Chapter 144 - Testing medicine?

Chapter 144 - Testing medicine?

Nie Li and his group were arranged to a courtyard, and had guards guarding them outside of the courtyard. In name, it’s to protect Nie Li and his group’s safety, however, they’re probably meant to be there to supervise them.

Du Ze worriedly looked at Nie Li and asked, “Nie Li, now that we’re in here, it’ll be hard to get out.”

“Since I had a method to come in, I will have a method to get out.” Nie Li said, lightly smiling.If this small Silver Winged Family’s territory could trap him, they’d have to use something unrealistic. Nie Li has at least a dozen methods he could use to escape without anyone noticing.

However, there’s still value in Silver Winged Family, since Sikong Yi is willing to help them search for the Stones of Light. Also, Nie Li isn’t willing to leave until he drains the Silver Winged Family dry.

Xiao Ning’er and the rest felt relieved after hearing what Nie Li just said. They have a lot of confidence in what he does.

Nie Li and the group remained at the courtyard and focused on practising. Xiao Ning’er and the rest have almost broken through into Gold rank. After experiencing the danger earlier, they were even more eager to increase their strength.

“Go in.”

Several guards were dragging a youth as they entered the courtyard.

The leader of the guards said, “Mister Lei, we’ve brought the traitor here.”

On the body of the youth were chains that were tied around him several times. His cultivation had also been suppressed by a seal that was on his stomach.

“It must have been tough, here are some of these fine elixirs, there’s no need to be polite.” Nie Li waved his right hand and passed several elixirs to the guard leader.

After the head guard took the elixirs, he gave them a sniff. Instantly, he had an ecstatic look on his face and respectifully said, “Mister Lei is too polite. You have to be careful, this traitor has the strength of a 3-star Gold rank.”

Nie Li laughed and said, “You guys have bound him so tightly and even used a seal to suppress his strength. You can rest with ease.”

“Then we’ll take our leave.”

The guards respectfully left the courtyard.

Although the youth is tightly bound, he still held that unyielding pride on his face. After taking a glance at Nie Li, he turned his head around and went silent. Before coming here, he had already heard that Nie Li was preparing to use him to test the medicine.

Nie Li looked at this youth. Within this youth’s eyes was a pit filled with hatred. If he’s given the chance, he wouldn’t hesitate to destroy the entire Silver Winged Family.

“What’s your name?” Nie Li asked, looked at the youth.

That youth looked at Nie Li, slight puzzled, and proudly said, “Duan Jian”

Nie Li sat on the chair and said after pondering for a long while, “If I were to give you a chance to take revenge, what would you do?”

Duan Jian dumbfoundedly looked at Nie Li. He doesn’t understand why Nie Li would suddenly ask such a question.

“I’m not a member of the Silver Winged Family and I don’t have any good impressions of them.” said Nie Li as he shrugged his shoulders.

Within Duan Jian’s originally dull eyes, a ray of chilling light suddenly shot out and he said, “If you’re willing to give me such an opportunity, I will swear my allegiance to you for the rest of my life in the name of my dead parents and I will never betray you!”

“This is what you, yourself, said.” Nie Li’s eyebrow twitched. He could vaguely feel that the pair of dark gold wings on Duan Jian’s back contained an infinite amount of power, “In the future, you’ll follow me. I can guarantee that I will help you avenge your parents.”

Duan Jian kneeled on the ground with a plop. Those eyes of his were filled with an unyielding will and hatred, like a volcano that’s ready to erupt. He inhaled a deep breath and said, “If you can give me ten years time, I’ll definitely have the head of that old bastard, Sikong Yi! If you’re able to help me with this, I, Duan Jian, vow to serve you as my lord. For the rest of my life, I’ll swear my allegiance to you and will never betray you! If I were to break my vow, I’m willing to suffer the curse of the heavens.”

Duan Jian is in a blood feud. There were countless times that he thought of death. However, he bore it all down, like a wounded beast, and was waiting for the right time to strike the Silver Winged Family.

Nie Li looked at Duan Jian, passed him an elixir and said, “Eat it.”

Duan Jian swallowed the elixir without hesitation.

“You’re not afraid that I’ll poison you?” Nie Li calmly look at Duan Jian.

“If you want me dead, it’ll be absolutely impossible for me to survive. In the future, my life will belong to you. If you wish for it, you can take it at anytime!” Duan Jian said, proudly raising his head.

Even as a prisoner, Duan Jian still had a lot of backbone. If Nie Li didn’t say that he could give him the chance to take revenge, he wouldn’t yield to anyone. Nie Li still remembered those fearless and vengeful eyes he had when he was being lashed. If such a person is treated with sincerity, he would not betray his benefactor.

“I have a method that can make you become a supreme expert. It’ll allow you to surpass the existence of Legend rank. However, you’ll experience great torture and pain. Are you willing to do it?” Nie Li lowered his head, asked as he looked at Duan Jian.

“Is the torture and pain I’ve suffered in my life any less? That old bastard, Sikong Yi, wants me to bow down, that’s absolutely impossible. Torture and pain will only make me stronger.” Although Duan Jian is tightly bound by the chains and his cultivation is sealed, there’s still an indomitable aura around his body.

With a wave of his right hand, several needles appeared in Nie Li’s hand and said, “Your body contains the blood of the Black Dragon’s bloodline. I can invoke the Black Dragon’s bloodline in your body. As the descendent of a dragon, once your bloodline is awaken, you’ll be able to reach Legend rank at the least.”

“What you’re saying is that, you’re able to make me a Legend rank expert?” Duan Jian’s body trembled as he looked at Nie Li with disbelief in his eyes.

“Correct. The power of dragon bloodline is not that simple. Even if it’s the lowest grade of the dragon tribe, it can have the power to fight a Legend rank expert. However, you’ll be subjected to ten days of torture, after enduring that inhumane torture, your constitution will be able to have the strength of Legend rank. However, it’s still far from an authentic Legend rank. Before you have the sufficient strength, you will have to endure the pain.” said Nie Li.

“Whether it’s ten days or ten years, I’ll be able to endure it!” Duan Jian said with a firm tone.

“Don’t decide that too early.” Nie Li said, looking at Duan Jian. Nie Li still made the decision of helping Duan Jian. As for Sikong Yi, he’s not even worth the effort.

Duan Jian knelt in front of Nie Li with his chest upright and said, “Come.”

“Eat these elixirs first. These will help you restore your strength. We’ll begin after your strength has been recovered.” Nie Li said, passing some elixirs to Duan Jian.

Duan Jian opened his mouth, swallowed them all at once and began refining. He can quickly feel that his energy has been restored by a lot.

Nie Li started the acupuncture technique on Duan Jian. He quickly stuck one fine needle after another into Duan Jian’s body until over thirty of the meridian points were stuck with needles. Although it was extremely painful at the start of the process, Duan Jian only frowned his brows a little. However, once Nie Li placed the thirty-sixth needle into his body, Duan Jian’s face twisted.

“Arghh!” Duan Jian gave off a miserable scream, filled with endless pain.

His body felt as though it was burning as it rolled inside waves of heat. The dragon blood inside his body was being invoked.

That painful scream was heard beyond the courtyard.

The guards guarding the courtyard couldn’t help looking at each other. Duan Jian’s painful screams gave them a horrified feeling. They all know of Duan Jian. Although he’s a traitor and has been cast aside by his entire family, he had never screamed like this before, even when he was being lashed all day and night.

Truth is, they had a little admiration for Duan Jian. Who else is able to be so fearless under such torture and still not bow down?

But now, Duan Jian was only in for several minutes and was already issuing such a miserable scream. One can only imagine what kind of pain Duan Jian is experiencing.

“Never thought that, that gentle looking Young Master Lei Zhuo would be so frightening when it came to torturing!”

The guards felt their scalps tingling, as they trembled within their hearts. They don’t even dare to imagine the medicine testing process.

Silver Winged Family’s Patriarch Courtyard.

“Lord Patriarch, Young Master Lei Zhuo has begun testing the medicine. I’ve heard that Duan Jian is miserably being tortured. When we’re giving lashes to that brat for so long, he didn’t even issue out a sound. But now, even though it was not long after entering Mister Lei Zhuo’s courtyard, a miserable scream could be heard from several miles away!”

Sikong Yi’s brows twitched. He never imagined that Lei Zhuo would have such method. If such a method is used in an interrogation, it’ll absolutely effective.

Sikong Hongyue looked at Sikong Yi and said, “Father, I’ve thought about this ever since I came back. I feel that Lei Zhuo’s identity is a little suspicious.”

Sikong Yi shook his head and said, “It no longer matters if he’s a member of the Silverlit Family or not. If he is able to cure the sickness of our Silver Winged Family, then this person must remain. At least until we have the solution to our illness from his mouth, then we’ll kill him!”

A hint of vicious flashed within Sikong Yi’s eyes and Sikong Hongyue nodded her head in agreement.


“Nie Li, what did you do to him? You didn’t really plan to use him to test the medicine, right?” Du Ze said, looking at Duan Jian, who is currently rolling and constantly struggling under the bound of the chains with pity.

Xiao Ning’er doesn’t believe that Nie Li would use such a inhumane method to deal with Duan Jian.

“I’ve given him a chance. As to what heights can he reach, it’ll depend on his fortune.” Nie Li said, “Let’s not bother him, and continue training.”

A chance? Du Ze, Xiao Ning’er and the rest understood a little of what he said. Although they felt some pity towards Duan Jian, they didn’t say anything much about him.

Everyone returned to their respective rooms and began practising.

It wasn’t long before Sikong Yi’s men brought in a large amount of Blood Crystals. Nie Li refined these Blood Crystals and split them with everyone. The group began to madly absorb the soul force within the Blood Crystals and concentrated on their cultivation.

The soul force within the Blood Crystal was constantly extracted and brought into their soul realms.

Time past quickly. On the third day, Xiao Ning’er, who has been practising the Lightning Dragon technique, stepped into Gold rank. A few days later, the rest were close to a breakthrough. The effect of the Blood Crystals was very obvious.