Chapter 182 - Great Battle

Chapter 182 - Great Battle

The moment Ye Xiu’s voice died down, countless guards charged into the main all and all said simultaneously, “From the orders of the City Lord himself, if anyone from the Sacred Family leaves this hall, they will be regarded as a traitor and will be shown no mercy!”

“All of Huyan Family’s members listen up, as said by the City Lord himself, if any of the Sacred Family leaves here, kill without mercy!” Huyan Xiong shouted.

“Members of the Divine Family, this is the order personally written by City Lord to me this afternoon. If any of the Sacred Family members leaves this place, kill them!” Divine Family’s Patriarch also spoke in a deep voice.

Nie Li’s brows twitched, even the Divine Family has joined into the fray? Ye Zong has made some well placed preparations. Just the Divine Family alone would be able to hold off the Sacred Family, it’s impossible for the Sacred Family to escape!

The main hall was in an unpredictable situation, a big battle can break out at anytime. The other Patriarchs were a little caught off guard. They never thought that this matter would have deteriorated to such an extent. If it’s just Ye Xiu, Huyan Xiong and a few others surrounding the Sacred Family, they would still feel a little suspicious. However, now that even the Divine Family’s Patriarch joined the fray; furthermore, he has a written order from City Lord himself. It’s simply impossible for them to help the Sacred Family talk out of this now. Among the three Major families, the Divine Family and Snow Wind Family have aligned together, what else is there for them to hesitate for?

Even the Divine Family has take action! Shen Hong’s face ashened. How can he not see that the Snow Wind Family was going to take action against them? Is this written order from Ye Zong real or fake? Could it be that Ye Zong is still alive?

Could it be Ye Han? Was he fooled by Ye Han?

Luckily, he already made preparations for this; otherwise, he fears that all of them might die here!

“I’m really disappointed. My Sacred Family has made so many huge contributions to Glory City, and now, the Snow Wind Family is intending to destroy the bridge after crossed the river? With the demon beast horde eyeing at us from outside, this bunch of ambitious wolves are trying to cause an internal fight, how lamentable!” Shen Hong said loudly.

“Shen Hong, since you mentioned it, we would like to discuss this a little bit. It’s about how the Sacred Family became one of the three Major families. Do you want us to take out the death list from the previous demon beast hordes? In the previous demon beast hordes, the Sacred Family participated in the least amount of battles to maintain your strength and climbed up to one of the three Major families. In the process, have you guys done anything less in oppressing other families?” Nie Li coldly laughed and said, “Speaking of contributions, any one of the families here have made larger contributions than your Sacred Family!”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, the other Patriarchs all began to recall the facts. In the past, the Sacred Family’s losses had always been the smallest. In every other previous demon beast hordes, all the other families suffered from major losses, yet the Sacred Family’s strength continued to rise after every demon beast horde. They went from being a small family and slowly rose to being one of the three Major families!

Shen Hong stared at Nie Li in a towering rage, “You’re trying to sow dissension among us! Indeed, my Sacred Family always had the lowest losses, but during every demon beast horde, we spared no effort in guarding Glory City without any traces of us preserving our strength!”

“Without any trace of preservation? Ridiculous. I believe that all the other families have seen the actions of Sacred Family. Patriarch Shen Hong, there’s no point in refuting.” Nie Li coldly laughed and said, “Aside from that, we hold evidence of the Sacred Family’s collusion with the Dark Guild. Do you want us to take out the letter between your Sacred Family and the Dark Guild?”

“You give us a bad name and then hang us?” Shen Hong’s fists clenched till crackling sounds were heard, “Lamentable! My Sacred Family has contributed so much to Glory City and we’re being given this kind of ending. We’re supposed to be intimately interdependent! But today, you accuse the Sacred Family! Who knows which family will be next!”

This old fox is indeed eloquent with his words. Even Ye Zong understands that even if they were to take out undeniable evidence, Shen Hong will not admit it till his death. Furthermore, wanting the Sacred Family to surrender is simply impossible, at that time, it will be told by force.

Suddenly, a grey robed elder flew in, landed beside Shen Hong and said something in his ears. Instantly, Shen Hong’s face changed.

“Ye Xiu and the rest have already betrayed Glory City. They’re distracting our attention and lured us here so that Glory City will suffer the Dark Guild’s attack! Members of the Sacred Family, we’ll kill our way out!” Shen Hong furiously shouted, bringing the other members of the Sacred Family together and charged out.

Shen Hong is indeed cunning, even at this timing, he’s still trying to twist the facts. Hearing Shen Hong’s words, aside from the Huyan Family, Divine Family and a few others that stood on the Snow Wind Family’s side, the members of other families had looks of hesitant on their faces. What if their families really are under the attack of the Dark Guild?

However, even so, they still don’t dare to join the battle without careful consideration. They can only send someone back to their families to check the situation.

The experts of the Snow Wind Family, Divine Family, Huyan Family and the few other families all fought together. The scene is simply a mess.

Shen Hong took the lead as he charged at the front, sending dozens of experts from the Snow Wind Family and Huyan Family flying along the way.

In Glory City, Shen Hong is the third ranked expert, only beneath Ye Mo and Ye Zong. His strength has also reached the pinnacle of Black Gold rank. Without Ye Zong around, he is simply unblockable as he lead the Sacred Family out of the main hall.

The experts of the Snow Wind Family and Huyan Family chased after them from the main hall. Instantly, the battle become even more intense.

Ye Xiu flew out, preparing to activate the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array. Once the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array is activated, Shen Hong and his group can dream on leaving.

The moment Ye Xiu moved, three black figures suddenly charged at him. These three black figures are Black Gold rank experts!

“Belittling my Sacred Family, you’ll have to pay the price!” Shen Hong coldly snorted. His gaze fell onto Nie Li. Suddenly, his eyes burst with killing intent. The reason why the Sacred Family fell into such a position is all because of Nie Li, “Die, little thing! Let’s see how I tear you to pieces!”

Shen Hong furiously barked, and became as fast as a flash of lightning, charging towards Nie Li.

In Shen Hong’s view, with his strength, killing Nie Li and then retreating wouldn’t be a problem!

Nie Li already expected Shen Hong to take action against him. He did not have the slightest thought of engaging him, and immediately rushed towards the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array. Although he only has the cultivation of a Gold rank, he wasn’t a little panick, even if he’s being chased by Shen Hong.

“Hmph, how far can a Gold rank run to?” Shen Hong’s speed is several folds that of Nie Li’s, he watched as the distance between him and Nie Li closed up.

Three hundred meters, two hundred meters, one hundred meters……

Since Shen Hong’s attack was about to hit Nie Li, Nie Li’s right hand moved and a Divine Guardian Rock appeared in his hand. With a banging sound, the Divine Guardian Rock was crushed and a transparent barrier slowly appeared around him.


Shen Hong’s attack landed on the transparent barrier, the backlash from the attack caused Nie Li to shake a little, but the barrier did not break.

What is this? Some kind of barrier? Even the strength of a Black Gold rank couldn’t break it? Shen Hong knitted his brows. He clearly doesn’t know what the Divine Guardian Rock is.

However, after suffering a palm strike from Shen Hong, the barrier began to crack.

While Shen Hong was stunned, Nie Li’s right hand moved. The Scarlet Flame flying knife appeared in his hand and turned into a ray of light, streaking towards Shen Hong’s head.

“Hmph, you dare to use insignificant tricks in front of me?” Shen Hong coldly snorted as he gathered his soul force into his right hand to catch the flying knife. In his point of view, catching a flying knife thrown from a Gold rank Demon Spiritualist is no difficulty at all.


The Scarlet Flame flying knife penetrated Shen Hong’s palm, and shot towards his head.

Such a sharp flying knife, it actually penetrated my palm?

Shen Hong was greatly shocked. In moment of desperation, he immediately flung his head to the side. The flying knife grazed past his face, drawing a trace of blood. If he was a bit slower, his head would’ve been penetrated by that knife! Shen Hong was scared into a cold sweat. Just what kind of flying knife is that? It actually has such frightening power!

Looking at his penetrated palm, Shen Hong was thrown into a towering rage. A Black Gold rank pinnacle expert was actually wounded by a Gold rank ant!? This is simply a huge humiliation! He quickly sealed the acupuncture point on his palm and the blood stopped flowing.

“Bastard, I’ll see where you’ll run to!” Shen Hong furiously roared, throwing another palm strike towards Nie Li.


The barrier around Nie Li shattered into pieces, broken by Shen Hong’s attack. Shen Hong did not pause as he made a grab for Nie Li.

“Taste my Blood Explosion Technique!” Nie Li suddenly flung his hands and six rays of light shot towards Shen Hong.

Hearing what Nie Li just said, Shen Hong, who was trying to grab Nie Li, suddenly changed his expression. Previously, at the walls of Glory City, he personally witnessed the terrifying power of the Blood Burst Demonic Bottles. Those sinister items, Shen Hong would definitely dare not to touch them. Sensing the six rays of light shooting towards him, Shen Hong’s body flashed, backing up dozens of meters away, and threw palm energy into the air.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The six chilling lights exploded in midair, and powdery stones streamed down from the air, but nothing else happened. This six chilling lights were just six stones, not some Blood Exploding Technique!

In that instant, Nie Li already flew out hundreds of meters.

“Oops, I took out the wrong stuff. Sorry about that, I’ll take my leave first!” Nie Li charged towards the central position of the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array.

He was actually fooled by Nie Li! Shen Hong was angered to the point that his face twitched. He pointed at Nie Li’s escaping direction and furiously roared, “You actually dared to trick me!? You really thought that I have no other preparations? Block him!”

Two figures streaked towards Nie Li’s direction, they’re two Black Gold rank experts! These two Black Gold rank experts have been hiding in the darkness, waiting for Shen Hong’s orders.

Ye Xiu, who is battling with a few Black Gold rank experts, anxiously yelled at Ye Shuo, “Back Nie Li up!”

They never thought that the Sacred Family would have so many Black Gold rank experts hiding in the darkness! These Black Gold rank experts are ruthless with their actions, they are definitely from the Dark Guild!

Feeling the two shadows chasing behind him, Nie Li understood that if he doesn’t use his killer technique, he won’t be able to escape. With a move of his right hand, he took out a Legend rank inscription scroll from his interspatial ring and started chanting. A moment later, the Legend rank inscription scroll shined with a dazzling light.

Setting Sun’s Thunderstorm technique!