Chapter 126 - Fight?

Chapter 126 - Fight?

Everyone’s gazes fell onto the bracelet and they inhaled a mouthful of the chilled air.

“It’s a Frozen Jade Bracelet!”

“That’s a good item!”

The Frozen Jade Bracelet is made from a thousand year old Jade Ice. However, it’s manufacturing method has been lost during the Age of Darkness. The amount of Frozen Jade Bracelets being handed down is only few in numbers. The Frozen Jade Bracelet has extremely high effect towards cultivation. It’s able to reduce the amount of deviation during training and is also able to nurture the soul realm.

Seeing this Frozen Jade Bracelet, Nie Li’s eyes lit up. If this Frozen Jade Bracelet combined with Ye Ziyun’s Snow Queen, it’ll simply have endless uses.

“Big brother Ye Han, I can’t accept such gift,” Ye Ziyun refused, shaking her head.

Ye Han was stunned on the spot. He didn’t know whether to retract the hand that was holding onto the Frozen Jade Bracelet or not.

Everyone realised the subtle awkwardness in their relationship.

Suddenly, Nie Li stretched his hand out and took the Frozen Jade Bracelet. Breaking the awkward silence, he laughed and said, “Such a precious gift, I’m really embarrassed. I’ll receive it on behalf of my Ziyun. Thanks a lot, brother Ye Han!”

Ye Han felt his hand lighten up. The Frozen Jade Bracelet was already gone from his hand. Nie Li’s action was a bit too fast. It was simply no different from snatching! His brows couldn’t help twitching. Brother Ye Han? Where did you pop out from? Should brother Ye Han be called by you? Your Ziyun? Who is yours? This fella is simply too shameless!

“This is……” Ye Han looked at Nie Li, standing beside Ye Ziyun.

“He’s my friend!” said Ye Ziyun, helplessly stomping her feet. Nie Li is simply too good at interrupting others and was getting himself too familiar with her. She has yet to say that she’ll accept the Frozen Jade Bracelet, yet Nie Li already accepted it on her behalf.

Nie Li couldn’t be bothered about all this. Why not accept such a huge benefit and push it away? Although Nie Li isn’t too familiar with Ye Han’s character, since it’s a gift, why should she refuse? As for favors, only friends would talk about favors. If it’s a stranger, who’d give a damn about you?

From the subtle change in Ye Han and Ye Ziyun’s attitude, Nie Li was able to have a rough idea about their relationship. Seems that Ye Han has been particularly attentive to Ye Ziyun, but has been rejected by her.

Could it be that this fella is having ideas on Ye Ziyun? If so, Ye Han will definitely die a terrible death!

After living for so many years, Nie Li has also been able to experience many different kinds of people. That extraordinary talent that Ye Han has, that handsome yet elegant appearance of his, and the feeling that he gives is simply a perfect human. However, the more perfect a human is, the more problems he has.

In Nie Li’s views, only people like Chen Linjian would show their true selves.

Nie Li thought of a possibility. He has heard that Ye Zong has intentions of letting Ye Han take over the City Lord’s position. Therefore, the reason why Ye Han was showing himself as the perfect person right now is to pave his roads. After all, Ye Han is not a member of the Snow Wind Family. If he wants to take over as the City Lord, he’ll have to get the approval from the various elders of the Snow Wind Family. The Snow Wind Family’s elders will definitely not agree to have an outsider as the next City Lord. However, if Ye Han were to have Ye Ziyun as his wife, then that's a different matter.

His guess is probably eighty to ninety percent accurate.

After hearing what Ye Ziyun said, Ye Han’s heart slightly sank. His eyes carried a chill as they swept over to Nie Li.

Nie Li clearly felt that hostility within Ye Han’s eyes. Soul perception abilities has always been one of Nie Li’s strengths. Ye Han’s every action couldn’t escape from his eyes. Tsk tsk. No matter how well you’re hiding it, there will always be a leak when the time comes. Since you want to play, I’ll play with you.

“Nie Li, I admire by your actions!” Chen Linjian rose his thumbs up towards Nie Li.

Walking in with two girls by his side, one being snatched from Shen Fei and the other being snatched from Ye Han. In the end, obviously knowing that Nie Li already has two women, Huyan Lanruo still throws herself at him. All the benefits are being reaped by Nie Li.

The veins on Shen Fei forehead were about to pop out. Xiao Ning’er was standing behind Nie Li. No matter how he sees it, it’s annoying to his eyes.

“Nie Li, is this even a place that you’re allowed to come to?” Shen Fei coldly snorted, “I doubt you ever attended such events before. With how you’re dressed up, you don’t look any different to a country boy.”

The several people softly laughed.

Nie Li looked towards Ye Zong and pondered awhile. The Sacred Family is the cancer of Glory City. If they remained, it’ll already be too late by the time the demon beast horde arrives. He has to come up with a way to make the Snow Wind Family determined to get rid of the Sacred Family.

Seems like I have to play the wicked role again to arouse conflict between the Sacred Family and the Snow Wind Family.

Since his return, although his cultivation has yet to reach the point of suppressing everything, this matter could no longer be dragged on. It has to be settled.

“No wonder it stinks here, young master Shen is here. What’s wrong? The lesson I gave you previously wasn’t miserable enough? You still want to play?” Nie Li’s brows twitched. His eyes suddenly became keen. The Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword appeared in his right hand and he swung it down, splitting the table apart and making a six to seven meter crack.

“Let's go, if you have the guts. Talk to my Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword!”

Nie Li’s attitude took a one hundred eighty degree turn. He was emitting a frightening aura that caused the surrounding youngsters to shudder.

“You……” Seeing that cold gaze of Nie Li’s, Shen Fei became scared out of his wits. Is this a joke? A fight against Nie Li now? He was already miserable enough. He doesn’t want history to repeat itself again.

Not only Shen Fei, the other families’ descendents were also frightened by that aura. They never imagined that Nie Li would actually be so presumptuous in this City Lord’s Mansion’s banquet.

Ye Ziyun was also dumbfounded.

Xiao Ning’er was moved as she looked at Nie Li. The conflicts between Nie Li and Shen Fei was caused by her. The reason he was so arrogant here is because of her.

What they don’t know is that, Nie Li did this on purpose. A small fry like Shen Fei isn’t enough for Nie Li to act like this. Nie Li’s target is the entire Sacred Family!

“Shen Fei, I’ll tell you now, if you continue to pester Ning’er, I’ll hack you with the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword!” declared Nie Li, coldly looking at Shen Fei with anger. He’s well aware of all the deeds that Shen Fei committed. Countless ladies from various families were cheated by him.

Ye Han’s brows frowned. Even if Nie Li had conflicts with Shen Fei, this is the City Lord’s Mansion’s Reception Hall. His actions are a little too presumptuous.

Ye Han solemnly said, “Nie Li, don’t forget that this is the City Lord’s Mansion’s Reception Hall. It’s not a place for you to be presumptuous!”

He raised his head and looked at Ye Zong far away. After all, he’s only the foster son of Ye Zong. In this current situation, he can’t take action with his own hands to suppress Nie Li. Furthermore, Ye Han doesn’t want Ye Ziyun to have any bad views about him, so leaving it to Ye Zong is the best option.

However, the distant Ye Zong appeared to have not noticed the situation over on this side at all.

“So what if I’m being presumptuous in the City Lord’s Manion’s Reception Hall? The City Lord himself has yet to speak up. Base on what are you speaking? Get a clear understanding of your current status. The City Lord’s Mansion is not yours, yet!” Nie Li’s voice could be heard throughout the entire Reception Hall.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, the surrounding people had strange expressions on their faces.

Ye Han’s face slightly changed. Nie Li’s words targeted straight right at his achilles heel. His gaze swept across Ye Ziyun, thinking in his heart, did little sis Ziyun get Nie Li to say this? No, Little sis Ziyun isn’t the competitive type. Nie Li should be saying this himself.

Ye Ziyun anxiously pulled Nie Li. There’s simply nothing that Nie Li doesn’t dare to say.

“I……” Just when Ye Ziyun was about to speak, she was interrupted.

“I’ll put my words out here now. You’re not a descendent of the Snow Wind Family. Don’t dream on becoming a City Lord as an outsider. As for the City Lord’s position, if Ziyun doesn’t want it, there’s still me! Only after me comes you! If you became the City Lord, I’ll flip the entire City Lord’s Mansion. I mean what I say!” Nie Li’s words caused everyone to start discussing among themselves.

Nie Li is going to fight for the City Lord’s position?

But Nie Li is surnamed Nie. He doesn’t even have a small link to the Snow Wind Family. Did he just speak out of rashness? Probably only Nie Li would be daring enough to declare to flip the entire City Lord’s Mansion around.

“Presumptuous! Such arrogance needs to be taught a lesson!” Sacred Family’s Patriarch, Shen Hong furiously snorted, his soul force was suddenly released from his body.

Ye Zong knows that Shen Hong wants to use this chance to kill Nie Li. However, no matter what, he can’t let this happen. Not to mention that Nie Li is too important to Glory City now. If Shen Hong wants to kill Nie Li, the Alchemist Association wouldn’t agree to it, and neither would the supreme expert behind him agree to it.

No matter what Nie Li did, Ye Zong will protect Nie Li. Although he never expected that Nie Li would do something like this, Ye Zong was already prepared for it in his heart. Nie Li might seem to be careless and casual; however, this appearance is for others to see. Truth is, Nie Li is someone that thinks carefully before he does something; otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to get to where he is right now. There must be a reason why Nie Li provoked and appeared to be so arrogant.

Shen Hong’s soul force swept towards Nie Li, trying to kill him straight out. Suddenly, Ye Zong also released his soul force.


The two separate soul forces collided, causing an intense explosion. That explosive impact caused the surrounding tables and chairs to be thrown away.

Ye Zong calmly smiled and said to Shen Hong, “It’s common for the younger generation to play around. If seniors like us were to take action, it’d be bullying, which doesn’t look good.”

Shen Hong’s face paled when he received the feedback from the colliding soul forces. He glanced at Ye Zong and saw that his expression had remained calm. He was surprised. He had also reached the pinnacle of Black Gold rank. Shen Hong never thought that Ye Zong’s cultivation would be so much higher than his.

“City Lord, I was just unable to stand that kid being so arrogant in the City Lord’s Mansion Reception Hall. It is simply harming the City Lord’s prestige. However, since the City Lord doesn’t wish to pursue, there’s nothing else to say.” Shen Hong lightly said, calming his disrupted energy and blood.

“If Senior Shen Hong wants to touch Nie Li, not mentioning the City Lord himself, even my Alchemist Association wouldn’t agree to it.” said a voice coming from the side. It belonged to the attractive and elegant Yang Xin.

Shen Hong’s face changed and snorted. Ye Zong suppressing me is bad enough, now a junior like you also wants to suppress me?

However, Shen Hong did not show any dissatisfaction. After all, Yang Xin is the Director of the Alchemist Association. The current Alchemist Association is far from the past. It has become a monstrous existence that no one dares to offend.

Shen Hong coldly said, “Since Director Yang has spoken, I’ll not intervene in this matter.”