Chapter 218

Chapter 218

"Lauel, Piaro, and Bland will help in the fields while I am in the smithy. Thank them for their help.”

"No, who are they?”

Lauel wanted Grid to introduce the two men. But rather than introducing them, Grid spoke to the two men and asked them to work. Lauel thought it was absurd.

“Then I’m going.”


Lauel called again, but Grid didn’t look back and left. It was because it wouldn’t be fun to reveal Piaro’s identity immediately.

'He will experience it directly. He will feel astonishment, admiration, and reverence. There are only a few name-grade NPCs in Satisfy.’

Grid imagined Lauel and the Overgeared members’ reactions after grasping Piaro’s identity as a great swordsman. Piaro would teach the Overgeared members and they would become more powerful.


‘So insensitive.’

Lauel faced Piaro and Bland after Grid left. He started awkwardly for a moment before observing the two people. He looked at the middle-aged Piaro standing next to Bland. Piaro was wearing dirty clothes that couldn’t even be used as rags, and a horrible stench came from him.

‘He was called Bland so he must be Earl Ashur’s son...’ Lauel easily understood Bland’s identity, but the problem was Piaro. ‘Who is this person? His physique is good but his condition is too bad.’

Grid had mentioned that he was accompanied by someone when he took Earl Ashur’s son as a hostage. However, he didn’t say who it was.


Lauel hoped that Grid would bring someone with enormous talent to help, but did he just bring a slave over?

'He wasted nine days to bring someone like this here...’

Lauel was deeply disappointed. He wanted to make Grid aware of his position. Then he smiled. Lauel didn’t let his inner emotions show as he as greeted the two people.

"I am Lauel, Grid’s chief of staff. I’m proficient in handling people. Can I hear your introductions?”

Lauel was active in the golem invasion and grew further on his way to the west, so he was now level 287.  He was first in the qigong master rankings, but he introduced himself as ‘proficient in handling people.’

"I am Bland de Ian, the youngest son of Earl Ashur. I know a bit of magic and have some skill in the sword.”

He had poor magic ability compared to his father. In addition, his swordsmanship was at a baby’s level compared to Grid and Piaro. Therefore, Bland introduced himself as a beginner despite having a high level.

Piaro was even worse, “I am Piaro. I have nothing to introduce other than my name. I know how to use the sword, but I am still lacking.”

He hadn’t achieved the level of a sword saint yet, and thus, Piaro introduced himself as an average swordsman.

‘There is a reason why Grid gave them field work: they just aren’t useful anywhere else.’

Lauel had no expectations of Piaro and Bland’s fighting power.

‘Well, a beggar is better than a freeloader.’

He wasn’t very inspired, but Lauel nodded and handed rakes to the two men.

"Use this to get rid of foreign matter in the ground such as stones, then prepare the land for planting seeds.”

Lauel was sure that they wouldn’t do the work properly. Bland was a noble and wouldn’t want to work hard in the fields, while the slave Piaro was probably just hoping for a meal.

"Um, this is the farming equipment used by the common people.”

"I never thought that I would hold a tool like this in my entire life.”

“This is also an experience.”

“I will keep that in mind.”

Piaro and Bland talked amongst themselves, but Lauel showed no interest in their conversation. Lauel pointed to the vast land as they marvelled over the rakes.

"Clear this piece of land by the end of the day. If you don’t know how to do it, please ask the people nearby. If you can’t do it, then take a break. I don’t intend to force you to work.”

Most of the 20,551 people of Reiden were engaged in clearing the wilderness. It was safe to assume that all those with the physical strength, regardless of age and sex, were working. But the efficiency fell too much, due to the lack of farming equipment.

Putting together the farming equipment owned by the people and the ones currently produced by Khan, there was only around 3,000 tools.  It meant that among the thousands of people working, only 3,000 were actually efficient. The rest of the people could only pick up the stones by hand.

In this situation, Lauel wasn’t certain that he should give the tools to Bland and Piaro. He deliberately gave an absurd quota to Piaro and Bland. He wanted them to give up quickly so that the precious farming equipment wasn’t wasted.

'I gave them 10 times more work than the others, so they will give up quickly.’

Lauel left the two people and got to work. 

“Dragon Claws.”

Once Lauel used his skill, five sharp pillars rose from the ground before disappearing. Then around 50 pyeong of land was overturned at once (1 pyeong= around 32 square feet). Lauel scraped all the foreign matter that emerged from the ground with the rake, before laying down the ground again.

“This is enough.”

Lauel was pleased.  Clearing 50 pyeong in an instant. He immediately moved to another place and repeated the same thing. He was doing the job of hundreds alone. Bland watched him silently before exclaiming.

“Magic can be applied to clear the land quickly. I should give it a try.”

Bland was about to use magic when Piaro restrained him.

"Why use magic for something that doesn’t need it? Do you want to miss this golden opportunity to do physical exercise?”

Bland realized his mistake and said, “I was too short-sighted.”

“Look over there.” Piaro pointed to the people working hard and sweating. "We must learn from them. New movements will be acquired and this will nourish your swordsmanship.


Piaro and Bland started to observe the common people. They thoroughly grasped how to clear the ground. After a while.

"How about it? Isn’t this training?”

"That's right. It places a severe burden on the waist, shoulders and knees. This was the first time my body has been so overworked.”

This wasn’t exercise but labor. It was new for Piaro and Bland, who were nobles. They repeatedly moved their rakes with their disciplined bodies. It was an incredibly fast speed. Both of them had good physical skills and picked up the tricks from the ordinary people, so they finished Lauel’s ridiculous quota in just one and a half hours.


‘They are finally here.’

Lauel had been working hard using his skill and rake, so he was satisfied when he heard Piaro’s voice,

“Was it tough? You must’ve suffered a lot. Then, go rest. Oh, please return the rakes as well.”

Piaro spoke to Lauel who didn’t look back at him,

"Why should we rest? I am here to report that we have finished our work. Is there anything more we can do?”


Lauel doubted his ears and turned towards Piaro. Piaro was now completely covered in dirt. It was proof that he had been working hard. But clearing a 500 pyeong sized land in just two hours?

Lauel couldn’t believe it as he asked,

"If you don’t mind, can I go and check it myself?”


Piaro wasn’t offended. It was natural since this was the first time he did it.


The usually calm Lauel let out a cry of surprise. The 500 pyeong sized land that he entrusted to both Piaro and Bland really had been cleared.

‘What type of magic was used?’

Lauel couldn’t close his mouth and Piaro prompted him, “Then, please give us the next task.”

“Ah, yes...”

There was a lot of wilderness that needed to be cleared. Lauel entrusted Piaro and Bland with another piece of land that was 500 pyeong. Then he watched both of them.

Buzz buzz.

The other Overgeared members quickly gathered in Lauel’s vicinity, all interested in the turmoil. They folded their arms and watched Bland and Piaro. The person who started work first was Bland.


“Isn’t he quite good?”

The Overgeared members let out sounds of admiration. Bland cleared the field 10 times faster than an average person, a speed comparable to when the Overgeared members used their skills. The Overgeared members were able to predict that Bland’s strength and stamina were comparable to theirs.

Then what about the other person? The Overgeared members focused on Piaro, who belatedly started after sufficient stretching. Then they were shocked.


“A professional farmer...!”

The speed at which Piaro cleared the field was 10 times faster than Bland. It wasn’t just a matter of good stamina. He had a perfect grasp of how to use the rake to overturn the ground more effectively. His exquisite movements made the rake move through the ground like it was water. It was a godly skill that allowed all the foreign substances in the ground to be piled up in a corner.

“Hah...! Grid brought someone huge!”

“Yes. He brought a master of farming. With those skills, he is almost like a legendary farmer. We can’t be fooled by his appearance...”

"But how did Grid know that we needed a farmer for Reidan?”

“This Huroi! I am impressed with My Lord’s foresight!”

At that moment.


Piaro’s transcendent senses detected the flow of water deep in the earth. He asked Lauel, “Does this place not have enough water connected to it right now?”

"That's right. We plan to connect more channels in the future.”

“I’ll take care of it.”


No matter how clever Lauel was, he couldn’t immediately understand Piaro’s remark. Lauel and the Overgeared members were feeling puzzled as Piaro pushed his rake deep into the ground.  Suddenly, the earth started to shake as an intangible wave of energy was released.

"An earthquake all of a sudden...!”

Lauel and the Overgeared members thought that a giant worm might pop up, while the residents were confused.

At that moment.


A sound echoed out from where Piaro was standing before a pillar of water exploded upwards, seemingly piercing the sky.


The people cheered at the unbelievable sight while Lauel and the Overgeared members were shocked. There was the gurgle of water as Piaro wiped the water and dirt off his face before saying,

“This is a good plot of land.”


Piaro was clever and talented, so he was the best at whatever he did. It was the moment when the great swordsman became known as a legendary farmer and legendary feng shui person. On this day, there was a festive atmosphere in Reidan. A precious source of water had been found in the land that had been turned into a wilderness, so the people laughed, cried, and wept.

At the same time.

Ttang! Ttang!

“How sad, I can’t even rest and have to work immediately after being overworked in a week-long monster hunt...” 

Grid, Duke of the Eternal Kingdom and Lord of Reidan, was fiercely hammering in front of the roaring blast furnace. His rank was the highest, but he was also the busiest.

This was normal.

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