Chapter 129 - Suppressing

Chapter 129 - Suppressing

“Yun’er didn’t have high talent previously. In her lifetime, reaching 1-star or 2-star Black Gold rank would probably be her limit. By rights, 1-star or 2-star Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist is already very fantastic for ordinary people. However, to become a City Lord, she was still lacking a lot. It would definitely be very exhausting for her to become a City Lord with such cultivation.”

Hearing Ye Zong’s words, Nie Li slightly nodded his head.

“Because I’m the City Lord, I know the pain of being the City Lord. Although I have a supreme position, I am unable to pay any attention to my wife and child. It resulted in the death of Yun’er’s mother, which I am to blame. I owe her too much.” Ye Zong sighed and said, “Although I kept forcing Yun’er to train, it’s only so she has the strength to protect herself against demon beasts. I’d rather have her be an ordinary person instead of a City Lord.”

“As the direct descendent of the Snow Wind family, you think that Yun’er would be able to be what you wished her to be and become an ordinary person? You can pass the City Lord seat over to Ye Han because you’re open-minded. However, you think that the elders of the Snow Wind Family will tolerate an outsider as the City Lord? You’re too simple minded!” Nie Li said, ruthlessly.

Ye Zong opened his mouth, but nothing came out. He had thought of these matters long ago. However, he still had to fight for it.

“Ye Han has extraordinary talent. If he’s able to reach 5-star Black Gold rank, no one would say anything about it!” Ye Zong said, “However, since it has progressed to this point, there’s no other way anymore. Perhaps, with the talent that Ziyun is showing, she might be able to reach 5-star Black Gold rank or even step into the Legend rank!”

Legend rank? You’re underestimating your daughter too much. Nie Li lightly smiled, but did not say anything.

Ye Zong looked at Nie Li and said, “Regarding this matter, I still have to thank you. If it wasn’t for you, Ziyun’s cultivation would never have been able to break through into 5-star Silver rank in such a short amount of time.” Although many things have happened between him and Nie Li, Ye Zong’s tone is still very sincere.

“Of course.” Nie Li proudly smiled and said, “Old Ye, you can rest well and pass your daughter to me!”

After hearing Nie Li’s words, Ye Zong’s face went dark again. In the middle of their conversation, he was once again, taken advantage of by Nie Li. Pass my daughter to you? My daughter has to at least agree to it!

However, Ye Zong’s heart had a little chance. Because he has been in contact with Nie Li for so long, Ye Zong has been able to realise that everything that Nie Li did, even though it was a little too public, he was’t reckless. Under that outer appearance, he has a very cunning mind. Furthermore, if Ziyun were to follow Nie Li, she would not be in any disadvantage. With Nie Li’s character, if anyone were to provoke him, it’s simply death wish.

“Nie Li, I’ll tell you right now. If Ziyun agrees to be together with you, I will not have an opinion about it. However, if she doesn’t agree and you bully her, don’t blame me for being impolite!” Ye Zong snorted.

After hearing Ye Zong’s words, Nie Li’s eyes lit up. It seems that Father-in-law has loosened up. This is already a huge improvement. After all, Ye Zong’s earlier reply to him was: Fat chance! As for Ye Ziyun’s side, Nie Li could only take it slowly. After all, relationships are meant to be slowly nurtured.

Ye Zong suddenly thought of something. His face went solemn and said, “Nie Li, did you know that your actions today have already startled the Sacred Family? The Sacred Family will be able to see from our attitudes that we have guards against them.”

In fact, Ye Zong has already sent people to keep a close eye on the Sacred Family for long time now. Nie Li’s action tonight was the same as informing the Sacred Family that they are being watched.

“You have your reasons?” asked Ye Zong, looking at Nie Li. After all, Nie Li is not a reckless person.

“Although you have sent people to keep an eye on the Sacred Family, Shen Hong is an old fox that will definitely not leave any flaws for you to pick up on. It’s extremely hard if you want to find any evidence regarding the collusion between the Sacred Family and the Dark Guild. The reason why the Sacred Family hasn’t been taking any action, must be because they aren’t fully prepared. If we waited till the Sacred Family is fully prepared before we take any action, Glory City will be in even greater danger. Why don’t we just make use of the Snow Wind Family and suppress the Sacred Family. The Sacred Family will definitely realise something and start fighting back more fiercely. At that time, they’ll certainly leak out flaws.” Nie Li said. He only wanted to drive them into a corner so that the Snow Wind Family will have no other choice but to fight against the Sacred Family.

“Since you have already done so, does my Snow Wind Family have any other choice?” Ye Zong said, depressingly. What Nie Li said is also an idea. He has to suppress the Sacred Family a little, and see if the Sacred Family has any intention to revolt. After all, the Alchemist Association has already stated so clearly and the Snow Wind Family must somehow act.

“The Sacred Family is in charge of the west wall. We have to be careful, in case they decide to make use of the demon beast’s strength. Therefore, the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array has to be completed as fast as possible,” said Nie Li. Before the war between the Snow Wind Family and the Sacred Family breaks out, he has to reach Gold rank fast. This is so that even if he were to face experts of the Sacred Family, he will have the strength to fight. In this lifetime, he must tell Ye Zong that the Sacred Family will let the demon beasts into Glory City, which will lead to the destruction of Glory City just like in his previous life.

“They’re borrowing the strength of demon beasts?” Ye Zong’s eyes flashed with a ray of chilling light. To borrow the strength of demon beasts is simply playing with fire. Once the Sacred Family lets the demon beasts in, the Snow Wind Family will have no choice but to get rid of them.

Ye Zong will definitely not let anyone affect the safety of Glory City.

“The Sacred Family has been deeply rooted in Glory City. Furthermore, a majority of Glory City’s citizens are unaware of the true face of the Sacred Family. Once the Sacred Family decides to revolt, the consequences will be extremely heavy. Therefore, we have to be fully prepared.” Nie Li went silent for a moment and said, “Furthermore, we have to remove every possible impact that might occur if the Sacred Family receives the help of the Dark Guild. Once they collude together, Glory City will be in an extremely dangerous position.”

Ye Zong lightly nodded his head. Today, when Nie Li provoked Sacred Family in the banquet, Ye Zong had already made a series of countermeasures. He naturally understood all of this without being reminded by Nie Li.

“Nie Li, if the Snow Wind Family and the Sacred Family were to battle, I have something that I must request of you.”

“What is it?”

“Take Yun’er and leave the battlefield,” said Ye Zong. He understood that if an internal battle were to breakout in Glory City, the Sacred Family will definitely not surrender easily and will fight back. Ziyun is the biggest achilles heel of Ye Zong.

What Nie Li said before is correct. Although Ye Zong is impartial and treats Ye Han as his own, but blood is still blood. There is a little difference after all.

Nie Li patted on Ye Zong’s shoulders and said, “Old Ye, you can leave your daughter to me. Even if I were at a disadvantage, I won’t let Ziyun be in a disadvantage as well!”

Ye Zong bitterly smiled and said, “I hope that you can do what you say!”

Nie Li discussed a little with Ye Zong and set up some countermeasures towards the Sacred Family.

The stars were sparkling in the dark sky. Ye Zong walked out of Ye Ziyun’s yard and headed for his own yard. During this recent period of time, in order to deal with the Sacred Family, he has been very busy.

Under the moonlight, Ye Han slowly walked out of the shadows and said, “Respects to Lord Father.”

“Xiao Han, what are you doing here?” asked Ye Zong, his steps stopped.

After being in silent awhile, Ye Han said, “Lord Father, I have something to say.”

“Ye Han, I……” Ye Zong also has a lot to say to Ye Han.

“Lord Father, I know that you have treated me well and even treated me as your own son. If it wasn’t for you, I would probably die of hunger in the streets. I will definitely repay your grace, even if I, Ye Han, were to end my life, I will not hesitate to do so.”

“Ye Han……” Ye Zong opened his mouth, wanting to explain to Ye Han.

Ye Han shook his head, revealed a painful expression and said, “Lord Father, I understand. I don’t have any thoughts on fighting for the City Lord’s seat. Ever since I was young, I have been in love with Ziyun. However, I also understand that with my birth, I’m not good enough for Ziyun.”

“You can’t say that. Your talent is extraordinary. It’s only a matter of time until you reach Black Gold rank. My father, Ye Mo, was also a commoner……” Ye Zong said, “As for you saying that you’re in love with Ziyun, this is the first time I’ve heard it. You and Ziyun are siblings……”

Standing quietly under the moonlight, Ye Han looked lonely. He shook his head and said, “Lord Father, you don’t need to explain anymore. I understand your thoughts. I’m willing to give up my City Lord candidacy position and hand the City Lord seat over to Ziyun. From today onwards, I will work my hardest to train and will not let you down. I will fight to become one of Ziyun’s right-hand men. Lord Father, I’ll take my leave first……”

After speaking, Ye Han slowly turned around and left.

Looking at Ye Han’s leaving figure, Ye Zong deeply sighed. Ye Han is good at everything, except he’s too smart. His plans run too deep. After everything that has happened tonight, Ye Han is probably already aware that he is no longer able to fight for the City Lord’s position.

Ye Zong hopes that Ye Han can calm his heart fast.

A night without words.

Several days after the banquet, the Sacred Family suddenly underwent drastic changes.

The Snow Wind Family suddenly suppressed the Sacred Family from all possible aspects, causing the Sacred Family to suffer from great oppression. After knowing the situation between the Snow Wind Family and the Sacred Family, the various families that are associated with the Sacred Family cut off their relationship with the Sacred Family.

They joking around? What kind of existence is the Snow Wind Family?

The five latest City Lord’s all originated from the Snow Wind Family. The guardian of Glory City, Lord Ye Mo, also belongs to the Ye Family, even though he was married into the Sacred Family. The Snow Wind Family has an unshakable position. Over hundreds of years, they continued to attract commoner geniuses, causing the Snow Wind Family to grow into a monstrous existence.

It’s rare for the Snow Wind Family to suppress another family themselves. Suppressing the Sacred Family like this is an unexpected event. Which family would dare to oppose this?

The Sacred Family suffered miserably from this. The family business had plummeted. Their power over the City Guards has also been removed. Every Sacred Family member was removed from the City Guard.

However, although the Snow Wind Family suppressed the Sacred Family, they did not take any other actions, and were only monitoring them.

Although Ye Zong has gathered some evidence of the Sacred Family working together with the Dark Guild, however, the evidence is not solid enough. If the Snow Wind Family were to annihilate a family without any hard reason, it might cause all the families of Glory City to have terrible thoughts about them.