Chapter 177 - Help getting out of embarrassment

Chapter 177 - Help getting out of embarrassment

Even the Sacred Family’s Patriarch, Shen Hong, did not recover from the shock. Not even Ye Zong would be able to eat the Flaming Palm at such distance and not be harmed by it. Just who, exactly, is this mysterious young man? How could he have such a powerful physique? Could it be that he has reached Legend rank?

Before everyone could recover from the shock, Duan Jian’s hand suddenly grabbed Shen Yan’s arm and threw a kick at the side of his abdominal area.

Instantly, Shen Yan’s face turned green, and almost vomited his intestines out. This heavy blow isn’t something his current physique can handle. Even a few of his bones were cracked.

Nie Li slightly nodded his head. Duan Jian is very well aware of how to utilize the advantage of his physique. First showing a flaw, giving his opponent the chance to attack. Thereafter, without Shen Yan holding his guard up, grab onto his arm, which made it impossible for Shen Yan to dodge and send him a merciless kick. Simply and rough, but it can exhibit the most powerful might. If an ordinary Black Gold rank expert were to suffer such an attack without any warning, the attack would be able to abolish his fighting strength.

“Duan Jian, don’t kill him.” Nie Li calmly said. If they were to start killing people from the Sacred Family here, the situation later on would be out of control. Now is still not the time!

“Okay!” Duan Jian released his grip and Shen Yan fell onto the ground, crouching like a shrimp.

In just one move, he left a Black Gold rank expert lying on the floor?

The entire hall was deadly quiet. Everyone was shockingly looking at the calm Duan Jian. This young man is simply too frightening!

Ye Xiu and Ye Shuo glanced at each other, they both saw the shock in each other’s eyes. Although they can feel that Duan Jian’s strength isn’t bad, they never imagined that Duan Jian’s strength would be this powerful! To have contact with the Flaming Palm at such a close distance and not harmed, then attack with a ruthless kick.

This kind of strength, isn’t that not beneath Ye Zong’s?

The main point is, this young man obediently follows the orders of Nie Li! Nie Li actually has such capability to even tame an expert of his level!

The experts of various families took a long while to recover from the shock. They all inhaled a mouthful of cold air. With Duan Jian’s strength, the ones that are able to suppress him wouldn’t exceed three in all of Glory City! Problem is, they have never heard of this young man before. They have no idea which family he is from. He rose abruptly like a comet, causing others to be simply shocked.

At this moment, Shen Hong’s hands were trembling a little. If he was to display his strength, Duan Jian probably wouldn’t be beneath him. Nie Li actually has such a powerful man under him!

At this moment, Xiao Yi and the rest almost had their eyes popped out. They took a deep look at Nie Li, and their eyes were filled with fear. They have underestimated Nie Li far too much. Aside from his own talent cultivation, the strength that Nie Li controls is simply fearful!

Seeing Shen Yan lying on the ground, Shen Xiu couldn’t help feeling the fear in her heart again. Her face paled as she retreated.

“I hate vicious woman the most!” Duan Jian coldly swept his eyes on Shen Xiu. He recalled the look of Sikong Hongyue whipping him, that kind of vicious expression. He coldly raised his sleeve.


Shen Xiu was sent flying from the slap. Her face swelled up as she laid on the ground. Her hair was scattered, looking extremely miserable.

“You……” Shen Xiu’s mucus and tears flowed together. She wanted to say something, but her mouth was swelling up, making her look extremely miserable. As the Sacred Family’s Patriarch’s sister, when has she ever felt such humiliation before? Shen Xiu couldn’t help herself as she started to cry.

Just when Duan Jian was preparing to drag Shen Xiu out, a figure flashed in front of him. He was like a mountain, a powerful aura was sent out to oppress Duan Jian.

This person is an expert! Duan Jian’s heart was slightly shocked. He raised his head and saw that this person is the Patriarch of Sacred Family, Shen Hong.

“Young man, leave this chance out. It’ll be better for the future. I represent Shen Yan and Shen Xiu and apologise for their offense.” Shen Hong said, looking at Duan Jian.

Nie Li’s brows twitched. Even though the matter had already developed to such an extent, this old fox, Shen Hong, is still able to endure it. Nie Li is interested to see what is this old fox, Shen Hong, is planning.

Duan Jian glanced at Nie Li and Nie Li gave him a light nod. Duan Jian stood his ground, but did not continue the conflict with Shen Hong. He was only coldly standing there.

Several people of the Sacred Family came and extracted Shen Yan and Shen Xiu.

When they were secured, Shen Hong turned around and was prepared to leave. He took a glance at Duan Jian, softened his voice and said, “Young man, with your strength, it’s a pity for you to heed the orders of a youth. If you’re interested, after this matter ends today, you can make a trip to my Sacred Family. The door of my Sacred Family will forever be open to you!”

After speaking, Shen Hong returned to the location of his own family.

Hearing what Shen Hong said, Duan Jian lightly smiled. Shen Hong is actually trying to recruit him. But Shen Hong is really thinking too much, he and Nie Li don’t have a normal employment relationship. He is willingly following Nie Li. No matter what his conditions are, even if it threatens his life, he will absolutely not betray Nie Li.

Seeing Shen Hong returning, Nie Li looked at Xiao Yunfeng and Xiao Ning’er and lightly smiled, “Those people with foul mouthes have been chased away, the world is quiet again. I’ll not disturb the mood of Uncle and Ning’er, you guys can continue what you’re doing!”

Xiao Ning’er stood there, her face had traces of tears on it. She gratefully looked at Nie Li, and wanted to say the thousand things she was feeling, but she had no idea how to express them.

Nie Li straightforwardly smiled and said, “Ning’er, you don’t have to be bothered about it. If anyone from the Sacred Family still dares to bully you, you can tell me about it and see how I’ll take care of them!”

Xiao Yunfeng cupped his hand and sincerely said, “Nephew Nie Li, thanks for helping us solve our situation!”

As the Patriarch of the Winged Dragon Family, he has to think about the big picture and did not dare to offend the Sacred Family too much, which only made Ning’er suffer. However, Nie Li did not let Ning’er suffer even a little. Xiao Yunfeng looked at Ning’er. Women are destined to be married off. He pondered for a moment. Should he go have a talk with the Patriarch of the Heavenly Marks Family?

Xiao Ning’er and Shen Fei’s marriage engagement, if it’s any other family, they absolutely wouldn’t dare to offend the Sacred Family. Nie Li’s probably the only one that would dare to fight the Sacred Family so intensely. Although the Heavenly Marks Family is a small Aristocratic Family, with Nie Li and Duan Jian there, their future is definitely a glorious one. Not to mention about becoming a Noble Family, they even have the chance of becoming a Major Family.

Nie Li walked to Xiao Ning’er’s side and whispered in her ears, “Tonight, we’re going to deal with the Sacred Family. At that time, you have to be careful.”

Hearing what Nie Li said, Xiao Ning’er shockingly glanced at him. This news is too shocking. After a moment, she nodded her head. If they are going to take actions against the Sacred Family, this would definitely be an intense battle.

“Uncle, I’ll take my leave!” said Nie Li as he smiled, there is still so much that he has to handle.

After bidding farewell to Xiao Ning’er, Xiao Yunfeng and the rest, he continued to notify Lu Piao and the others.

As people continuously walked into the main hall, the amount of people that gathered grew in number as time passed.

After Nie Li inspected the place, he walked back to the upper area and sat beside Ye Xiu and Ye Shuo. Duan Jian stood beside Nie Li with a solemn expression.

Ye Xiu and Ye Shuo raised their heads to look at Duan Jian. Seeing Duan Jian’s expression, they did not dare to start a conversation with him.

Ye Xiu looked at Nie Li and said, “Nie Li, arrange a seat for Duan Jian.”

For Duan Jian to have such strength at such a young age, this caused them to pay special attention to him. Duan Jian’s future is simply not possible to estimate!

Nie Li glanced at Duan Jian, and saw Duan Jian shake his head. Nie Li smiled and said, “Forget it, he’s not willing to sit.”

Ye Xiu and Ye Shuo felt curious. Exactly what kind of method did Nie Li use to gain such loyalty from Duan Jian? They simply couldn’t figure it out at all. Ye Xiu already knows that Duan Jian is someone that Nie Li brought back from the Abyss Prison realm. As for the events that happened in the Abyss Prison realm, he was unsure about them.

Nie Li, Ye Xiu and Ye Shuo began to chat and were laughing. When the experts from the various families saw this scene, they were all pondering in their hearts. There was always a rumor about Nie Li having close relationships with the City Lord’s daughter. Previously, everyone felt that even if Nie Li has extraordinary talent, wanting to marry the daughter of City Lord is a little too high praise. But now, they no longer think that way.

Having such a right hand man like Duan Jian, they all had to re-evaluate Nie Li’s position. Duan Jian is someone of Black Gold rank that have reached the level of the City Lord! Furthermore, his age is still so young!

With such capital, no matter if it’s the City Lord, Ye Zong, or the Snow Wind Family, they will probably take the initiative to push Nie Li and Ye Ziyun’s marriage together. There have been many times when various families would interlink through marriage, and consolidate their positions. What matters is that the families are well-matched together. By doing that, the marriage would allow both families to reach a greater height!

And Nie Li already has all of those qualifications!

The Patriarchs of various families walked towards the Heavenly Marks Family, exchanging greetings with Nie Hai.

With so many Patriarchs approaching, with many Noble Families within, Nie Hai suddenly felt overwhelmed by the favour. He immediately stood up. His face lit up from the splendor as he raised his cup to accept the toast from the various Patriarchs. He naturally understands that all of this glory came from Nie Li.

“Patriarch Nie Hai, let me toast you a cup. This is my daughter, Ning’er, she’s friends with Nie Li.” Xiao Yunfeng brought Xiao Ning’er over to give a toast with Nie Hai.

Xiao Ning’er’s face turned slightly red. However, in this kind of venue, she will naturally not have stage fright and raised her wine cup naturally.

“Thanks, Patriarch Xiao. I’ll take the toast first.” Nie Hai drained the entire cup in one gulp. He took a glance at Xiao Ning’er. He has naturally seen the matter of Nie Li helping Xiao Ning’er speak out. This Xiao Ning’er should be important towards Nie Li; otherwise, he wouldn’t risk falling out with the Sacred Family. However, he has heard that Nie Li is chasing after the City Lord’s daughter, this made him a little confused.