Chapter 241

Chapter 241

Kraugel was just walking along. He couldn’t think of anything in his behavior that would’ve caused wariness. So why was this person blocking the road? The farmer’s attitude didn’t make sense.

Kraugel felt doubts before making a reasonable guess.

‘It’s rare for people to come here, so they are unfamiliar with it.’

Reidan was isolated. The size of the desert might’ve been reduced by Grid and the Overgeared members’ activities, but accessibility was still low. It was almost impossible to make it past the desert to Reidan until it was a party of rankers. 

‘There aren’t any outsiders here so... It’s natural for the residents to be wary of outsiders.’

Kraugel guessed the reason for the farmer’s attitude and explained. 

"I am an ordinary adventurer. I’m not a suspicious person, so you don’t have to worry.”

Kraugel’s reputation across the continent exceeded 40,000. Since Satisfy opened, he had always maintained his first place ranking and cleared dungeons and quests faster than others, gaining reputation from this. At the present time, Kraugel was the only person who could use the Reputation Store.

‘My high reputation will give confidence to that NPC.’

Kraugel thought the farmer would release his vigilance and step back. But what was this? The farmer showed an unexpected reaction.

"Based on your stride, you’re not an ordinary adventurer.”


There was no change in Kraugel’s expression. He smiled as always. But his mind was quite shaken.

'My stride is unusual? Is he referring to White Light Steps?’

White Light Steps was a skill Kraugel acquired after becoming the White Swordsman. Basically, it increased his movement speed and ability to adapt to terrain. It could also be used for dashing or evasion. The white light normally couldn’t be seen unless under intense sunlight or clear moonlight.

‘He isn’t an ordinary farmer.’

The NPC in front of him, Piaro, looked like a farmer in every way. He wore a straw hat to protect him from the sun, dirty work clothes, and held a hand plow and hoe in his hands. It was difficult to recognize him as anything other than a farmer.

But you shouldn’t judge people by appearances. Kraugel’s sharp eyes examined Piaro.

"Who are you really? You aren’t a normal farmer, are you?”

Piaro wanted to answer Kraugel honestly.

‘I have always dreamed of a confrontation with a strong person like you, who is also wishing to achieve the status of sword saint. Compete with me.’ This was what he wanted to say.


“Piaro! It’s time to take a break! You worked hard in today’s farming, so eat a lot!”

One farmer couldn’t grasp the atmosphere and came shouting. It was really exquisite timing. Thanks to that, Piaro was embarrassed.

"You go eat by yourself.” Piaro said with a frown, before trying to introduce himself again. “I...”

“Piaro! Administrator Rabbit asked if you have found another source of water yet?”

A soldier shouted at him.

‘No, what was this?’

Why was he pestered every time he was trying to introduce himself? Piaro felt a little annoyed at being disturbed. But as a potential sword saint, it was funny that he would get irritated over something like this. He endured patiently.

“It isn’t easy to found a source of water. Tell him that it will take more time.”



The soldier left and Piaro tried to introduce himself again.  However, Kraugel raised a hand and stopped him.

“I understand even if you don’t say it. Aren’t you a geomancer?”

The main task of a geomancer was to find things based on topography. Kraugel’s sharp eyes were convinced. 

"Don't worry. I have trained a lot of skills, but I have no intention of harming Reidan. I just want to stop by the general store. Then I’m going now.”


Piaro completely missed the opportunity to introduce himself. Piaro was embarrassed by Kraugel’s misunderstanding. But he quickly regained his composure. So what is he was misunderstood as a farmer or geomancer? It was enough if he could compete with someone strong.

"You can’t enter Reidan unless you knock me down first.”

Piaro’s hoe moved in a line. It was a surprise attack, but Kraugel had a passive skill called Keen Senses. In response to Keen Senses, he used White Light Steps and avoided the attack. But the hoe was like a living snake. It changed the orbit and once again aimed at the target that it missed.

Kraugel’s eyes sunk coldly. He had natural talent and trained hard, so he didn’t easily allow attacks. There was a flash of something silver. It was the ‘White Fang’ sword that he acquired from one of the great demons, Drasion, who was defeated by Sword Saint Muller.


The hoe and White Fang competed in strength. Piaro was excited when he saw that Kraugel wasn’t pushed by his strength.

“Indeed...! You truly aren’t ordinary!”

"You will regret it.”

Kraugel’s voice was cold. He was basically a good person, but he showed no mercy to his enemies. He couldn’t turn a blind eye to Piaro’s actions.


White Fang slid down the hoe and stabbed at Piaro’s thigh. There was enough momentum to cut off one leg entirely. Piaro defended himself with the hand plow.


The repulsive force caused Kraugel’s body to rise high in the air. On the other hand, Piaro’s feet were deeply embedded in the ground. Piaro shouted towards Kraugel, who had an incredibly angry expression on his face for someone who had just been a gentle youth.

"I am someone seeking the status of sword saint! I formally apply for a duel!”

“Sword saint...?”

Among the titles Kraugel had earned, there was the ‘Sword Saint Candidate.’ He naturally acquired the title while developing his swordsmanship through hunting and raids. After being nominated as a sword saint candidate, Kraugel was spurred to level up even more. He wanted to obtain a legendary class by becoming a sword saint. 

His goal was to be the strongest, so he needed to have a legendary class. In the meantime, he had many opportunities to obtain a lot of hidden classes. But he was still in the third stage of the sword saint candidate. At least fives stages were required to become a sword saint, but it wasn’t easy.

‘A farmer is seeking this realm... No, he’s a geomancer.’

Kraugel’s pride was upset. The person who talked about becoming a sword saint was holding a hoe and hand plow instead of a sword! Before talking about becoming a sword saint, he should start with a sword!

"You haven’t grasped the subject.”

Kraugel’s sentences became shorter. It was due to his rage.


Kraugel used a different application of White Light Steps and rushed through the air like a meteor. The power caused the wheat in the area to flatten and the ground to sink. It was the manifestation of ‘Meteor Sword.’


Piaro’s eyes widened. It wasn’t an easy technique unless the body’s physical abilities were raised to the maximum. It was here that Piaro could demonstrate his stats. He crossed the hoe and hand plow, forming a perfect defense posture that the Meteor Sword struck.


Kraugel’s white clothing fluttered like a flag swept by a storm. Kraugel’s expression twisted while a smile appeared on Piaro’s face.

‘My sword was blocked by farming equipment?’

‘My whole body is grinning! This is such an exhilarating feeling!’

Chaaeng! Chaeeeeeng!


The battle between the two continued, with Piaro disappearing from in front of Kraugel’s eyes. Then he immediately appeared in the rear and struck.

‘Drasion’s speed...!’

Drasion might’ve been defeated, but he didn’t completely lose his dignity as one of the 33 great demons. He was the strongest among all the bosses that Kraugel had raided. The highest ranking demonkin couldn’t compare.

But a geomancer had a skill similar to Drasion. No, it was more than that. This wasn’t a geomancer. He was a hermit. It would be nice if he helped Kraugel, but he actually started a fight.


“React to this!"

Piaro was pleased as Kraugel blocked his attack like he had eyes in the back of his head. Piaro was frantic with delight. He wanted to sing and dance.

‘My eyes were correct!’

It was like any other day. He opened his eyes at dawn, trained with the sword before going out to the fields to do farming work. He enjoyed the pleasure of sweating. Then Kraugel appeared. Piaro was aware of it the moment he saw the white-clothed man walking. This person was stronger than anybody he had seen so far!


He had just been a supporter in Grid’s fight with the doppelganger. This duel would surely improve him. Piaro was filled with joy and plunged towards Kraugel. The hoe flew towards Kraugel’s chest, who avoided it.

‘I am quickly adapting.’

There was a clear pattern to Piaro’s techniques. Based on a specific swordsmanship style, the hoe and hand plow were wielded like a longsword and dagger. Piaro stabbed rapidly and efficiently.

It was an easy style for Kraugel to read.



Piaro let out a sound of admiration. It was amazing to see Kraugel attacking and defending with the sword in one motion. Kraugel provoked Piaro, who had light injuries.

"You are strong, but aren’t you too lacking to become a sword saint?”

There were many titles that top rankers had attacked to Kraugel. God of Control, Lord of the Counter, etc. He had a reason for being so confident. Kraugel’s quick brain and accurate predictions were able to quickly realize the enemy’s attack patterns, while his exquisite reflexes and precise moves allowed him to counterattack. The more obvious the form, the easier he countered.

"I also know my shortcomings. That’s why I applied for a duel.” Up to now, Piaro had been using the imperial swordsmanship. It was the same as when he briefly fought Grid at Loran Falls. “But now it will be different.”


Piaro dumped the hoe and hand plow. Then he grabbed the sword that had been dropped in a corner of the field and took the posture of the Supreme Swordsmanship.

"Open your eyes!”


It was extreme speed. The stab was like a fired bullet. Kraugel had a hole drilled in him and blood poured out. But he didn’t allow it to be a one-sided attack. White Fang had curved outwards and slightly neutralized the stab. He accurately captured the narrow range that was the disadvantage of a stab.

“Then what about this? Supreme Swordsmanship 1st style.”

There was a huge momentum that was like a mountain. Kraugel determined that he couldn’t defend against this and attempted to use White Light Steps, but his movements were restrained by an intangible force. Therefore, Kraugel responded with a skill. 

“Storm Sword!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The storm of white blades crashed into Piaro’s slash. A powerful explosion shook the earth.

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