Chapter 608

'Blond... Where is the blond soldier?’

Before heading to the griffin’s nest. Coke visited the barracks to find the hermit soldier. Who was the hermit soldier? It was the soldier who escorted Grid during the 100,000 against 1 battle in Bairan and who overwhelmed the noble NPC during the Overgeared Kingdom’s founding ceremony.

Most of the players were aware that he was a great master disguised as an ordinary soldier. He had already appeared on broadcast several times. Of course, only a few members of Overgeared knew that his real identity was Asmophel.

‘I need his help!’

Coke knew that most of the Overgeared soldiers were great talents. In particular, the Overgeared soldiers stationed at Reinhardt. Most of them had completed their second advancement and their equipment often made them mistaken as knights.

However, Coke needed to face the one horned griffins. He wanted more help than ordinary soldiers. But Coke couldn’t find the blond soldier in the barracks.

“What help do you need?”

A middle-aged soldier approached Coke. The eyes seen through the black helmet were gentle and friendly. He noticed that Coke was acting in the king’s name (a quest made by Grid).

“Our soldiers will do whatever you need. We are willing to help.”

“That... Do you know where the blond soldier using a spear is?”

“A blond soldier using a spear?”

The middle-aged soldier cocked his head. All soldiers of Overgeared used a spear fairly well. They all learned Reidan’s Spearsmanship because they were trained by Piaro and Asmophel. Speaking of Reidan’s Spearsmanship, it originated from the Saharan Empire... Omitted.

‘Soldiers with golden hair aren’t common, but there are a few of them. Hrmm...’

The middle-aged soldier scanned the barracks and pointed to one soldier. It was a young soldier with blond hair.

"Rio is good at the spear.”


The name of the hermit soldier was Rio!

Coke happily requested. “I want to receive support from the soldiers, including Rio, to hunt the one horned griffins.”


[You have received the support of five people from Reinhardt. Some of the quest rewards will be shared with them.]

[If a soldier dies during the quest, you must reimburse the kingdom for the cost of raising the soldiers and the value of the items the soldier was wearing.]


This was the problem. It was the reason why most players didn’t receive support from soldiers during the kingdom quests. The quest rewards should be distributed and the compensation system was very burdensome. But from a national viewpoint, this compensation system was reasonable.

What if there was no compensation system? Some malicious players could commit bad acts, such as killing soldiers, in order to steal items from the soldiers. 

"But what is the one horned griffin? I know about griffins, but this is the first time I’ve heard of a one horned griffin."

Coke flinched as he was leaving the barracks with five soldiers. The one horned griffin. He didn’t realize that the Reinhardt soldiers wouldn’t know about the top-ranking species near Reinhardt.

'Is this true...?’

There were various people in every organization. The Overgeared army might be excellent, but not all the soldiers in the army were good. If there was a distinguished person, there would also be people who lagged behind.

"...A one horned griffin  is three times stronger than regular griffins. They are level 300 monsters.”

Coke confirmed the details of the soldiers who became his party members.


Level: 205

Occupation: Overgeared Kingdom’s soldier.


Leve: 206

Occupation: Overgeared Kingdom’s soldier.



The five soldiers had levels in the early 200s. Even the hermit soldier Rio!

'Why is it like this? D-Don’t tell me?’


Before leaving the gates.

Coke gulped and asked Rio.

"Were you the one who fought the representative at the founding ceremony?”

“Huh? That wasn’t me.”


Coke didn’t hesitate. He was about to give up the quest upon hearing Rio’s answer.


‘What? Why are there so many viewers?’

He belatedly looked around Rio and couldn’t give up the quest. Hundreds of players were watching him. They were watching to see how Coke would praise Grid now.


Coke had admired Grid since the 1st National Competition. Just as Grid was called God, Coke’s goal was to be called a god as well. In the past, Coke was a big fan of Grid and he still cherished the signature he received when he met Grid in Patrian.

‘I can’t disgrace God Grid.’

A fan had to protect his idol. Coke decided to go. He would push ahead with the quest!

‘A total of five one horned griffins need to be defeated.  If I use the soldiers to manage the aggro, I can kill one at a time.’

He was the peak of the second generation rookies. He had no doubts that he was as talented as Lauel, who was praised as the best heavenly player.

'I can’t be scared of monsters!’ 


Coke’s face filled with determination as he clenched his fists. On the other hand, the five soldiers following him were yawning. They visited the vampire cities as soon as the founding ceremony was over, then devoted themselves to security activities without any rest for the past month.

The soldiers suffered many hardships because the Overgeared Kingdom still lacked manpower. Thanks to this, the soldiers acquired various skills and stats.


The griffin's nest.

It was a hunting ground located south of Reinhardt. Level 250 griffins inhabited this place and occasionally the field boss, the one horned griffin would appear. They were so strong that if the population wasn’t steadily reduced, they would invade other monster habitats and destroy the ecosystem.

Was there a problem if monsters hunted monsters? Of course it was a problem. The value of territory in Satisfy was determined by the number of hunting grounds. In the case of Reinhardt, it was necessary to create an environment where users of various levels could enjoy hunting. One individual species shouldn’t be left unattended.

"Dear viewers, how are you? I am Bunny Bunny, in charge of ‘Overgeared Kingdom Today.’ Right now, I am at a griffin nest. Why do you think I am here?”

-Don’t ask.

-Don’t you know that the ratings of Overgeared Kingdom Today have fallen recently? The original intentions were lost.

"Yes, it’s to cover the quest of the peak second generation rookie, Coke!”

-Wow, a big person has appeared.

-Coke? Isn’t he a corpse eater? 

-When he eats monster corpses, there’s a rare chance to acquire a new skill or to raise a certain stat.

-A scam... His skill level is different from others.

-I heard he possesses a lot of skills, but the quality isn’t good.

-But he’s called the strongest of the second generation rookies because he can combine them efficiently.

“Perhaps most viewers think that Coke can easily hunt the griffins. But it won’t be so easy. Why? Coke isn’t hunting the normal griffins, but the one horned griffins! He needs to hunt five of them!”

-What is that?

-An unusual species only living near Reinhardt. 

-They are hard like gargoyles, but can shoot a beam from their horn.

-How scary. It is a medium level boss and can’t be overwhelmed by level or items alone.

-Who is Coke in a party with?

-Five soldiers.


Hunting the one horned griffins with only five soldiers? Those who knew the strength of the one horned griffins thought Coke was crazy. The one horned griffins were really strong. In the meantime, the devout Coke entered the griffin’s nest.

‘I have to prove it. God Grid has a hidden meaning behind giving us such a difficult quest.’

Coke burned with motivation. On the other hand, the five soldiers acted freely.

“A one horned griffin means they can fly?”

“That’s right.”

"Hunting them will be fun.”



The soldiers’ relaxation stimulated Coke’s anxiety. They showed no signs of tension and didn’t seem aware of the dangers of the one horned griffins. It was difficult for Coke to trust them.

‘No... It’s okay. I have to stay focused.’

Coke’s reputation was high. It was likely that the soldiers would follow any commands he gave.

‘I have experienced numerous raid parties. I will be able to lead them properly. I will be a god.’

Coke only acknowledged two people in the world. It was Grid and himself...

“Let’s go!”

Coke shouted confidently and moved with the soldiers. The final destination was the one horned griffins. They were located deep in the griffin nest, so it was natural to be attacked by griffins on the way.


Griffins could fly, had sharp beaks, and strong hind legs like a bull. Coke didn’t shrink back. He was able to hunt the griffins alone.

"Grid’s Sword Dance! Kill!”

[Sharp Stab has been used.]


"Grid’s Sword Dance! Wave!”

[Rotation Cut has been used.]

"Grid’s Sword Dance! Linked Kill!”

[Continuous Stab has been used.]

Cork kept moving forward as the griffins collapsed. The viewers felt admiration while the soldiers cheered and clapped.

“Pant... Pant... Finally.”

Coke and the soldiers arrived at the habitat of the one horned griffins. A one horned griffin was approximately 1.5 times smaller than a typical griffin. But the wings were bigger and every feather looked as sharp and hard as a blade.



The one horned griffin found the intruder and flew out. The blue energy was emitted from the horn on the forehead.



It was much faster than expected. Coke couldn’t cope properly with the energy from the horn and it pierced his chest.

[You have suffered catastrophic damage!] 

[You can’t regain your mental state.]

[The passive skill ‘100 Year Golem’s Patience’ has been activated and the duration of the stun is reduced by half.]


Two seconds. Coke couldn’t lift a finger and fell into despair. It was because blue energy once again shone around the horn of the griffin in the sky.

‘I will die from the next attack!’

Then the voice of a soldier was heard in Coke’s ears.

“Take out the harpoons.”

"Let’s show the throwing skills that we have developed against the bats in the vampire cities. 



The five soldiers took out a large stake and placed them in the ground.

“T-This is...!”

Coke and the viewers were amazed when they saw the chain and harpoon attached to the end of the stake.

[Dragon Harpoon]

The item that Grid used during the drake raid in the 2nd National Competition made a surprise appearance.