Chapter 228

Chapter 228

Everything on the map seemed to have a smaller scale. Reidan, marked in the middle of the map, was only the size of a 500 won coin.

‘500 won... A large city that can accommodate 430,000 people is only the size of a 500 won coin...’

It showed how big the west truly was.

The Eternal Kingdom was divided into four regions: the east, west, north and south. However, the size of the four regions wasn’t constant. The west was the largest, followed by the north, east and south.

But this large territory suddenly became a desert. What if he destroyed the giant worms and restored the west? Grid was the next in line to the main power in the north of the Eternal Kingdom. He would be able to establish a unique position.

"Look here.” Rabbit pointed to one side of the map. It was the Hebend River that penetrated through Reidan. "As you can see, the villages and cities are concentrated on the southern basin of the Hebend River.”

Were there survivors in those places? But that didn’t matter.

“What is the reason?”


Grid was surprised by Rabbit’s sudden question.

‘Why are the cities and villages concentrated there? Why is he asking me this? How should I know?’

The Grid of the past would’ve expressed his disgruntled thoughts. However, the current Grid was eager to improve his thinking abilities.


He used his lacking brain to think again. As a result, he barely found an answer. “Is it because of water?”

People needed water to live. It was a simple reason and answer. But it was wrong.

“You’re wrong. Isn’t it also easy to secure water from the north basin? The reason why the population was concentrated on the southern basin in the past was because there was something to attract people there, besides water.”

"What does that mean?"

“It’s the mines. As you can see, there’s a small mountain range, so it’s geographically possible.”


This was good news. It didn’t matter if it was iron ore, silver or gold. Securing any resources, whether large or small, would unconditionally benefit them. It was good news for Reidan. However.

"I’m glad to hear it, but why are you suddenly talking about mines? It’s just mines. You can take care of it with Lauel. Right now, I need enhancement stones. How did the conversation switch to this?”

‘Indeed... There is this type of response when hearing about the possibility of mines.’

Rabbit realized it clearly. Grid was different from a common lord. He had little interest in his role as a lord.

‘He only devoted himself to working in the smithy for the past four months.’ Some people might blame Grid for being irresponsible. But Rabbit thought about it positively. 'The duke is right. He might be the best blacksmith and warrior, but he is lacking in knowledge. It’s better for him to stay away from the administration side.’

Despite their lack of political power, there were lords who forcefully tried to control their politics. On the other hand, Grid chose to rely on competent subordinates because he recognized his own deficiencies. He was the ideal lord who knew the limits of what he could do.

‘He is truly wise and wonderful.’

Grid was different from the stupid leader of the Mero Company that Rabbit served in the past.

Rabbit continued the explanation.  “The Overgeared members have explored the southern basin to see if there really are mines. But there was a strong boss monster, so the Overgeared members abandoned the exploration and classified it as a danger zone.”

"Which of the Overgeared members went?”

“All of them.”


The Overgeared Guild was strong. They were all rankers in the top 40. But despite them acting together, there was a boss monster powerful enough to make them retreat? 

‘Is it at the level of the complete Hell Gao?’ Even Grid wasn’t an opponent for the complete version of Hell Gao. He barely managed to defeat Hell Gao after weakening him by taking two fire stones. ‘The current Overgeared members are much stronger...’

Regas was the first member of the Overgeared Guild to obtain his third advancement class. He chose the Asura class. It was a fighting demon that suited his personality. Then Regas went straight to Grid and asked for a duel. It was revenge for losing in the finals of the PvP match. As a result, Grid won.

‘I almost had to use my invincible passive.’

It was a shame, because the duel was after his training period with Piaro. After reaching the third advancement class, Regas was much stronger than before. It was the same for the other Overgeared members. But there was a boss monster in the west that they couldn’t defeat?

‘It is a terrible place.’

Grid clicked his tongue and prompted.

“So? What does that have to do with the enhancement stones?”

"Did you hear the explanation about why I invested more than half of the guild funds into the alchemy institutes?”

"I heard from Lauel. Isn’t the effect of alchemy amazing? It can make various buff potions, as well as assign special options to items.”

“There are many other things that alchemy can do. But most cities avoid investing in alchemy. It is to the point that even the richest cities that represent a kingdom are reluctant concerning alchemy.”


"Because it isn’t certain.”

The effects of items made with alchemy weren’t constant, but often random. Furthermore, the success rate of alchemy itself was extremely low. For example, even if the alchemy institute had the highest level, the probability of producing buff potions is less than 70%, and the probability of successfully giving an option to an item was less than 30%.

In addition, the prices of the materials needed for alchemy were too high. In conclusion, alchemy was a bad investment.

Grid frowned at the explanation. “What is this? Isn’t it complete rubbish?”

2,937,000 gold out of the five million guild funds had been invested in alchemy. Grid felt like he had been hit in the back of his head.

‘This man is determined to destroy me!’

Rabbit saw Grid’s expression and explained. "I plan to develop Reidan into the second Talima.”

"Talima? The dwarf city?”

“That’s correct.”

The dwarf city Talima was called the city of heaven. Regardless of the rating, it was said that battle gear with a special performance were widely distributed.  Even a small store would have a solid piece of equipment comparable to a unique-rated item, so many people wanted to go there to purchase battle gear. But it was impossible. Talima was located within the territory of the dragon Trauka, and was a city that humans couldn’t enter.

"What if Reidan has items like Talima?”

Certainly, the city would be able to show off a unique presence. People would come from all over the continent to Reidan. Rabbit hoped that day would come, so he encouraged the training of blacksmiths and invested in alchemy.

"Alchemy is a way to make the items produced by you and your blacksmiths shine. I am convinced that the only city on the continent worthy of investing in alchemy is Reidan.”


If it developed the way Rabbit wished, a huge economic effect would be created. Grid hoped for that day as well. But.

"Isn’t the success rate of alchemy the worst? Can we afford it? What if we have bad luck and become bankrupt instead of becoming the second Talima?”

"Do you remember Administrator Arik?”

“Arik? Ahh, the lord of this place until I was appointed?" Arik was a funny person. The episode related to him was a sight to behold. “Isn’t he locked up in prison? What about him?”

“The reason Lauel didn’t kill him was to retrieve information about the west from him. I was also able to gain valuable information from him.”

“What information?”

"Somewhere in the west, there is a mine for yellow mithril.”

"Yellow mithril?"

It was Rabbit’s decisive reason for investing in alchemy.

"Yellow mithril is the material for fairy dust. And fairy dust is a raw material that dramatically increases the chances of alchemy succeeding. I am guessing that there is a yellow mithril mine in the southern basin of the Hebend River.”


It was a mineral that made it possible to overcome the low success rate of alchemy. Grid was thrilled. The radiant future of Reidan was drawn in his mind and he became excited.

"...By the way, what about the enhancement stones?”

He was still curious about the topic of conversation. Grid finally reached the limits of his patience so Rabbit cut to the chase.

"Enhancement stones can be made with alchemy.”


Grid’s eyes widened. He thought enhancement stones only dropped from boss monsters, so he couldn’t help feeling surprised.

"Generally, it is wiser to avoid making enhancement stones because the probability of success is extremely low. But that story will change if we get our hands on fairy dust.”

It was the moment when the reason for Rabbit’s lengthy explanation was revealed.

“So the conclusion is, please go and secure the mine.”


Grid instantly replied. There was no reason to refuse. The boss monster might be hard for the Overgeared members to raid, but the story would be different if Grid and Noe’s powers were added.

"Then I’ll go immediately.”

Grid was unstoppable once he made a decision. He immediately convened the Overgeared members. The Overgeared members were excited to be raiding with Grid after a long time.

"It’s the first time since the golem invasion.”

"We’ll be able to knock down that monster if we have Grid.”

Grid looked at the Overgeared members and asked them, "What type of monster is it? A demonkin?”

"No, it is a doppelganger.”


A doppelganger was a monster that copied the form and abilities of the target. They were obviously hard to deal with but...

"Even if he turns into one of us, we have the advantage in numbers. Can’t you easily defeat it?"

Pon explained, "As you said, the doppelganger is easy to deal with if it turns into one of us. But it’s transforming into someone else who is much stronger than us.”

Vantner continued. “It was really incredibly strong. The body is slim and the face is handsome, and he moves quickly while using a sword as big as Dainsleif.”

Regas also spoke. "The way he moves the greatsword reminds me of you, Grid.”

Faker added. “The basic moves are similar to Grid, but the sword techniques are several times better than Grid."


The opponent was that great? Grid was very curious about the power of the doppelganger that the strongest people in the Overgeared Guild were praising.

‘I will soon see.’

The Overgeared members finished their preparations. Grid commanded, "Depart. Jude, you will protect Reidan along with the soldiers.”


Jude was disappointed that he couldn’t go with them and stepped back.

"I will accompany you.”

The continent's strongest swordsman. It was Piaro. However, he was different from before. He was neatly shaved and wearing clean clothes. It was hard to imagine that he was a beggar a few months ago, as he was now giving off a strong impression.

"Please add your strength.”

Grid gladly welcomed Piaro, while the Overgeared members were confused.

‘Why is he taking a farmer along?’

A farmer was useless in a raid. What role did a farmer have in a raid? Farmers were meant to be in the fields. Lauel was about to say something, but stopped.

‘That reminds me, isn’t Piaro an expert in feng shui?’

Was Grid planning to use Piaro’s power to secure useful lands?

‘It is surprising. He’s so clever...’

Lauel embraced the thought that Grid was growing. Grid seemed to be a completely different person than before.

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