Chapter 179 - Prestige

Chapter 179 - Prestige

Shen Hong had a smile on the surface and spoke with his face ashened, “Brother Huyan must be joking. The Sacred Family has shared both honor and disgrace with the Glory City, why would we revolt?”

“Haha, then I can rest at ease.” Huyan Xiong laughed out.

Although they were still polite, the experts of various families were no longer talking to each other so loudly. They could sense the aura of hostility. These Patriarchs are all old foxes, they could vaguely sense that the relationship between the Snow Wind Family and the Sacred Family has already deteriorated to an extreme extent.

Huyan Xiong is the right-hand man of the City Lord, so his current actions are definitely meant to test the Sacred Family. And the reaction from the Sacred Family was so huge, they have obviously prepared to engage in battle.

Nie Li, Ye Xiu and Ye Shuo all saw this scene from the upper seats.

Ye Shuo shook his head and sighed, “Brother Huyan looks like he’s being rash, but he knows what he’s doing. Previously, he was just testing the Sacred Family. Turns out that the Sacred Family does have the heart to revolt!”

“Shen Hong has rapacious designs, he has already had his eyes on the City Lord’s position since long ago. Otherwise, he wouldn’t let that disgraceful thing, Shen Yue, get close to Yun’er.” Ye Xiu sighed. The greatest danger of the Snow Wind Family is that the City Lord, Ye Zong, has no son, only a daughter. Although he has Ye Han as his foster son, but the betrayal of Ye Han made the Snow Wind Family ashamed.

Nie Li was slightly moved. He never thought that Huyan Lanruo’s father would have such capability to be allowed to know the secret of the Sacred Family’s betrayal. From the looks of it, one can see the amount of trust Ye Zong has for Huyan Xiong.

The hall wasn’t as noisy as it used to be. Shen Hong looked around, and was able to vaguely feel that all the criticism was pointing towards Sacred Family. Huyan Xiong was warning the other families that the relationship of the Sacred Family and the Snow Wind Family has already reached to the point of collapsing, and was asking every other family to keep their distance.

Although the Sacred Family is also one of the three Major families, if they were given a choice between the Snow Wind Family and the Sacred Family, then every other family will choose the Snow Wind Family without any hesitation. One must know that the Snow Wind Family has been the leader of Glory City for the past few hundred years. The Snow Wind Family’s foundation has already reached an unimaginable extent. It’s not something any other family can shake.

Shen Hong coldly swept his gaze at the surrounding Patriarchs. The Patriarchs all turned their heads in order to avoid him.

Shen Hong raised his head to look at the upper seat of the main hall where he saw Ye Xiu, Ye Shuo and Nie Li. His face went dark and drank.

Originally, the Sacred Family had a very complete plan, if it was successfully carried out, the Sacred Family wouldn’t have to fork out a huge price and will be able to topple the Snow Wind Family’s leadership position. But now, all of this has been ruined by the appearance of that damned Nie Li.

Shen Hong couldn’t figure out. Could it be that the Sacred Family were enemies of Nie Li’s in a previous life? Why is this Nie Li always going against the Sacred Family? Shen Hong felt ineffably depressed.

Now that the Sacred Family has reached such an awkward state, with the other families in Glory City putting some distance against them and the oppression of Snow Wind Family still in progress, the Sacred Family has been given only two choices. One is to gradually decline, the other is to collude with the Dark Guild and launch the attack.

Shen Hong would definitely not resign to taking the first choice. But by choosing the second choice, if they were to fail, they’d be eternally damned! The Sacred Family will fall in his hands.

Right now, at a restaurant somewhere in Glory City that’s the Sacred Family’s headquarters, the battle has already begun.

Ye Zong charged into the headquarters of the Sacred Family, taking the lead, and sent several Black Gold rank experts flying. The city guard surround the Sacred Family, making a wall that not even a single drop of water can trickle through, even a bird wouldn’t be able to escape.

However, Ye Zong and the experts from the Snow Wind Family did not start killing, they only wounded the members of the Sacred Family.

Just when Ye Zong was preparing to step into the main hall of the Sacred Family, the main hall burst out with dazzling light. Dozens of mysterious inscription patterns were constantly rotating, like an eye of a storm, forming a barrier.

Ye Zong’s brows twitched, this is the Protection Array laid down by the ancestors of the Sacred Family.

This is the Sacred Family’s self-defense method.

“Your array can only be useful towards demon beasts, how can it block me?” Ye Zong’s robe fluttered as he slowly walked towards the array.

The Sacred Family has been in Glory City for so many years, so how could the Snow Wind Family not know about the many trump cards the Sacred Family has? Ye Zong already knows almost everything about the Sacred Family! The only thing he doesn’t know is when the Sacred Family started colluding with the Dark Guild and what level they have been colluding.

“For the betrayal of Glory City, perish!” Ye Zong’s expression went dark, his figure transformed into a huge Snow Wind Great Ape and with a roar, the entire sky was filled with a blizzard that bombarded towards the Sacred Family’s Protection Array.

Ever since he integrated with the Snow Wind Great Ape, Ye Zong’s strength has undergone another huge surge. Just a little bit more before he reaches Legend rank. With him in control of the Snow Wind Great Ape, he burst forth an extremely shocking amount of power.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The blizzard continuously hit the Protection Array of the Sacred Family.

Nie Li and bunch don’t appear to be discussing any proper business. The experts of the various families started to go along with them and began to chat loudly once again.

After Shen Hong drank several cups of wine, he felt certain that something was amiss. Even though there were people from various families present, why hasn’t the banquet started? They seem to be dragging for time. What is the Snow Wind Family thinking about? After he suddenly thought of something, Shen Hong burst out with a cold sweat.

Shen Hong smacked on the table and stood up.

The sound from smacking the table caused the entire hall to be quiet. Everyone had their gazes on Shen Hong.

“Weren’t we gathered here to discuss how to deal with the demon beast horde? However, I would like to ask, where is the City Lord? Why is the City Lord still not present? Why’s he just making the people from various families wait?” Shen Hong coldly said. Although his voice wasn’t heavy, it’s deep and powerful. Every single person in the hall could hear his voice.

Hearing Shen Hong’s words, the experts from the various families started discussing. Indeed, they are feeling doubts as well, because they have waited till now and still have not seen the City Lord. Isn’t a banquet such as this usually hosted by the City Lord himself?

However, Shen Hong’s actions were also a little too presumptuous.

“Senior Shen Hong, the City Lord himself has some other matters to attend to, he’ll arrive shortly. Senior Shen Hong doesn’t have to be so impatient. Before the City Lord himself arrives, I’ll be the host.” Nie Li calmly said. His brows twitched, this old fox has finally reacted. A cornered beast will fight back even more fiercely. Nie Li wondered what kind of counterattack Shen Hong will make.

At this moment, everyone had their gazes fixed on Nie Li. Before Ye Zong comes, Nie Li will be the host? No one ever thought that Nie Li would have such a position.

“Haha, ridiculous! How can a brat that still stinks of milk be the host for such a gathering? Is the Snow Wind Family playing a joke on us?” Shen Hong’s mad laughter sounded throughout the entire main hall.

Hearing Shen Hong’s words, the experts from the various families had a different expression. The Patriarchs of various families had either seen Nie Li, or were aware of who Nie Li is, so how could they have any other opinion about it? After all, when the demon beast horde arrived, it was Nie Li that made the largest contributions. Nie Li allowed Glory City to have the lowest amount of casualties when the demon beast horde attacked.

As for the ordinary experts, since even their Patriarchs did not have an opinion, they will naturally not dare to jeer blindly. Some that have never seen Nie Li before began to discuss in soft voices.

“Do you know him? That person is Nie Li!”

“Nie Li? The recent super genius rising star of our Glory City?”

“I heard that he’s from the Heavenly Marks Family!”

Although they have never seen Nie Li before, they have heard of Nie Li’s name.

The experts all looked at the location of the Heavenly Marks Family, and only saw Nie Hai, Nie En and the rest with excited expressions on their faces. Even their chests subconsciously rose. This banquet is actually hosted by Nie Li, since when have they experienced such glory before? They are all aware of Nie Li’s actions in the recent times. Right now, Nie Li has become one of the most important people of Glory City.

Because of Nie Li, the Heavenly Marks Family has recently moved into one of the largest courtyards in the core of Glory City, being only a few hundred meters away from the City Lord’s Mansion. It was something that the Alchemist Association bought for the Heavenly Marks Family. At the same time, the guards of the Heavenly Marks Family has also expanded to thousands, becoming a big clan.

Never, in their wildest imaginations, had they thought that the Heavenly Marks Family would have such glory. The gaze of the experts from the various families caused them to feel excited.

This was glory that the Heavenly Marks Family obtained from Nie Li.

“I heard that during this demon beast horde, it was Nie Li that used some mysterious methods that lowered our casualties to the lowest, having only a tenth of the casualties compared to the past demon beast horde attacks!”

“So that’s the case!”

“I admire him. If it wasn’t for him, I might have even died in the demon beast horde. In this demon beast horde, a Snow Wind demon beast’s sharp claw streaked across my neck, nearly slicing my head off. Luckily only several Gold rank Snow Wind demon beasts had charged up the wall. If it was a tidal amount, who knows what might’ve happened!”

“I also admire him, just based on the fact that he have saved so many of my brothers!”

The experts of the various families were aware that it was Nie Li that helped them during the demon beast horde, they all admired him. Glory City could be devoured by a demon beast horde at anytime; therefore, every family knows that only by uniting, can they prevent Glory City from being swallowed and continue down the line. As long as it’s someone that can help them during the demon beast horde, he would worthy of their respect.

Shen Hong never thought that Nie Li’s prestige would reach the hearts of these experts to such a level. His heart became even darker. The prestige of the Sacred Family is actually not even comparable to that of a kid!