Chapter 150 - Inscription Scrolls

Chapter 150 - Inscription Scrolls

The old man and his family has already reached the end and there isn’t anything in their house that can be sold. As for this Blizzard Spiritual Gem, he doesn’t know of it’s usage and has been trying to sell it for dozens of days, but there wasn’t anyone willing to buy it. He has two grandchildren who were starving at home, and the old man didn’t know what else he could do for them.

He originally thought that he could sell this gem for two or three bags of food, which for him, can already be considered pretty good. He never imagined that Nie Li would give him so much food for it.

“Old man, even if I exchange your item with all of this food, I’d still benefit from you. If you have any requests, you can mention it.” Nie Li said. He also wanted to offer several valuable things but he understands that if he were to give someone something too valuable, it would bring disaster to this old man and his family instead.

“I didn’t know this item could be exchanged for so much food. God has already been kind to me, I have no other requests.” The old man gave a few more kowtow.

Two skinny youths walked to the side of the old man.

“Da Niu, Er Niu, hurry, kowtow the benefactor!” the old man hurriedly said to the two youths.

The two youths did not say anything and started kowtowing.

Nie Li lamented in his heart. He took out another five bags of food and a few pounds of meat out, placed it on the store and left with the Blizzard Spiritual Gem in his interspatial ring.

Seeing the mountainous pile of food, the old man’s tears came down like rain as he quivered and said, “Heavens have to bless this benefactor!”

Seeing this scene, the other storekeepers looked at the old man’s pile of food with envy. However, they did not dare to do anything; after all, this trading market is managed by the Divine Flames Family. Therefore, they don’t dare to cause any trouble here.

After circling the town several times, Duan Jian was able to quickly exchange the food for lots of Blood Crystals and Dragon’s Soul Stones.

“Take these Dragon’s Soul Stones.” Nie Li took several Dragon’s Soul Stones and passed them over to Duan Jian, “The Dragon’s Soul Stone has an extremely huge advantage for someone like you who has the constitution from the dragon blood, it can greatly enhance your soul. When I get the chance, I’ll have to find a dragon tribe demon spirit so that you can become a Demon Spiritualist.”

A dragon tribe’s demon spirit is extremely hard to find. However, Nie Li doesn’t have a choice, because Duan Jian’s constitution has determined that he is only suitable for a dragon tribe demon spirit.

“Thank you, master.” Duan Jian said, respectfully.

Nie Li plundered a decent amount of good items along the way. Gradually, they arrived at a huge store. At the top of the store hung the words “Divine Flames”, there are also all kinds of customers going in and out of that store.

With a sudden idea, Nie Li said, “We’ll take a look inside.”

Nie Li was curious about the Divine Flames Family. If the Divine Flames Family is as righteous as Duan Jian had said, maybe he could establish some sort of connection with the family.

The store has a total of seven floors. The first floor consists of a variety of common herbs, ores, weapons and some other stuff. Nothing on the first floor piqued Nie Li’s interest at all, and so he and Duan Jian went up to the second floor. The second floor consists of all kinds of martial arts, cultivation techniques and books.

Going up, the fifth floor was only so-so in Nie Li’s eyes. Although he has seen some of the stuff, none of it really attracted his attention.

At the sixth floor, Nie Li stopped in front of a huge sword. This sword is black in colour and would occasionally release black flames and an intense heat would blow over.

Seeing Nie Li stopped in front of the huge sword, a slightly fat middle-aged man walked over. He had a big smile on his face and said, “Crafted with the Black Flames Metal, extremely sharp, can slice iron like mud. At the same time, it’s embedded with a flame crystal, containing fire attribute power. It carries effect of flames and could burn your enemy with a single chop. What a good eyesight the respected customer has.”

“What’s the price of this sword?”

“We only accept the exchange of items here. It’ll depend on what item can you take out.” said the fat middle-aged man as he lightly smiled.

Nie Li pondered for a moment. What he has the most in his hands right now would be elixirs. Therefore, he took out a Soul Concentrating Pill, tossed it to the fatty, and said, “ Is this enough to exchange for it?”

Earlier on, the pills that Nie Li gave out were only Soul Nurturing Pills. And now, in order to exchange for this huge sword, Nie Li took out a Soul Concentrating Pill that is even more valuable than a Soul Nurturing Pill.

The fat middle-aged man took the elixir and gave it a sniff. Immediately, his eyes lit up and said, “Good stuff, this is actually a Soul Concentrating Pill. During the Age of Darkness, alchemists have been greatly reduced, not many of them are left. Alchemists that could refine the Soul Concentrating Pill are also rare.”

The fat middle-aged man only took a sniff and could tell that it’s the Soul Concentrating Pill, he’s an expert indeed.

The fat old man pondered for a moment and said, “Just this is not enough to exchange for this Black Flame Sword. You’ll need at least two hundred Soul Concentrating Pills to be worthy of the sword’s value!”

Nie Li didn’t feel that a Soul Concentrating Pill would be enough to exchange for this Black Flame Sword. Two hundred is also below of Nie Li’s estimation. In Nie Li’s heart, he estimated that it would be worth at least one thousand.

“This is two hundred Soul Concentrating Pills!” Nie Li took out two bottles of Soul Concentrating Pills and toss them over to the fat middle-aged man.

The fat middle-aged man never thought that Nie Li wouldn’t even bother to negotiate the price and would just throw out two hundred Soul Concentrating Pills with the wave of his hand. These two hundred Soul Concentrating Pills could create several experts in the Divine Flames Family. With the Soul Concentrating Pill, many 5-star Silver rank and 5-star Gold rank experts would have a higher chance of breaking through to the next level.

Elixirs could only be preserved for a hundred years at best before they could not longer be used. Furthermore, the amount of alchemists is extremely few. Therefore, all of the families in this world have an extreme shortage of elixirs, especially high quality elixirs like the Soul Concentrating Pill. As for the Black Flame Sword, almost everyone that escaped to this world brought lots of interspatial rings over with numerous treasures that were being passed down. The Black Flame sword could only be considered an ordinary object.

Nie Li took the Black Flame Sword, tossed it to Duan Jian and said, “You’ll have this sword!”

The Black Flame Sword is suitable for Duan Jian who has the Black Dragon’s blood. Otherwise, Nie Li wouldn’t have chosen it over so many treasures.

When Duan Jian received the sword, he was stunned for a moment, then gratefully and deeply at Nie Li’s back figure.

After associating with Duan Jian for so long, Nie Li feels that Duan Jian is someone that will repay his benefactor; therefore, Nie Li became even more generous to Duan Jian.

After the fat middle-aged man accepted the elixirs, he walked to Nie Li’s side, a huge smile on his face and said, “Forgive me for asking, are you an alchemist?”

Nie Li glanced at the fat middle-aged man and lightly nodded his head, “Correct.”

The fat middle-aged man’s eyes suddenly lit up and he became even more humble, “My name is Li Fu, may I know your name and which family are you from?”

“I do not belong to any family, as for my name, I believe that you don’t have to know about it.” Nie Li said, lightly giving Li Fu a glance.

Li Fu wasn’t a bit bothered with Nie Li’s attitude. The rarity of an Alchemist showing up is absolutely unimaginable. Therefore, it’s extremely normal for Nie Li to be a little arrogant. Li Fu slightly bowed to Nie Li and said, “Lord Alchemist, our Divine Flames Family has been waiting to hire an Alchemy Master. If you are willing to join our Divine Flames Family, I can convey any of your requests to our Patriarch.”

“I don’t wish to be bound by anything; therefore, I will not join your family. However, cooperation is still possible.” Naturally, Nie Li wouldn’t leave someone hanging. The reason why he used Soul Concentrating Pills to exchange for the Black Flame Sword is because he has plan. He just never expected Li Fu to be hooked so easily.

“Cooperation? No problem. I would like to ask how would we cooperate? We can provide a large amount of refining materials for you.” In Li Fu’s view, the thing that Alchemists are extremely lacking in would be raw materials.

Nie Li glanced at Li Fu and said, “I’m not lacking any raw materials. As for how we’ll cooperate, I haven’t thought it through, yet. Today, I’m only here to take a look and buy some things.”

After hearing what Nie Li just said, Li Fu’s eyes flashed with a hint of disappointment. Nie Li wasn’t lacking any raw materials nor did he think about how this cooperation would play out; therefore, he’s probably just saying it for show.

Nie Li continued strolling around. Along the way, there wasn’t any other items that attracted Nie Li’s attention. They continued upwards, until they reached the seventh floor. The seventh floor is heavily guarded, with a fully armed guard in front of every item.

Generally, people without any special status wouldn’t be allowed up here. However, due to the fact that Nie Li is an Alchemist, Li Fu did not hinder him.

The items on the seventh floor are way more valuable compared to the sixth floor. They are basically treasures handed down through the Age of Darkness, many items made Nie Li’s heart tremble.

When Nie Li was checking out the treasures, Li Fu slowly backed away.

Nie Li, of course, noticed Li Fu’s action but did not say anything else and continued to stroll around. Since he is already here, he has to grab one or two items before leaving. Otherwise, entering the treasure mountain and leaving empty handed would be too depressing. Nie Li’s gaze fell onto a inscription scroll.

This inscription scroll actually contains a Legend rank forbidden technique!

Counting them, there are a total of seven scrolls.

“Brother, you’re interested in these scrolls?” A well dressed teenager walked to Nie Li’s side. He looked to be around sixteen or seventeen years old. He was wearing silk clothes that gave him an imposing appearance.

This teenager should’ve been called over by Li Fu, one of the Divine Flames Family’s members!

“Correct, I am indeed a little interested.” Nie Li nodded, not dodging the question.

The teen slightly sighed as he shook his head and said “These inscription scrolls are indeed good items. However, these scrolls have all been passed down throughout the Age of Darkness. The demon beast blood used to write them is already very blurred. Someone once tried to use them but they were already unusable. These inscription scrolls have become completely useless.”

Inscription scrolls that have been passed down throughout the Age of Darkness and have undergone the passage of time, it’s natural that they’re no longer usable. However, one notable point is that, on these inscription scrolls, they are inscribed with a Legend rank demon beast’s blood, which does not fade that easily. As long as it is processed a little, these inscription patterns will be able to glow again.

“Since they’re useless, why don’t you sell them to me? I can bring them back and study them, how about it?” Nie Li said, smiling. Just because they’re unusable to others doesn’t mean that they’re unusable to him.