Chapter 119 - Killing Array

Chapter 119 - Killing Array

Although the Meerkat was getting closer and closer, Nie Li’s speed didn’t slow down. On contrary, he was getting faster and faster.

The Demon Spiritualist that had integrated with a Meerkat coldly snorted, “Let's see where can you run to!”

He suddenly increased his speed and rushed forward, his speed is frighteningly fast.


The Meerkat’s sharp claws were heading towards Nie Li.

“Hmph! A 5-star Silver rank still wants to run?”

Just when the meerkat’s claws were about to land on Nie Li, Nie Li let out a low growl.


Nie Li’s figure quickly disappeared.


The meerkat’s claws passed through Nie Li’s body, making him fall right through him. It’s as though Nie Li just disappeared.

The Demon Spiritualist that integrated with the Meerkat got up, frowned and looked around, but couldn’t find Nie Li.

“Where did that fella run off to?” He locked his brows tightly. Even with his keen sense of smell, he couldn’t track Nie Li. However, he had a feeling that Nie Li was still in the surrounding area.

“This kid seems to have quite the capability. No wonder Long Sha talked about him with such importance and even have us personally come over!”

After Nie Li entered void-form, he slowly moved towards the rear of the fake mountain.

The good thing about void-form is that it makes the opponent unable to notice his existence at all; however, it does have a drawback to it. The movement speed is too slow; furthermore, he can’t maintain this form for long.

However, it’s still possible to delay the opponent.

After that Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist searched the surroundings, he disappeared.

Nie Li knows that he wasn’t that far away. He’s waiting for Nie Li to appear. Once Nie Li appears, he will pounce him without hesitation.

Nie Li slowly moved to the rear of the fake mountain, then lifted his void-form and bolted away.

“Hmph hmph, I didn’t believe that you wouldn’t come out!”

When he saw that Nie Li reappeared, the Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist immediately chased after him.

It seems that it won’t be simple to get rid of this guy. Looks like some extraordinary methods have to be used!

With a move of his mind, the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword appeared. Some of his thoughts entered the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword. After a moment, bolts after bolts of lightning cut open the heavens and gathered onto the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword, creating wave after wave of terrifying divine might.

After studying the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword, Nie Li is almost certain that this Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword is not an item of this world. Or, to put it this way, the material used to make this Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword wasn’t from this world. Although Nie Li is only a 5-star Silver rank, he can get the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword to a unleash powerful pressure.

When the Demon Spiritualist that integrated with a Meerkat felt the frightening lightning pressure, he couldn’t stop his breathing from stagnating a bit.

Just what is this sharp sword in Nie Li’s hand that contained such a divine lightning?

Nie Li’s eyes suddenly lit up and coldly growled. A bolt of lightning suddenly fell from the heavens, bombarding towards that Demon Spiritualist.

When the Demon Spiritualist felt the lightning targeting him, he was shocked. What exactly is this weapon? It’s actually able to control lighting? Feeling the lightning walling down, he suddenly leaped towards the side.


The lightning made a huge crater on the ground when it landed. The lightning scattered, forming a small lightning net.

If the entire pressure of the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword could be unleashed, even killing Legend rank experts is a simply matter. However, Nie Li is, after all, only a 5-star Silver rank. He can only control a portion of the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword at this moment. He’s able to deter a Black Gold rank demon spiritualist a bit; however, to kill a Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist is still extremely difficult.

That Meerkat Demon Spiritualist is simply exploding from pent up anger. Originally, with his strength as a Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist, capturing a Silver rank Demon Spiritualist is an extremely simple matter. In the end, the methods in Nie Li’s hands is simply endless. First, he suddenly casts some sort of a stealth ability, next, he takes this big weird sword out. Until now, he has yet to capture Nie Li.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Bolts of lightning bombarded the ground.

This Demon Spiritualist continuously dodged them. His movements are exceptionally agile, given that he has integrated with a Meerkat. Not a single lightning bolt landed on him; however, his speed was under the greatest restraints. Several times, he tried to get close to Nie Li, but was pushed back by the lightning net.

The Demon Spiritualist coldly snorted, “With these methods, you’re only able to drag it out for a moment. So what? You still won't be able to get away!”

With just the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword, it’s naturally unable to obstruct a Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist. However, Nie Li’s motive is to just buy a little time. Looking upfront, the tall and towering pillars are already within his sight. Furthermore, Nie Li is already able to detect the Tai Yi Killing Array with the soul imprint.

Nie Li’s mouth chanted softly and both hands quickly formed into handsigns. Although he’s still a hundred meters from the Tai Yi Killing Array, Nie Li could already operate it

When he saw the distant towering pillars that were carved with all kinds of inscription patterns, the Meerkat Demon Spiritualist felt a slight chill in his heart. Previously, he heard of how powerful these stone pillars are. It’s powerful enough to suppress Ye Zong. He has been skeptical about this issue. After all, if he hasn’t seen it personally, he naturally wouldn’t believe it. However, since they’re here, he has no choice but to be careful, incase these stone pillars are as powerful as they’re rumoured to be.

“You want to get close to these stone pillars? Fat chance! Since you’re so disobedient, don’t blame me for being impolite!” The Meerkat Demon Spiritualist furiously snorted. A spike grew out from his back and with a woosh, it flew towards Nie Li’s direction.

This spike is covered with a toxic substance. Even the slightest rub would cause Nie Li to lose his combat ability.

The spike was whistling as it flew towards Nie Li. That frightening dense qi is more than enough to penetrate through someone. His aim was Nie Li’s arms. If he aimed at the heart, even if it’s a Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist, once it hits, only death awaits.

The Demon Spiritualist coldly snorted, “If it wasn’t for Boss Long Sha’s orders to capture you alive, you’d already be dead!”

When the Demon Spiritualist made the slightest action earlier, Nie Li already felt it.

“A Meerkat’s spike, hoho.”

The corners of Nie Li’s mouth formed into a light smile. Regarding these demon spirit’s characteristics and combat abilities, Nie Li has it all in his head. You’re underestimating me too much if you’re trying to capture me with just a Meerkat’s spike.

“Let's see where you will run to!”

The corners of the Demon Spiritualist’s mouth formed into a proud smile. With Nie Li’s strength, he won’t be able to dodge that attack. He has already imagined the scene of Nie Li being poisoned.

Just when the Meerkat’s spike was about to hit Nie Li, Nie Li suddenly turned around and used the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword to block.


The Meerkat’s spike was blocked by the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword’s body.

How is that possible?

The Demon Spiritualist was dumbfounded for a moment. How was Nie Li able to block his spike, with how fast it was going? He actually used the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword to block. Could it be that eyes grew out of the back of Nie Li’s head?

He had never imagined that a 5-star Silver rank Demon Spiritualist could actually bounce around under his eyes for so long. But even so, he couldn’t do anything to him, which caused him to feel depressed.

The after event caused him to be even more dumbfounded.

When the Meerkat’s spike hit the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword, it did not cause any damage to the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword. However, that shocking qi is still violent. Nie Li made use of the impact force of the Meerkat’s spike and jumped backwards at the same time.

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

His body had already flown dozens of meter away.

Using the impact of the Meerkat’s attack, Nie Li successfully made use of it’s impact to escape, causing the distance between them to be widen.

“Hahaha, thanks for the lift!”

When he heard Nie Li’s voice, the Demon Spiritualist was simply on the verge of vomiting blood! This kid is too cunning! Just like a loach, he’s simply unable to be caught.

Just when the Demon Spiritualist was about to attack, Nie Li had already landed within the Tai Yi Killing Array. Both of his hands have finished his handsigns; the entire Tai Yi Killing Array started rumbling and began to activate with lights shining in all directions.

Within that dazzling light, Nie Li’s eyes shined. The current him was god that had descended from the heavens. His body slowly floated, clothes fluttering from the wind.

The Meerkat Demon Spiritualist held his steps, and bewilderedly looked at the front. Is the array in front of him really as rumours say? Is it really able to even suppress Ye Zong?

Suddenly, a furious roar came from the front, an Abyss Bear bounded forth.

The Demon Spiritualist immediately waved his sharp claws up to ward it off.


The Meerkat’s sharp claws collided with the Abyss Bear’s huge palm. The Demon Spiritualist flew out, spurting out a mouthful of blood.

Regarding this Abyss Bear, even Ye Zong had to be careful when facing it!

So powerful!

The Demon Spiritualist was greatly shocked in his heart. The frightening power of this Abyss Bear isn’t something he can withstand. Looks like the rumours about that weird array was all true!

“Retreat!” The Demon Spiritualist naturally knows how powerful it is. If even Ye Zong is unable to withstand this strange array, then neither can he! After all, he’s just a 2-star Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist!


The Meerkat turned into a blur, trying to escape.

“Trying to run? Dream on!” Nie Li coldly snorted. Both of his hands quickly formed handsigns, flames rolled towards that blurred shadow.

That fire is the Black Gold rank demon spirit’s Black Snake within Tai Yi Killing Array!

Blazing hot flames wrapped the Meerkat up. The Meerkat tried to struggle, but was unable to break free.

The Demon Spiritualist panicked. He used his sharp claws and madly threw attacks at the Flaming Snake, leaving wounds on the Flaming Snake’s body. However, the Flaming Snake’s grip hadn’t loosened up, it was getting tighter and tighter.

Just when the Demon Spiritualist was about to execute his secret technique, he suddenly felt a terrifying aura from above. He raised his head to take a look. Aside from the Flaming Snake and Abyss Bear, there were dozens of other demon spirits within the surroundings, all of them are of Black Gold rank!