Chapter 248

Chapter 248

If the Overgeared members were asked who they trusted the most, they would answer without hesitation: Faker.

He gazed into the shadows that his companions couldn’t see and, with the tip of his weapon, destroyed any who was brave enough to try and harm his companions. His reason for being silent was caution, and his remarks became reality.

“You will die here today.”

Five minutes after the battle commenced, Faker finally revealed himself. A terrible anger appeared on Bondre’s face as he exclaimed, “Faker, this guy!”

It was only five minutes, the amount of time it took to go to the bathroom. That was it. During that period of time, 11 of Bondre’s colleagues were killed. The dagger had a dispel function that made the shields of the magicians useless.

“What are you doing here? How did you predict that we would be going through this place? No, how did you know that we were going to invade Reidan in the first place? Did you plant a spy?”

Spy? There wasn’t enough manpower in Reidan for that. It was just a coincidence. Faker had to avoid the gaze of the empire while he was transporting the refugees. He chose this narrow thorny vine forest as his route and encountered the Ice Flower Guild.

This could be called luck. Did he need to explain all of this to Bondre? No.

Bondre’s face turned red as Faker remained silent.

“Damn bastard! Are you ignoring me now?”


Six ice pillars emerged from the ground. He had used S-grade magic a little while ago to completely devastate the forest and make Faker reveal himself.

It was the moment when magic of the same level was manifested. Bondre stood in the cold air and smiled as he said, “This is one of the spells I prepared to kill Grid. Can you hold on?”

Ice Dragon’s Fury: an S-grade spell.

Six huge ice pillars swirled in the air like a flight of Dragons.

“I’ll kill you before trampling on Reidan!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The six ice pillars attacked Faker from all directions. Power, speed, and range. Nothing was lacking. The only downside of this magic was that it consumed a large amount of mana. However, it wouldn’t completely deplete the mana of a top grade magician.

‘As long as his cover is gone, he will die! Come on! The person who took the 11th rank that was originally my position!’

Bondre was sure of his victory. He knew he could neutralize an assassin’s swiftness with a wide area magic spell. 

Don’t give an assassin time to avoid. The relatively weak attack power compared to a single damage skill? It didn’t matter. Assassins had low health, just like magicians. Once hit by the spell, the only result was...


The confident Bondre’s eyes shook, refusing to believe the spectacle unfolding before them.





Left again.

Kwa kwang!

This time it was up. While six ice pillars rotated like the saw blades in a blender, Faker moved so fast that only afterimages were left behind. What about the cold air that caused the speed to drop?

‘How high is Faker’s agility?’

In fact, it wasn’t just a matter of agility. High speed that couldn’t be controlled was akin to having a pearl necklace around a pig’s neck. But Faker was in complete control of the speed that transcended common sense. No, it wasn’t just at the level of control.

‘Godly co...!’

Godly control. It was a modifier that only existed for Kraugel so far! As Bondre was in shock, Faker expressed his gratitude to Grid.

‘I always admire the items you make.’

Wind God’s Leather Armor. It was the armor that Grid made based on the production method that Faker had obtained. Originally, this armor increased the wearer’s agility by 6% and all speeds by 12%. However, Grid’s recreation of the armor increased agility by 8% and all speeds by 15%.

Susuk. Sususuk.

The afterimages increased.

One of the third assassin classes, ‘Master of Swiftness,’ the class that required the highest level of control among all the classes in Satisfy. After meeting Grid’s items and Faker’s control, its capabilities were increased by 200% .


The six pillars gradually lost momentum, while Faker’s speed increased. Anyone looking at him was likely to feel dizzy. The guild members tried casting magic in order to limit Faker’s movements.


Daggers flew and stopped their casting. There wasn’t a pattern, but he avoided the big magic that dominated the whole area while stopping other magic casting.

‘This is a scam!’ It was strange. Faker’s skills were more than rumored. ‘Weren’t the original rumors exaggerated? So why is it the opposite?’

The duration of Ice Dragon’s Fury finally ended. Bondre hurriedly exclaimed, "Use the spells in your orb!”

They could use the spells stored in their orbs without any casting. But the magicians were reluctant to use it. It was a last resort. Now it was time to use their last resort.

Pepeng! Pepepepeng!

Kwajik! Kwajijijik!

Magics with all types of attributes immediately appeared and aimed for Faker. As he flew around the ice pillars, the spells struck his body.

“That’s it! We did it!”

No, it was a misunderstanding. Their spells had hit an afterimage, not Faker’s body. Faker’s condition was relatively fine.

“This damn thing!”

Bondre cursed as Faker only suffered minor damage. He invoked ‘Double Casting’ and used two spells at the same time.


After minimizing Faker’s activities radius using an ice barrier,

Jjejeok! Jjejejeok!

Then he unfolded the Ice Spider Web. The other guild members cast spells at the same time. 

‘What will Faker do now?’

The Master of Swiftness class had clear limits. It couldn’t move through the shadows like a Master of Shadows, nor did it have defense abilities. The only advantage was speed, so it was possible to disable the class if speed was suppressed.


Faker threw smoke bombs.

Due to the thick smoke, Bondre and the magicians were unable to see Faker.

Bondre laughed.

"Kuhahahaha! This guy! You can’t do anything with the Ice Spider Web pressuring you!”

The magicians used magic of the wind attribute. A gust of wind blew away the smokescreen, revealing Faker who would be stuck in the Ice Spider Web...

"...Where did he go?” 

Bondre and the magicians were stunned. How did he conceal himself on flat ground without any cover?

‘Hide!’ It was clear that he dug a tunnel to hide in. ‘Such a pathetic method!’

Bondre used detection magic.


Sweat trickled down Bondre’s cheek. The detection magic was telling him that Faker was behind his back.


A sharp dagger aimed towards Bondre’s neck. At the same time, Faker released the white hoodie he was wearing.

“Invisibility cloak...!”

At this moment. The Ice Flower Guild were reminded. Faker was an Overgeared member. In other words, this meant that Faker was equipped with the power of items.


Bondre cursed as the dagger was stuck in his neck.

Under the blazing sun. Red flowers bloomed on the gleaming spider webs.


Bunny Bunny.

He was once the world’s best gaming BJ. The average number of people who watched the broadcast in real time was close to 150,000. But that was a story of the past. Currently, the average number of viewers had dropped to 30,000.

In order to overcome this crisis, it was necessary to renew his viewers and gain some publicity. He needed new broadcast material that attracted people’s attention. More provocative material.

Bunny Bunny used his network and was able to obtain the best information that the seven guilds would unite and attempt to invade Reidan.

“Okay. Good video quality, good angle."

The fortified city, Patrian. Beyond it was the west of the Eternal Kingdom.

Bunny Bunny activated the video recording feature and filmed the Yak Guild and Zeraph Guild. The two guilds had approximately 200 members. Bunny Bunny checked that there was nobody around and whispered as he relayed the situation.

“Can you see them? Their IDs can’t be confirmed because they are wearing masks, but considering their features, they are surely the Yak Guild and Zeraph Guild. The information I obtained was true.”

Bunny Bunny was cautious.

“Oh, the two guilds have started moving. I will follow from a distance so that I won’t get caught.”

It wouldn’t be good if he was discovered. The seven guilds didn’t want it known that they united and were going to invade Reidan. Why? It was shameful. The seven guilds that represented Satisfy had joined forces to invade just one city.

"The master of the Yak Guild, Bubat is covering his face, but it is easy to guess his identity. It is because his size is as big as a bull. Huh? What is this situation?”

Bunny Bunny was following the two guilds at a reasonable distance when he suddenly stopped. Dozens of knights were blocking the march of the two guilds.

“Wow, what is this? Why are the knights stopping the Yak Guild and Zeraph Guild? Isn’t it curious? Right? Should I go closer? Okay. I will risk my life and narrow the distance in order to get rid of your curiosity.”

Bunny Bunny was a level 209 assassin. He used Stealth and hid behind cover, so both guilds couldn’t detect him. In the first place, they were busy concentrating on the knights.

"What are you guys? Why are you blocking our way?”

“What is this? Huh?”

The guild members questioned the knights, but they stayed silent. They stood like an iron wall to block the guild members. In the end, Bubat couldn’t bear it and went forward directly.

“Why are you preventing us from using the gate? If you don’t give a reasonable explanation, I will break through by force.”

At that moment.

"You have no right to ask questions.”

A middle-aged man with white robes emerged. The name above his head was Ashur. The master of the city.

‘Earl Ashur...!’

Earl Ashur was one of the 10 great magicians on the continent. Why was such a big person blocking their way?

Earl Ashur asked the curious guild members. “Why do you want to go to the west?”

"There is no reason to answer the question.”

“Reason?” Ashur snorted. Then he released his overwhelming magic power.


The faces of the guild members turned white. The strong magic power felt like steel crushing their bodies. Earl Ashur’s golden eyes sunk.

"It is natural for you to answer my questions. There is no need to discuss why. Understood?”

“Ugh...! What the hell was this? Why is this happening?

It was absurd. Bubat couldn’t understand the current situation. Earl Ashur raised his voice and asked again, No, he ordered.

“Tell me why you are going to the west.”

The magic balls installed throughout Patrian were Earl Ashur’s eyes and ears. Through the magic balls, Earl Ashur already knew that they were going to invade Reidan. Nevertheless, it was a type of game to listen to their answers.

Bubat lied. "We are just going hunting...”

“Hunting? Kukuk, that is an obvious lie. Another lying bastard from the past just came to mind."

Earl Ashur’s precious son was being held hostage in Reidan. He had no intention of letting these guys go, when they might harm his son.

“I’ll give you a choice. Return the way you came, or have your bones buried in my city.”


Dozens of knights drew their swords, while the soldiers on the wall pulled back their bowstrings. Earl Ashur’s expression was arrogant as he stood behind them. Bunny Bunny was thrilled as he recorded the situation while hiding.

'Doesn’t it seem like Earl Ashur is Duke Grid’s ally?’

One of the continent’s 10 great magicians was loyal to a user! This was a scoop above all other scoops. He was convinced that if he broadcasted the current scene, he could get a lot of viewers.

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