powerful body from the dragon tribe. Naturally, he doesn’t think that the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array will be able to harm him.