Chapter 110 - Laying the Ten Thousands Demonic Beast Array

Chapter 110 - Laying the Ten Thousands Demonic Beast Array

Hearing Ye Ziyun muttering to herself, Nie Li couldn’t help finding it a little funny.

Nie Li waved his hands towards Ye Ziyun and said, smiling, “Ziyun, we meet again.”

Ye Ziyun raised her head, her confused eyes landing on Nie Li. After being stunned for a moment, she jumped up like a grasshopper.

“Why are you here?” Ye Ziyun’s eyes flashed with a touch of panic.

“Why can’t I be here?” Nie Li chuckled and said, “I’ve decided to live here with Xiao Yu!”

Nie Li looked at his surroundings. His gaze fell on a small building that was beside Ye Ziyun’s building and said, “We’ll be living over there from now on.”

Ye Ziyun immediately pushed Nie Li’s arm, trying to make him leave and urgently said, “Nie Li, don’t you want to live on anymore?! My father will kill you! You better leave, quickly! If you’re caught by my father, you’ll be dead!”

Ye Ziyun was still concern about him, making Nie Li’s heart feel touched. He put on a mischievous smile, gave Ye Ziyun a surprise look and said, “Didn’t you father tell you?”

Ye Ziyun was stunned for a moment and asked, “Tell me what?”

Nie Li slapped his forehead, pretending that he to have figured something out and said, “So you don’t know about it!”

“Know about what?”

Ye Ziyun’s actions paused for a moment.

“You father has already agreed.”

“Agreed on what?”

Ye Ziyun became even more curious.

“He said that he’ll marry you to me. The marriage will be on the morrow.” Although Nie Li was laughing in his heart, he showed a serious expression.

“Ah?!” Ye Ziyun’s eyes widened. Those clear eyes of hers were filled with amazement, “How is that possible?”

“Why isn’t it possible? That day when I was caught by your father, after returning, I was captured by your father and was interrogated. I told him that the uncooked rice has been cooked. Although your father was furious, a household’s scandal can’t be spread out, so he got me to marry you tomorrow!” Nie Li said, with an innocent expression, “You father insisted on forcing me to, there is nothing I could do about it.”

“You…...How could you be like this!” Ye Ziyun’s face was red from the anxiousness, and she stomped her foot, “We obviously did not……”

Ye Ziyun at this moment had a shy look that caused Nie Li’s heart to swing. He began to recall everything from the past, making his thoughts complex. In this life, he will definitely not let her get away from him.

Nie Li tried his best to calm his mood down, stretched his hands out and said, “Regarding this matter, I didn’t agree to it at first, but since Father-in-law is already like this. Although I’m reluctant, but I can still put up with it.”

“Reluctant? Put up with it?” Ye Ziyun stared at Nie Li, “Nie Li, do you mean I’m not worthy enough for you?” Ye Ziyun was so angry, she stepped on Nie Li’s foot.

Nie Li immediately held onto his foot in exaggeration and yelled, “Of course you’re worthy. How could you not be worthy?”

“You……” Ye Ziyun’s cheeks were reddening. She realised that she had, once again, jumped into Nie Li’s trap.

Seeing Nie Li and Ye Ziyun’s ruckus, Ye Xiu couldn’t help smiling. He has watched Ye Ziyun grew up. Due to her noble identity, she didn’t have many friends. Aside from always submerging herself in training, she didn’t talk much to her peers. He hasn’t seen such a bright smile on Ye Ziyun’s face in such a long time now.

Ye Xiu thought that Nie Li and Ye Ziyun already have a relationship. Only that Ye Zong didn’t allow the two of them to be together, which led to the conflict thereafter. If this is the case, then he has the need to convince Ye Zong to marry Ye Ziyun to Nie Li. Afterall, the daughter has to be married, no matter what and no matter how unwilling the father is.

What Ye Xiu doesn’t know is that, what Ye Ziyun has for Nie Li is only the feelings of a friend. From start to end, it was Nie Li that shamelessly stuck to her side. Because Ye Ziyun is thin-skinned, she does not know how to reject him.

“Okay, I cannot continue to talk to you right now. Need to go take a look at my room. For the time being, I’ll be staying here. If the room is bad, I won’t be willing to stay in it.”

Nie Li looked at the surroundings and his gaze fell onto the building that Ye Ziyun lives in. His eyes lit up and started walking towards Ye Ziyun’s building.

Seeing this scene, Ye Ziyun immediately panicked. She already had Nie Li barged into her room before. Regarding that matter, she’s still unable to forget it. She has already decided to not see Nie Li anymore, however, she never thought that Nie Li would come and barge into her room again.

Living together with Nie Li in one room?

Ye Ziyun became depressed from the thought of it. Usually, Ye Ziyun is calm and gentle. She talks to others very gently and softly. She’s also very polite when interacting with others. But at this moment, she was no longer able to remain calm.

Her face flushed red. She grabbed a sharp sword and placed it on her white neck. She stared at Nie Li and said, “Nie Li, I will definitely not let you live in my room. If you want to go in, I’ll……”

“Why are you being so agitated. I didn’t say that I’ll live in your room. You’re not even allowing me to have a look at it? So petty. I’ll return to my own room,” Nie Li said, laughing. He carried his luggage and walked towards the building beside Ye Ziyun’s.

As she watched Nie Li’s back figure, Ye Ziyun became stunned, her cheeks were heating up. She realised that she was once again fooled by Nie Li.

Nie Li is simply too irritating.

But even so, to able to see Nie Li again in the future is really great. Ye Ziyun’s eyes were covered by a layer of fog. Her heart was too lonely; therefore, to have a person like Nie Li to bother her is great. Even though Nie Li always does things that upsets her. Yet, she misses it when Nie Li wasn’t around.

What is this feeling? Even Ye Ziyun herself wasn’t clear about it.

In recent days, there’s been sour feelings, sweet feelings, cries and laughter. She was able to feel her own presence.

Nie Li whistled as he walked to the building beside Ye Ziyun’s, pointed towards the opposite building and said, “Xiao Yu, you’ll be living over there.”

Nie Yu looked at the building far away and pouted. There are obviously rooms in Big Brother Nie Li’s room, why does he want her to live in the opposite building?

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Ye Xiu immediately interrupted and said, “Xiao Yu is still so small, living with you is better. You can continue to take care of her as usual!”

Nie Li looked at Ye Xiu, and blinked his eyes. That sharp gaze of his seems to see through everything.

Ye Xiu felt a little awkward and was uncomfortable. He turned his gaze away.

How could Nie Li not realise their plan? Ye Zong couldn’t have been at ease with letting Ye Ziyun live with Nie Li. Ye Zong probably had his own preparations, since he agreed so easily. Tonight, Ye Zong would probably move to the opposite building to monitor Nie Li.

Nie Li had already expected that Ye Zong would do this. Even though he knew that he would be monitored, he still wanted to live in Ye Ziyun’s yard because Nie Li knows that Ye Ziyun is really lonely. Her mother died early, leaving her with only her father. However, her father was too busy with his daily matters, and would only meet her a few times a month. She was extremely lonely, which caused others to pity her.

Nie Li wasn’t thinking of taking advantage of Ye Ziyun. In his heart, she’s already in an irreplaceable position. He only wishes for Ye Ziyun to live happily.

As for the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array, he’ll help them lay it down. Afterall, it doesn’t require that much effort.

Ye Xiu went after Nie Li and said, “Let’s begin laying down the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array.”

“Why the rush? I just got here, and I haven’t even rested yet.”

“As a Silver rank Demon Spiritualist, you wouldn’t feel tired even if you stayed up all night without sleep for seven days and seven nights……” Ye Xiu said, “Laying down the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array is a big matter.”

“It’s a big matter for you. For me, it’s not anything big. We’ll talk after I’ve rested. Go gather the materials first. Gather all the required Black Gold rank demon beasts.”

“There are Black Gold rank demon beasts already prepared.”

“The ten strongest weapons……”

“Are also ready……” Ye Xiu looked at Nie Li eagerly.

No matter what materials were needed for the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array, Ye Xiu would replied that they already have them. This caused Nie Li to stare at Ye Xiu with discontent. Such hard to find materials has already been gathered. The City Lord’s Mansion really is rich, since they basically have almost everything.

What Nie Li isn’t aware of is, back when the demon beast horde swept the entire continent, a large amount of experts were continuously being hunted and escaped to Glory City. They also brought many unimaginable treasures. These treasures were mostly gathered in the City Lord’s Mansion.

“Fine, in that case, let’s begin laying down the array.” Nie Li said, depressingly. He took out a map and said, “This is the general outline of the City Lord’s Mansion.”

Ye Xiu looked at Nie Li in shock. This is only the general outline? It’s already very detailed! Since the City Lord’s Mansion is heavily guarded, no maps should’ve leaked out. How did Nie Li get such a complete map?

Guessing what Ye Xiu was thinking about, Nie Li said, “I got Ancestral Founder Ye Yan to fly above the City Lord’s Mansion and draw this map.”

So that’s the case! Ye Xiu understood. The City Lord’s Mansion is so heavily guarded, that it’s hard for ordinary people to enter. But which guard in the City Lord’s Mansion would guard against a bird?

“Right, where’s Ancestral Founder Ye Yan?” Ye Xiu just realized that when Nie Li came over, he did not bring Ancestral Founder Ye Yan along.

“I have him flying outside of Glory City to search for the location of the Dark Guild.” Nie Li said. The Dark Guild is very secretive. It’s hidden within Glory City for hundreds of years, and was growing stronger and stronger. They have also opened an additional underground kingdom outside of Glory City.

Glory City’s various families wanted to annihilate the Dark Guild many times, but were unable to find the lair of Dark Guild. Even the Legend rank Demon Spiritualist Ye Mo couldn’t do a thing about the Dark Guild.

“Oh.” Ye Xiu nodded. He’s secretly speechless. What method did Nie Li use to get Ancestral Founder Ye Yan to be so obedient?

Back in the days when they entered the Heavenly Sacred Border, they were lectured miserably by Ancestral Founder Ye Yan.  They weren’t even able to raise their heads from his scolding. And now, Ancestral Founder Ye Yan actually listens to Nie Li. He was even helping him run errands, this is simply unbelievable!